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WCR Metro St Louis E-Zine - 2010 (12 Editions)
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WCR Metro St Louis E-Zine - 2010 (12 Editions)


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Published in: Real Estate

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  • 1. LEADERSHIP TRAINING: The WCR-Metro STL THE GO 2 NETWORK FOR ST. LOUIS REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS... leadership program has started and will include GET IT HERE, GET IT NOW independent study, seminars, attendance at national The WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine is a monthly publication of leadership summits, networking events with local the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Council of members, class projects and much more. This pilot REALTORS®. For more information, visit the WCR-Metro program enters its second year and will be a model STL website at To submit an article or program for other chapters in future years. inquire about advertising opportunities, contact Michelle Silies at NETWORKING EVENTS: Recognizing that real estate sales is about relationships, WCR-Metro STL will again host a series of networking events including eventsA Message from President with the Home Builders Association of St. Louis and Eastern Missouri and a joint meeting with the St. CharlesElizabeth Robb Womens Council of REALTORS®. SOCIAL MEDIA: As Dieter Pauwels discussed at the January 2010 Business Resource Meeting, the only constant is change. In 2010, the WCR-Metro STL is embracing change by expanding its member resources and assistance through the use of social networking sites. Here are some of the planned changes:In 2010, the leadership of the Metropolitan St. LouisChapter of the Womens Council of REALTORS® • LINKEDIN / FACEBOOK: Establish ourintends to continue its mission of empowering real estate LinkedIn Group and Facebook Fan Page asprofessionals to succeed in the current real estate market resources for our members. The LinkedIn Groupby providing resources that REALTORS® and affiliates and Facebook Fan Page will include regularcan use in their daily real estate practice. announcements of chapter meetings and events, notices of free technology and other trainingBUSINESS RESOURCE MEETINGS: This years line- sessions offered by members, articles and tips forup of guest speakers and discussion panels will address use by our members and their clients and links,a wide variety of issues ranging from life coaching videos and audio featuring real estate news andto networking to technology to community leadership training.and much more. The line-up includes national speakers,regional leaders and some of our own WCR-Metro STL • TWITTER: Use Twitter to disseminate weekly tipsmembers who will offer their knowledge, experience and for use of our members and their clients. Theinsights to assist our members to push their business to weekly tips will address such topics as the purchasenew heights in 2010. of a home, sale of a home, home staging, title insurance, mortgage loans, home inspections, home 1
  • 2. maintenance, new building products, technology, • Article: Building a Strong Internet Presence by sales skills development and much more. Blogging–Real Topics that Drive Traffic and Generate Leads - p. 16If you arent a member or havent renewed yourmembership for 2010, I would encourage you to do so • 2010 Leadership Program - p. 18by clicking on Join Now at and discover • Upcoming Training Events - p. 18why the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter is the "Go 2 • Upcoming State and National Meetings - p. 19Network for St. Louis Real Estate Professionals." Tohear first hand some of the great reasons to join WCR- • Our Sponsors and Supporters - p. 20Metro STL, please see the "Word on the Street - Member • Our Leadership - p. 21Testimonials" section of this newsletter.Have a Fun and Prosperous 2010! NOTES FROM THE EDITOR:WCR-Metro STL President Elizabeth Robb In this issue, the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Women’s Council of REALTORS® launches a new monthly newsletter with a new name and a new look.In This Issue of the WCR Metro Together with our social networking sites and soon to be relaunched website, the newsletter–entitled WCRSt. Louis E-Zine (January, 2010) Metro St. Louis E-Zine–aims to provide our members with news and insights that can be used to address the complexity and challenges of the current real estate market. Some elements, such as the President’s Message, Event Calendar, Program Announcements, New Member Introduction and others, will be familiar. However, the new electronic platform allows us to expand the scope ofIN THIS ISSUE: the newsletter as follows: • Message from Our President - p.1 • The platform supports the development of more in- • Editors Notes - p. 2 depth articles related to the subjects of our Business Resource Meetings by allowing the creation of • 2010 Membership Drive - p. 3 articles from RSS feeds and website URLs. • New Member Introductions - p. 4 • The platform allows the use of links in articles • January Business Resource Meeting - p. 4 directing WCR members to websites, blogs, videos and other web resources for additional information • Article: Developing a Blueprint for Success - p. 5 associated with the subject of the article. • Article: Starting Out Right in 2010–Setting Goals • The platform allows us to disseminate the newsletter and Shaping a New Attitude - p. 7 in more formats such as .PDF for printing or e- • Article: The Google Virtual Library and the Search mailing, RSS feeds for reading on one’s computer for Self-Improvement - p. 8 or distributing content to social networking and other websites, Mobipocket for downloading to • Tech Toolbox–Websites to Track Your 2010 Amazon Kindle and other Mobipocket compatible Resolutions - p. 9 devices and ePub for Sony eBook readers and other • Word from Our Sponsor - p. 9 compatible devices. • Article: New Government Regulations May Impact • Shortly, we will also be making the newsletter Your Closing Date - p. 10 available via streaming audio and via downloadable • Many Faces of WCR-Metro STL - p. 11 MP3 audio files for listening on Smartphones, iPods and other devices. • 2010 Chapter Fundraising Events - p. 12 • The newsletter will be archived and available on our • Word on the Street/WCR Testimonials - p. 13 Chapters website as well as available on Twitter, • WCR-Metro STL Social Networking Sites - p. 15 the WCR-Metro STL Facebook Fan Page and the 2
  • 3. WCR-Metro STL LinkedIn Group, expanding its NEW MEMBER APPLICATIONS: New Membership reach to non-members as well as the general public. Forms can be found on the WCR-Metro STL Facebook Fan Page under e-Docs Resource Center in theHowever, the success of our new newsletter will depend Membership Folder or on the WCR-St. Louis website aton the contribution of each and every member. Here is you can participate: RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION RESOURCES: • Suggest topics for articles. Here are some WCR-Metro STL resources to assist in • Submit photographs and articles for inclusion in the new member recruitment: newsletter. • Member Recuritment & Retention Kit: Download • Advertise in the newsletter. Or, encourage your the Member Recruitment & Retention Kit found at colleagues and favorite local businesses to advertise in the Members Only Section under in the newsletter. Chapter Tools. • Disseminate the newsletter to your colleagues with a • Video-The Benefits of Membership: View the note encouraging them to become a WCR member. WCR Video found at in the • Provide constructive criticism and feedback. Members Only Section under Chapter Tools. • Be patient as we make changes to the newsletter. • Brokerage Sales Meeting Speakers - If you need a speaker for an upcoming sales meeting to discussINTERESTED IN ASSISTING WITH THE the Benefits of WCR Membership as a part of theNEWSLETTER? Contact Michelle Silies at 2010 WCR-Metro STL Membership Drive, contact Jillian Butler at 314-677-6100. • WCR-Metro STL Facebook Fan Page: Membership2010 WCR-Metro STL Forms and the Member Recruitment and Retention Kit can