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Water monitoring and control in mining

Water monitoring and control in mining






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    Water monitoring and control in mining Water monitoring and control in mining Presentation Transcript

    • Water Monitoring and Control in Mining
    • Benefits Of Automated Monitoring Systems take action to ensure compliance with As the wet season approaches, now is the time to Local, State and Federal Government environmental regulations. Automated monitoring and control systems can: • Give real time access to environmental / machinery condition, allowing operators to make decisions based on the latest information available • Alert operators to potential problems so corrective action can be taken immediately • Automatically turn machinery on or off when pre-set criteria are met (e.g. tank level is full) • Ensure all mandatory reporting criteria is recorded and stored in a central location for future audits and mandatory reporting www.pacdatasys.com.au
    • Examples of Water Monitoring and Control Systems Wastewater treatment systems e.g. Water recycling, sewerage treatment plants Marine environment / water storage e.g. Dewatering pits, stream flow gauges, tank level, tide height monitoring Dewatering pump condition monitoring and control www.pacdatasys.com.au
    • Planning Your Water Monitoring and you engage a systems integration specialist such as Pacific Data Control System Whether Systems or build your own system, you will need to have an understanding of what you want your system to achieve. Use the following guides in your assessment of your sites project requirement: 1) 2) 3) 4) Sensors Data Logging, Alarms and Process Control Communications – 3G, Satellite or Radio Telemetry Pacific Data Systems specialises in Power requirements designing and manufacturing custom monitoring and automation systems for water, weather, air quality and industrial monitoring. www.pacdatasys.com.au
    • 1) Sensors Form an accurate list of EVERYTHING you will need to measure as the first step in the process as this can impact on a number of other factors such as the power requirements and data logging hardware to be used for the system. Water Quality Monitoring Stations Stream Flow measured by automated systems for Dewatering Pump Monitoring The table below outlines the common parametersGauges Monitoring System (Groundwater, Water Storage, Water Treatment Plants) mining.  Rainfall  Temperature of bearings Common Parameters  pH  Turbidity  Flow  Electrical Conductivity  Depth / Level  Suspended Solids  Electrical Conductivity  Temperature  Flow  Depth / Level Pacific Data Systems supplies a wide range of sensors for environmental and process monitoring including: GE-Druck PTX 1830 Liquid Level Sensor Vaisala WXT520 Weather Sensor Ponsel Digital Water Quality Sensors www.pacdatasys.com.au
    • 2) Data Logging, Alarms and Focussing on what you want to do with your data will help you to narrow down the type Process Control of data logger / process controller that is suitable for your system. How many analog and digital inputs will you require (as per the sensors outlined in Step 1)? How frequently do you want to collect data from the sensors? Do you want to be able to download the data remotely and on-demand, without having to physically visit the system?  Do you want to have reports sent to a nominated email address?  Do you want to receive SMS or email alarms when a parameter reaches a preset limit (e.g. when the water level reaches a certain height)  Do you want audio or visual alarms to be triggered locally or at another location?  Do you want to be able to access data from a smartphone or tablet PC?   Do you want the system to automatically turn equipment (such as pumps) Systems supplies data loggers Pacific Data on or off depending on the data collected? and process control systems from major suppliers including dataTaker, CSESemaphore, Gantner Instruments, Aegis and Oleumtech. A range of complementary software including smartphone apps are available to extend the functionality of the systems. We can also conduct wiring and programming to ensure your system works “out of the box” . www.pacdatasys.com.au
    • 3) 3G, Radio or Satellite Even if your site is in a 3G coverage area, there may be a large amount of mobile devices transmitting data and “choking” the network. If there is too much data traffic, Communications may be impacted. your ability to connect to your system remotely Satellite or radio telemetry provide reliable alternatives to using 3G communications. Although satellite voice calls have traditionally been costly, data-only services are available with low monthly access and cost-per-message charges. Available from Pacific Data Systems 3G Communications: Maxon Unimax+ HSPA+ Ethernet Modem Router Radio Communications: OleumTech Wireless Transmitters Satellite Communications: RockBLOCK Satellite Data Communications www.pacdatasys.com.au
    • 4) Power If your system is to be installed remotely, it is likely that you will need to rely on solar power with a battery backup. The battery size selected needs to be sufficient to power your system during prolonged rain or cloud cover, but the weight and cost of the battery also needs to be factored into the decision. The sensors, data logger, logging interval and communications equipment will all contribute to the total power consumption of the system. Choose a battery with enough capacity to power your system independently for several days after being recharged by your solar power kit BUT is also sized appropriately for your enclosure. www.pacdatasys.com.au
    • About Pacific Data Solutions. Technology. Simple Systems Since 1984, Pacific Data Systems has been providing the tools to help our customers gather the critical information needed to make faster and smarter choices. Our range of products and services include weather, water, air and gas monitoring solutions, data loggers and telemetry, rugged computers and field mobility software and workplace safety solutions. Weather Stations Water Monitoring Air Quality Industrial Process Pacific Data Systems can develop a complete measurement and automation system for e.g. Iron Ore a wide range of applications including: Wagon Loading Pacific Data Systems draws on our in-house engineering and software development experience to design turn-key customised solutions so that our customers can start using their new systems immediately. We have a proven record in the design, construction and commissioning of customised solutions for environmental monitoring, process control, monitors for energy, water or gas and more. Whatever your project, Pacific Data Systems can help you. www.pacdatasys.com.au
    • For further information please contact Pacific Data Systems Ph: 07 3361 2000 sales@pacdatasys.com.au www.pacdatasys.com.au Download our Industrial and Environmental Product Card to find out more about our range of products and services! www.pacdatasys.com.au