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#65 Bike it! Walk it! The Next Generation on the Move in Santa Monica - Kendall

#65 Bike it! Walk it! The Next Generation on the Move in Santa Monica - Kendall






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    #65 Bike it! Walk it! The Next Generation on the Move in Santa Monica - Kendall #65 Bike it! Walk it! The Next Generation on the Move in Santa Monica - Kendall Presentation Transcript

    • Bike it! Walk it! Santa Monica’s Next Generation on the Move Pro Walk Pro Bike Sept 12, 2012
    • Introductions Alison Kendall, Kendall Planning + Design Tara Griffith, Samohi Solar Alliance, Student Gabriel Schier, SMASH Bike Club, Student Peter Dzewaltowski, City of Santa Monica School staff PTSA
    • Community Success story:Bike it! Walk it! Days• 2007- Samohi Bike it Day• 2009- Middle Schools join • Board of Ed SRTS Resolution• 2010 10 schools with over 25% of trips car-free. 2011 14 schools with over 30% car free 2012 14 schools with over 35% car free
    • 2007 Samohi 100 bikes2009 Samohi, JAMS, Lincoln 300 bikes2011 SMMUSD 600 bikes, 2900 car-free
    • Bike It Walk It Day
    • 1. Promote safe walking andbicycling to increase physical activity
    • LA County Adult Obesity Rates1997 2005
    • 2. Traffic Safety Where it’s safe, get kids walking and biking Where it’s not safe, make changes
    • 3. Air Quality • Measurably better around schools with more walkers and cyclists • Main student motivator: Environmental concerns
    • 1. Education: Bike Skills Class Teach bike skills Create traffic safety awareness Foster life-long safety habits Includes parents, students and staff 2010-present
    • 2. Encouragement  Increase popularity of walking and biking  Is an easy way to start SRTS programs  Emphasize fun of walking and biking
    • 3. Enforcement: CrossingGuards  Increase awareness of pedestrians and bicyclists  Improve driver behavior  Help children follow traffic rules  Decrease parent perceptions of danger
    • 4. Engineering: SRTS input Create safer, more accessible settings for walking and biking Bicycle Action Plan improvements Safe Routes to School Workshops
    • 5. Evaluation  Is the program making a difference? JAMS data Oct 2010 to 2011100% 90% 80% Drove 70% Scooter 60% Bus 50% Carpool 40% Bike 30% Walk 20% 10% 0% 2010 2011
    • Lincoln MS, JAMS, SAMOHI Participation – Spring 2009-11450400350300250 skate bus200 bike walk15010050 0 Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln JAMS JAMS JAMS SaMoHi SaMoHi SaMoHi 2009 2010 2011 2009 2010 2011 2009 2010 2011
    • Lincoln vs JAMS Bike it Walk it Day: Santa Monica High School(Pouring Rain vs Sun) Oct 2011 100% 90% 80% 70% Drove 60% Scooter 50% Bus Carpool 40% Bike 30% Walk 20% 10% 0% Lincoln 2011 JAMS 2011
    • Participation by School: Oct 2011
    • Helmet use decline, biking increases JAMS Helmet use since 2009 down to 61% from 75%, Lincoln use down to 70% from 85% High School Rate 25%-45%, Elementary 64- 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 2009 50% 2010 40% 2011 30% 20% 2012 10% 0% JAMS Helmets Lincoln Helmets
    • Develop a Safe RoutesAction Plan  Identify priorities  Roles: City, District, School, Parent, Student  Resources  Access during Construction and Beyond
    • Lincoln Middle School Project OverviewPrincipal: Suzanne WebbScope of Work: Replace one-story west wingwith new two-story building including library,classrooms, chorus room and science labs.Modernize second floor of main building into newclassrooms and science labs.Architect: DLR Group/WWCOTCHPS: 44 CHPS points targeted (District goal is29 points)Square Feet:New Construction: 33,302 SFModernization: 7,928 SFDemolition: 12,694 SFConstruction Budget: $17,524,000Relocatables: CompletedTechnology: CompletedModernization of Building E: CompletedReplacement of Classroom Building C and SiteImprovements: 1st quarter 2012 – 4th quarter2013 4.23.1
    • Lincoln Middle School – Project Overview(Alternative) Replace Field Resurfaced Tennis CourtsReconfiguredEntrance Reconfigured Fire Lane & Parking Modernization of 2ndNew FloorClassroom Classrooms & ScienceBuilding Labs RelocatablesNew Courtyard andEntry 4.23.1
    • Lincoln Access during Construction
    • Construction: Bike Access
    • Bike Racks and Bike Access  Samohi: 100 bike capacity Bike it! Day 250 bikes  Lincoln : 50 bikes capacity; Bike it day: 100 bikes.  SMASH: 6 bikes capacity: Bike it Day: 80 bikes
    • Encouragement programs 1. Events 2. Walking school buses 3. Individual competition 4. Contests 5. Route map promotion
    • 1. Events: JAMS and Lincolncelebrate International Walk toSchool Day Oct 2011
    • Local News and Video
    • 2. Walking school buses, bicycle trains
    • 3. Rewards: stickers, bike gear, healthy snacks
    • Foster life-long habits
    • 4. Route maps
    • Student Leadership in middle andhigh schools Make it relevant Encourage students to take ownership Mentor student leaders Civic engagement Make it cool and fun!