be found on the WCR Facebook Fan PageMembership Drive under e-Docs Resource Center in the Membership Folder or on the WCR-St. Louis website at The Video can be found on the WCR-Metro STL Facebook Fan Page on the Wall or in the Box Tab under Videos. INTERESTED IN ASSISTING WITH THE 2010 WCR-METRO STL MEMBERSHIP DRIVE? ContactLike many professional organizations, the Metropolitan Jillian Butler at 314-677-6100 or Brett Nelson atSt. Louis Chapter of the Women’s Council of 636-795-5781. The challenge for the February BusinessREALTORS® is a member supported and member Resource Meeting is for each member to attend anddriven organization. The strength of our local chapter is to invite a guest to discover the Benefits of WCRbased on its ability to attract and retain new members. Membership.2010 RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION CONTEST:National and state member recruitment and retentioncontests are now underway. The state recruitmentcontest offers a cash prize to the member who recruitsof the most new members. The national recruitmentcontest is for the chapter that recuits the most memberswith 20 points awarded for new member applicationsreceived before February 28 and 15 points awardedfor new member applications received from March 1through March 31. The retention contest is based onthe percentage of members retained based on 2009membership figures. 3
  • 4. New Member IntroductionsPlease welcome our newest WCR-Metro STL membersand encourage them to get active in their localWCR chapter. In addition, if you have recently joinedWCR-Metro STL, please consider attending one of theupcoming New Member Orientation sessions to see whythe WCR-Metro STL is the "Go 2 Network for St. LouisReal Estate Professionals."NEED MORE INFORMATION ON THE BENEFITSOF WCR MEMBERSHIP? Contact Brett Nelson at636-795-5781. WCR-Metro STL Business Resource Meeting - January 2010 The keynote speaker for this months Business Resource Meeting was business and life coach Dieter Pauwels. Mr. Pauwels is a professional certified life and business coach, speaker and author. He facilitates personal and organizational transformation and works with both individuals and teams to create new possibilities, navigate change and maximize their productivity and personal effectiveness. His presentation focused on the need to embrace change and developing the right mental attitude to embrace change. For more information, visit the Dieter Pauwels website at The website includes a description of his life and business coaching services, 4
  • 5. blog posts and other articles, video and much more.Mr. Pauwels also offers a FREE 45 minute life andbusiness coach session. For more information, click on:Free Coaching Session.RECOMMENDED READING: • Do I Need a Life Coach? • 10 Ways to Build a Positive Mental Attitude • Top 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Setting Your Personal Goals • Understanding and Living Your Core Values • Change What Really MatterRECOMMENDED PERSONAL DEVELOPMENTBLOGS: • • • Talent Development Resources Developing a Blueprint for • Lifeoptimizer Success in 2010 With the start of a new year, we earnestly make resolutions to improve our personal and professional lives over the next 12 months. For those few precious days or weeks, we zealously pursue these resolutions. However, after the holidays are over, the hectic pace of everyday life begins. With each passing day, we seem to lose our ardor and the intensity of our commitment to pursuing our new goals. By mid to late January, we are deeply entrenched in the grind of our everyday lives. The resolutions that we so ardently made are relegated to the back of a junk drawer and are forgotten. So this year, instead of simply making resolutions, I developed a plan that I intend to use as my blueprint for success in 2010: STEP 1-EMBRACE CHANGE: Before I set my goals for 2010, I made a list of five daily affirmations. The affirmations focus on my ability to effect change in my daily life. It included such affirmations as: • I can and will take control my daily life. • I can and will effectuate change in my daily life. 5
  • 6. • I acknowledge that there are things in my daily life that they are first made, they can and should appear to beI will not be able to control or change. impractical, unrealistic or even impossible to attain. I wrote out five personal and five professional goals. Even• I will strive for progress, not perfection, in reaching reading them now make me laugh. For example, Imy goals. spent twenty years adding to my waistline. One of my• I understand that it is insane to continue with the same visionary statements is to return to my college weight. Itactivities and expect different results. is a visionary statement because I am trying to undo inThese affirmations are simple reminders that no plan one year that which took me twenty years to build perfect. In real life, our goals and plans to reach STEP 4-BREAK VISIONARY STATEMENTS INTOthem must be fluid and must change with our personal A SERIES OF MILESTONE GOALS: After re-readingcircumstances. We cannot and wont be able to change my affirmations, I realize that I will not be able to makeeverything. I also used the affirmations to refocus my permanent changes or achieve the goals in my visionarythoughts. Instead of thinking in absolute terms such "I statements overnight or even in a matter of weeks.will always..." or "I will never...", I set my resolutions When I look at the goals, they can seem overwhelming.and personal goals with the simple recognition that I However, for each long-term goal in each visionaryam committed to making progress towards these goals. statement, I set a series of milestone goals with one newWhether it is a weight loss goal or a sales goal, I goal to be met each month. For example, for weight loss,recognize that I am looking for gradual and steady I set a series of progress and related goals: January -progress or change, not immediate perfection. elimination of fast food in-take; February - start regularSTEP 2-TAKE PERSONAL INVENTORY OF CORE fitness program; March - reduce carbohydrate in-take;VALUES: After I finished writing my five daily April - start regular running program; etc.affirmations, I then took a personal inventory of my core STEP 5-ANNOUNCE YOUR MILESTONE GOALS: Itvalues. By the term "core values," I mean those unifying is difficult to make life-altering changes unless you haveprinciples and beliefs that guide my conduct and bring the support and encouragement of colleagues, friends andme personal satisfaction. I then wrote down ten core family. For each goal, I selected a partner to act as myvalues. After making the list, I then asked why these mentor, coach and/or sounding board for change. Toovalues were important to me. Often, a value such as often, we dont share our goals. Instead, we attempt toincome or job security was really a subset of a deeper pursue our goals in isolation. When we commit to a goal,and more concise value like providing for my family. As write the goal down and announce the goal to others, itI reviewed the list, I then narrowed my core values to a strengthens our commitment to reach the goal. With thelist of five items. While making this list, I noticed that support and encouragement of others, we are more likelymy daily actions and my core values were not always to accept short term set backs in pursuit of our long-termconsistent. For example, working long hours did not goals.match my strong commitment to family. By reducing my STEP 6-TRACK YOUR SUCCESS: It is much easiercore values to writing, I intend to use the list as a reminder to achieve a goal when you have a sense of personalof what is and isnt important to me. When you take the satisfaction. When you pursue a goal, develop a plan andtime to think through your fundamental values and then monitor progress toward achieving the goal, you generatecommit yourself to living your life consistent with them, a feeling of success within yourself when each small stepyou feel a surge of mental strength and well-being. You in the plan is accomplished. You tend to feel more infeel stronger and more capable. You feel more centered control and more motivated to proceed with the next stepin the universe and more competent of accomplishing the to reach the lofty goal. When you track your progressgoals you set for yourself. and generate the feeling of success, it becomes an easy toSTEP 3-CREATE VISIONARY STATEMENTS WITH do thing. When you clear the first few hurdles, you thenLONG TERM GOALS: Woody Allen once was asked develop a psychological momentum that enables you to"How can you make God laugh?" He responded "Tell address and handle adversity that would otherwise beGod your future plans." Although I dont remember the setbacks to achieving your goal. If you need software tocontext in which the line was uttered, I do remember what track your goals, consider using free software availableit meant to me. To me, it is important to set visionary to create your plan and to track the tasks necessary togoals. These visionary statements are lofty goals. When meet your goals. 6
