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Yuthica Candles catalog



Yuthica Candles catalog

Yuthica Candles catalog
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Yuthica Candles catalog Yuthica Candles catalog Presentation Transcript

  • natural soy candles & diffusers www.yuthica.com
  • A boutNamasteA glowing candle creates a tranquil and serene atmosphere for me. Over the years I have experienced a wide variety of store boughtcandles. Some were fabulous while others filled my home with harsh aromas that triggered my migraines.A curious person by nature, I set out to learn how to make my own candles. I began by mixing and testing my own fragrance blends.After much research with different waxes and wicks, I fell in love with the process. It took a lot of trial and error, but soon I came upwith a line of candles that burned beautifully while emitting sophisticated, subtle scents.After sharing my candles with family and friends - the response was overwhelming. Wanting to take this little endeavor a little further,Yuthica was born. All of the work takes place in my home studio. We design the packaging and labels, blendthe fragrances, hand-pour the candles, and pack them for delivery. It’s truly a labor of love.Yuthica has brought light into my life. It’s my pleasure to share that light with you!ChinkuWOULD LIKE TO EDIT THIS SOME!!!
  • the S ignature Collection Yuthica’s scents are a distinct blend of essential oils and fragrances.Our scents capture the mystique of the east, the style and sophistication of the west, the tranquility of meditation … with a dash of mischievousness mixed in for good measure.
  • cest bon : grapefruit ~ lemon ~ mandarin An invigorating fusion of citrus, florals, and eucalyptus bring this fragrance to life. namasté : teakwood ~ amber ~ patchouli We combine aged teakwood, patchouli and sandalwood with tones of cedarwood and black pepper to create this masculine, fiery blend. om : ylang ylang ~ amber ~ woods A tantalizing union of subtle florals that balances the mind and soothes the soul. bombay bellini : pink jasmine ~ magnolia ~ peony A sensuous medley of citrus and wood. cashmere : clove ~ cinammon ~ vanilla This full-bodied fragrance creates an atmosphere of pure comfort and warmth. pomello : cassis ~ citrus ~ geranium the S This sweet and refreshing blend of fruit and floral captures the tantalizing aromas of a Provencal farmers’ market. ignature bourbon : whiskey ~ tobacco vanille ~ cognac Collection This distinguished aroma is reminiscent of a stately study in a classic English manor. shaánti : basil ~ lavender ~ bergamot Shaanti invites tranquility and serenity – complimented with the essence of bergamot to reinforce the balance between body and soul. mariquita : litsea ~ leomngrass ~ geranium A fresh and uplifting scent inspired by the fragrant gardens of Seville. bazaar : patchouli ~ coriander ~ guaicwood This seductive aroma delivers hints of wood and earthy tones. nirvána : carnation ~ nutmeg ~ ylang ylang Described by Buddha as a state of bliss, Nirvana’s soothing fragrance stimulates feelings of peace 13.5 oz candleavailable in and harmony.8 oz candle firefly : white tea~ bergamot ~ mandarin7 oz reed diffuser This soft and subtle scent combines the healing power of tea with hints of thyme.8 oz travel tin
  • the Moments CollectionGive the gift of light with the Moments Collection by Yuthica. Make every gift a moment to remember with Yuthica NEED LINES HERE
  • snow : sandalwood ~ amber ~ vanilla Top notes of bay leaves, orange, and lemon; followed by middle notes of spruce, pine, and clove; and well rounded with base notes of eucalyptus, pine, and amber. pine : pine needles ~ balsam ~ treemoss A festive pine scent with a top note of sweet berries and green the Moments apples. The heart is the scent of Siberian pine needles.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Fir Needle, Cedarwood, Fir Balsam and Treemoss. Collection coming home : cinnamon ~ apples ~ clove A classic scent during the colder months of the year due to the fact that smelling the hot throw makes them feel warm and cozy. sleigh ride : olive leaf ~ lime ~ neroli winter woods : olive leaf ~ lime ~ neroliavailable in 11 oz candle
  • the Maya Collection Yuthica’s scents are a distinct blend of essential oils and fragrances.Our scents capture the mystique of the east, the style and sophistication of the west, the tranquility of meditation … with a dash of mischievousness mixed in for good measure. NEED NEW LINES HERE
  • morrocan dreams : sandalwood ~ amber ~ vanilla the bellissima : white carnation ~ vetiver ~ black rose Maya Collection orion : olive leaf ~ lime ~ neroli 13.5 oz candleavailable in11 oz candle7 oz reed diffuser
  • Yuthica is proud to partner with Nanhi Kali Education Trust to create Soy wax candles are all-natural, biodegradable and eco- hope and a brighter futures for the girls of India. friendly. They burn clean emitting less soot and carbon. 10% of all Yuthica sales are donated to the Nanhi Kali Education fund. Soy burns slowly — continuously releasing fragrances. Soy wax candles are easy to clean and recycle. Once To learn more visit: www.nanhikali.org you finish burning your Yuthica soy candle you can clean the container with soap and water. Our candle scents are inspired from fresh flowers, spices from around the world and herbs and garnishes from local farmers markets. Soy Candles produce very little soot and burn 40% longer than other wax candles. Yuthica uses special wicks which are designed for ND POUREDHA natural wax and help minimize mushrooming, soot and MAD smoke. Our wicks are lead free.IN US E A HAN DM AD E Yuthica candles and diffusers are handmade in USA
  • D ouble Dippsoy wax ~ shea butter ~ avacado oil ~ cocoa butter jojoba butter ~ vitamin e ~ essential oils A candle, a moisturizing body lotion, hand creamer 
and a soothing massage oil ...
 ALL IN ONE! www.yuthica.com 978.397.4454