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The Social Business of Healthcare presented by Jamey Shiels at the PRSM Summit at Marquette University on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 provides an overview of how an integrated health system is leveraging social media to improve the patient experience and advance the business. Topics include the evolution of how patients search for health information, the role of content strategy and the evolution of social business in the healthcare environment.

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  • Customer experience touch pointsConverged media imperativeLeverage the different touchpoints with your consumersWhether healthcare, finance, retail or dining, there is an opportunity to engage in the conversation and influence decisions and outcomes
  • Google has introduced an added experience in the traditional decision making processAs communications professionals, it’s an opportunity to meet consumers at multiple touchpoints along their journeyContent strategy must be executed to meet the emerging needs of this multiple influence worldOne customer comment becomes the next customers decision support.
  • Lets talk specifically about social healthWe’ve always had social networking – we used to call it support groups
  • 84% of patients use both online and offline sources for hospital research.Search drives nearly 3x as many visitors to hospital sites compared to non-search visitors. (77% uses search before booking appointment)Patients primarily search on symptoms and condition terms towards the moment of conversion.
  • Earned and owned become critical in this mixYour website as a resource for informationThe information about your organization on other propertiesSocial assets provide value for the ZMOT experience
  • Before and after impactSocial – earned and owned plays a role in the beginning and after the factEmpower patients and consumers by giving them opportunities to share – patient sharing blog or facebookManage the community and encourage and thank for sharingWord of mouth is a social powerhouseBuild brand loyalty and overall experienceThis is on overall experience
  • Leverage our paid, owned and earned content modelsIntegrate planning, content and technologyListen to the voice of the consumer in crafting strategies
  • Don’t just focus on device
  • Don’t just focus on device
  • A new model to bridge the gap between companies and consumers:External stakeholdersBusiness imperative to actively engage consumersBuild loyalty and allow for participation and influence participate and influence brandsInternal stakeholdersBoost productivity through a culture of sharingProvide collaborative tools to drive outcomes that business transformation
  • Content strategy powered for paid earned and owned media imperative
  • The Social Business of Health Care - Jamey Shiels PRSM Summit

    1. 1. The Social Business of Healthcare Jamey Shiels Director Social Media & Digital Communications Aurora Health Care Adjunct Instructor – Social Media University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
    2. 2. Our Journey The evolving patient journey Content as strategy Social business emerges
    3. 3. New Environment Multi-touchpoint consumer journey 3Forrester Customer Experience Touch Points
    4. 4. Zero Moment of Truth 4Google ZMOT eBook
    5. 5. Evolution of Social HealthIn the beginning…patients depended on what thewere told1990s: patients find information2000s: information finds patientsToday: patients find each other
    6. 6. Patient JourneyThe journey starts online:• 4 in 5 internet users search for health information• 2 in 5 have read someones commentary on social platform• 1 in 4 have consulted rankings of hospitals and physicians• 1 in 5 have signed up for updates about healthOf those who did a health related search• 6 in 10 say the data found affected a decision• 1 in 2 say it lead them to ask new questions• 1 in 3 say it affected a visit Pew Internet Life & California Healthcare Study
    7. 7. Relevant ContentGoogle/Compete Hospital Study
    8. 8. Word of MouthGoogle/Compete Hospital Study
    9. 9. Our Journey The evolving patient journey Content as strategy Social business emerges
    10. 10. Planning for Patients• Objectives – Awareness of Aurora, services, physicians and patient experience Planning – Acquisition of patients through appointments, events, and wellness activities – Retention through easy to use, integrated systems Content• Strategies Technology – Deliver exceptional digital experiences – Create a robust content strategy – Know your patients and deliver the right message an the right time 10
    11. 11. Content StrategyA content strategy is a plan of action that defines:• Who the audience is and their content requirements• The content delivery and interaction model• The structure and composition of content• The methodologies for access and retrieval
    12. 12. Patient ProfilesAurora Health Care Persona & Style Guide
    13. 13. Content Delivery 13Google New Multi-screen World
    14. 14. Content DeliveryConsider your platforms!• Blogs• Twitter• Facebook• LinkedIn• Google+• YouTube• Pinterest 14
    15. 15. Strategic Approach• Centralized Service line strategy, governance and measurement with distributed Stakeholder Service Line teams for category support Comm• Content partners provide content production and Service Line PR platform distribution Cancer Services Aurora Social Media Program• Programs provide targeted engagement and adhere to Service Line Marketing brand umbrella Campaign Surgical AHC Weight Loss Foundation
    16. 16. Team Approach• Content Strategy – Planning, governance and management – Brand standards that target and engage core audiences Strategy & Program• Content Production Management – Sourcing, development, syndication (25%) – Creation versus curation – Integration with PR, Marketing Content – Syndication Networking, Content & – Lifecycle Sourcing & Community Management Production (25%)• Content and Community Engagment (40%) – Real-time community management – Introduction of innovative tactics for audience Analytics participation (10%) – Timely resolution to web and social network inquiries• Analytics – Metrics – Insights
    17. 17. Twitter SurgeryObjectives• Position St. Luke’s Regional Epilepsy Center as a destination for epilepsy treatment• Demonstrate the expertise and clinical coordination provided by the neuro- services team• Create awareness for epilepsy surgery as a treatment optionAudiences• Epilepsy patients and family members• Medical professionals, students and associations/academies• Medical journals and other similar publications• Epilepsy organizations, associations, foundations, e tc.
    18. 18. Patient Education
    19. 19. Creating Conversations• Opportunity to empower epilepsy patient to share his story• Educate other patients to possible treatment options• Personal perspective rather than medical
    20. 20. Our Journey The evolving patient journey Content as strategy Social business emerges
    21. 21. Social Business EmergesA social business is one that leverages three keyelements:• People: embraces employees and their social behavior• Technology: leverages technology to capture and facilitate information sharing• Process: drives collaboration by connecting individuals and informationAn opportunity to integrate social tools into business to drive value
    22. 22. Driving Social Adoption• Empower the individual – Connect and engage – Personalized and relevant Connections – Tools to improve access and efficiency Conversations Sharing• Leverage social technologies – Content/document management – Knowldedge capture, workflow and search Identity Content Collaboration – Frameworks (IA), heirarchy systems• Activate the Community – Manage the community Status Broadcasting – Reward transformational behavior – Recognize and promote leaders 227Summits
    23. 23. Community Design People Places Content / Context• Profiles: managing identities • Spaces: recommended for • Types: e.g. Blogs, (organizational and persistent content, libraries, discussions, documents individual) reference materials• Connections: following/ • Teams: recommended for • Experience: personalized and connecting with others organizing members; relevant appropriate for more dynamic• Status: knowing with others behaviors are available • Access: Browsing, Searching, • Projects: recommended for serving• Reputation: identifying fostering collaboration around experts and advocates specific initiatives • Web 2.0 Effects: Sharing, Liking, Tagging, Rating, etc. 7Summits
    24. 24. A Digital Health Partnership• Patients – Personalized care – Access to clinical expertise – Improved support patient• Providers – Improved outcomes – Investment in managed care – Healthy community technology provider• Technology – Empowers interactions – Improves access to experts and information – Captures shared knowledge for research and innovation 24
    25. 25. Thank You