  • 7. STEP 7-TAKE ACTIONS: After you have set your monthly and weekly goals, you take ownership of yourgoals, take action. Each day review your milestone goals success or failure and become accountable.and your long-term goal and take some small step to • Start each week by reviewing your goals. Constantlyreach the goal today. remind yourself of your goals by writing them on a whiteReprinted by Permission of Ryan Shaughnessy / The board, putting them on a laminated card in your wallet,Lafayette Report-All Rights Reserved (2010). list them on your PDA, etc. By reviewing your goals, you stay focused on what is important and you achieve greater awareness of what may be distracting you or impeding your progress towards achieving your goals. • After you have set your goals, create action plans for all goals with specific completion dates. Place these dates on your calendar. Track your progress on tasks, review your plan, and make adjustment.Starting Out Right in 2010 - CHANGE YOUR ENVIRONMENT:Setting Goals and Shaping a • Eliminate clutter. Start by clearing your work spaceNew Attitude or desk of clutter. Develop a filing system whereby you eliminate clutter by placing items in a short term file on your desk for immediate review, file it your file cabinet, or toss it in the trash. When you finish your office, tackle your car and then your briefcase. • When you feel overwhelmed, stressed or simply have a mental block, get up and out of the office. Walk in the park, get a coffee, or visit with family and friends. GetWhen you start a new job or take a new position, you some fresh air, sleep, exercise or whatever you physicallyoften start with a great explosion of positive energy. need to rejuvenate you. The important thing is to take aHowever, when the activities performed at the outset break and then start with a fresh look at the problem.dont generate immediate results, it is hard to stayfocused, to keep on point, and to remain motivated. Here • Take a look at your work environment. Ask whetherare some tips: your work environment is holding you back. Some people thrive in a loud and chaotic office or can multi-DEVELOP A VISION AND A PLAN: task and work from home while managing kids, dogs, etc.• Ask yourself the basic question - Does your vision Others need a quiet, clutter-free environment.and actions determine your success? Or, do you let ESTABLISH YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEM:circumstances dictate your success? Once you acceptpersonal responsibility for your success or failure, you • Ask your sales manager what his or her priorities arecan develop the winning attitude necessary to stay for 2010. Dont assume you know what the priorities are.motivated and succeed in sales. • Contact your customers and thank them for their• Develop a vision and a plan for what you want to business. Ask for referrals. Take an interest in yourachieve in 2009. Before you set goals, analyze what did customers, stay in regular contact with them, and offerand didnt work for you in 2009. By doing so, you can your services to them as the life needs change.develop a plan with goals that focus on your strengths and • Find a networking, mentor or similar group. By sharingseeks to make improvement regarding your weaknesses. experiences and exchanging ideas and participating inLOOK FOR PROGRESS (NOT PERFECTION): such a group, you develop professional relationship that will give you a sounding board for improving your sales• After you develop your vision and start working on and business skills.your plan, establish personal and professional goals inwriting for 2010. Goal setting is extremely important. • Dont try to do everything yourself. Outsource small or Otherwise, you are letting circumstances such as market even large project. Consider hiring a virtual assistant toconditions dictate your success. By setting annual, 7
  • 8. handle the things that you dont have the time, skills orinclination to handle. The Google Virtual LibraryIMPROVE YOUR SALES SKILLS: and the Search for Self-• Remember that it is physically impossible to be good Improvementat everything. Whether it is sales skills, search engineoptimization or some other aspect of your real estatebusiness, hire others to assist you in improving yourskills. I strongly believe that new real estate agentsshould invest in their future by hiring a sales coach toguide them through their first year in business.• Allocate thirty minutes a day to reading or listening The power and ambition of Google never ceases to amazeabout your profession. I strongly believe that new real me. I had heard about Google Books and its ambitiousestate agents should invest in a professional sales library project to create an online library. However, I onlyto learn more about how to sell, how to manage their time, recently started exploring its content. You can find aand how to manager their business. book for almost any topic in any genre. Here are just a few of the books that may be useful to improve yourACKNOWLEDGE YOUR GOOD FORTUNE: sales, marketing or life skills.• When you start questioning your success or start to TIME MANAGEMENT: Try over 600 different timebemoan your personal situation, remember that everyone management books ranging from the 80/20 Principle tohas faced personal challenges in their life. Review the life Getting It Done to Time Management Inside and Outstories of historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln and to the Personal Efficiency Program to 10 Natural Lawother to discover how they failed before they succeeded. of Successful Time and Life Management to The OnExamine your life and be thankful as there is always Time On Target Management Program to Complete Idiotsomeone less fortunate than you are. Guide to Organizing Your Life and many more.With the right motivation, right plan and right attitude, DECORATING OR HOME IMPROVEMENT: Tryyou can take control of your future and be as successful over 1000 different home improvement and decoratingas you want to be. Success requires self-discipline and books from Wind Energy Basics to the Backyard Ideaaction. No one ever achieved success without working Book to Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui and manyhard. So start on the path to success today! more.Reprinted by Permission of Ryan Shaughnessy / The BUSINESS PLANNING: Try over 700 differentLafayette Report - All Rights Reserved (2010). business planning books from How to Write a Business Plan to Strategy Safari to Business Plans for Dummies to the One Day Marketing Plan and many more. INTERNET MARKETING: Try over 600 different internet marketing books from 101 Ways to Promote Your Website to Web Copy that Sells to Search Engine Optimization for Dummies to Buzz Marketing with Blogs for Dummies to The Art of Digital Branding to Effective E-Mail Marketing. REAL ESTATE SALES: Try such books as the Real Estate Sales Handbook, Consultive Real Estate Agent, Listing and Sales Success, Modern Real Estate Practice, the Real Estate Sales Guide, Millionaire Real Estate Investor, Sales Genius, Road to Wealth, and many more. With a virtual library of books and magazines at your fingertips, it is hard for me to imagine any excuse for not setting your sights high in 2010, improving your 8
