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Mu Prsm Summit Blair Ibm April 2010
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Mu Prsm Summit Blair Ibm April 2010


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Tim Blair describes how and why IBM uses social media to augment corporate strategies and communications programs.

Tim Blair describes how and why IBM uses social media to augment corporate strategies and communications programs.

Published in: Business
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  • 2.0 is not linear though we'd like it to be. ie, interaction of media with employees, investors relating directly to the source. this is the new reality of how information flows which out to change our goals, expectations
  • x is a known quantity --- know what u are trying to do (engage tight community around a burgeoning issue or new business)
  • Culture always wins …. so stretch the culture SoMe value should be derivative of both culture and business model
  • sell expertise company of experts inside/outside firewall Culture: RISK AVERSE … we don’t tolerate failure well so folks don’t step out on a limb and we are VERY protective of the brand b/c we are progressive & have opened it up ... we stil work hard to defend the brand the personal brand of individual employees is something we have not emphasized
  • Shape behavior through education not enforcement
  • Values Jam, 2003 started off terribly - - venting, frustration shut it down? No. community worked it out, constructive. TRUST!! instilled the trust Blogging.soc media tools later in 2003 in response to the nature of the Jam SCT in 2005 . . . wiki, employee generated, employees owned them and regulated each other Authentic Enterprise "mass communications to masses of communicators" strive for conversations not coverage
  • Outcome driven … we defined the value up-front Defined success: We needed to accelerate the flow of innovation from IBM Research into the market First jam with clients – even invited family members. Opening up our innovation engine was a HUGE stretch of our culture (T&Cs)
  • Over 140,000 people (IBMers, families, clients, Business Partners) 104 different nationalities 76-hour online session Generated over 37,000 postings including ideas, suggestions, comments, etc Cover of BusinessWeek as a primary reason to cite IBM as an innovator
  • Once again .. Social media success was derivative of business strategy and culture
  • Outcome-driven 2006 $100M investments….became the foundation for IBM’s corporate strategy in 2009 Once again .. Social media success was derivative of business strategy and culture
  • Let’s look at another case study The Challenge: To launch a new service line for IBM and clearly articulate its immediate value in the new economic condition
  • We had to redefine success. Fewer media to cover the news Desirable location Discerning with news value Encourage enabled live blogging / tweeting / filing Wide as well as deep --- ie, vertical
  • Integrated across press release, presskit, w3, Tumblr,, youtube Immediate reaction was measurable
  • Culture: Collaborative, Progressive, Conservative, Risk averse Staying active outside of the firewall is valued Our culture can reward that Stretch the culture
  • Why start CS? Message boards attracted a different type of fan Purpose is to inform and disintermediate Maintain connection to university Participate/understand Web 2.0 CS appeals to hardcore fans and those fans who are passionate but unable to follow every board thread Partner with MUScoop wiki
  • How does this matter for me at IBM? Participate/understand Web 2.0 One of tens of thousands of IBMers how maintain personal blogs
  • Transcript

