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Brigham Young University presented "Let the Conferencing Continue – Even After National Conference is Over" for their Chapter Development Session at the PRSSA 2012 National Conference in San Francisco. This is an online version of the presentation.

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  • To illustrate the top five whys of attending regional conferences, I am going to use specific examples from our experience at our conference. Many of the examples overlap in what they provide, but that is one of the great things about regional conferences--every event contributes to the learning and professional development process.From speakers such as Michael Smart, who is also presenting at this conference, we learned a practical method of effective pitching. Through the other speakers at our break out sessions we gained public speaking, research and social media skills. We got small, applicable instructions that we could apply right away regardless of our previous experience.
  • What is networking??Much of the networking at regional conferences can occur during the meals. We had a catered lunch and business dinner as a part of our conference which gave PRSSA members a chance to network with each other and professionals in both a casual and more formal setting. Peers: These individuals will be your future colleagues. Help each other find jobs/internships.Professionals: Job/Internship and Future
  • Much of the professional advice PRSSA members received came from the keynote speakers at the regional conference. Some of the advice was specific about handling specific situations, other advice was general. We received humorous advice and some that was very serious and practical.
  • 4. Industry Information (Crisis Challenge)a. Learni. Crisis Communications-Chris Thomasii. Corporateiii. Researchiv. Non-profitv. Social Media
  • PR High (Last day-gives you the springboard)a. Everyone is so excitedb. Bounce ideas off of each otherc. Share experiences
  • Mention that it takes a group of 5 students to plan and a minimum of 20 students to pull of the conference during the conference.
  • BYU - Regional Conferences

    1. 1. + Let the Conferencing Continue! Brigham Young University PRSSA Chapter Jared Gay, Alyssa Call, Amy Harrison
    2. 2. How did YOU get to National Conference? Did you receive financial help? Catch a ride? Come because of your leadership position? What if the reason you got to National Conference went away? This is the reality for many PRSSA members, they cannot make it to National Conference and enjoy the experience here. BUT – they can attend a REGIONAL CONFERENCE! Help your members find the value in attending a Regional Conference!
    3. 3. + BYU PRSSA - Regional Conference Check out this short video highlighting just some of the things that make going to Regional Conference so special
    4. 4. + Top Five - WHY to Attend a Regional Conference 1. PR Skills 2. Networking (Professional and Peer) 3. Professional Advice 4. Industry Information 5. PR High
    5. 5. + WHY - PR Skills  Media Pitching  Public Speaking  Research  Social Media
    6. 6. + WHY - Networking Peer-to-Peer Professional
    7. 7. + WHY - Professional Advice “Get a job.” -Mickey Nall, Director of Communications for Ogilvy “Find a way to differentiate yourself in the field.” -Adam Denison, GM “Make connections with your peers. They’ll be your biggest allies in the professional world.” - Dave Allred, CR England Trucking “You have to love news.” -Tom Goodman, Goodman Media
    8. 8. + WHY - Industry Information  Crisis Challenge – Students work on responses to a mock crisis situation in groups with several twists as the crisis developed. Crisis communications expert, Chris Thomas, then addressed students.  Get creative & practice your skills!
    9. 9. + WHY - PR High  Get excited about YOUR career!  Share your experience  Find your niche  Bounce ideas off other PR students and leaders
    10. 10. + Top Five – HOW to Prepare for Regional Conference 1. Build Excitement 2. Communicate 3. Register 4. Get a Room – Find a Place to Stay 5. Prepare to Network
    11. 11. + PREPARE – Build Excitement  Social media  Share your experience  Build YOUR chapter
    12. 12. + PREPARE - Communicate  Connect on social media  Ask the host chapter questions  Get involved before you arrive
    13. 13. + PREPARE - Register Be aware of registration deadlines Get online to register Know what is included in your registration
    14. 14. + PREPARE – Get a Room – Find a Place to Stay  Ask the host chapter  Stay close to the conference location  Know where main streets are in case you get lost  Find restaurants ahead of time
    15. 15. + PREPARE -Networking
    16. 16. + PREPARE - Networking  Create personal business cards  Prepare your “elevator” pitch  Don’t take too much of their time  Send a follow-up email
    17. 17. + Interested in Hosting?  Contact the National vice president of Regional Conferences – click here for contact info.  Submit a bid form by the deadline.  Bid Form Includes:  Logistics  Theme  Professionals  Schedule  Budget  Promotions  PRSSA National Resources (Regional Conferences handbook)
    18. 18. + YOU CAN DO IT!