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Endocrine system
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  • 1. Endocrine System
  • 2. By Paddy, Cecily and Tyson
  • 3. Definition: What is the Endocrine System?
    ‘Endo’ is Greek for inside your body.
    ‘Crine’ is Greek for secretive.
    It is the system inside your body that acts as a controller
    Besides the nervous system the endocrine system is the main controlling system of our bodies..
    Glands make the hormones.
    Hormones send messages to the endocrinal organs.
    The organ does what the hormones tell it to do.
  • 4. Features
    The main features of the Endocrine System are the glands.
    Pituitary Gland- blood pressure -skull
    Thyroid Gland-bone growth rate, metabolism- neck
    Parathyroid Gland- Controls Calcuim - neck
    Adrenal Gland-adrenalin- kidneys
    Pineal Gland – sexual -brain
    Thymus Gland- white blood cells- chest cavity
  • 5.
  • 6. Connections
    The endocrine system and the nervous system helps the body function together.
    The endocrine system is everywhere in your body.
    The circulatory system and the endocrine system sends messages to each other.
  • 7. Problems
    The endocrine system is very frail so many things can go wrong.
    An example is if one of your glands stops working properly or stops working altogether.
    If you don’t have enough iodine your thyroid gland will have big problems.
    Individuals have a disease called diabetes where they are not able to break down carbohydrates.
    If you have to much or to little of a hormone it can cause a big problamo.
  • 8. Taking Care
    The three main steps to take care of your Endocrine System are:
    Getting rest
    Eating healthy food
    Avoiding Steroids (artificial hormones)
  • 9. Glossary
    Diabetes- A disease that is caused by the body’s inability to process sugar. The pancreas is unable to use insulin (a protein hormone) properly.
    Carbohydrates- body's fuel
    Hormones- a glands messenger
    Organs- something that has a vital function in your body
    Glands-Something in your body that is composed of cells a plays a part in making hormones.
  • 10. Bibliography
    Human Health by The Body Kids