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Copy Of Brower Entertainment Sponsorship Package

  1. 1. Brower Entertainment “Verbe Cultural Explosion” Tour Sponsorship Package “Verbe Cultural Explosion Music” Tour Brower Entertainment Booking and Promotions Agency |1800 N. Star Road, Suite A2 Columbus, OH 43212| Tel.: 614- -485-9023 |
  2. 2. Brower Entertainment is a Booking Agency and Promotions Company. The “ “Verbe Cultural Explosion Music Tour is e designed to bring youth and families together to enjoy a family oriented high energy cultural music experience while supporting like charities that cross all cultural boundaries and health organizations that promote fun exercise like dance movement. Brower Entertainment on a nationwide basis serves as an agency specializing in entertainment booking, event planning and concert promotions. We book both National talent and Independent talent. We offer indie artists opportunities to expand fan base and increase performance options. We are presenting to you a proposal request for touring sponsorship for 3 of our promising artist whose stage names are “Paradox”, “Adero”, and names “The Worderer”. These artists present a tour that collaborates and highlights the cultural aspects of clean R&B and Hip Hop music. As our former president implemented during his run “Focusing on the family” is a nationwide concern and effort. We hope to help continue to facilitate that mission through our family friendly energetic “Get out and Move Tour” Verbe Cultural Explosion Tour. “Verbe” means energy and light. That is what we plan to express during our concert performances. Our goal is to b bring the community together at our event promoting high energy exercise dance entertainment through positive hip hop and R&B music. The tour will include performances at live performance venues that target all ages, skating rin rinks, skate boarding park events and middle and high school as well as college campuses. Performances are not limited to the daytime or evening and will be scheduled according to venue availability. Brower Entertainment will be the sole organizer for the tour and will evaluate the event schedule. As the founder of Brower Entertainment, r Patricia Brower has the experience and knowledge of advertising marketing, and promoting the tour that will advertising, , not disappoint. A graduate of Northwestern University, a two year intern at Leo Burnett Advertising Agency, and an MBE certification has made Brower a qualified component in the music business which contributes to the success of her company. Brower Entertainment is also an affiliate promoter of the International Management Company “Horizon Management, Inc. based out of New York. ent The target market is simply youth age 10 through young and middle age adults through 45. The identified s arenas are primary to age diversification and allow a safe and friendly environment for all to hear. As a sponsor you will gain massive exposure to students, which hold the most disposable income and are readily available to invest in your product. The focus of the tour is to perform 4 shows a week in targeted states and various cities performing at one all age live performance venue, one skating rink, one school or recreation park, and one sports event a week in that market. We ask for your sponsorship of the tour as we take it from state to state starting. We are asking for a financial p sponsorship which would include paying for travel and hotel accommodations of all artists, DJ, organizing staff of 4, food stipend, van rental for organizers and artists, and a marketing and advertising budget. artists, Brower Entertainment will work beyond full capacity to offer you the best marketing strategies and aide for the best interests of your company. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor contact us at 614 614-485-9023. We look forward to your reply of our request.
  3. 3. It is our plan to combine our show with such sponsors in sports, media, fashion, entertainment, vitamins, liquid consumption, etc. This is where you and other sponsors come in. You may support this cause through monetary sponsorship. We would be most grateful for your participation in this tour. The artist have chosen a couple of charities they will donate a percentage of their record sells. The list will be mentioned in detail further in this proposal. Thank you, Patricia Brower Brower Entertainment Booking and Promotions Agency 614-485-9023 “Verbe Cultural Explosion Music” Tour Brower Entertainment Booking and Promotions Agency |1800 N. Star Road, Suite A2 Columbus, OH 43212| Tel.: 614-485-9023 |
  4. 4. Events Demographics The lineup features exciting, positive hip hop and R&B entertainment for an audience of all ages from the young consumer to the conscious midlife consumer. They are as follows: Paradox implements his Brooklyn, NY rootsroots/Haitian roots and life experiences into his music, which emits personal and truthful elements within his music. He focuses on the relevant topics everyone can relate to; without the vulgarity commonly associated with Hip Hop. His music has carried him to community events, churches, prisons; as well as a class of Doctoral candidates at Yale University, where he presented the culture and history of Hip Hop. Additional Paradox information can be viewed at and . Utilizing Paradox’s talents and accomplishments in putting the tour together we focused on targeting all things skating. Paradox is an avid vegetarian and was once a well known skateboard guru. Highlighting his vast experience in the skateboard industry and culminating the desire to make this a healthy vibe/healthy life tour we chose to target family skating venues (both indoors and outdoors) including roller skating , skateboard parks, ice skating events, derby skating events, and basically anything thing that rolls on skates or ice). events, Paradox also has a single in rotation on B and C level radio stations in various parts of the US. We will target those markets as we run the tour. Paradox is no stranger to radio play as his label has a number of songs played on all levels of radio in the past. He is no stranger to distribution either both instore and electronically. Adero, a Chicago native, has made great strides in his endeavor for mainstream recognition. At the age of 14, he claimed the rights as the youngest solo R&B artist to hit radio in 30 years. Along with radio media, Adero has been on television and featured in several Hip Hop Teen magazines. On the stage Adero has performed as the opening act for artists such as Soulja Boy and Trey Songz, as well tour with major R&B artists toured such as Aaron Hall, Black Street, and Tony Toni Tone. This young teenager has already made a name for himself and is increasing his wing span with y every new opportunity that arises. To follow Adero’s current events visit and The uniqueness Adero brings on the tour is that he has heavy radio rotation on 3 major stations in the Chicago market including B96 and Power 107.5. He has radio play in other markets across the U.S. He has been showcased as a featured act on BET’s Blazin the Stage Show this past January. He continues to build a strong fanbase through BET’s Ourstage web video show with his new video out which derives from his hit single “Animated”.