  • 9. skills and changing your life today. For those of youwho have set your goals and have started the process ofself-improvement, I wish you an outrageously successfulyear.Reprinted by Permission of Ryan Shaughnessy / TheLafayette Report - All Rights Reserved (2010). A Word from Our Sponsor - PARAMOUNT MORTGAGEFrom the WCR-Metro STLTech Toolbox - Websites to This months Business Resource Meeting wasTrack Your 2010 Resolutions generously sponsored by PARAMOUNT MORTGAGE COMPANY. We would like to thank our sponsor for their support as well as their informative presentation. Ruth Battle, Senior Vice President of Paramount Mortgage, outlined several issues and offered tips on how to best manage the loan process. TIP 1 - BE FAMILIAR WITH THE TIME FRAMES.Did you make any personal resolutions or set businessgoals for 2010? New federal laws and regulations mandate waiting periods for almost every aspect of the loan transaction.Here are four websites from the WCR-Metro STL Tech There are no more "last minute" closings or dramaticToolbox to assist you in setting your goals, developing a changes at the closing table.daily action plan and tracking your success. TIP 2 – ACCURACY IS IMPERATIVE. • New federal laws and regulations mandate precise • disclosure of fees. Realtors should anticipate providing accurate third party information such as title fees to the • lender early in the loan process. • TIP 3 - HOME VALUATION CODE OF CONDUCT.Here are two websites from the WCR-Metro STL Tech Realtors should be aware of appraisal related issuesToolbox with articles on performance management: associated with the HVCC. Common complaints include: Timely submission and review of appraisals, national • appraisal firms unfamiliar with local conditions, low • valuations and poor communication. To avoid problems, take a proactive approach providing accurate informationFor reviews on these and other websites, visit regarding the subject property and comparable TIP 4 - CONSUMER PROTECTION - PARTICIPATE IN THE PROCESS. It is important to be aware of proposed of proposed legislation, understand possible consequences and voice concerns. New federal laws and regulations mayresult in 9
  • 10. increased fees and rates, closing delays, and less efficient When it comes to the Extended Federal Home Buyer Taxservice from lenders. Credit, you cant afford to wait until the last minute to purchase a new home. The government changed someTIP 5 - USE A LENDER YOU TRUST. of the laws and regulations associated with mortgageThere have been dramatic changes in underwriting and lending including the adoption of the Home Ownershipregulatory guidelines. In todays market, experience and Equity Protection Act ("HOEPA"), the Housingmatters. It is important in todays market to have a lender and Economic Recovery Act ("HERA"), new Truthwho is knowledgeable regarding guidelines and has a in Lending Act disclosure regulations, and the Homeplan to get loans closed. Valuation Code of Conduct ("HVCC"). To view theINTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE? new Truth in Lending Act regulations, click on: Revised TILA Regulations.For more information on Paramount Mortgagesloan products and services, contact Gordy Here is a summary of the regulations:Pilkington at 314-372-4324 or via e-mail to • Initial Loan Disclosures: Within three Or, visit their days after the submission of a loan application bywebsiteat or their the borrower to the lender, the lender must providecorporate blog at www. the borrower with the initial Truth in Lending ActRECOMMENDED READING - Recent Articles Posted Paramount Mortgages blog: • Mandatory Review Period: The lender may not • Some Areas Hot; Others Take a Breather close the loan until seven business days after the delivery of the initial Truth in Lending Act • Top Savvy Home Buying Tips for 2010 disclosures. • Are Free Credit Reports Really Free? • Revised Disclosure Requirements: If the APR • Giving the Gift of a Down Payment disclosed on the initial Truth in Lending Act disclosure increases by more than .125%, the lender • IRS-Tips About The Extended Home Buyer Tax must provide the borrower with revised Truth in Credit Lending Act disclosures at least three business days • Proposed Missouri Program to Pay First-Year prior to the closing date. Property Taxes • Appraisal Report: The lender must provide the borrower with a copy of the appraisal report three business days prior to the closing date. POTENTIAL IMPACTS ON THE APR The borrower, their agent and the lender must be aware of these requirements and must manage the loan process to minimize the possibility of delays in closing datesNew Government Regulations attributable to changes in the APR. Here are common occurrences that may impact the APR and may therebyMay Impact Your Closing Date trigger the requirement that the lender provide revised Truth in Lending Act disclosures to the borrower with or without the three day waiting period after the delivery of the disclosures: • Unlocked Rate • Change in Loan AmountNEW GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS MAY • Loan Product ChangesIMPACT YOUR CLOSING DATE • Rate Re-Lock due to Market Improvements 10
  • 11. • Change in Closing Date • Promptly issue any revised Truth in Lending Act disclosures at least 3-days prior to the closing date. • Changes in Loan or Settlement Fees For the Settlement Agent:HOW TO AVOID DELAYED CLOSING DATESIn todays lending climate, it is important that the • Provide the lender with accurate settlement feespurchaser/borrower, real estate agent, lender, and upon receipt of the initial title order.settlement agent work together to ensure timely closings.Each participant in the sales transaction has a role to play. With a little planning, these new regulations shouldnt Here are some general tips and suggestions: impact you closing date.For the Borrower/Purchaser: Reprinted by Permission of Ryan Shaughnessy / The Lafayette Report - All Rights Reserved (2010). • Obtained a credit based pre-approval letter prior to searching for a new home. • Plan for at least a 30 day close. • Request a written time line of the loan process so you know and understand the deadlines for each step in the loan process and understand the impact that missed deadlines may have on your closing date. • Review the appraisal requirement and consider whether or not to waive the 3-day review period The Many Faces of WCR-Metro STL prior to closing. • Select your loan product and lock your interest rate at least 10 business days before the closing date.For the Real Estate Agent: • Set realistic expectations by providing the borrower/ Despite the first heavy snow storm of the season, WCR- purchaser with a time-line with milestone dates Metro STL still had a very nice turnout of 60 members associate with the loan process. and guests at 2010s first Business Resource Meeting to listen to nationally renown guest speaker Dieter Pauwels. • Discuss the new regulations with the borrower/ purchaser specifically explaining what actions or NEXT UP - BUSINESS RESOURCE MEETING: changes might impact the closing date. The Mega Networking Event with the Home Builders Association of St. Louis and Eastern Missouri is set for • Manage the loan process, including missed February 4, 2010. Click here for the February Business deadlines that could impact the closing date. Resource Meeting flyer. To make your reservation, • Confirm that accurate settlement fees are promptly contact Shelly Clark at sent by the settlement agent to the lender at least 10 or 636-357-5062. days prior to the closing date. RESERVATION POLICIES: Due to space limitationsFor the Lender: and contractual commitments, WCR-Metro STL is discontinuing the availability of "walk-in" registrations • Promptly obtain information from the settlement for its Business Resource Meetings. A limited number agent regarding closing fees. of additional "stand-by" registrations will be available at each meeting. However, a "stand-by" reservation does • Promptly issue the initial Truth in Lending Act not guarantee entrance and is subject to availability. disclosures at least 3-days after the submission of To guarantee a seat and lunch at the meeting, you are the loan application. strongly encouraged to make a reservation by contacting • Confirm selection of the loan product and lock the Shelly Clark at prior to interest rate at least 10 days prior to the closing date. 11
