PRCA: In-house CMS booklet


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PRCA: In-house CMS booklet

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PRCA: In-house CMS booklet

  1. 1. PRCACommunicationsManagementStandard (CMS)for In-House Teams
  2. 2. PRCA ContentsCommunications Introduction 4Management The Communications Management Standard for In-House Teams 6Standard (CMS) Leadership and Communication 6for In-House Teams Business Planning 8 Business Improvement 10 Budgetary Management Systems 12 Project Management 14 Monitoring satisfaction 16 People Management 18 Frequently Asked Questions 20PRCA CMS FOR IN-HOUSE TEAMS 3
  3. 3. Introduction Communications Management Standard “Enhance the Business Improvement The PRCA CMS for In-House PR and communications teams demands (CMS) is the mark of communications efficiency and a programme of continued performance improvement activities in order to achieve long terms goals and objectives. professionalism worldwide. practices of Budgetary Management Systems Created by the PRCA, it is based on ISO 9001 and Investors In People, In-House PR and The team must demonstrate that its budgetary management systems are with criteria tailored specifically to the needs of in-house PR and communications adequate to ensure effective operational budgetary management. This communications teams. element is not intended to be a comprehensive budgetary audit, but an teams...” exercise to ensure that basic budgetary management controls are in place Independently audited on a regular basis, it is the accepted kitemark of PR and working for the organisation. excellence and professionalism. It helps to enhance the efficiency and practices Project Management of the teams, demonstrating that they are run to the highest of standards. The team must prove to the assessor that it has the systems in place to ensure effective planning, management, and evaluation of internal The CMS audit covers seven key areas of performance – which are as follows: and external projects. Leadership and Communication Monitoring satisfaction The team must demonstrate that they are well-managed, and that The team must demonstrate systems to track satisfaction on a consistent responsibilities at all levels are clearly defined and communicated and continuing basis. The department should appreciate that to improve throughout the department and organisation. its professional competence it must methodically investigate opinions of its performance, and use this information to enhance services. Business Planning The team must demonstrate that their planning is based on a clear view People Management of the organisation’s strategic plan, marketplace and/or policy issues, There must be a clearly-defined and universally understood system for potential and direction. The plan should define goals and objectives that appraisal, training, and career development. are SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound. They must demonstrate that the plan is used systematically by senior To attain the standard, the team must pass each of the seven areas and management, and that it is communicated throughout the team and score at least 75% overall. A detailed report breaking down performance reviewed on a regular basis. will be delivered to the team. This report remains strictly confidential between the auditor and the team.4 PRCA CMS FOR IN-HOUSE TEAMS PRCA CMS FOR IN-HOUSE TEAMS 5
  4. 4. 1Leadership and 1.1 The management structure 1.3 • ffects on the management e professional bodies, and Have the management structure should be communicated to Are the risks to the organisation structure educational establishments. Communication and responsibilities been demonstrate the appropriate associated with major internal • ffects on stakeholders, e defined and communicated? division of responsibility or external changes identified i.e. employees, parent An external communicationsThe PR and communications (Yes/No – 5 points) between individual members and planned for by the PR organisation, partners/ policy or procedure shouldteam must demonstrate that of the team. and communications team? affiliates, parent document the above, alongthey are well-managed and (Assessor’s Judgement – max companies, etc with the appropriatethat responsibilities at all 1.2 Evidence should be provided 10 points) authorisation levels.levels are clearly defined Does the definition and to demonstrate that the team isand communicated communication of the well led and that members know The team should: 1.4throughout the department management structure include why they are there and how Is there a system to ensureand organisation. • dentify any short or long term i the following? (Assessor’s communications contributes effective communication to risk to the business judgement – max 10 points) to the organisation’s success. external parties? (Assessor’s • valuate the potential impact e Judgement – max 10 points) of each of the risks identified All management responsibilities Individual team members • ave plans to manage h should be defined and should have clear and adequate The team should identify all of these risks communicated throughout authority to affect decisions, as its key stakeholders. It should the team. This can be well as a clear understanding of also identify which issues and Where the potential risk achieved through the use of what the business expects of news information should be1 is considerable, the team organograms, management them and what they are required communicated, as well as when should develop appropriate structure diagrams, job and role to deliver. they should be communicated. contingency plans. descriptions, and project briefs. Stakeholders will typically include: shareholders, the media, These plans should address: the local community, government • ompetency issues, i.e. the c agencies, non-government ability to continue to service agencies, trade associations, the organisation6 PRCA CMS FOR IN-HOUSE TEAMS PRCA CMS FOR IN-HOUSE TEAMS 7
