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Presentation from the China event held on March 27, 2014 by PR Newswire Israel as part of a conference title - How to reach the media in China.

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Distribution in China - PR Newswire Israel

  1. 1. Distribution in China PR Newswire Israel
  2. 2. China Media Landscape
  3. 3. Traditional Media Landscape World’s largest print media 2,000 newspapers and 9,000 magazines currently in circulation High levels of censorship in national press State-run titles wield the most influence in political news and current affairs Business press and online trade titles have seen increasing independence and authority in recent years 374 television channels – but only one national broadcaster – CCTV Television is the core news medium for China’s 1.3billion citizens with a 97% penetration rate
  4. 4. Online – Top News Sites China has more than 564 million active internet users Broadband penetration rate is 98% The internet is the primary news source for influential groups – particularly the young and university educated population But… Internet censorship remains a problem – with the “Great Firewall of China” blocking access to many Western news services like the BBC Most websites in China are aggregators – not purveyors of original content
  5. 5. Leading Social and Search Platforms Search Engine Microblogging Blogging Instant Messaging Social Networking 80% Market Share in China 243 million users 60 million blogs 1.3 billion users 190 million users 500 million users 712 million users 172 million users 300 million users 16% Market Share in China Rest of World China
  6. 6. PR Newswire in China
  7. 7. APAC Staff and Office Footprint PR Newswire Offices Bangalore Beijing Chengdu Delhi Hangzhou Hong Kong Kuala Lumpa Jakarta Mumbai Seoul Shanghai Shenzhen Singapore Sydney Taipei Tokyo History 2001 – PRN enters China 2008 – Buyout of Xinhua Finance 2008 – Expansion into India 2009 – Expansion into Singapore 2010 – Expansion into Australia 2013 – Expansion into Malaysia 2014 – 150+ staff in 16 offices
  9. 9. China Wire Distribution
  10. 10. Media Balanced Reach 17,000 registered journalists from 7,000 media points: • 800+ general media • 4,000+ trade titles • 50 Foreign media outlets • 3,000 Websites • All major financial terminals • 500,000 Social Media followers across all platforms . PRN China – A Unique Distribution Network Social Web Our Chinese online reach is second only to the US in terms of breadth
  11. 11. Embedded Social Media Tags News “Highlight” can immediately be shared on Weibo platform Embedded hyperlinks More Company News Accompanying photo Company Logo News Release in XHTML Format
  12. 12. Reporting – Infinity Group Coverage Potential Audience News Sites 152 million Social Media 611 million Mobile Sites 1.1 millionRelease is republished on dozens of websites – including China.comRelease Highlights are aggregated via massive social media networks
  13. 13. Reporting – SCR 120 million visitors Release posted to ifeng.com – one of the most-trafficked sites in China Coverage Potential Audience News Sites 126 million Social Media 207 million Mobile Sites 366,000
  14. 14. Reporting – International Diamond Week Release appeared on several sites in Entertainment and fashion verticals Coverage Potential Audience News Sites 127 million Social Media 185 million Mobile Sites 1.1 million
  15. 15. China Distribution – Multimedia News Releases
  16. 16. China Multimedia News Release Porsche, adidas, Federal Reserve, Paypal, Sydney Opera House and many more…
  17. 17. China MNR – Page Details Header / Logo Video / Photo Social Media Sharing Buttons Responsive page for desktop and mobile browser Background Call to Action button Related Links Live social media feed
  18. 18. Invoke Immediate Interaction Add a call-to-action button to drive engagement with your audience Share Your Content to Chinese social media platforms Add your social widgets to further engage with your targeted audience Seamless Display on Any Device Whether an Android or iOS user, your MNR will appear effortlessly on any device Live Twitter/Facebook/Weibo Feed Communicate and witness live feeds with your audience in real time Instant WeChat Sharing Function Using a QR code, your MNR is easily sharable to Chinese mobile users China MNR – Special Features
  19. 19. Beyond the Wire – Other PR Newswire Services
  20. 20. China Social Post SINA Weibo • The most influential Twitter-style microblogging services in China • PR Newswire maintains16 industry-specific, V-certificated accounts, attracting 200,000 followers, mostly journalists, editors, corporate executives and opinion leaders • Our primary account @美通社资讯 has 135,000 high-profile followers, including more than 8,000 Chinese journalists, expanding the potential coverage of your story to an audience of over 20 million people Other Networks: • Tencent Weibo • NetEase Weibo • SOHU Weibo
  21. 21. China Media Monitoring Compare competitors Crisis management Buzz trends for brands
  22. 22. Effective Communications Hand-out Get to know your audience SEO and visibility tips Content in key – Make sure your press release is well crafted General rules
  23. 23. Thank you PR Newswire Israel Tel: 0772005042 info@prnewswire.co.il