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Mu pr sm summit - barger final
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Mu pr sm summit - barger final


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Christopher Barger's presentation from PRSM Summit, Marquette University, October 11 2011

Christopher Barger's presentation from PRSM Summit, Marquette University, October 11 2011

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. TALES FROM THE TRENCHES: !Social Media Lessons From A Time of Incredible Change at GM! Christopher Barger, SVP Global Social Media, Voce Connect PR-SM Summit Marquette University, October 11, 2011
  • 2. Twitter: @cbargerBlog: #vocenation
  • 3. Two intense years at GM •  Industry  crash   •  Severe  business  downturn   •  Chapter  11  crisis   •  Reputa8onal  repair   •  4  CEOs  in  18  months   •  Product  revitaliza8on   •  Return  to  profitability  3!
  • 4. Social Media made a difference4!
  • 5. …and continues to make a difference5!
  • 6. The Top Ten List: stuff I learned6!
  • 7. Lesson #1: You are a publisher•  You compete with “the media”•  The technology works for you too•  Do not forget about your owned channels•  This is not license to (hard) sell•  Storytelling is key to success•  Your audience can help you•  Make all your content searchable – but more importantly, shareable7!
  • 8. Publishing: The Golden Rule •  The first question you must always ask is, “would I watch/read this if I didn’t work here?” •  You cannot design “viral” content. You can design good content that has a better chance of being shared. •  Focusing on target numbers rather than good content is the recipe for top 40 radio8!
  • 9. Lesson #2: ! The “social” is more important than the “media”9!
  • 10. Brand Social Media Philosophy•  Don’t just sponsor. Be involved. •  Participation is not a “nice to have.” It’s the most critical element. •  Your people should always be part of the communities you hope to influence.10!
  • 11. “Social” also impacts measurement •  It’s not about followers and “likes” •  Up to 47% of Twitter accounts are abandoned •  57% of Facebook users hide brand content in their news feeds •  “Stickiness” giving way to repeats •  Build your programs around engagement11!
  • 12. Lesson #3: ! The social web is a listening tool12!
  • 13. Lesson #4: ! Learn to accept – even embrace – lack of control13!
  • 14. Lesson #5: ! Whenever possible, develop an offline element too 14!
  • 15. Lesson #6: ! Always begin with the audience’s needs first. Start by providing value, then worry about branding.15!
  • 16. Lesson #7: ! You need to redefine “influence” 16!
  • 17. Shifting From “Big” à Local •  Big ideas & broad campaigns work, but… •  Build toward more local, more direct interactions •  Less expensive, less national push, but more directly effective17!
  • 18. Lesson #8: ! Think long term. The greatest value of social is the relationship, not the initial interaction.18!
  • 19. Lesson #9: !The social web is a huge customer service opportunity •  Customers increasingly present in social networks •  Not just a negative opportunity but a positive one •  Goal is to give customers another touchpoint, not to replace any •  Requires tighter integration with rest of the business19!
  • 20. Social Customer Service at GM •  Pilot begun late 2009; program doubled in 2010 •  Agents assigned to Twitter, to Facebook, to automotive blogs and forums •  CRM/Customer Service now aligned with social media leadership, part of decision-making team20!
  • 21. Lesson #10: ! You have to spread the virus!21!
  • 22. At GM: “Immerse and Disperse” •  15+ people did a stint on social media team •  Served approximately one year •  Moved on to other parts of the business •  Result: 20+ “experts,” dozens more at intermediate level22!
  • 23. Bonus Lesson!! Social media can be a critical tool in a crisis23!
  • 24. Social Media In A Crisis: Rules •  Keep the social media team informed •  If you’re wrong, admit it •  You cannot overcommunicate •  Listen more than you talk, answer more than you promote, and above all provide value •  Don’t let the trolls bother you; they’re not your audience •  Let others help you •  Follow up!24!
  • 25. Blatant Self-Promotion¨  How to build an organizational social media practice¨  Out January 13, 2012 from McGraw-Hill¨  Available on and¨!
  • 26. THANK YOU!christopher@voceconnect @cbarger