  5. 5. 2Business Planning 2.1 The plan will typically include 2.4 established in the strategic 2.6 Does the PR and communications the following: To what extent is the plan communications plan. Any Is the plan reviewed forThe PR and communications team have a strategic communicated to all levels in deviations between current adequacy? (Yes/No – 5 points) • summary of market trends ateam must demonstrate that communications plan? the PR and communications and desired performance of or political/issues landscapetheir planning is based on a (Yes/No – 5 points) department? (Assessor’s the plan should be reviewed At review, it may be necessary • udgetary status of bclear view of the organisation’s judgement – max 10 points) and corrective action should to change the strategic communications activitystrategic plan, marketplace be taken, i.e. reset the goals communications plan due to • udgetary/policy goals band/or policy issues, potential, 2.2 It may not be appropriate to and objectives, or amend external influences (e.g. changing and objectivesand direction. Does the strategic communicate the entire strategic the actions and timescales market circumstances), or • any major improvement projects communications plan include plan with team members; but to achieve the original set of internal influences (e.g. change • dentification of future iThe plan should define goals the following? (Assessor’s at the very least you must be goals and objectives. Changes in business or policy direction, resource requirementsand objectives that are SMART – judgement – max 10 points) able to demonstrate that the key in resources and delivery change of key personnel). (training, recruitment, IT, etc)Specific, Measurable, Achievable, goals and objectives have been processes will be taken intoRealistic, and Time-bound. The The team must demonstrate communicated throughout account (if they exist). You should produce evidence ofPR and communications team a plan that clearly sets out the team. such review processes in your 2.3must demonstrate that the the short term and long term Management should determine minutes of the review meetings. Does the plan define clear goalsplan is used systematically by goals and objectives for your the frequency of the reviews, and objectives? (Assessor’ssenior management, and it is organisation. This plan must be 2.5 but they should be sufficient to judgement – max 10 points)communicated throughout the the engine that drives the search Is the communications cover the period of the strategic2team on a regular basis. for continual improvement. performance reviewed at six plan, i.e. an annual plan should The plan should define This plan is normally produced monthly intervals (at least) and be reviewed quarterly or at least business goals and objectives annually and is developed against the plan’s goals and six monthly and long term goals that are SMART: alongside, and reviewed against, objectives? (Yes/No – 5 points) (three to five years) should be the organisation’s statement of • Specific reviewed annually. visions, values and long term • Measurable It is important that performance improvement activities. • Achievable is monitored and compared • Realistic against the goals and objectives • Time bound8 PRCA CMS FOR IN-HOUSE TEAMS PRCA CMS FOR IN-HOUSE TEAMS 9
  6. 6. 3Business 3.1 stakeholder satisfaction, people • competitions other teams to position 3.5 Has the PR and communications management, performance, key • recognition schemes them against the rest of Is there a system to manageImprovement team established a vision and values, and quality of service. • resentation of improvement p the industry, e.g. PRCA major improvement projects? key values statement which sets ideas at team meetings Benchmarking Survey, (Yes/No – 5 points)The PRCA CMS for In-House out its purpose and long term Key values may be expressed as • best practice workshops industry league tables,PR and communications goals? (Yes/No – 5 points) trust, excellence, professionalism, industry salary comparisons Examples of major improvementteams demands a programme growth development, enthusiasm, projects would include: major • rocess – identifying best Pof continued performance commitment, and ownership. 3.4 investment projects – IT or practice process e.g. In-Houseimprovement activities in 3.2 Does the PR and communications capital investment, developing CMS Audit, PRCA Bestorder to achieve long terms Does the vision and key values team carry out effective new markets, and launch of a Practice Papers orgoals and objectives. statement include the following? 3.3 benchmarking as a means new service/policy. latest HR industry data on (Assessor’s judgement – max To what extent does the to business improvement? graduate recruitment 10 points) organisation involve the PR and (Assessor’s judgement – The project‘s system must • trategic – identifying the S communications team at all levels max 10 points) be consistent with the policies and methods of your The vision and key values in the business improvement strategic communications competitors and comparing for the team will typically activities? (Assessor’s judgement Benchmarking is defined as plan and include: with yours be expressed as a simple – max 10 points) “the process of comparing • defined responsibilities statement of the overall aims something or someone with With regard to “whom to compare • establishment of procedures and objectives. They should link The organisation should involve best practice”.3 against”, there are the following • defined approval stages directly with the long term goals the team in improvement types of benchmarking: • milestones and deliverables of the organisation. initiatives to foster their The team should define clearly • final review ownership and commitment. what it will compare and whom • nternal – against different I • implementation plan The organisation’s vision to compare against. teams and divisions within statement is an important Examples of business an organisation component of its definition improvement activities are: On “what to compare”, there are • ompetitive – against C and may refer to the following three types of benchmarking: competitors in the same sector • suggestion schemes elements: parent organisation/ • eneric – against G • away days • erformance – comparing P performance levels against organisations in other sectors10 PRCA CMS FOR IN-HOUSE TEAMS PRCA CMS FOR IN-HOUSE TEAMS 11