  • 12. noon on the Monday before the meeting. Reservationsmay be cancelled prior to noon on the Tuesday before 2010 WCR-Metro STLthe meeting. Cancellations after this deadline will not be Fundraising Eventshonored and all "no shows" will be invoiced for the fullticket price. In the event that a person is unable to attendafter the cancellation deadline, a substitute may attendthe meeting by notifying the person at the registrationtable of the substitution at the time of check-in.GOT PHOTOS? Post under the Photo Section on theBoxes Tab of the Facebook Fan Page. This monthsphotos provided courtesy of Liz Connolly and BarbaraKeathley. Dont miss our first 2010 WCR-Metro STL fundraising and networking event on February 11th. The MARDI GRAS HAPPY HOUR AND KARAOKE EVENT will be held at Big Daddys in Soulard at 1000 Sidney Street. Space is limited to the first 120 people so register early! Doors open at 4 pm with free drinks and appetizers from 5 to 8 pm. Sponsored contestants will perform for votes in karaoke contest. Karaoke sponosrship is $30 per individual or duet and votes may be purchased at $1 per vote. Event tickets for this event are $30.00 per person. Costumes, masks and beads are encouraged. Fax ticket reservation form to Bob Sargent at 314-628-2196. This event is generously sponsored by Assured Title Company, American Eagle Credit Union, Continental Title and USA Mortgage. Registration forms can be found at http:// shared/dqiiq7rvmu. 12
  • 13. Word on the Street... WCR Testimonials This Months WCR-Metro STL Spotlight on Success goes to the 2009 Governing Board, our active WCR membership and our WCR sponsors and supporters in the business community. Excellence takes time and commitment. To each member who volunteered for a committee or event, your hard work was noticed and appreciated. Just see the comments from our membersSAVE THE DATES FOR THESE GREAT WCR- below:METRO STL FUNDRAISING AND NETWORKINGEVENTS: • Beale Leubben/Buyer’s Protection Group: The St. Louis Women’s Council of REALTORS® is • May 19th - URBAN BUS TOUR. This event will the best resource for education, networking, and start in Clayton and will include stops in Clayton, relationships. I have sent countless referrals to Lafayette Square, Soulard and more. Food and agents in WCR through my association with this beverages will be provided at each stop. Early excellent organization. Our members are the most bird tickets purchased before April 30 are $40 per professional experts I have ever had the good person. fortune to work with! • July - TBD - MAN AUCTION. This event will be • Ryan Shaughnessy/PREA Signature Realty: held at Jive & Wail in Maplewood. Auction will By regularly attending the business resource feature some of your favorite WCR members on the meetings, we also developed relationships with real auction block. estate professionals as well as affiliates. These • August 11th - CRAZY BOWL. This event will be relationships have been invaluable. I dont know held at Saratoga Lanes in Maplewood. any other group that is as inviting, welcoming • November 10th - 2010 VENDOR EXPO AND and readily willing to offer assistance as our local FASHION SHOW. This event will be held at the WCR chapter. We met experienced brokers, sales Sheraton Westport Chalet. managers and agents who were willing to share their insights, experiences and resources. These peopleINTERESTED IN SPONSORING AN EVENT? We are some of the best and brightest in the industry andare currently looking for sponsors for our 2010 WCR- we are proud to call them our friends and colleagues.Metro STL fundraising and networking events. For more • Bob Sargent/USA Mortgage: The WCR is aninformation on sponsorship, contact Bob Sargent at excellent way to promote what I do in the real industry. I make home mortgages for buyers of real estate. By attending these meetings and working on the governing board, I have developed many fantastic friendships and business relationships. The WCR offers tremendous leadership opportunities. The WCR resource meetings are also great for 13
  • 14. learning about the latest trends and what works well promotes education, professional development and in todays market place. relationships. I have learned so much from our programs and speakers. It’s virtually impossible• Joan Taylor/Assured Title: It is my pleasure to be a not to grow and become a better person when you member of the Womens Council of REALTORS® are around this group! My favorite thing about in St. Louis. Involvement in the organization has being part of our chapter is the interaction with offered me the tools to succeed in todays market. our membership and the way our members build The Womens Council of REALTORS® has top each other up instead of constantly competing with notch leaders who recognize the need for education, each other. This group of professionals will not networking and relationship building to provide only teach you what they know, but will also cheer agents with the tools and support needed to grow you on, celebrate your success and support you their business and be successful! Hats off to this whenever you are in need. You just couldn’t ask for organization and the determination to be on the at a better organization to devote your time to while the cutting edge of real estate in St. Louis. working to improve yourself and your business!• Evren Senol-RE/MAX Results: There is no • Danielle Bond/American Eagle Credit Union: Our substitute for experience and human interaction. I Chapter of WCR is exceptional! Although I have believe that my business has grown because of my only been a member of the Chapter for a few interactions in WCR. I keep learning new things years, my network of close Business Associates at every meeting and also by interacting with the has definitely grown. I have definitely noticed an Realtors and Affiliates I met at WCR. I could be increase in business since joining WCR. On a locked up in an office making phone calls, doing personal note I would like to thank Carolyn Mantia paperwork, etc. all day long, but I choose to better for pulling me away from the wall and encouraging myself and have more fun while achieving that at me to have an active membership. WCR. • Elizabeth Robb/Robb Partners, Affiliate of• Ben Davenport/Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions: Dielmann Sothebys International Realty: I have Its more than just face time. Its more than just enjoyed the educational opportunities of Womens marketing. It is a chance to build relationships. Council for a number of years. On the national WCR is not just business, but it is loads of fun. WCR level, no other organization offers such cutting edge meetings are a way for me to meet people who know information. On the local level, the organization tons of other people. Thats good for relationships fosters opportunity for individual growth. I am and business. proud to be a member.• Shelly Clark/Cardinal Surveying: When I first got involved with WCR a few years ago, I thought Participation isnt just showing up... Its getting involved! that the main reason I would go to the luncheons Interested in getting involved by joining a committee would be to rub elbows with folks in the real estate or sponsoring an event? Contact Carolyn Mantia at industry. I must admit that while I do enjoy this aspect of what Womens Council has to offer, I find myself getting even more out of the programs at the luncheons. This organization is focused on helping you to better yourself, your relationships and YOUR BUSINESS. Thats the bottom line... were all here to make money - and the programs have encouraged me to think outside the box, go places I hadnt thought of and trust in myself. Who wouldnt want to be a part of Womens Council?• Michelle Silies/PREA Signature Realty: The Women’s Council of REALTORS® has afforded me an opportunity to connect with an incredibly professional group of individuals that 14