    • Education programsSMASH Bike Skills Class
    • 1. Educating school students  Pedestrian and bicyclist safety  Personal security  Health benefits  Environment
    • Pedestrian safety skillsHow and where to cross
    • Bicyclist safety
    • Preparing for the ride
    • Personal security
    • Health and environment  Health benefits of physical activity  Concern for the environment
    • School-based education  Enthusiastic, well supported teachers  Lesson plans provided  Parent, student involvement
    • School Based Bike andPedestrian Training-2012-13  JAMS, Lincoln MS + 2 Elementary Schools  Walking School Buses and Bike Trains  Personal, Pedestrian and Bike Safety Workshops for students and parents  Walk/Bicycle Safety Education in PE class  Curriculum and Instructional Materials
    • Clubs and after school activitiesSMASH Bike Club 2010
    • Teach and reinforce safety skillsJAMS informal “Bike Train” led by parent cyclist, formal program in 2013
    • 2. Educating parents  Pedestrian and bicyclist safety  Safe driving near the school  School pick up and drop off procedures
    • Safe driving near schools,pick up and drop off rules
    • Strategies for reaching parentsbikeitwalkit.org website, E-newsletter
    • Ongoing Programs  Bike it! Walk it! Days in October and May  SRTS Task Forces at schools under construction  PTA Bike Helmet Promotion, Bike Skills Workshops  Smart Ways to School Outreach Still Needed:  Affordable Bikes and Repair Options  More Bike Parking at every school  Ongoing funding and SRTS Coordination
    • Two Words: Bike It!
    • The Samohi Solar Alliance A student-run, grass roots nonprofit working to inspire environmental awareness, education, and tangible change Over 800 passionate students, faculty, alumni, parents, and community organizations SSA consists of four subdivisions:  Education (Environmental Seminars)  Structural Changes (Solar Panels and Recycling)  Outreach (Public Contact)  Events (BIKE IT!)
    • Bike It! Basics SSA took action to challenge the car culture on campus. The resulting initiative took the form of two major “Bike It” events each year Collaboration with the PTA, school board, the city of Santa Monica, and local businesses
    •  A campus sensation at Samohi! One day where alternative transportation is fully appreciated All participants receive a popsicle during lunch celebration
    • Success! 40% of school participates Tremendous growth: 25 bikes average on rack in 2007 Over 100 bikes average in 2010 Gets students out of their car for the first time to experience how fun and easy biking or walking can be,
    • And Not So Successful... Lack of Helmets Difficulty in making Bike-it! Day on the same date across the district Weather
    • A Growing Movement • Expansion to other schools in the district • First event had over 800 participants in middle school level • Greater goals would be to spread Bike It! movement throughout the country • Organizing middle school seminars to bring awareness about the environment
    • Three Steps tostudent-led Bike SMASH Bike ClubTrainingStep 1: What do wewant?-Promote health andsafety-Encourage walking andbiking to school
    • Three Steps tostudent-led Bike SMASH Bike ClubTrainingStep 2: What do weneed?-7th grade Bike it Blog-Bike it/Walk It dayshows need for bikesafety training
    • Three Steps tostudent-led Bike SMASH Bike ClubTrainingStep 3: How do weget there?-Permission: Teachersand Principal-$$$: PTSA-Awareness: Gettingparents and studentsInterested throughcampus presence(Tables at events, flyers,newsletter blogs)
    • SMASH Bike ClubChallenges andSuccessesPreparationCurriculumFinding student teachingstaff/teacher supervisorsClassroom visits/sign-updaysChallengesSchedulingLocationMembership
    • SMASH Bike ClubChallenges andSuccessesSuccesses-3 kids off trainingwheels-Higher elementaryparticipation on 2nd bikeday due to increasedparent support
    • SMASH Bike ClubThe FutureGet ‘em youngContinuity-New leadership needs to be inplace before old leadershipleavesMembership-As extra-curricular activity it ishard to find enough members-Attach bike club to establishedevents at school
    • SMASH Bike ClubThe FutureCooperationSchools-Middle schools workingtogether-Middle and high schoolsworking togetherOff-campus Support-Working with school districtand city to take students offcampus after school andtake student-led training tothe next level
    • City of Santa Monica’s Role Policy Development  LUCE & Bicycle Action Plan Infrastructure Enhancements  Bike Center & Beach Bicycle Campus Promote Safety & Encouragement Activities  Support of Bike it! Walk it! Days School Coordination & Program Sustainability  Participation in SRTS Workshops  School Construction  Funding Resources
    • Bike Planning
    • “Bicycle Friendly Business”
    • Bicycle Training
    • Bicycle education is available to everyone
    • Public Awareness
    • New Infrastructure
    • Thoughtful Designs
    • Bike Parking
    • Bike Valet
    • Questions