New LinkedIn Features Explained

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Explore the new LinkedIn features new in late 2012

Explore the new LinkedIn features new in late 2012

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  • 2. Interested in what’s new withLinkedIn? Check out the followingupdates that you can take advantageof today!
  • 3. LinkedIn Endorsements
  • 4. We’ve had the option to use the Skills andExpertise section on our page to show off ourskill sets for a while now, but with the editionof Endorsements it’s been taken up a notch!After you add a skill, LinkedIn takes over fromthere (assuming you choose to show them onyour public profile). Endorsements give youthe opportunity to have your colleaguessolidify your knowledge of certain skills andexpertise acquired throughout your career.
  • 5. • “When someone views your profile or you view the profile of one of your first-degree connections, you are offered the opportunity to endorse that person for the skills they have added to their own profile.” Simply click the + sign next to the particular skill you wish to endorse and you’re done. You can also ask others to endorse you as well, branding a better profile for yourself. Remember, when you get endorsed it shows up in your LinkedIn newsfeed, keeping you front of mind for colleagues and potential partners.
  • 6. For more information aboutEndorsements, check out:6 Tips for Using LinkedIn Endorsements
  • 7. LinkedIn launches new “Follow” and Blogging Features
  • 8. The “follow” feature allows users theopportunity to follow one another’s posts,without actually having to be connected. “Moreinterestingly, LinkedIn is also rolling out a long-form publishing tool — basically a blogging tool— so people can post lengthier, media-richupdates to their profile pages. Both tools will beavailable on the desktop site and LinkedIn’smobile apps.”
  • 9. “In essence, these new features mean LinkedInusers can now generate and consume originalcontent on the site. They give LinkedIn creativetools similar to those available on social sites likeFacebook and Google+. It’s a sign that LinkedInis making strides to become more than a placeto store your online resume. And with each of itsrecent updates, the professional social networkis beginning to more and more resemble itssocial networking cousins.”
  • 10. For more information about the new “follow”and Blogging features, check out LinkedIn GetsSerious About content, Launches New “Follow”and Blogging Features
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