  • 15. Establish yourself as the expert in your field, share yourJoin WCR-Metro STL on Your expertise with members, and grow your referral business.Favorite Social Networking Sites TIP NO. 4-Post your personal or corporate Facebook Fan Page URL under the Discussion Section of the LinkedIn Group or the Discussion Tab on the Facebook Fan Page. Make it easy for your business partners and colleagues to find your Fan Page on Facebook. Facebook Fan Pages for WCR-Metro STL members will appear on the Favorite Page Section of the Facebook Fan Page.JOIN WCR-METRO STL ON YOUR FAVORITE TIP NO. 5-Submit an article for inclusion in the nextSOCIAL NETWORKING SITES: issue of the WCR METRO ST. LOUIS E-ZINE. If your article is selected for inclusion in the WCR METRO • FACEBOOK FAN PAGE: Become a Fan of the ST. LOUIS E-ZINE, win a FREE AD in the next Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens WCR METRO ST. LOUIS E-ZINE. Council of REALTORS® on Facebook: http:// TIP NO. 6-Follow WCR-Metro STL on Twitter. Our Twitter Username is: @WCRStLouisMO. Daily tips are • TWITTER: Follow the Metropolitan St. published to the WCR-Metro STL TwitterFeed. Here is Louis Chapter of the Womens Council of the current line-up of daily tips: REALTORS® on Twitter: @WCRStLouisMO or • Mondays - Inspection Tip of the Week (available • LINKEDIN GROUP: Connect with now) the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of • Mondays - Lender Tip of the Week (starting the Womens Council of REALTORS® 01/2010) on LinkedIn: gid=2395493&trk=myg_ugrp_ovr • Tuesdays - Twitter Tuesday (available now) • YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Coming Soon-The WCR- • Tuesdays - Title Tip of the Week (starting 01/2010) Metro STL Channel on • Wednesdays - Going Green (available now)7 EASY TIPS ON HOW TO GET STARTED USING • Wednesdays - Legislative Affairs (starting 01/2010)THE WCR-METRO STL SOCIAL NETWORKING • Thursday - LinkedIn Pros (starting 01/2010)SITES: • Thursday - Real Estate Technology 2.0 (availableTIP NO. 1-Write an introduction discussing your now)business, business philosophy, practice areas, website, • Friday - Sales Tip of the Week (available now)new products, etc. Gain recongition for your personalor corporate brand. Post to Discussion Section of the • Friday - Facebook Friday (starting 01/2010)LinkedIn Group or the Wall on the Facebook Fan Page. • Saturday - Motivational Movies (available now)TIP NO. 2-Post photographs or videos from WCR- • Saturday - YouTube Sales Training VideosMetro STL events. If your photograph is selected for (01/2010)inclusion in the WCR METRO ST. LOUIS E-ZINE, wina FREE AD in the next WCR METRO ST. LOUIS E- If you dont have or use a Twitter account, read theZINE. most recent Tweets on the News Section of the LinkedInTIP NO. 3-Post your RSS URL for your personal or Group or the Boxes Section of the Facebook Fan Page.corporate blog under the Discussion Section of the TIP NO. 7-Post your WCR testimonials under theLinkedIn Group or the Discussion Tab on the Facebook Discussions Tab of the LinkedIn Group and theFan Page. Your blog will then be included in News Discussions Tab of the Facebook Fan Page.Section of the LinkedIn Group and in the Blog Sectionunder the Boxes Tab on the Facebook Fan Page. THIS MONTHS SOCIAL MEDIA SPOTLIGHT... Special thanks to Mike OShea for his regular 15
  • 16. Tuesday posts to the News Section of the LinkedIn know where to start" to "My broker doesnt provideGroup discussing insurance issues associated with the us with a blogging platform."ownership and sale of residential property. • Category 2: I often get comments that bluntly claim that "blogging" simply doesnt work. Often, these comments start with "I tried it for a month..." and end with "it didnt generate any leads or income." There is often a common thread to these discussions. In both cases, the failure to start blogging and the failure toBuilding a Strong Internet continue blogging often is directly related to the failure to develop a blogging strategy, the failure to identify yourPresence by Blogging - Real target audience and the failure to write dynamic posts.Topics that Drive Traffic and Add into the mix the use of an inferior blog platform, the failure to understand keywords and the basics of searchGenerate Leads engine optimization, the failure to integrate your blog into your other marketing plans, lack of commitment and poor execution - and you have a pretty good recipe for a disastrous, time wasting experience with blogging. WHAT BLOG POSTS GENERATE LEADS? Now, after my first 12 months of blogging, I decided to look back upon my 400 blog posts in an attempt toBLOGGING AS AN INTERNET MARKETING determine what topics seemed to generate views andSTRATEGY comments, what topics seemed to elicit a comment orWhen it comes to building an internet marketing inquiry, and what topics seemed to generate traffic to mypresence, real estate agents should have a multi- website, active leads and even commission income. Inprong strategy that includes a brokerage website, an conducting this unscientific review, there seemed to beagent website, a blog, listing feeds to search portal certain categories that generated more interest. However,sites, participation in forums and social networking interest in the form of comments and business generatedsites. Despite the growing popularity of blogging as a from the post often were not mutually exclusive or evenmarketing tool by businesses generally, real estate agents related. Some of my posts that received few or even nostill appear to be reluctant to embrace blogging as a comments often were the posts that generated substantialmarketing strategy to build their internet presence. In the or meaningful traffic to my website, active leads and even2009 NAR Technology Survey, 8% of Realtors viewed commission."blogging" as "important" for generating leads whereas So, after reviewing my posts, I found that almost all of20% of Realtors viewed "blogging" as "unimportant". my posts could be placed in one or more of the followingWHY BLOGGING DOESNT GENERATE LEADS categories:(FOR SOME)? • #1 - HyperLocal Neighborhood Posts: TheseSo, why are Realtors so reluctant to embrace blogging posts focus on a single city, neighborhood oras an internet marketing strategy? In speaking at sales even street and ranged from market reports andmeetings at brokerages in the St. Louis area, I often available properties to neighborhood news andreceive two common responses to this question: events. Often, these posts received the fewest number of comments. However, these posts • Category 1: I often get comments that seem to generated the most inquiries, leads and income. indicate that real estate agents are intimidated by blogging. The comments range from "I dont write • #2 - Market Reports - These posts focus on market well..." to "I dont have any great insights to offer" statistics ranging from single year reports to ten year to "I dont have time to write articles" to "I dont summaries on existing home sales, housing starts, and more. These posts generated the least number 16
  • 17. of comments but delivered the most traffic to our seem generate too many inquires but were well website. received by existing customers and clients.