Why Companies Need Social Collaboration And What To Do About It


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From #PubCon 2012

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Why Companies Need Social Collaboration And What To Do About It

  1. Why Companies Need Social Collaboration And What To Do About ItwithSarah Evans (@PRsarahevans)Chief Evangelist, Tracky (www.tracky.com) #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans
  2. Why do companies need social collaboration? •  Because processes are broken.•  People (sometimes) hide behind technology.•  There’s more to do than ever.•  Workflow isn’t talked about (mostly).•  Lack of true accountability.•  It’s time to celebrate the doers! #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans
  3. Listen, learn, collaborate•  Help you do what you already do, a 
 little better•  Plan for the future of your business and social media with open, social collaboration•  Work better, not Photo Credit: @PRsarahevans, in track: https://tracky.com/30799 more #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans
  4. Share “all the things!”•  Every 2 days, humankind creates more data than we did from the dawn of history until 2003.•  Social media enables us to initiate large quantities of connections.•  It can get pretty hectic managing all this data and all these connections. #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans
  5. 80% Of Americans Work "After Hours," Equaling AnExtra Day Of Work Per WeekHalf of them do so because they feel From enterprise mobility company, Good Technology they have “no choice.”Connectedness means customersdemand fast replies. There’s no offswitch.Half of respondents check their emailin bed, starting at around 7:09 AM.68% check email before 8 AM. #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans
  6. Think about the workflow for creating one corporate blog post: Track   Word  or   Approval   Google   Follow  up  to   results,   Google   from  boss  or   see  if  they   stakeholders   Adwords   did  it   report   Doc   back   OpCmize   Editor/ Schedule  a   headline,   Remind  your   review   go  live  date   include   team  to  post   keywords   Find  and   IdenCfy   Make   insert   Post  to  site   tacCcs  to   changes   image(s)   promote  
  7. That’s ONE task in ONE person’s role. Hypothetically he or she may have used a combination of: 
 Word, email, Google, Photopin, Tweetdeck, IMs, Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, phone, etc… #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans
  8. We need to demand a culture change andmodel the behaviors we want to see fromemployees, vendors and, eventually, customers. #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans
  9. Technology upgrades oursocial behaviorsSome research shows that socialnetworking helps us feel we cantrust others (+43% of Facebookusers polled), have more closerelationships (+9%) andencourages us to be involved incivic and political activities(+43%). #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans
  10. So, what are we gonna do about it? Guess what? This is totally an opportunity to take picture. #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans
  11. The tools are the answer to evolvingtwo-way communication•  The expectation now is that the tools people use at work are as easy and fun as the ones they use in their personal life.•  Companies are trying to catch up and leverage the efficiency of more connected networks. Enterprise social media tools will grow from a $650mil industry (2010) to a $6.4bil market by 2016. #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans
  12. Going beyond the connection•  Prioritize relationships, tasks, sharing.•  Use social collaboration tools to facilitate more meaningful connections between like-minded people and groups. •  It’s the next step from connecting  collaborating. #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans
  13. Open, social collaboration
  14. Change your workflow
  15. Plus these.
  16. And these.
  17. To something like this.
  18. Breakdown of a track #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans
  19. Here’s what it gets you: You will see an increase in productivity from employees. No more long email chains. No more trying to find the right document to edit. It’s about being able to work together in real-time. You’ll also be able to do both private collaboration andopen social sharing within the same tool. It’s an all-in-one platform (e.g. plan an event and then beable to tweet about it). #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans
  20. The 4 C’s•  Connect•  Collaborate•  Condense•  Communicate Photo Credit: @PRsarahevans, in track: https://tracky.com/30799 #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans
  21. The way you funnel socialmessages and “comments” #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans
  22. The press release, for example•  Get social visual,•  Write for your consumer and the media•  3-5 social sound bites #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans
  23. The way you plan your socialeditorial calendar #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans
  24. And, with all that extra time, you can focus on… #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans
  25. The move back to personal #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans
  26. •  Opt in (www.sincerely.com/ sarahevans)•  Every Tuesday•  122 cards sent in 2 months•  5 people sent cards back•  On average: –  2 tweets per recipient + photo –  1 Instagram post –  ¼ Facebook post –  ½ email #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans
  27. #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans
  28. #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans
  29. Use one platform to manage everything in your life. #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans
  30. What will your digital footprint say about YOU?
 About me?
 About us? #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans
  31. Questions?Sarah Evans (@PRsarahevans)sarah@tracky.com224.789.8314My new book, [RE]FRAME is available at www.slimbooks.com/reframe #PubCon #favpresentation @PRsarahevans