Learn how to use Google+ Communities like a boss


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A quick how to guide for getting started on Google+ Communities. Great tips for moderators, too!

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Learn how to use Google+ Communities like a boss

  1. 1. Using Google+ Communities   Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/savvysmilinginlove/5424075943/…and engage with a global community. Sarah Evans, Chief Evangelist, Tracky, sarah@tracky.com, 224.789.8314 www.tracky.com
  2. 2. plus.google.comGoogle+ Communitiesare groups for sharedinterests via theGoogle+ socialnetwork.There are variousprivacy settingsdepending on whetheryou’d like yourCommunity public ornot. Click here for more: http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/communities/
  3. 3. Getting started.
  4. 4. Google+Communitiesengage morewhen they’recreated arounda shared interestor topic, like:Star Wars, LasVegas or Cult ofMac.
  5. 5. When creating yourgroup, decide if you’dlike it to be public (i.e.anyone can find, joinand post) or private(i.e. only invitedmembers can join andsee what is shared).NOTE: You can set upa requirement torequest permission tojoin a public group.
  6. 6. You can edit your Community name along Add a photo that will with the short help to easily community bio at identify your anytime. Community. Categories are a uniquefeature for Communities. Segment the types of conversations you think people may have. Youcan always update these later. Click the “x” to delete a category or “Add category” to add a new one.
  7. 7. Use your description toaccomplish a few things:•  Describe your Community in 1-2 sentences.•  Requirements for joining.•  Moderator rules.•  Reasons members may have content removed.•  Anything you think members should know.
  8. 8. If you’re the moderator for aCommunity, a few tips to consider:•  Adding in additional moderators, especially if you have a large Community. It’s tough for one person to moderate for hundreds (or more).•  Know your Community rules and guidelines and stick to them -- for everyone.•  Be open to change and feedback. It’s a community.•  Set up your notifications settings to a frequency that works for you.•  Block off time on your calendar daily to check in with your Community.
  9. 9. Categories.
  10. 10. The “original” category provided by Google can also be changed. Think about making it a“welcome” or “Hello my name is” category to getpeople participating right away.
  11. 11. Plan events for your Community.
  12. 12. You can plan in person, online orspecific Google+ Hangout eventsfor your Community. Maybe it’san engagement party,professional meetup or onlineeducation.Include your event name, time,date, location and any additionaldetails.You can also include a customheader theme.When you have all details filledout, select who from your Google+ connections you’d like to invite.
  13. 13. Find interesting or useful ways to integrate Google+ Hangouts.
  14. 14. The Public Relations Community set up Google+ Expert Hangouts on scheduled days and times.Featured experts are given 30 minutes to provide 4 teaching moments and then attendees have 30 minutes to ask questions.
  15. 15. To create a Google+Hangout in your event,select “Event Options” and then “Advanced.” You have two types of Hangouts you can create:1. “Google+ Hangout:” A Hangout only for your Community. Noone else will be allowed to view; or2. “On air:” Anyone has the ability to view the event.
  16. 16. To include things likea link to your websiteor blog, a ticket selleror your YouTubechannel, you mustselect “Showadditional fields”under “Advanced”options.
  17. 17. A few tips…
  18. 18. Download theGoogle+ appto participate in your Communityfrom a mobile device.
  19. 19. Use the “+” or “@” symbols in front of a username orbusiness name tomention them in a post.
  20. 20. Use moderator options to control what content is shared.
  21. 21. If you moderate a “private”Community you are not able to tagor mention someone (e.g. + or @) not in your Community.
  22. 22. If you find a public Community you like and join it, you can invite your friends.
  23. 23. All moderators of a Communityhave the ability to “approve” or“ignore” requests to join a public community with “request permission to join.”
  24. 24. The lower righthand column of your Community lets youinvite new members, view all membersand moderators, see upcoming events and start a Hangout at anytime.
  25. 25. Promote your Community.
  26. 26. If you want to find more people tojoin your Community, try these tips:•  Share the Community on your public Google+ profile;•  Share your Community’s URL on other social networks, like: Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin;•  If you have a niche Community like “Higher Education in Nevada,” search for more broad Communities with potential members;•  Include a call-to-action and link in your email signature•  Add a call-to-action and link on your blog or website•  Send a personal email to people you think might be interested.
  27. 27. Questions? Send me a tweet @PRsarahevans or email sarah@tracky.com.