Experiencing god part 5


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Experiencing god part 5

  1. 1. Crisis of Belief
  2. 2. Reality #1: God is always at work.Reality #2: God pursues.
  3. 3. Reality #3: Reality #3, that God isinviting me to become involved withHim in His work has had the greatestimpact on me. I have thought more ofworking for God than working withHim.
  4. 4. The realization that his purpose inthis regard is a mutual effort ratherthan solely my response to His callingfurthers the development of a personalrelationship.
  5. 5. Reality #4: God SpeaksReality # 5: Gods invitation for you towork with Him always leads you to acrisis of belief that requires faith andaction
  7. 7. How Did This Happen?Acts 14:22... strengthening thedisciples and encouraging them toremain true to the faith. "We mustgo through many hardships to enterthe kingdom of God," they said.
  8. 8. Crisis of BeliefWhat is "faith"?
  9. 9. Crisis of BeliefHebrews 11:1 Now faith is beingsure of what we hope for andcertain of what we do not see.
  10. 10. Crisis of Belief"Sure of what we hope for.""Certain of what we do not see."
  11. 11. Crisis of BeliefFaith in Who?John 14:12 I tell you the truth,anyone who has faith in me will dowhat I have been doing. He will doeven greater things than these,because I am going to the Father.
  12. 12. Crisis of BeliefFaith for What?Hebrews 11:6 And without faith itis impossible to please God,
  13. 13. Crisis of Beliefbecause anyone who comes to himmust believe that he exists and thathe rewards those who earnestly seekhim.
  14. 14. Crisis of Belief"Exists""Rewards"
  15. 15. CRISIS OF BELIEFCrises of Faith Usually ComeWith a God-Sized Challenge.
  16. 16. Crisis of Belief1 Samuel 17:37 The LORD whodelivered me from the paw of thelion and the paw of the bear willdeliver me from the hand of thisPhilistine." Saul said toDavid, "Go, and the LORD be withyou."
  17. 17. Crisis of Belief1 Samuel 17:45 David said to thePhilistine, "You come against mewith sword and spear and javelin,
  18. 18. Crisis of Beliefbut I come against you in the nameof the LORD Almighty, the God ofthe armies of Israel, whom you havedefied.
  19. 19. Crisis of Belief46 This day the LORD will hand youover to me, and Ill strike you downand cut off your head.
  20. 20. Crisis of BeliefToday I will give the carcasses ofthe Philistine army to the birds ofthe air and the beasts of the earth,and the whole world will know thatthere is a God in Israel.
  21. 21. Crisis of Belief48As the Philistine moved closer toattack him, David ran quicklytoward the battle line to meet him.
  22. 22. Crisis of Belief49Reaching into his bag and takingout a stone, he slung it and struckthe Philistine on the forehead. Thestone sank into his forehead, and hefell face down on the ground.
  23. 23. Crisis of Belief50So David triumphed over thePhilistine with a sling and a stone;without a sword in his hand hestruck down the Philistine andkilled him.
  24. 24. What About Outcomes?"Good Outcomes"
  25. 25. What About Outcomes?Hebrews 11:32 And what more shallI say? I do not have time to tellaboutGideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah,David, Samuel and the prophets,
  26. 26. What About Outcomes?33who through faith conqueredkingdoms, administered justice, andgained what was promised; whoshut the mouths of lions,
  27. 27. What About Outcomes?34quenched the fury of the flames,and escaped the edge of the sword;whose weakness was turned tostrength; and who became powerfulin battle and routed foreign armies.
  28. 28. What About Outcomes?35Women received back their dead,raised to life again.
  29. 29. What About Outcomes?“Bad Outcomes"
  30. 30. What About Outcomes?Hebrews 11:36 Others were torturedand refused to be released, so thatthey might gain a betterresurrection. Some faced jeers andflogging, while still others werechained and put in prison.
  31. 31. What About Outcomes?37They were stoned; they weresawed in two; they were put to deathby the sword. They went about insheepskins and goatskins, destitute,persecuted and mistreated -
  32. 32. What About Outcomes?38the world was not worthy of them.They wandered in deserts andmountains, and in caves and holesin the ground.
  33. 33. What About Outcomes?What could be behind "bad outcomes?"
  34. 34. Next Steps__ I’m asking God to help me know when He is speaking to me.__ Sign me up for Class 201: Growing In Spiritual Maturity.__ Sign me up for Class 301: Using My Gifts to Serve God.