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Facebook Graph Search - Implications for Brand Pages
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Facebook Graph Search - Implications for Brand Pages


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On January 15, 2013 Facebook launched Graph Search, an enhnanced search functionality aimed at Facebook users. With very little said about the impact of this feature on Brand Pages, this POV outlines …

On January 15, 2013 Facebook launched Graph Search, an enhnanced search functionality aimed at Facebook users. With very little said about the impact of this feature on Brand Pages, this POV outlines the new feature and the things Brand Page admins should be taking into consideration in preparation for the launch of Graph Search in the future.

  • Warning!!! Do not switch to Facebook's new Graph Search. The 'beta' version drastically reduces current search capabilities. Graph Search completely eliminates the ability to search for specific posts, events and comments made by Facebook friends and other Facebook accounts. This new Facebook 'enhancement' furthers the ongoing progression of information suppression and censorship on Facebook.
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  • 1. FACEBOOK GRAPH SEARCH! A Blast Radius POV David Jones! VP, Strategy-Social 2013-1-15IMPLICATIONS FOR BRAND PAGES 1
  • 2. FACEBOOK LAUNCHES NEW SEARCH FEATURE IN BETA—On January 15, Facebook held an event at its headquarters to unveil its latest enhanced feature: Facebook Graph Search. This feature isin beta in the US and will be rolled out to the public on as yet unknown timetable.Amid rampant speculation that the social network was launching a phone, buying RIM, buying NetFlix, enhancements to its searchfunctionality were perceived as the least sexy revelation based on Facebook’s Apple-esque teaser invitation sent out to the week prior. 2
  • 3. WHAT IS FACEBOOK GRAPH SEARCH?—Facebook’s native search abilities have been terribly underpowered and under-engineered since the site hit the mainstream in 2006. Thelaunch of Graph Search is an evolutionary leap that will allow individual Facebook users to better organize the data created by their socialgraph (friends, friends of friends, pages they like, groups they’ve joined, etc.)Essentially, this is the advent of social search within the Facebook environment and will allow users to find content (photos, videos, etc.)and social signals (likes, check-ins, etc.) sent by the nodes of their personal networks. The search is intuitive and powered by natural language with the ability to refine searches by easily selectable filters. 3
  • 4. IMPLICATIONS FOR BRAND PAGES—Since the beta is not available for review as yet, the following information has been culled from the live demo Facebook gave and otherdocumentation Facebook has publically shared:Search results for usersPages will be displayed in the context of a user’s social graph with a large amount of filtering options to refine results on the fly. (Seescreenshots on following pages).Search results for Page adminsThere appears to be no enhanced search for Page admins to discover any additional insights about their page followers. As of right now,the search function is aimed specifically at individual Facebook users and not brands or Page admins.Paid MediaNo additional paid media or targeting capabilities were announced, though “sponsored search results”, which were launched in August2012, are anticipated to be a part of the rollout.ContentFacebook has implied that photos/videos should be uploaded directly to the Page to ensure they are indexed correctly in search. ForPages who use third-party sites to host images (Flickr, Instagram) or videos (YouTube, Vimeo), it would seem that this content is at risk tonot show up in Graph Search. 4
  • 7. GRAPH SEARCH - FILTERS— Photo credit: 7
  • 8. WHAT BRAND PAGES SHOULD DO NEXT—Pages shouldn’t stray from their current strategy of increasing the volume of likes and engagement on their pages. This currentlydetermines the visibility of the Page in user’s newsfeeds and will continue to do so in the future. There is no reason to believe that this willchange as a result of the improvements to Facebook search.1.  Review Page’s administrative content •  Ensure you have your vanity URL •  Ensure you’ve categorized the page correctly •  Ensure the “About” content is complete and accurate •  Add location details2.  Review content strategy •  Consider existing content strategy and posting cadence to ensure that engagement continues to grow. •  Review photo/video hosting and/or uploading protocol3.  Continue recruiting •  Continue to add likes to your Page organically and through targeted use of Facebook media units4.  Foster interaction •  Use Facebook media to increase engagement for your top content. 8
  • 9. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION—Facebook:Graph Search: Post: Pages: Live Blog: Post: 9
  • 10. We create Networked Brands 10