Miriam's Winter '12 favorites


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Take a look at my favorite products, favorite flavors and scents!

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Miriam's Winter '12 favorites

  1. 1. My Favorite Picks PURE ROMANCE BY MIRIAM Winter 2012
  2. 2. BATH & BEAUTY Because every girl deserves to feel….sexy Coochy shaving cream is designed for both men and women. Help avoid red bumps from appearing in the bikini area, underarms, and legs, so they stay looking great, even after shaving. Body Dew is perfect to Spray on skin after a bath or shower. It’s Wonderful, light, and refreshing scents. Aids in the reduction ofSee a Complete list of bath Product peeling from excessive exposure to the sun. Here! Contains carnation oil, which can replenish moisture to your skin. Try both in Acai Berry
  3. 3. Let the beauty in you shine through…Bosom Buddy Strawberry Dab Basic Instinct Fragrance Balm onis a sensual tingling lip and your wrists, behind your ears, and on othernipple balm. Kissable. Softens pulse points, and let the attraction take over! Use Basic Instinct Fragrance Balmand makes the skin more alone or with your own perfume; thesupple. Can also be used as a attractive fragrance that develops will becuticle softener. Nearly six completely unique to you, and can helpmonths’ worth of product for either a man or a woman feel moreboth men and women! confident, daring, and desired Just a light spritz of Kiss Body Spray after each shower, and you feel rejuvenated with sweet scent and green tea and white tea extracts. But it gets better: the scent can make you feel completely irresistible! Try it in Plumeria! Click HERE to see a complete list of Beauty Products
  4. 4. Set the mood with a sensual massage…Aura Massage Oil Heart Massager Heat Pack warms like magic to soothe yourcontains a specially partner’s body and mind in blissful ways. The portable heat pack stays hot for up to one hour — great for massaging yourformulated blend of partner, massaging yourself, or even warming hands during chillyessential oils and herbal nights. Reheats easily for use again and again!extracts chosen for skin Burning Desire Burn thissoftening benefits and soy massage oil candle and letnon-greasy, non-sticky the sweet, fragrant oil takequalities. Auras Coconut over your body. Melted massage oil is great forNectar scent is pleasant doubling as a warm, rich bodyand perfect for a balm.deep, sensual, eroticmassage Click HERE to see all Massage Products
  5. 5. Pleasurable sensations come better with lubrication! Whipped Variety Pack Ooh, la la! Experience the tantalizing texture ofSensations Whipped lubricant in everyThis playful lubricant playful flavor! This uniquegets warm when you body cream softens the skinrub it and hot when with shea butter. Whipped is ayou blow on it. Try I it rich, playful lubricant perfectin Cosmopolitan. Can for use with c-rings, and sleeves. Whipped Variety Packbe used for oral favors includes 1 oz.ea of Blueberryand lovemaking. Pie, Boston Crème Pie and Lemon Meringue Pie.Click Here for a List of all Lubricants
  6. 6. Click Shop Now!To be redirected to my secure website and start your shopping!