  5. 5. Adero also has a whole theme surrounding his latest album/single whole “Animated”. He has a superhero cartoon developed and marketed as a character for him. He has a new video out called “Animated” and v viewing his merchandizing page on his website and myspace page you can see he has an array of product to sell such as T shirts, ring tones, and even a superhero T-shirts, ring for the finger he markets. His management is in talks with Disney about putting one of his songs in rotation. Adero’s Dad “David E. Neely” is a Chicago Litigation AAttorney and former Police Officer. He is also a motivational speaker and has accompanied Adero on tour giving motivational speeches to high school and middle school teens in the performance presentation. Adero has also recently been endorsed by the Chicago Bulls and may on occasion have a “Bulls” team member Chicago accompany him on his endeavors. We plan to utilize these tools as much as possible along the tour. We also plan to target the radio market that Adero’s music is being played.
  6. 6. The Worderer carries multicultural ties as a native of Pinelands, St. Michael, arries Barbados and current resident of Brooklyn, NY. In 1988 he was a member of the first rap group to produce and release an album in the Caribbean. In the United States he regularly participated in the “Jack the Rapper Family Affair”. After relocating to Brooklyn in 1998, The Worderer has set out to fulfill his music career. His music can be recognized as leaning to “old school” and original Hip Hop, but when referring to his simply call it rap”. (Quote from ). He music he says “I’ll s is currently working on a project with a high school principal in Brooklyn making a video and cultivating one of his songs to be the high schools new alma mater song. The Worder’s website is and The Worderer is also well endowed in the staying healthy scene for he is has been a member of The Manhattan Kickers Football club in the New York Cosmopolitan Soccer League first division for quite a few years. We will focus olitan on those markets as well. “Verbe Cultural Explosion Music” Tour Brower Entertainment Booking and Promotions Agency |1800 N. Star Road, Suite A2 Columbus, OH 43212| Tel.: 614-485-9023 |
  7. 7. Events Demographics Demographic Indicators for Roller Skaters US Demographics Mar 2009 As we plan utilize heavy internet target marketing in our campaign. Here are some internet usage demographics: “Verbe Cultural Explosion Music” Tour Brower Entertainment Booking and Promotions Agency |1800 N. Star Road, Suite A2 Columbus, OH 43212| Tel.: 614-485-9023 |
  8. 8. INTERNET USAGE STATISTICS The Internet Big Picture World Internet Users and Population Stats WORLD INTERNET USAGE AND POPULATION STATISTICS Users Users Population Internet Users Internet Users Penetration World Regions Growth % of ( 2008 Est.) Dec. 31, 2000 Latest Data (% Population) 2000-2008 Table Africa 975,330,899 4,514,400 54,171,500 5.6 % 1,100.0 % 3.4 % Asia 3,780,819,792 114,304,000 657,170,816 17.4 % 474.9 % 41.2 % Europe 803,903,540 105,096,093 393,373,398 48.9 % 274.3 % 24.6 % Middle East 196,767,614 3,284,800 45,861,346 23.3 % 1,296.2 % 2.9 % North America 337,572,949 108,096,800 251,290,489 74.4 % 132.5 % 15.7 % Latin America/Caribbean 581,249,892 18,068,919 173,619,140 29.9 % 860.9 % 10.9 % Oceania / Australia 34,384,384 7,620,480 20,783,419 60.4 % 172.7 % 1.3 % WORLD TOTAL 6,710,029,070 360,985,492 1,596,270,108 23.8 % 342.2 % 100.0 % NOTES: (1) Internet Usage and World Population Statistics are for March 31, 2009. (2) CLICK on each world region name for detailed regional usage information. (3) Demographic (Population) numbers are based on data from the US Census Bureau . (4) Internet usage information comes from data published by Nielsen Online, by the International Telecommunications Union, by GfK, local Regulators and other reliable sources. (5) For definitions, disclaimer, and navigation help, please refer to the Site Surfing Guide. (6) Information in this site may be cited, giving the due credit to Copyright © 2001 - 2009, Miniwatts Marketing Group. All rights reserved worldwide.
