Reaching the right people in social media


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Blake Samic, head of product at Shoutlet, shares how to target demographics within different social media networks. Presented at the 4th Annual PR + Social Media Summit at Marquette University.

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Reaching the right people in social media

  1. 1. REACHING THE RIGHT AUDIENCE ON SOCIAL How you can use the organic and paid targeting features of social networks to reach people with relevant messages BLAKE SAMIC DIRECTOR OF PRODUCT MANAGEMENT SHOUTLET @BLAKESAMICOct 10, 2012
  2. 2. Why Target in the first place? * More relevance * Less spammy generic messaging * Optimization * Deeper engagement possibilities
  3. 3. Organic vs. Paid Organic Targeting Targeting on brand messages/ experiences you can deliver for free Paid Targeting Targeting on brand messages/ experiences you pay to deliver
  4. 4. Facebook
  5. 5. Organic TargetingPAGE POST TARGETING “GATING” Targeted subset of your existing fans will Targeting options see the post * Location * Language Makes your post only viewable by the target group, both in the news feed as well as on your Page’s Timeline
  6. 6. Organic TargetingPAGE POST TARGETING “NEWS FEED TARGETING” Targeted subset of your existing fans Targeting options will see the post * Location * Language Your post will only be seen by the * Gender target group in their news feed, but it * Age can be seen by their friends if it gets * Relationship Status shared * Interested In * Education Status * Only available to Pages with over * Work Network 5000 fans * College Network * College Majors * College Years
  7. 7. Organic TargetingTAB APP FAN GATING Allows you to serve up one Targeting options experience to fans and another to * Fan Status (Fan vs. Non-fan) non-fans. Often used to drive Page Likes Before Like After Like
  8. 8. Paid TargetingFACEBOOK AD PRODUCTS Facebook now has 24 different paid Targeting options advertising products (12 ads * Location products, 12 sponsored stories * Age products) * Gender * Interested in * Relationship Status * Languages * Education Level * Workplace * Device/OS * Precise Interests * Broad Category Interests * Fan Status * Friends’ Fan Status
  9. 9. Paid TargetingFACEBOOK ADS - ADVANCED TARGETING CUSTOM AUDIENCES You can upload a list of your Targeting options customers to Facebook to create a * You upload the list, so your targeting is custom audience limited by how well you can segment your customer database and the Facebook matches your list to users matching that Facebook can do against based on user ID, email address, or those names phone number
  10. 10. Paid TargetingFACEBOOK ADS - ADVANCED TARGETING ACTION SPEC Target users have taken any relevant Targeting options action on any Facebook object * Target based on actions people have taken or not taken on Facebook and in Examples: Facebook connected apps * People or friends of people who like a certain Page * People or friends of people who listened to a certain song in Spotify
  11. 11. Paid TargetingFACEBOOK ADS - ADVANCED TARGETING FACEBOOK EXCHANGE (FBX) Facebook controls 25% of the Targeting options display ad inventory on the Internet * Retargeting options (example: people according to comScore. that have visited your website in the last 24 hrs) FBX allows real-time-bidding applications to bid on this inventory and makes it available for retargeting by use of browser cookies
  12. 12. Twitter
  13. 13. Organic Targeting No organic audience targeting Targeting options features. * N/A Anyone who follows your Twitter account will be able to see your Tweets. You might consider creating multiple Twitter accounts for this purpose and letting people subscribe the accounts that are most relevant to them
  14. 14. Paid TargetingTWITTER PROMOTED TWEETS Promoted Tweets can be targeted to In search results: people in a specific geographic area Targeting options or on a specific device * Location * Device/OS In users’ timelines: Targeting options * Location * Device/OS * Followers or people like followers
  15. 15. Paid TargetingTWITTER PROMOTED TRENDS Promoted Trends can allow the Targeting options brand to put a Tweet at the top of * Geographic area trend results in specific geographic areas
  16. 16. LinkedIn
  17. 17. Organic TargetingCOMPANY PAGE POST TARGETING Targeted subset of your existing Targeting options company page followers * Company size * Industry * Function * Seniority * Geography
  18. 18. Paid TargetingLINKEDIN ADS Target people beyond your company Targeting options page followers * Job Title * Job Function * Industry * Seniority * Geography * Company Size * Company Name * Age * Gender * LinkedIn Group
  19. 19. Foursquare
  20. 20. Organic Targeting VENUE SPECIALS Present a special to people that check-in Targeting options at a specific venue * Location (specific venue) * Mayor * Based on frequency of visit * Based on being new
  21. 21. Organic Targeting LOCAL UPDATES People who like your venue and are Targeting options close to your venue will receive local * Location (choose which venue(s) to updates broadcast the local update from) People can ‘like’ the venue explicitly or express affinity by repeat visits
  22. 22. Paid TargetingPROMOTED UPDATES In special beta test with selected brands Targeting options currently * Location (choose which venue(s) to broadcast the local update from) Foursquare’s “Explore” Algorithm recommends places that people will like. Promoted updates only show up in “Explore” and can only be served to people that Foursquare would recommend your business to anyway.
  23. 23. Google+
  24. 24. Organic Targeting PAGE POSTS Targeting options You can target Google+ posts using * Based on Circles you create and add Circles people to You can only add people to your Circles if they’ve added your brand page to their Circles
  25. 25. Paid Targeting No Google+ paid options at this time
  26. 26. SUMMARY OF TARGETING METHODS Organic * Post Targeting - N/A * Company Page Post * Venue Specials * Page Post Targeting Gating Targeting * Local Updates w/ Circles * Post Targeting - News Feed Targeting * Tab App Fan Gating Paid * Facebook Ads * Promoted Tweets * LinkedIn Ads * Promoted Updates * Facebook Sponsored * Promoted Trends N/A Stories * Custom Audiences * Action Spec Targeting * Facebook Exchange (FBX)
  27. 27. ?Q&A
  28. 28. Let’s connect on Twitter @BLAKESAMIC