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Sony Presentation


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Playstation Development: An Academic Opportunity. …

Playstation Development: An Academic Opportunity.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. PlayStation Development:An Academic Opportunity Bruno Matzdorf Resource Development Program Manager Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • 2. Agenda The Video Game Industry (some definitions) Landscape for Development on PlayStation PlayStation-edu Program Developer Incubation Program
  • 3. Not talking about… Commercial aspect  Sales  Rolling out PlayStation Movies, Music, Electronics  Other divisions
  • 4. SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) Sony Corporation ~ 160,000 employees Sony Computer Entertainment ~ 6,000 employees SCEA ~ 2,000 employees A percentage of Sony Latin America Affiliates’ time
  • 5. Some quick definitions Platform Holder Developer Publisher e-Publisher
  • 6. Platform Holder – PlayStation
  • 7. What is a Developer A business that profits from making games A team that can go from pre-production through production Creative, engineering, art, test, production
  • 8. What is a Publisher A business that profits from bringing games to market Risk Management Distribution, Marketing
  • 9. What is an e-Publisher A Developer that Publishes its own game via Digital Distribution
  • 10. PS3 Business in North America 1 Console (PS3) ~ 100 Publishers Retail ~ 150 e-Publishers ~ 250 PS3 Developers ~ 120 Tools and Middleware Providers ~ 25 Incubators
  • 11. The PlayStation Developer Community inthe Americas ~ 250 PS3 developers ~ 200 PSP developers New Opportunity – Digital Distribution Current developers are very busy with other platforms Working on building a developer community in Latin America of about 80 developers
  • 12. History 1995 2000 2003 2006 PS1 PS2 PSP PS3 CD DVD UMD Blu-Ray GTE EE / VU OSD CELL (PPU/SPU) IOP Online RSX GS WirelessC / Asm C++ / Asm C++ / Asm C++ / Asm Scripting OpenGL Scripting Middleware Middleware
  • 13. PlayStation-eduSCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America) March 2011
  • 14. Program Goals Aid the steep learning curve for a PlayStation console Building relationship with SCE Building a curriculum that will seed the development community
  • 15. Developer Incubation ProgramSCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America) March 2011
  • 16. Incubator A game developer An established business Interested in exploring PlayStation development Ideally graduates to a PlayStation Licensee (A PlayStation Developer) ** Can NOT submit games to PlayStation team ** Can NOT Publish
  • 17. Game Development Cycle Pre-Production Production Alpha / Beta RTM Licensed Developer
  • 18. Game Development CycleIncubation Pre-Production Production Alpha / Beta RTM Opportunity!! Licensed Developer
  • 19. Sign-up Process for PlayStation-edu andIncubation Programs Discussions between SCEA and Academic / Incubation Entity PSP/PS2/PS3 Application NDA Academic License / Incubator TLA (Tool Loan Agreement) Aligning goals for program and curriculum integration Educator access to the PlayStation-edu / Incubator access to Developer Network (aka. DevNet)
  • 20. Key Message There is a clear need for embedded engineering talent with experience on the PlayStation platforms. This program is not targeting game creation, but for engineers that want to understand how the hardware works in the PlayStation consoles.
  • 21. Other SCEA programs of interest Developer Program  Licensee for PlayStation Tools and Middleware Program Developer Service Provider Program Comics Aggregator Program PSHome Developer Program