• #3 - Legislative/Regulatory Update Posts: These • #8 - Reblog or Link Posts: These posts were posts focus on regulatory and legislative issues often used because of time constraints, involved a on national, state and local levels and ranged specialized field or were just so well-written that from annual legislative updates to commentary they needed to be disseminated to my readers in on pending legislative proposals to summaries of their original form. current regulatory changes - particularly related to • #9 - Lists/Best Of Posts: These posts focus on FannieMae and FHA lending guidelines. Often, top or best of lists prepared by national news these posts had the largest number of comments magazines, foundations, etc. It is difficult to which developed into a healthy debate on the issues determine the impact of these posts had - except that at hand. Although these posts didnt seem to interest they promoted the areas that we serve. consumers in general, the posts did generate interest from other real estate professionals - particularly on • #10 - Best Practice Posts: These posts generally LinkedIn Groups. started as "rants" and were often toned down after further reflection. Occasionally, these were direct• #4 - Business Profile Posts: These posts focus or indirect responses to other posts read on a specific on restaurant reviews, profiles of neighborhood issue. Although these posts werent intended to businesses and an occasional interview with a generate direct business, these posts were extremely neighborhood leader. These posts provided some effective in explaining our business philosophy and of greatest exposure for our brokerage. More practices. importantly, these posts developed relationships resulting in some joint marketing and referral • #11 - Motivational Posts: These posts were often business and enhanced our reputation as focused on staying motivated in a down market. neighborhood specialists. Also, these posts served Again, they didnt seem to generate much business. as good content for customers who were relocating However, often they were the most enjoyable to to the neighborhoods that we serve. write and were often used in connection with sales meetings.• #5 - "How To" Instructional Posts: These posts focus on sales training, technology and social • #12 - Satire Posts: These posts were intended networking sites. Often, these were multi-part to highlight specific positions and to tell a story series. These posts were the most highly read using a combination of humor and sarcasm. by my own agents, assisted in the recruitment of • #13 - Informational Posts: These posts generated a new agents and resulted in a number of speaking good deal of non-real estate related business and engagements with professional associations, civic often suffered from being too technical or too long. groups, and other real estate brokerages, title However, these posts used hypothetical situations companies, and other real estate professionals. to describe how such situations and issues could or These posts served as great introductions to other should be addressed. The posts often explained our real estate professionals in the area. approach and problem solving skills.• #6 - Research Posts: These posts were based • #14 - Video/Photo Posts: These posts generated on real estate related research studies conducted occasional requests for re-use of the photos. If we on a range of issues. Often, these posts were were grading these posts, we would probably give related to current events or trends and included it an incomplete. Too few posts to truly get a good commentary that often generated widely divergent read on the impact that they could have. opinions on the validity of the studies, missing data, etc. These posts generated interviews and inquiries • #15 - Listings Posts: These posts were difficult to from journalists. track when using html from other sources. When the posts were based on direct content as opposed• #7 - Either/Or Posts: These posts were generally to html code, the posts improved our placement for designed to compare and contrast particular select keywords on Google search results. services, loan programs, etc. These posts didnt 17
  • 18. • #16 - Public Service Announcements: These posts • Tiffany Hamilton, Hamilton Group Real Estate were intended solely to show support for a particular • Jai Morris, Gateway Real Estate Sources issue. Often, they were only tangentially related to real estate. However, they were intended and • Andrea Lenzen, Prudential Alliance received as "we care about you" statements. This years program has already started. Here are someSo, before you say blogging doesnt work, first answer upcoming dates:this question: Did you post original content for a clearlydefined audience with a good value proposition and aconcise call to action that offered a personal insight, atangible benefit for the reader, or an interesting, unusualor controversial slant on a current event or issue? If youcant answer "yes", then the blogging experiment mayhave failed because of poor execution or planning and notbecause blogging is "unimportant" as a marketing tool.If you are a real estate professional and are new toblogging, the time is now to sign-up for an ActiveRainblog. There is no better real estate community ormore supportive blog platform to learn the basics ofblogging and discover some great tips on how to makeblogging work for you and your business.Reprinted by Permission of Ryan Shaughnessy / TheLafayette Report - All Rights Reserved (2010). INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING IN THE 2011 LEADERSHIP PROGRAM? Get involved today and get your applications in early for next years leadership class.2010 WCR-Metro STLLeadership Program Upcoming Training EventsCongratulations to this years participants in the 2010WCR Metropolitan St. Louis Leadership Program: • Shelly Clark, Cardinal Surveying & Mapping • Michelle Silies, PREA Signature Realty FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THESE • Danielle Bond, American Eagle Credit Union UPCOMING PROGRAMS, CLICK ON THE GRAPHICS BELOW TO GO TO THE EVENT • Kitty Williams, Assured Title SPONSOR WEBSITES. • Karen Robertson, Coldwell Banker Gundaker 18
  • 19. Upcoming WCR MeetingsBE SURE TO MARK YOUR CALENDARS... 19
  • 20. WCR-Metro STL Sponsors andSupporters 20
  • 21. • VP, MEMBERSHIP • Jillian Butler • Keller Williams Realty St. Louis • • SECRETARY • Beale Luebben • Buyers Protection Group/ABA Inspections • • TREASURER • Vivian McBride • First American Title • vmcbride@firstam.comOur Chapter LeadershipMISSION STATEMENT 2010 STANDING COMMITTEESWe are a network of successful REALTORS® • BUDGET & FINANCE CHAIRempowering individuals to exercise their potential as • Danielle Bondentrepreneurs and industry leaders. • American Eagle Credit Union • dbond@abecu.org2010 CHAPTER OFFICERS • PRESIDENT • Elizabeth Robb • BY-LAWS/STANDING RULES CHAIR • Robb Partners, Affiliate of Dielmann Sotheby’s • Jane Miller International Realty • Heartland Bank Mortgage • • • PRESIDENT-ELECT • MEMBERSHIP CHAIR • Carolyn Mantia • Brett Nelson • RE/MAX Results • Advantage Realty • • 21
  • 22. • NOMINATING CHAIR • AUDIT CHAIR • Past President Jean Ewell • Mary Carter • Keller Williams Southwest • RE/MAX Best Choice • • • PAST PRESIDENT 1 • AWARDS & RECOGNITION CHAIR • Jan Thomas • Chris Woods • Dielmann Sotheby’s International Realty • St. Louis Association of REALTORS® • • • PAST PRESIDENT 2 • CHAPTER EXCELLENCE CHAIR • Sharon Wynn • President-Elect Carolyn Mantia • Keller Williams Realty St. Louis • RE/MAX Results • • • PROGRAMS & EDUCATION CHAIR • HOSPITALITY & RESERVATIONS CHAIR • Liz Connolly • Shelly Clark • INhanceIT! Home Staging • Cardinal Surveying & Mapping • • • WAYS & MEANS CHAIR • LEADERSHIP CHAIR • Bob Sargent • Jane Martin • USA Mortgage • Coldwell Banker Gundaker-South County • • jmartin130@aol.com2010 SPECIAL COMMITTEES • PARLIAMENTARIAN • AFFILIATE CHAIR • Mary McBride • Joan Tobin • RealtyNET Mary McBride • Reverse Mortgages Specialist/USA Mortgage • • 22
  • 23. • PUBLIC RELATIONS CHAIR • Michelle Silies • PREA Signature Realty • • SLAR LIAISON • Chris Woods • St. Louis Association of REALTORS® • cwoods@stlrealtors.com2010 TASK FORCES • Technology Task Force • Ryan Shaughnessy • PREA Signature Realty • 23
