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"All that Glitters is not Gold"
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"All that Glitters is not Gold"


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Presentation to CRV MPI Chapter on Social Media in the Meetings Industry

Presentation to CRV MPI Chapter on Social Media in the Meetings Industry

Published in: Travel

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  • Social Media is not going to cure cancer.
  • Transcript

    • 1. "ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD"- CONTEXT, BALANCE ANDPERSPECTIVE AROUND SOCIAL MEDIAIN THE MEETINGS AND EVENTSINDUSTRY All that glisters is not gold; Often have you heard that told:Padraic Gilligan Many a man his life hath sold But my outside to behold:Vice President, Industry Relations Gilded tombs do worms enfold.MCI Had you been as wise as bold, Young in limbs, in judgement old Your answer had not been inscrolld Fare you well, your suit is cold.
    • 2. Introduction"All that glitters is not gold" - context, balance and perspectivearound Social Media in the Meetings and Events IndustryRepeatedly technology and, in particular, social media ismentioned in surveys of Meetings Industry personnel as thesingle most important development of recent times: a gamechanging, paradigm shift dividing our industry into two timezones - before social media and after social media. While thereis some truth at this heart of this analysis there can also atemptation to then overlook and lose sight of the enduringreasons why our industry exists. Surely its foundation pivotsaround the value of Face to Face and live events and the maxim:"when people come together magic happens!” ?
    • 3. Introduction• Who am I?• Digital and Social Media – some background• Digital and Social Media in The Meetings Industry• Digital and Social Media – the power and the pitfalls• Digital and Social Media – before, during and after the Event• ICEM 2012 – a case study on the power of digital and social media• Final Story – Bathrobes in San Antonio
    • 4. @padraicino
    • 5. Who do I work for?
    • 6. Expert?
    • 7. The Terminology
    • 8. Digital & Social Media in The MeetingsIndustry• ICT • Cisco • Oracle• Pharma • Boehringer • Bayer • Pfizer• Hospitality • Accor • Sonesta
    • 9. Digital & Social Media in IT
    • 10. Digital & Social Media in Pharma“Pharma is about a thousand years behind everything else you see inconsumer (marketing). Pharma has made progress but it is being heldback by its own nervousness. If there is a conservative interpretationof the rules, and a very conservative interpretation of the rules andthen an insanely conservative interpretation of them – Pharma willgo with the insanely conservative one”Pharma Insider quoted in PMGroup 2012 Digital YearBookYet Pharma has embraced the digital revolution: • Kai Gait, Digital Marketing Director at GlaxoSmithKline • Francesco Raimo, Digital Director at Life Healthcare • John Pugh, Director of Digital at Boehringer
    • 11. Example: Syrum by Boehringer “ … For (John) Pugh, it’s clearly about learning – both for pharma and those playing the game. Indeed, part of the rationale for a beta launchis to allow players to shape the direction of the game, as he admits “we don’t know where it’s going to go, that’s the exciting thing about it – it’s a very unpharma approach, it’s a more Silicon Valley approach”. Paul Tunnah, Pharma Phorum
    • 12. Example: Diabetes Blog by Bayer UKI“The annoying thing about the Bayer blog isthat it’s really interesting … [but invisible]Dominic Tyler PME
    • 13. Example: Pfizer’s Twitter campaign on Ageing
    • 14. Example: ACCOR• Focus on Brand Reputation and Customer Satisfaction• B2C• Partnered with Synthesio with clear KPIs• Double digit growth in on-line sales at Novotel brand
    • 15. Example: Stone Korean Kitchen• Importance of integrated approach • Twitter + Facebook + Linkedin + Yelp + Groupon
    • 16. Example: Sonesta Hotels
    • 17. Digital & Social Media – The Power and the Pitfalls
    • 18. Digital & Social Media – The Power and the Pitfalls
    • 19. Digital & Social Media – The Power and the Pitfalls
    • 20. Digital & Social Media – Before /During /After anEvent• Engagement BEFORE, DURING and AFTER• Extension of the life of the meeting BEYOND the F2F event• From passing to permanent• Paradigm Shift / Game Changer• New focus on content
    • 21. Social Media and Meetings/Events
    • 22. Before …
    • 23. During …
    • 24. After …
    • 25. Bathrobes in Texas
    • 26. MPI CRV Linkedin Group
    • 27. MPI Research on Hybrid …
    • 28. THANK YOU Keep in Touch @Padraicino