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Photoshop cs5
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Photoshop cs5


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology

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  • Being a design enthusiast, I wish I could have had the opportunity to train with the plethora of design and development software that Adobe offers. Imagine being able to study here - and learn your way around Adobe's new creative suite, from Adobe themselves!

    I was hesitant to spend so much on the new Photoshop CS6 from Adobe because I thought, no software can be worth so much. But boy did it prove me wrong, I've gone from creating 1 full-fledged comic artwork in 2 days to creating 2 complete artworks in 1 day. Trust me, buying Photoshop CS6 from is the best decision I ever made.
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  • 1. By: Kampaan B
  • 2.  software redefines digital imaging  Includes photography tools and breakthrough capabilities for complex image selections  realistic painting, and intelligent retouching are the sections
  • 3.  1GB Ram is required  Intel, Pentium, or Athlon 64 processor  1 GB in hard disk is taken up  QuickTime 7.6.2 software is required for multimedia features
  • 4.  Microsoft Windows XP  Windows Vista  Windows 7
  • 5.  You cant change the picture layouts and designs  You can change the size of things  Can erase things you don’t want in the picture  Can combine 2 pictures  Can slice pictures to be ready for Dreamweaver
  • 6.  Get exactly the look you want, more quickly than ever before, with just your clicks from your mouse  Easily select image content, such as hair, for refinements, compositing, or placing in layout  Remove an image element or layout and see the results immediately
  • 7.  Photoshop and Photoshop Lightroom software, provides the ultimate photography solution  It enables you to import, process, manage, edit, composite, and showcase your images
  • 8.  Adobe InDesign and Photoshop  It creates visually compelling layouts for print and digital publications for your work
  • 9.  Adobe Illustrator vector art in Photoshop  combine with Photoshop imagery for better use  a variety of media layouts and contents and tools, for users ussage
  • 10.  Photoshop has many software's that works with it and its also in the Photoshop family  Adobe creates software's that, when using Photoshop it is capable and easy to use other programs in its Photoshop families.
  • 11.    Software Stores  I.T. markets or shops
  • 12.  $699  It depends on the shop  $699, is the actual price form