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Ideas and Tactics for CIPCO
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Ideas and Tactics for CIPCO


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A copy of the presentation I recently gave to a communications group in Texas.

A copy of the presentation I recently gave to a communications group in Texas.

Published in: Technology

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  • This slide is for display to the audience to show them how they will vote on your polls in your presentation. You can remove this slide if you like or if the audience is already comfortable with texting and/or voting with Poll Everywhere. Sample Oral Instructions: Ladies and gentlemen , throughout today’s meeting we’re going to engage in some audience polling to find out what you’re thinking, what you’re up to and what you know. Now I’m going to ask for your opinion. We’re going to use your phones to do some audience voting just like on American Idol. So please take out your cell phones, but remember to leave them on silent. You can participate by sending a text message. This is a just standard rate text message, so it may be free for you, or up to twenty cents on some carriers if you do not have a text messaging plan. The service we are using is serious about privacy. I cannot see your phone numbers, and you’ll never receive follow-up text messages outside this presentation. There’s only one thing worse than email spam – and that’s text message spam because you have to pay to receive it!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social media and business 201 #CIPCO
    • 2. What’s going on out there?
      • 2 BILLION – very rough number of Google searches daily ( source )
      • 2,695,205 - the number of articles in English on Wikipedia
      • 81 - number of languages represented in the blogosphere
      • More than 7.8 BILLION tweets
    • 3. The communication cycle is changing.
    • 4. 5 predicted trends for 2010
      • MORE mobile and apps
      • Larger niche social networks
      • Less Web site log in, more third-party authentications (e.g. Facebook and Twitter connect)
      • Google Wave will grow in popularity
      • Geo-locational games
    • 5. WHY MOBILE?
      • 42% of people admitted to using their cell phones in the bathroom. ( source )
      I polled 200 people in my social networks, 90% said they slept with their cell phone.
    • 6. POLL: I use the following social networks TO VOTE text a code to 99503 or tweet @poll
    • 7. How To Vote via Texting
      • Standard texting rates only (worst cast US $0.20)
      • We have no access to your phone number
      • Capitalization doesn’t matter, but spaces and spelling do
    • 8. Let’s take a look at the results
    • 9. What just happened?
      • I received data/feedback I could use to customize this presentation
      • Real-time results to a question
      • Engaging activity for audience
      • Proved a point (hopefully)
    • 10. Thousands of potential tactics.
    • 11. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.
    • 12. What’s your strategy? <I’ll give you some ideas.>
    • 13. Direct to consumer Reasons to engage
      • Energy and safety tips
      • Key organizational messages
    • 14. Education
    • 15. Mobilization
    • 16. “ Socialize” your Web site
      • Feature your online presence
      • Embed video (YouTube) and audio (CinchCast)
      • Offer a forum
      • Live comments via Twitter hashtag (#)
      • RSS
      • Share this
    • 17. Identify story and source opps
        • @Helpareporter
      • Follow on Twitter, Facebook
        • Media
        • Legislators
        • Consumers
      • Pitch With Me (
      • Identify story trends
        • Top trends on Twitter
        • Google Trends
      • Breaking News (@BreakingNews) (
      • You’ll have to identify:
      • The right platforms
      • The right message
      • The right audience
      • The right way to engage
    • 19. If there’s not a place to communicate, the audience will create one.
    • 20. Times of Crisis Reactive example: Haiti
      • Facebook: Haiti “EARTHQUAKE GROUP”
        • Grew to 246K+ members because of a centralized need for communication
        • People needed a place, so they created one
        • Share photos, info
        • MONITORED by organizations who need the information
    • 21. Member cooperative communication
    • 22. Create a wiki Why? If you need many people to contribute to a document or need a back up place for information.
      • Private access to members
      • Contribute to FAQ sheets
      • Central place for communication which changes quickly
      • Cooperative database
      • Store conference/meeting minutes
      • Documentation
      • Legislative updates/changes
    • 23. Where can you create a wiki?
    • 24. A private social network Why? If you want a social way to interact and email isn’t cutting it.
      • Ning, Google Groups, SharePoint
      • Depends on what you need
      • Offer privacy settings
      • Some have offering similar to Facebook, Twitter
    • 25. Case Study: Southern Union Company Used SharePoint
      • Major U.S. Gas Company Boosts, Refines Information Access, Increasing Risk Avoidance ( Posted 2009-09-02 )
      • Southern Union, one of the largest diversified natural gas companies in the United States, faced to use information to support growth .
      • Employees needed faster access to authorized information and a better way to boost security around restricted data.
      • Also needed to share information with business partners.
      • They used Share Point to create an information platform that unifies employees, increases the speed and accuracy of work processes.
    • 26. Where can you create a private network?
    • 27. Public goal setting and sharing Why? If you need to motive partners or employees or want transparency and accountability
      • Example: 43Things
      • Online goal setting community
      • Increase accountability among cooperatives
      • By publicizing your company's goals and ambitions, you may gain a following of customers, investors and promoters who watch
    • 28. Hijack a conversation Why? Because misinformation and rumors are spreading, no one else is doing it, build online credibility
      • Identify a need for conversation
      • Host it online
      • Use a platform like LiveFyre
      • Moderated by staff or employee
      • Address real-time issues
      • Live chat
      • NOTE: This is a public platform that integrates with Twitter and Facebook
    • 29.  
    • 30. Geo-location for cooperatives, partners
      • Google maps
      • Foursquare
      • Yelp
      • Gowalla
      • There are many ways to integrate this idea.
      • Applications like Foursquare and Gowalla have competition based checkins, rewards and discounts for consumers and other incentives.
      • IDEA: If people “check in” at their home, an energy saving message could pop us.
    • 31. Monitor who is talking online Why? Just do it.
    • 32. How?
      • Brand overviews
        • Google Alerts, Google Reader
        • HowSocialable? ( )
        • socialmention ( )
      • Blog search
        • Technorati ( )
        • Google Blog Search
      • Buzz tracking
        • Serph ( )
        • Google Trends
      • Web site
        • Compete ( )
    • 33. Virtual meetings
      • Virtual meeting
        • Computer
        • High speed Internet connection
        • Great content
        • Headset
        • Video
      • Members can all participate online OR link together several groups in different locations
      • Invite only
      • Save $
    • 34. Where can you create a virtual meeting?
    • 35. CIPCO Smartphone Apps Why? Shows forward thinking, makes information easy to access
      • iPhone, Blackberry and/or Droid
      • Newsletter
      • Urgent announcements
      • RSS feed to information and news
      • Web site
      • This is the Franklin Covey “Great Career” app for the iPhone.
    • 36. What about security?
    • 37. Social media/Online policy
      • Blog Council – Disclosure Policy
      • Greteman Group (Marketing Agency)
      • IBM Social Computing Guidelines
      • CISCO Internet Postings Policy
      • HP Code of Conduct
      • Intel – Social Media Guidelines
      • Opera Employee Blogging Policies
      • Sun Guidelines on Public Disclosure
      • Harvard Law School – Terms & Policy
      • BBC – Editorial Guidelines, personal use of Social Networking
      • US Navy – Web 2.0 – Utilizing New Web Tools
      • CivilService – Code for Online Participation
      • (CIPR) Chartered Institute of Public Relations Social Media Guidelines
    • 38. Don’t put ANYTHING online you wouldn’t be comfortable with the media or you mom looking at.
    • 39. These are a few ideas to get you started.
    • 40. THANK YOU
      • Sarah Evans, Sevans Strategy, [email_address] , @PRsarahevans, 224-829-8820