Trends in immersive technologies and learning. David Wortley. 02.06.2011


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Trends in immersive technologies and learning. David Wortley. 02.06.2011

  1. 1. Serious Games and Immersive Technologies Definitions and Current Trends The Journey into the Unknown David Wortley FRSA
  2. 2. Topics <ul><li>Definition of Serious Games and Immersive Technologies </li></ul><ul><li>Games based learning examples </li></ul><ul><li>Current Trends </li></ul><ul><li>Technology and Innovation </li></ul><ul><li>Summary and Conclusion </li></ul>
  3. 3. Definition of Serious Games and Immersive Technologies
  4. 4. Serious games have been defined as games whose primary purpose is not entertainment but which have been developed for a potentially serious benefit or outcome. It might also include entertainment games that have been intentionally re-purposed to deliver serious outcomes This definition is not always helpful because it does not reflect or embrace the full range or potential of technologies which create or use immersive experiences to deliver serious benefits. These applications may not use gameplay at all.
  5. 5. Most Popular Games are Serious Games generate passion, excitement, commitment, loyalty, belonging, awareness, support and action
  6. 6. Serious Games are Immersive Experiences They usually Involve Challenges, Rules, Rewards, Physical and Virtual Worlds, Social Networks, Personal Development and Commercial Exploitation
  7. 7. Serious Games are NOT New Games have always been an essential and ubiquitous part of life
  8. 8. Serious Games are Our Personal Choice Serious Games are where we choose to spend our discretionary time, attention and finances which makes them very important commercially and developmentally
  9. 9. The Secret of Success <ul><li>Attractiveness </li></ul><ul><li>Accessibility </li></ul><ul><li>Affordability </li></ul>Does it interest/excite me ? Is it easy to access ? Can I afford the time, attention and money ?
  10. 10. Attractive, Accessible, Affordable Immersive technologies focusing on attractiveness (engagement), accessibility (no barriers) and affordability (cost and time)
  11. 11. Immersive Technologies Games Virtual Worlds Social Networks Immersive Technologies make serious games an attractive, accessible and affordable space in which to devote our discretionary time, attention and money
  12. 12. The Importance of Immersive Technologies Immersive Technologies are hugely important because of three main factors – commercial potential, societal disruption and technological innovation
  13. 13. Why are Immersive Technologies Disruptive ?
  14. 14. Disruptive Communications Technologies The internet is different in its scope and impact on business and society to any previous disruptive technology
  15. 15. The Prosumer The prosumer effect is unique in our history
  16. 16. The Prosumer Phenomenon Digital Media Technologies empower individuals in ways previously unknown in mankind’s history
  17. 17. The Attention Economy Capturing and retaining attention and loyalty are critical in today’s digital media society
  18. 18. Games-based Learning Examples
  19. 19. Playgen Serious Games for Schools
  20. 20. Mangahigh Maths Game
  21. 21. Caspian Thinking Worlds Tools to develop learning Games
  22. 22. Roma Nova Project
  23. 23. RescueSim Training Platform
  24. 24. WeForest Environment Game Social Network Game to save forests
  25. 25. Current Trends
  26. 26. Serious Games around the World Many different approaches but massive interest
  27. 27. Recruitment and Training Assess skills and develop training plans
  28. 28. Revenue / Client Generation Find ways to connect to and retain customers
  29. 29. Emergency Response Simulations reduce both cost and risk
  30. 30. Virtual Collaboration Improving productivity and time management
  31. 31. Social Networks Massive consumer base and growing use of gamification
  32. 32. New Business Models Cloud Computing & Data / Functionality Sharing to create new franchise models
  33. 33. Personalisation Building commercial and adaptive relationships
  34. 34. Technology and Innovation
  35. 35. Driving Technological Innovation 3D rendering, image processing, broadband speed, collaboration tools, networking, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition are all driven by Immersive Technology features
  36. 36. Data Visualisation Visualise data in richer and easy to understand ways
  37. 37. Physical / Virtual Integration Connecting the physical and virtual
  38. 38. Augmented Reality Innovation Innovating new services to the customer
  39. 39. Learning Innovation Bringing Science and Art together
  40. 40. Technical Support Innovation Windows help – Get a friend to help you over the internet Ask experts and other Windows users !!
  41. 41. Simulation Innovation High levels of fidelity with multiplayers now possible
  42. 42. Interface Innovation Broadening user base and creating new experiences
  43. 43. Mobile Apps and Location Based Services “ My SGI” Mobile Device Applications and personalised services based on location will see massive growth
  44. 44. Innovation in SMEs Small creative businesses at the leading edge
  45. 45. Summary and Conclusions Games and experiences which immerse us have always been an important societal and commercial influence in humankind’s development because they address fundamental human needs. However, their impact on society and business has always been determined by their accessibility and affordability. Each quantum leap in communications technology in our history has made these immersive experiences more accessible and affordable with its consequential dislocating effects. Today’s immersive technologies are the most profound development in our history because of their ubiquitous accessibility and affordability. The journey into the unknown has just begun
  46. 46. Serious Games and Immersive Technologies David Wortley FRSA