UAB Research Park - General Presentation


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UAB Research Park - General Presentation

  1. 1. General Presentation
  2. 2. THE UAB RESEARCH PARKLegal Form and PromotersMission and area of action
  3. 3. THE UAB RESEARCH PARK Legal Form and PromotersThe UAB Research Park is a nonprofit organization dedicated topromoting and facilitating knowledge transfer.The PRUAB promoters are three: • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) • National Spanish Research Council (CSIC) • Agrofood Research and Technology Institute (IRTA)
  4. 4. THE UAB RESEARCH PARK Mission and area of actionThe mission of the PRUAB is facilitate and promote theknowledge transfer of the research to the society,through licenses, collaborative research and thecreation of new companies with technological basis.The area of action of the PRUAB is the UAB Campus,Torre Marimon and the Esfera UAB.
  5. 5. UAB Research ParkHigh Level Research
  6. 6. THE UAB RESEARCH PARK Built around a major UnivesityThe “Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona” is one of the top Spanish Research Universities.Second better Spanish University (The Times higher Educational Supplement)40.000 students4.300 graduates/year518 PhD thesis/year13 faculties and own schools.57 departments218 research groups367M€ yearly budget (2010)72M€ yearly dedicated to research (2010)Concentrated on one campus
  7. 7. Bellaterra Campus - UAB
  8. 8. THE UAB RESEARCH PARKSome figures4.000 researchers3.200 scientific articles yearly600 research contracts yearly50 patents yearly30 research centers18 associated medical research centers
  9. 9. UAB Research ParkResearch centres
  10. 10. THE UAB RESEARCH PARKResearch centres
  11. 11. THE UAB RESEARCH PARKUAB + PRUAB + associated medical centres
  12. 12. THE UAB RESEARCH PARK6 Scientific Areas
  13. 13. THE UAB RESEARCH PARKNanocluster BNC-b S.B. micro-nano IMB-CNM & D+T, A.I.E. Human Resources Clean Room Facility ICMAB IMB-CNM (CSIC) ICMAB (CSIC) UAB groups & services CIN2 (Gen+CSIC+UAB) TOTAL: (now!) to 440 researchers (dealing with materials, micro and nanotech.) MATGAS A.I.E. A cluster of equipments, laboratories and facilities, shared under common premises, under specific owner policies CIN2
  14. 14. THE UAB RESEARCH PARKBiocluster MEDICINE Fac. INc Human Resources IBB IBB (UAB) CBATEG (UAB) MRB CRAG (IRTA) INc (UAB) MEDICINE Fac. (UAB) MRB (PRUAB) CBATEG TOTAL: more than 300 researchers CRAG A cluster of equipments, laboratories and facilities, shared under common premises, under specific owner policies
  15. 15. THE UAB RESEARCH PARKMap 1 Eureka Building 2 CRAG 3 CBATEG 4 Inst. Neurociències 5 IBB 6 Lab. Proteòmica CSIC-UAB 7 CEO-UAB 8 CRESA 9 CERPTA 10 IAE 11 IUEE 12 CED 13 IGOP 14 IERM 15 ICP 16 CNM 17 ICMAB 18 MATGAS 19 IIIA 20 CIN2 21 CVC 22 PIC 23 IFAE 24 CREAF 25 ICTA 26 IEEC – ICE 27 CRM
  16. 16. UAB Research ParkStrategic Location
  17. 17. THE UAB RESEARCH PARKLocation
  18. 18. THE UAB RESEARCH PARKInnovation at Barcelona metropolitan area BARCELONA CITY: 1 Mare Nostrum Supercomputing Centre (160 m²) 2 Parc Recerca Biomèdica Barcelona (50.000 m²) 3 Parc Científic Barcelona – UB (85.000 m²) 4 Parc tecnològic Barcelona - UPC (3.000 m²) 5 La Salle Parc d’Innovació – URL (24.000 m²) 6 Parc Tecnològic Barcelona Nord (10.000 m²) 7 Barcelona Innovació Tecnològica (150.000 m²) 8 22@Barcelona (3.200.000 m²) CLOSE METROPOLITAN AREA: 9 Parc de l’Alba (1.090.000 m²) 10 Sincrotró Alba (160.000 m²) 11 UAB Research Park (3.500.000 m²) 12 Parc Tecnològic del Vallès (185.000 m²) 13 Campus Creapolis Esade (46.600 m²) 14 Biopol d’Hospitalet (300.000 m²) 15 Parc de Negocis Viladecans (588.000 m²) 16 Parc Aerospacial Viladecans (512.000 m²) 17 Parc Mediterrani de la Tecnologia (200.000 m²)
