#76 Good Urbanism – Fronting the Public Right of Way - Bohn


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#76 Good Urbanism – Fronting the Public Right of Way - Bohn

  1. 1. Good Urbanism:Fronting the Public Right of WayPresenters:Dr. Suja Lowenthal, Vice Mayor, City of Long BeachMichael Bohn, Principal, Studio One ElevenStephanie Reich, Senior Urban Designer, City of GlendaleThursday, Sept. 13 Breakout Period 7, Plan + Connect
  2. 2. Good Urbanism:Fronting the Public Right of WayDr. Suja Lowenthal, Vice MayorCity of Long Beach
  3. 3. Dr. Suja Lowenthal Councilmember City of Long BeachDowntownLong Beach: Pro Walk Pro Bike Pro PlaceA “Good urbanism multi-modalcommunity and our Downtown Plan”
  4. 4. Downtown’s Planning District - 30• Process lacked predictability• Too many amendments• Expensive delays discouraged quality developers• Low standards for design, building materials & street level activity
  5. 5. Downtown VisioningA highly social “visioning process” that began in 2006with the volunteer efforts of a Visioning Committeeand input received through public workshops.This initial process resulted in a message thatcombined words and imagery to convey what thefuture might look like. This visioning provided anecessary foundation for the Downtown Plan
  6. 6. Downtown Visioning Statement and PrinciplesLong Beach is a waterfront metropolis with a feel for the past and anticipation forthe future. We are a model of international living and distinguish ourselves througha unique vision: progressive, diverse, cultured. Fueled by a vibrant city center, LongBeach is a place where residents are proud to live, work, and play.We promote development of a distinctive downtown skyline, providing a vibrant,compact city core attracting cosmopolitan and creative people.We encourage an infrastructure to accommodate a future that is less dependenton fossil fuels and more focused on walking, bicycling, and public transportation.We endorse bold architecture, planning, and construction that utilize greenbuilding technology and incorporate sustainable energy. We demand quality inbuilding practices in order to ultimately create historical masterpieces.We value our buildings of historic merit and seek to preserve or restore themthrough adaptive reuse.We include the best aspects of an innovative global city: dynamic architecture,light filled public spaces, active recreation, celebration of our unique culture andrespect for the natural environment.
  7. 7. 4th and Linden
  8. 8. Gallery 421
  9. 9. The Promenade
  10. 10. Bikestation & Transit Mall
  11. 11. Separated Bikeways After Before
  12. 12. Separated Bikeways After After Before Before
  13. 13. Parklets
  14. 14. Downtown PlanIncreased standardsStreamlined approval processIncentives for quality developments“Fueled by a vibrant city center, Long Beach is aplace where residents are proud to live, work, andplay.”
  15. 15. CITY OF LONG BEACH Dr. Suja Lowenthal, Councilmember
  16. 16. Good Urbanism:Fronting the Public Right of WayMichael Bohn, AIA, PrincipalStudio One Eleven
  17. 17. Long Beach Visioning ProcessNovember 20, 2006 – Kick Off  Introductions and expectationsDecember 4, 2006 – Orientation  Review of existing plans  Boundary definition
  18. 18. Long Beach Visioning ProcessJanuary 19, 2007 – All-Day Retreat  Discussion of big ideas  Comparison to other cities  Key issues and goals for downtown noted: o Identity, linkages, density, land use, etc.
  19. 19. Downtown Comparative Studies
  20. 20. Existing Building Studies
  21. 21. Proposed Building Studies
  22. 22. Long Beach Visioning ProcessFebruary 5, 2007 – Ideas Testing  Ideas from retreat tested in preliminary diagrams  Vision Statement subcommittee formed, meets independently
  23. 23. Long Beach Visioning ProcessMarch 5, 2007 – Draft Vision Statement  Draft vision statement discussed  3D model showing potential height scenario discussed“Long Beach is a waterfront metropolis with a feel for thepast and an eye for the future. We are a model ofinternational living: progressive, innovative, diverse,cultured, and proud of its heritage. Fueled by a vibrantcity center, Long Beach is a place where residents areproud to live, work, and play. We embark on a bravemission to distinguish ourselves by creating a uniquevision that leads us forward….”
  24. 24. Long Beach VisioningProcessMarch 19, 2007 - Moving Forward  Discuss and finalize vision statement  Discuss presentation of ideas to community
  25. 25. Principle Guidelines
  26. 26. Long Beach Visioning ProcessMeetings  April 16, 2007 – prepare for next meeting and community workshop, assign roles
  27. 27. Areas of Increased Intensity
  28. 28. Neighborhood and Open Space Analysis
  29. 29. Community Workshop
  30. 30. City of Long Beach Downtown Plan
  31. 31. Good Urbanism:Fronting the Public Right of WayStephanie Reich, Senior Urban DesignerCity of Glendale
  32. 32. Good Urbanism:Fronting the Public Right of Way Questions?