  7. 7. 4Budgetary 4.1 “Effective Does the PR and communicationsManagement team have adequate management operationalSystems accounts? (Assessor’s budgetary judgement – max 10 points)The PR and communications management...”team must demonstrate that Relevant budgetary managementits budgetary management information should be available,systems are adequate to for example: key ratios/ensure effective operational indicators and budgetarybudgetary management. summary reports that areThis element is not intended produced for be a comprehensivebudgetary audit but anexercise to ensure that basic Looking for yourbudgetary managementcontrols are in place andworking for the organisation.4 perfect match? Use our FREE Find A PR Agency service T: 020 7233 6026 MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE12 PRCA CMS FOR IN-HOUSE TEAMS
  8. 8. 5Project 5.1 5.3 5.4 5.5 5.6 Does the PR and communications Is there an effective planning Does the PR and communications Does the PR and communications Does the PR and communicationsManagement team have an effective system for system to ensure delivery to team have effective information team ensure the consistent team monitor project performance capturing project requirements? pre-set expectation levels? control? (Assessor’s judgement delivery of services by and take appropriate actions?The PR and communications (Yes/No – 5 points) (Assessor’s judgement – max – max 10 points) suppliers? (Assessor’s (Assessor’s Judgement –team must prove to 10 points) Judgement – max 10 points) max 10 points)the assessor that it has The team should have effectivethe systems in place to 5.2 The team must demonstrate systems for the identification of The team must demonstrate Project performance should beensure effective planning, Does the system for capturing the use of planning activities critical information, for example: that its suppliers go through a measured regularly to ensure:management and project requirements include such as: electronic and manual filing, process of selection, approvalevaluation of internal • he effective implementation t the following? (Assessor’s handling, back-up, retrieval, and monitoring to ensureand external projects. • pre-project research of the project plan Judgement – max 10 points) disposal, and security. consistency of service. An • project planning • ey requirements are met k effective system may include • llocation and availability of a • eputation is maintained r From formulation of the brief, Critical information will include: the following: appropriate resources: time, or enhanced there should be systems in place correspondence, approvals, personnel, budget, outsource • rocess for evaluation, p to capture requirements covering: photography, logos, proposals, skills / agencies approval, and review plans, reports, and invoices. • project objectives • ommunications processes: c • approved list of suppliers • ritical success factors – the c points of contact, feedback • accredited suppliers5 key activities necessary to on progress and meetings ensure a successful project • key performance indicators • milestones and deliverables • approval processes14 PRCA CMS FOR IN-HOUSE TEAMS PRCA CMS FOR IN-HOUSE TEAMS 15
  9. 9. 6Monitoring 6.1 The system should indicate Either written or verbal feedback 6.3 “Key Does the PR and communications the frequency of the review is taken from the organisation – Is the organisation’s satisfactionSatisfaction team have a system to monitor activities, the forms of and the department can then measurement effectively performance the wider organisation’s implemented? (Assessor’sThe PR and communications satisfaction? (Yes/No – 5 points) measurement being used, and it should set key analyse the information. judgement – max 10 points) indicatorsteam must demonstratesystems to track satisfaction performance indicators for The organisation review for parent The team should have a the organisation’s satisfaction. system should measure the The team must demonstrate thaton a consistent and continuing system for measuring the wider department’s performance the organisation’s satisfaction organisationbasis. The departmentappreciates that to improve organisation’s satisfaction, The team must document the service levels on the following: is measured against the set satisfaction...” which encompasses all outputs from the organisation’s performance targets and thatits professional competence • nderstanding the u departments. This system review system. actions are taken as a must investigate methodical organisation’s expectations should be appropriate to theopinions of its performance, • eeting the organisation’s m size and the complexity of Results must be communicatedand use this information to expectations the organisation: 6.2 throughout the department andenhance services. • ommunication with c Does the organisation’s action points agreed with staff The system will typically include the organisation satisfaction measurement as appropriate. some of the following activities: • market knowledge address all elements of the • creativity • regular review meetings service? (Assessor’s judgement – It is important that results of • strategic thinking • egular informal meetings r max 10 points) surveys are communicated6 • team work or lunches back to the organisation • timeliness of delivery • ormal annual/six-monthly f In order to ensure that the and individual feedback with • quality of service delivery reviews organisation’s perception of the particular departments may • erception surveys/ p team’s service matches their be appropriate. questionnaires expectation, it is important for • complaints systems the department to understand • eviews from other team r all aspects that will impact on leaders within the department the organisation’s satisfaction.16 PRCA CMS FOR IN-HOUSE TEAMS PRCA CMS FOR IN-HOUSE TEAMS 17