  19. 19. THE UAB RESEARCH PARK Innovation and enterprises on the B-30 axis1 Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Parc de Recerca UAB2 Parc de l’Alba (under construction)3 Alba Synchroton4 Parc Tecnològic del Vallès5 Esade – Creapolis Parc de Negocis6 Polígon Industrial Sant Joan7 Polígon Industrial Rubí Nord8 Polígon Industrial Rubí Sud9 Universitat Internacional de Catalunya10 Escola d’Arquitectura del Vallès
  21. 21. UAB RESEARCH PARKServicesSpin-Off CompaniesIncubation Areas
  22. 22. THE UAB RESEARCH PARKServices for Companies Services for Companies With the aim of dynamizing the relationship with companies, we offer a great range of collaborations. • Strategic projects: Centres of Excellence and Open Innovation Partnerships. • Collaborative research: Definition, partners search, financing and monitoring. • Technologies and patents: License opportunities and agreements. • Experience: Experts identification. • Scientific and Technological services. • Talent: Students’ internships, final year projects, joint PhD. • PRUAB Innovation Liaison Programme: Special program for companies interested in having a privileged relationship with the Park’s scientific community.
  23. 23. THE UAB RESEARCH PARK Services for CompaniesAccess to facilities for projects in collaboration with companies 344 m2 96 m2 New adhesive materials New copper applications 139 m2 Studies of the impact of environmental odors and sensory analysis of products and materials
  24. 24. THE UAB RESEARCH PARK Technology Platforms and S&T Services Cell Culture, Antibody Production and Cytometry Chemical Analysis Clean Room (CNM, CSIC) Serveis Cientifo-Tècnics Controlled Environment Laboratory Electron MicroscopyS&T Services Geographic Information and Remote Sensing Laboratory Image Processing LP- Proteomics (CSIC-UAB) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Statistics Technical Unit for Radiological Protection X-Ray Diffraction
  25. 25. THE UAB RESEARCH PARKServices for Researchers Services for Researchers We offer our researchers services to facilitate knowledge transfer and innovation. • Programme for the valorization of the research results: Patents, support in commercialization and financing search for the development of proof-of-concepts. • Collaborative research program: partners search, financing, agreements. • Facilities: For projects in collaboration with companies. 2011 figures 40 patents application 40 new inventions 9 transfer agreements
  26. 26. THE UAB RESEARCH PARKServices for Entrepreneurs Services for Entrepreneurs Entrepreneur support and promotion of entrepreneurial culture within public research. • Support programme for the creation of new science-based companies. • Support programme for company growth. • Incubation areas. • Preferential access to UAB Campus services. Eureka Building – Incubation Facilities Santander-UAB Business Incubator: 1.200 m2
  27. 27. THE UAB RESEARCH PARK Services for EntrepreneursProgramme for the creation of science-based companies SOCOL 7 new science-based companies created in 2011Programme for company growth:
  28. 28. THE UAB RESEARCH PARKSpin-off companies 57 companies created since 2001 Environment & TIC (17) Materials & Energy (9) Sustainability (5) Biomedicine & Animal Health & Food Social Sciences & Biotechnology (13) Technologies (8) Humanities (5)
  29. 29. THE UAB RESEARCH PARKSantander-UAB Business IncubatorDuring the incubation period, since the company is generateduntil it operates independently, the PRUAB considers spin-offcompanies as a part of their own environment.The incubation period lasts 3 years and, where justified, it can beextended up to 5 years.
  30. 30. EurekaBuildingAn area for openinnovation
  31. 31. MRAResearch Module ABusiness Incubatorfor Social Sciencesand Humanities3200 m2
  32. 32. MRBResearch Module BAn area forbioincubation:600 m2
  33. 33. Thank you foryour attention