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Dow Corning Case by Peter Moore (Innoventure)
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Dow Corning Case by Peter Moore (Innoventure)



Published in Business , Technology
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  • First a quick overview of my company which will help put my comments into context Dow Chemical and Corning, Incorporated, formed Dow Corning Corporation as a joint venture in 1943. Dow Corning was one of the business world’s first joint ventures and continues to be counted as one of the most successful joint ventures still in existence today. Dow Corning is a truly global company with more than half of our sales outside of the United States
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  • 1. Dow Corning INTERNAL Peter Moore ASEAN/ANZ Regional Business Development AGROCHEMICAL DELIVERY SYSTEM
  • 2. Dow Corning INTERNAL Agenda 2 • Introduction – Dow Corning – Agrochemical • Problem Statement • Questions
  • 3. Dow Corning INTERNAL Dow Corning A Global Leader in Silicon-Based Technology 3 • Organized in 1943 to explore the potential of silicon • 7,000 products and services • 25,000 customers • 45 manufacturing and warehouse locations • 10,000 employees globally and 3,000 in Asia • $6.00 billion USD in sales, more than 60% outside the U.S. • Committed to sustainability and Responsible Care® Dow Corning INTERNAL
  • 4. Dow Corning INTERNAL 44 Serving customers’ diverse needs…
  • 5. Dow Corning INTERNAL 5 Agrochemical: Dow Corning Organo Silicone Adjuvants • Enhance/ensure effectiveness of crop protection products • Reduced pesticide rates due to increased efficiency of crop protection products • Reduced pesticide rate leads to lower costs to the farmer • Reduced pesticide rate minimizes adverse environmental impact • Increased number of days farmers can spray crops Crop oil concentrate Hydrocarbon nonionic surfactant Silicone Surfactant
  • 6. Dow Corning INTERNAL ASEAN Agrochemicals 6 • Southeast Asia consumes 26.7% of the pesticides in the world accounting to over 800,000 tons/year • The regional use of chemical pesticides in agriculture has created a negative impact on human health, wildlife and the environment as a whole. AV03094
  • 7. Dow Corning INTERNAL Are Agrochemicals a Problem? 7 Source: Green Peace East Asia AV158032
  • 8. Dow Corning INTERNAL The Regional Agriculture Industry is moving towards integrated pest management systems while focusing on the increased efficiencies of crop protection solutions in terms of delivery mechanisms (i.e. back pack spaying » mobile units (aircraft, extreme terrain vehicles, etc.), agrochemical efficiencies in terms of efficacy/rain fastness, and systemic balanced agrochemicals. 8 Agrochemical Spraying Activities Business Case Effective Regional Agrochemical Delivery Mechanisms: Current backpack spray devices are inaccurate, hazardous to the user, cover less hectors per hour, and labor intensive. Unmet Needs
  • 9. Dow Corning INTERNAL 9 Agrochemical Spraying Activities Problem Statement • Design and develop a sustainable delivery device for agrochemical products. • The delivery device must effectively meet the recommended agrochemical guidelines in Volume Application Rate (VAR) (liters/hectare) (industrial average 450 l/hectare) • The delivery device must have an effective droplet size (volume median diameter/number median diameter) to cover effective areas prescribed by the agrochemical solution factoring in the following • The delivery rate must factor in and address the following: – Rain – Wind – Sunlight • The final device should be economically priced/per performance increase: • The final device must be user friendly and durable • If the device is not aerial, if must be able to navigate extreme landscapes
  • 10. Dow Corning INTERNAL 10 The information provided in this presentation does not constitute a contractual commitment by Dow Corning. While Dow Corning does its best to assure that information contained in this presentation is accurate and fully up-to-date, Dow Corning does not guarantee or warranty the accuracy or completeness of information provided in this presentation. Dow Corning reserves the right to make improvements, corrections and/or changes to this presentation in the future. Thank You & GOOD LUCK!!!