  9. 9. Marketing and Promotions Breakdown The events will be promoted through a fully integrated marketing campaign generating awareness of staying healthy through forms of movement through skating and dancing throughout the year nationwide. Media Outlets Radio In each market: (6 week lead in) 1 Urban Radio Station 1 Pop Radio Station 1 Family Oriented Radio Station Print In each market: (4 week lead in) 2 Main College Newspapers 2 Main Community Newspapers Print Magazine National/Local Skating Magazines (6 week lead in) PTA (Parent Teacher Association) magazines per city Cable TV BET Announcements MTV-2 (4 week lead in) VH1 Street Teams Radio Station Mobile (if available) (6 week lead in) Event Flyers Event Posters Online Marketing Campaign Myspace Direct Marketing Campaign (ongoing) Online Media and E-mail Blasts Blogs Posts on Over 50 Event Websites (4 week lead in) Posts on Myspace, Facebook and videos on You tube “Verbe Cultural Explosion Music” Tour Brower Entertainment Booking and Promotions Agency |1800 N. Star Road, Suite A2 Columbus, OH 43212| Tel.: 614-485-9023 |
  10. 10. Series Budget Per Event Budget Venue $500 Light/Sound/DJ/Stage $2500 Flyers/Posters/Street Team $1000 Radio Promo $8000 Hospitality $1000 Postage $200 Opening Act $500 Hotel $600 Radio Promo $3000 Cable TV Promo $3000 Security $1000 Travel $3500 Designer Work $800 Print Ads/Magazine Ads $3000 Towel/soaps $30 Miscellaneous $1,200 Total 30,603
  11. 11. Corporate Sponsorship RATE CORPORATE Signature Sponsor Presenting Sponsor Co-Sponsor PACKAGES $30,000 $20,000 $10,000 [access to all events in [access to any 2 events [access to any 1 event series] in series] in series] Radio - (10) On air DJ event mentions - (10) On air DJ event mention - (5) 30 sec commercial spots Urban Radio Station - (20) 60 sec commercial spots - (10) 60 sec commercial spots Pop Radio Station Family Orient Radio Station Cable Television - (25) 60 sec commercial spots -(25) 60 sec commercial spots -(5) 30 sec commercial spots BET MTV II Family oriented Station in each market Print - Logo on all printed materials - Logo on all printed materials - Logo on all printed materials 10,000 Flyers - Tee-shirts bearing company’s logo worn by event staff 500 Posters Event T-Shirts Event Tickets Online - Your Company Banner on - Your Company Banner on -Your Company Logo on 50 Event Websites Official Website(s) Official Website(s) Official Website(s) - Logo and Mention on All - Logo and Mention on All - Logo and Mention on All Email Blast to 100,000 Online Ads Online Ads Online Ads recipients in most markets - Mention on All Email Blasts - Mention on All Email Blasts - Mention on All Email Blasts Myspace Target Marketing in each market to approximately 5,000 recipients On Site literature giveaways) - (1) 10x10 Display Table (gift - (1) 5x5 Display Table (gifts/ - (2) 4x6 banners hung over bags / literature giveaways) literature giveaways) main - (2) 3x4 banners hung over - (2) Complimentary Event stage and entrance main stage and entrance Tickets - (6) Complimentary All-Access - (4) Complimentary Event - Stage Mention Passes Tickets - Media Presentation / Screen - Stage Mention - Stage Mention Ad - Media Presentation / Screen - Media Presentation / Screen Ad PACKAGES COMMUNITY GOLD PARTNER SILVER PARTNER BRONZE PARTNER $2500 - $5000 $1500 - $2400 $500 - $1400 BUSINESS PACKAGES Online Your Company Banner on CRCEC Logo and Mention on All Online Mention on All Email Blasts Website Ads 50 Event Websites Logo and Mention on All Online Mention on All Email Blasts Email Blast to 100,000 Ads Mention on All Email Blasts recipients in most markets Myspace Target Marketing in each market to approximately 5,000 recipients On Site (1) 5x5 Display Table (gift bags / (1) 5x5 Display Table (gift bags / (1) 5x5 Display Table (gifts/ literature giveaways) literature giveaways) literature giveaways) (1) 4x6 banner hung near display (1) 3x4 banners hung near display (2) Comp Event Tickets (6) Comp All-Access Passes (4) Comp Event Tickets Stage Mention Stage Mention Stage Mention Screen Ad Screen Ad Screen Ad
  12. 12. BUSINESS PACKAGES Corporate Sponsorship For more information and to secure sponsorship Packages contact: Patricia Brower Coordinator “Verbe Cultural Explosion Music” Tour Brower Entertainment Booking and Promotions Agency |1800 N. Star Road, Suite A2 Columbus, OH 43212| Tel.: 614-485-9023 |