  10. 10. 7People 7.1 The content of the induction for specific roles within the team The communications department auditor may also seek verification Are the processes for selection of will vary depending on the which is necessary to implement should demonstrate that the of training activities throughManagement prospective employees determined position of the new employee, the communications plan. It will personal development plans for personal interviews. according to the needs of the and may include an introduction focus on what training is required individual staff match the team’sThere must be a clearly- position? (Yes/No – 5 points) to the following: to meet business needs; rather training needs analysis.defined and universally than what individuals would like 7.7understood system for • rganisation background o Does the PR and communications to be trained in. A training needs Effective personal developmentappraisal, training, and and credentials team have a formal appraisal 7.2 analysis will include a review of plans will contain SMART goalscareer development. • the team system? (Yes/No – 5 points) Does the selection process tasks and job descriptions and a and targets for employee training • internal systems and processes include the following? (Assessor’s review of existing competencies. and development (SMART = • riteria and methods for c The team should demonstrate that Judgement – max 10 points) It should be conducted for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, project planning, research it has a formal appraisal system business improvement initiatives, Realistic, Time Bound). The and evaluation which is designed to review The employee selection methods introduction of new services, communications team should • human resources performance against the personal used may include: changes in the market, and major give evidence through records of • health and safety goals and targets of each member departmental changes. training delivery for both internal • review of qualifications • pension and finance issues of staff. These goals and targets and external training activities. • relevant experience • RCA Professional Charter P will include both business and Useful references for conducting • sychometric/personality p and Codes of Conduct personal development. a training needs analysis are: profiling 7.67 • testing of PR skills • RCA Best Practice Paper on P The PR and communications Is training performed in team will determine the frequency • structured interviews 7.4 Core Competencies accordance with personal of formal appraisals, but must Does the PR and communications development plans? (Assessor’s also demonstrate: the occurrence team conduct training needs Judgement – max 10 points) of appraisals; the review of follow- 7.3 analysis? (Yes/No – 5 points) 7.5 Is a general induction conducted Are personal development plans up action; and that it feeds into The team should demonstrate the organisation’s recognition and for new employees in their The team should demonstrate developed for staff based on training that the training provided is in line reward systems for the retention first week of employment? that it conducts a needs analysis needs analysis? (Yes/No – 5 points) with personal development plans of key staff. (Yes/No – 5 points) to identify the training necessary through its training records. The18 PRCA CMS FOR IN-HOUSE TEAMS PRCA CMS FOR IN-HOUSE TEAMS 19
  11. 11. FrequentlyAsked Q: phase. Please contact Katie all attributable expenses. Audits Q: Q: How can we best prepare for Packham on 020 7233 6026. will typically last for a half or full When will we know the outcome? Who needs to be involved?Questions the In-House Communications day’s duration. Please call Katie Management Standard Audit? Packham on 020 7233 6026 for A: A: Q: an estimate. The auditor will advise on the Senior management; people A: How do we arrange an audit outcome at the end of the audit. with specific responsibilities Most of what will be assessed when we think we are ready? They will then either write up for elements of the audit (e.g. will already be happening in Q: the report “on-site” or e-mail it financial, HR, new business, your organisation – but it may A: What is the typical shortly afterwards. etc); And those involved in the need to be formalised for the Contact Katie Packham at the audit programme? management of the accounts audit. Someone will need to PRCA on 020 7233 6026 and selected. Others may be be the ‘owner’ of the project to ask for a quotation. The PRCA A: Q: interviewed, but it is unlikely all achieve the standard; and it is will provide a quote based on Your auditor will contact you to Do we need to prepare a folder/ employees will be involved. a good idea to have individuals the size of organisation. Please arrange timescales for the initial portfolio of evidence for the audit? overseeing specific elements note that lead times are usually appointment to discuss the audit of the audit to look at how they 6-8 weeks on average. programme. This will be agreed A: meet the CMS criteria. in the opening meeting, and you Not at the initial preparatory will not be asked to provide any stage. Working with the account Q: documents additional to your teams, the auditor will searchQ Q: How much will it cost? financial records. and ask for the information What help and advice can we get during the audit itself. Some during the preparation phase? A: strategic documentation, The price of the audit will including business plans and A: depend on the size of the financial reports, may not be so The PRCA are happy to answer team. All quoted prices are readily available and may require any questions that you may subject to VAT at the current some advanced work. have during the preparatory rate, but are fully inclusive of20 PRCA CMS FOR IN-HOUSE TEAMS PRCA CMS FOR IN-HOUSE TEAMS 21
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