Paying Taxes 2014


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Paying Taxes 2014 is a unique study which investigates and compares tax regimes across 189 economies worldwide, ranking them according to the relative ease of paying taxes. More:

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Paying Taxes 2014

  1. 1. Paying Taxes 2014 The global picture
  2. 2. A unique study from PwC, and the World Bank and IFC … … comparing tax regimes in 189 economies around the world PwC
  3. 3. On average, a domestic medium-size company … makes 26.7 tax payments per year takes almost 7 weeks to comply with its taxes and has a tax cost of 43.1% of its commercial profit
  4. 4. Since 2004 … Total Tax Rate Time to comply (hours) Number of payments the global average Total Tax Rate has fallen by 9% the time to comply by 55 hours and the number of payments by 7
  5. 5. Reforms continue around the world 32 economies have made it easier to pay taxes in 2012 Economies focused on introducing or improving electronic systems Companies in 76 economies can file and pay their tax returns electronically
  6. 6. The compliance burden has continued to fall in 2012 … but the rate of decline has slowed.
  7. 7. The reduction in the average Total Tax Rate continues, but … 38 economies have increased their rate whilst 38 have reduced it in 2012 PwC
  8. 8. 181 economies have a corporate income tax 13% of tax payments made but it is only one of the many taxes that business has to bear. It accounts for just: 26% of compliance time 37% of the Total Tax Rate
  9. 9. 181 economies have a corporate income tax 188 economies levy labour taxes 37% 13% while 16626% have value added tax now
  10. 10. Labour taxes are now the largest element of the Total Tax Rate PwC …but consumption taxes take the longest time 38%
  11. 11. Central Asia & Eastern Europe has been the biggest overall reformer over the nine years of the study.
  12. 12. The largest falls in the Total Tax Rate since 2004 have been in Africa - 16.0%, The highest average Total Tax Rate is in Africa - Central Asia & Eastern Europe - 15.7% and Middle East - 15.6% 52.9% followed by South America - 52.7% the lowest is in the Middle East - 23.7%
  13. 13. Since 2004 the largest fall is in Central Asia & Eastern Europe – 5 weeks The highest time to comply is still in South America over 15 weeks the lowest is in the Middle East just under 4 weeks
  14. 14. Most tax payments are made in: 36.1 Africa followed by 33.7 The fewest are made in: Central America & the Caribbean The largest fall since 2004 is in Central Asia & Eastern Europe - 25.1 8.3 North America
  15. 15. The Middle East has the least demanding tax systems … but in Asia Pacific, EU & EFTA, and North America all three indicators are also below the world average. PwC
  16. 16. To find out how your economy compares with others around the world use our unique Paying Taxes modeller available at
  17. 17. For more information, see this year’s report – Paying Taxes 2014 The global picture available at
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