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Bursting social media bubbles

by on Oct 12, 2012


From Augie Ray: ...

From Augie Ray:

This is my keynote presentation from the 2012 PR & Social Media Summit. My decks are not produced for download but to be presented. With layers and animation, they tend not to stand alone very well as a SlideShare deck rather than presented live with the talking points. Still, I hope you find this deck useful and interesting. Key points:

- The time has come for us to throw away the simple concepts (or "bubbles" that we continue to rely upon in marketing PR and social media.

- For example, if the consumer is in control, then social media cannot be a marketing medium. The data presented demonstrates why.

- Social CAN be a marketing medium, but it's really a marketing medium. Meanwhile, the consumer may be more in control than ever before, but they don't foot the bill in social media, which give brands and social networks power. Neither of the first two bubbles is completely correct--we need to pop both, bring them together, and recognize that social is a medium for value, not messages, and brands need not fear empowered consumers but work mutually with them.

- The next bubble to be popped is the insane chase for fans and engagement of any sort. We explore the way Facebook EdgeRank works and why it is useless to collect any fan via any means. Instead, focus on fans that have built-in affinity (or the potential for it.) If you don't have affinity, your content won't appear in fans newsfeeds, and that means you become invisible.

- We explore Progressive's fan page for Flo, which looks like a success but all those fans and all that engagement couldn't help protect Progressive from its recent social media reputation event. The lacking ingredient is brand vector--moving consumers closer to the brand and not just collecting engagement for engagement's sake.

- The next section of the deck explores the "social media crisis," a term that is thrown around much too loosely, As demonstrated, brands like United, NBC and Bank of America suffered from highly visible social media crises, yet their stock shows no sign of damage.

- We need to stop being alarmist and over-selling the "social media crisis." Yes, these are significant events, just like a broken bone is a significant event--but no one calls a broken bone a crisis. As professionals, the time has come to prevent, manage and minimize social media crisis just a a doctor treats a broken bone, without the added hysteria of treating everything like a "crisis."

- Lastly, I remind people to get out of the industry bubble every now and then. I use a "mom rule" (but your rule may be a "uncle rule" or "grandma rule"). By using this persona, it helps me to evaluate the things that will rapidly catch on (Pinterest, for example) fr



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Bursting social media bubbles Bursting social media bubbles Presentation Transcript