    • 1. From Experimentation to Implementation: IBM's Communications Evolution Tim Blair IBM PRSMSummit April 8, 2010
    • 2. Communications 1.0 PR & Marketing Media Outlets Stakeholders PR & Marketing Media Outlets Stakeholders 2.0
    • 3.
      • Social Media
      • *
      • (0) Value
      • Fail
    • 4.
      • Social Media
      • *
      • X (Value)
      • X (Success)
      (Where X is known variable)
    • 5.
      • business model
      • corporate culture
      ∫ Social Media Value ( )
    • 6. Background: Why social media at IBM?
      • 400,000 employees
      • 170 countries
      • B2B, Not consumer
      • Knowledge-based business
      • Value
        • To flatten organization
        • To learn
        • To influence
      • Culture
        • Collaborative
        • Progressive
        • Conservative
        • Risk averse
    • 7. IBM’s strategic approach
      • To expose IBM’s employees and their expertise so they can learn, lead and collaborate.
          • Decentralized approach
          • Deemphasized corporate presence
          • Emphasized individual participation
    • 8. Empower everyone. Trust employees… they are the brand
    • 9. Underlying foundations The Authentic Enterprise IBM Values Social Computing Guidelines
    • 10. Current picture of IBM & Social media
      • Blogs - 17,000 blogs
      • Beehive – 60K members
      • WikiCentral –1M daily page views
      • InnovationJam – 4 Jams, 500,000 participants
      • Media Library – 9M downloads
      52,000+ 198,000+ 75,000+ 40,000+ 3,000+
    • 11. 150,000 people 46,000 ideas 10 New Businesses $100 million Invested
    • 12. Real-time Translation Simplified Business Engines Intelligent Utilities 3D Internet “ Digital Me” Big Green Innovations Branchless Banking for Masses Smart Healthcare Payment Systems Intelligent Transportation Electronic Health Records
    • 13. A Smarter Planet Instrumented Interconnected Intelligent
    • 14. Smarter Energy Smarter Water Smarter Healthcare Smarter Traffic Intelligent Utility Networks Big Green Innovations Smart Healthcare Payment Systems Intelligent Transportation Systems Electronic Health Record System A Smarter Planet
    • 15.
      • Create a new market category
      • Define a client need
      • IBM growth play
    • 16. Business Analytics and Optimization Launch strategy
      • Traditional media remained vital
      • ‘Till the soil’
      • Identify key influencers
      • Identify existing communities
      • Encourage live blogging/tweeting
      • Go vertical
    • 17. Business Analytics & Optimization: Launch Day
      • Live updates via Twitter by IBMers, journalists & bloggers
      • 500+ followers, 110 updates, hundreds of additional replies & retweets
      • Top 5 Google search result on “IBM business analytics”
      • Lead gen: several biz dev, job, internship inquiries
      • 45,000 total views, 134,000 viewer minutes
      • Launch video also running on YouTube, Greater IBM, Smarter Planet & HealthNex blogs
      • Rebroadcast of launch event highlights
      • Future platform for live events, webcasts, video panels
      GBS Video Studio
    • 18. Business Analytics & Optimization: Traditional Media IBM Roars into Business Consulting By Steve Hamm April 16, 2009 In IBM's biggest foray in business consulting since it acquired PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting in 2002, the company announced on Apr. 14 that it is setting up a 4,000-person organization focused on helping corporations analyze data better and make smarter decisions. The consultants will mine IBM's research and software divisions for innovations. They'll also incorporate products from other companies. Its new 4,000-strong Business Analytics & Optimization Services will mine IBM's research and software divisions for innovations IBM Deploys Analytics for a ‘ Smarter Planet ’ By G. Ananthakrishnan November 30, 2009 CREATING GREATER VALUE: The control room of the city-wide intelligent security system developed by IBM for the City of Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC). With about two lakh servers that it manages worldwide and an ever-growing stream of data from various sources, IBM is developing its strengths in Business Analytics and Optimisation (BAO) to create a `smarter planet'. The IT giant is helping companies and governments tread the green path using sensors and monitoring systems for rivers, water pipelines, electricity grids and road traffic. "Smarter Planet is an initiative that is based on IBM Sees Analytics Growth Rise, Starting Next Year August 13, 2009
      • * IBM sees analytics growing 15-20 pct from 2010
      • * IBM sees analytics sales topping $2 bln from 2010
      • Wins defense contract (Adds comments by executive, details on defense contract)
      • NEW YORK, Aug 13 (Reuters) - IBM said on Thursday it expects revenue at its analytics business to grow by around 15 to 20 percent from next year on, as the fledgling unit wins more contracts.
      • International Business Machines Corp said the analytics business, which helps clients plot trends,
      BAO Wow – Why Big Companies are Putting Big Bets on Business Analytics and Optimization By Ed Sperling November 12, 2009 It may sound like just another buzzword. Business process engineering was followed by business process re-engineering. Now it's all about extracting information from all the money spent on the first two. And it means even more money to the big consulting guys.
    • 19. Business Analytics & Optimization: Social Media New Social Media Video Channel devoted to analytics resulting in nearly 600K viewer minutes
    • 20. Social Media Highlights: Syndication & Social Distribution Via Widgets Into Blogging Communities Smarter Planet Network: Syndicated into Eight Languages By Languages With Social Media Aggregators New Intelligence for a Smarter Planet Semantic Web Service: Collect, share links, articles, video, etc.
    • 21.
      • business model
      • corporate culture
      ∫ Strategy ( )
    • 22. IBM Values
      • Dedication to every client's success
      • Innovation that matters, for our company and for the world
      • Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships
    • 23.
      • Cracked sidewalks
      "My rule was I wouldn't recruit a kid if he had grass in front of his house. That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire "My rule was I wouldn't recruit a kid if he had grass in front of his house. That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire
    • 24.  
    • 25. Stay in touch
      • Twitter: @timothyblair
      • LinkedIn: in/timothyblair
      • Web:
      • Twitter: @crackedsidewlks