  • 24. highlight our chapter’s commitment to the core mission THE GO 2 NETWORK FOR ST. LOUIS REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS... of developing the leadership skills of our members. GET IT HERE, GET IT NOW Here are some great upcoming leadership training The WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine is a monthly publication of programs: the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Council of REALTORS®. For more information, visit the WCR-Metro MARCH 9, 2010 STL website at To submit an article or WOMEN IN THE BOARDROOM inquire about advertising opportunities, contact Michelle Silies at The Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Women’s Council of REALTORS® is co-sponsoring a networking event and round table discussion with local womenA MESSAGE FROM THE business leaders at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The panel will include: Beryl Raff/Helzberg’s Diamonds, GinaPRESIDENT Galgano Hoagland/Collaborative Strategies Inc. and Laura Herring/IMPACT Group. For more information on this event, click on Women in the Boardroom. MARCH 11, 2010 WCR LIVE - ST. LOUIS BROKER CONFERENCE CALL - PORTRAITS IN LEADERSHIP EPISODEThe Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Women’s The Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Women’sCouncil of REALTORS® strongly believes that its Council of REALTORS® is sponsoring a FREEcore mission is to identify, develop and support the conference call as a part of its WCR LIVE internetnext generation of industry leaders. It isn’t just about radio show and podcast. This episode will include aidentifying natural leaders who already have strong round table discussion on identifying, developing andleadership skills. It is about identifying members with supporting leaders as well as such topics as the benefits ofpotential, encouraging their participation, providing mentoring, how to effectively delegate tasks, how to dealleadership training and offering opportunities to our with micro-managers and more. For more information onmembers to fulfill their potential and to be future the show, click on WCR LIVE.leaders. In this month’s President’s Message, I wanted to 1
  • 25. MARCH 19, 2010 • In This Issue - Editors Notes - p. 2WCR LEADERSHIP SUMMIT • 2010 Membership Drive - This Months Challenge - p. 3The Women’s Council of REALTORS® is sponsoringits annual leadership training summit that will include • New Member Introductions - p. 5training, practice and take-away tools regarding such • Get the New WCR Toolbar - p. 5topics as leadership essentials, public speaking skills,planning and delivering effective meetings, time • Business Resource Meeting-February, 2010 - p. 7management skills and conflict management strategies. • A Word from Our BRM Sponsor - INhance IT! - p. 8For more information on this event, click on WCRLeadership Training. • A Word from Our BRM Sponsor - Assured Title - p. 11MARCH 25, 2010 • Next Business Resource Meeting - TechnologyWCR METRO ST. LOUIS E-ZINE Panel - p. 12The March edition of the WCR Metro St. Louis E- • WCR Reservations - p. 14Zine will feature articles on leadership training as wellas a spotlight on WCR leaders called “Portraits in • 2010 Fundraising Events - p. 15Leadership.” Articles will discuss the character traits • WCR LIVE - Streaming Audio and Podcast - p. 17of leaders, leadership styles and current approaches to • WCR Leadership Program Update - p. 19business leadership. • Stay Informed - Prop A - Metro Sales Tax - p. 19Space is limited for these events and these events soldout last year - so register today! If you are interested • Member Article - Expanding Your Sphere ofin participating in the WCR-Metro STL, we have a Influence - p. 20leadership position and role for you. To become more • Member Article - The WCR Open - p. 21involved, please contact me at erobb@robbpartners.comto discuss available committee assignments suitable to • Google Tools for REALTORS® Series - Googleyour time constraints and interests. Calendar - p. 23Elizabeth Robb, 2010 WCR-STL President • Google Tools for REALTORS® Series - Google Alerts - p. 29 • Google Tools for REALTORS® Series - Google Wave - p. 31 • Google Tools for REALTORS® Series - Google Base - p. 36 • Upcoming WCR Events and Meetings - p. 39IN THIS ISSUE • Our 2010 Leadership - p. 40 • Our Contributors and Sponsors - p. 42 NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: NEW CORPORATE SPONSOR - INVESTORS TITLE In this issue, the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter ofIN THIS ISSUE: the Women’s Council of REALTORS® is pleased to announce that Investors Title Company is now the • A Message from Our President - p. 1 corporate sponsor for the 2010 WCR Metro St. Louis 2
  • 26. E-Zine. With the generous support of Investors Title be uploaded to the WCR Metro St. Louis FacebookCompany, we will be able to continue the expansion and Fan Page. If you would like a copy of any photographreal estate news coverage of WCR Metro St. Louis E- for your personal use, please send an e-mail to me atZine. METHODS REPRINTSFor this issue, we have expanded our media formats We encourage our WCR members to share theto include an audio version (MP3) of the WCR Metro WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine with their colleagues.St. Louis E-Zine. The audio version is powered by For permission to use the articles contained Current methods of delivery for the WCR the WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine with attributionMetro St. Louis E-Zine include e-mail, download to the author, contact Ryan Shaughnessy atfrom WCR-Metro STL website, RSS feeds and now downloads. If you are a member and did Thanks for reading, and well see you next month.not receive a copy of the January Edition of theWCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine, please e-mail me at Michelle Silies, 2010 Public Relations CONTRIBUTIONSWe would encourage members to make their mark onthe WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine. It can be as simpleas posting a photo, suggesting a topic, submitting awebsite review, etc. or as complicated as submitting afull-length article on substantive subjects ranging from MEMBERSHIP DRIVE - THISRESPA to the CVC and more. Member contributorsreceive a FREE box advertisement in the WCR Metro MONTHS CHALLENGESt. Louis E-Zine as our thank you for your contribution.The next deadline for member contributed articles andother submissions is MARCH 11, 2010. To submitan article, photograph, etc., please send it to me The Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the WomensDont see your ad in WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine? It Council of REALTORS® continues its 2010isnt too late to take advantage of the 10 ad insertions Membership Drive. Last month, we encouraged ourfor $100.00 promotion. Expose your product or service members to bring a guest and potential member toto over 1000 REALTORS® per month. For a limited the MEGA Networking Event jointly sponsored withtime, we will even create your advertisement. For more the Home Builders Association of St. Louis andinformation on advertising opportunities, contact Mary Eastern Missouri. The response was overwhelmingCarter at with approximately 146 WCR members and guests inPHOTOGRAPHS attendance.You spoke... we listened. In addition to the inclusion For March, we renew our challenge to each WCRof substantive articles in the WCR Metro St. Louis E- member to actively reach out to their colleagues andZine, we will be expanding our photographic coverage lender, title, inspection and other partners to recruit newof WCR events in future additions. Elena Collins and members by exposing guests and potential members toMaryAnn Manion have volunteered to take and edit our Business Resource Meetings. Unlike our challengephotographs at WCR events. These photographs will for February, we are encouraging each WCR member 3
  • 27. to invite two guests to the March Business ResourceMeeting - one from their brokerage or company andone from their lender, title, inspection or other partners.For affiliate members, we encourage you to invite yourREALTOR® transactional partners. One of the bestbusiness development strategies is introducing others toorganizations and tools that help them to grow theirbusinesses.To assist members in their efforts, we are providing fourcharts which we encourage our WCR members to use intheir recruitment efforts. We hope that these graphs provide our members with some tools and insights to assist in the recruitment of new members. In addition, we hope that the graphs both identify some opportunities for recruitment and spark a bit of friendly competition among our members to recruit new members within their own companies and brokerages as well as new members from their transactional partners. If you need membership drive marketing materials (such as the Why WCR Video, membership applications, etc.) or would like someone to make a presentation at one of your sales or other meetings, please contact me at 4
  • 28. NEW MEMBERINTRODUCTIONSPlease welcome our new members of the MetropolitanSt. Louis Chapter of the Womens Council ofREALTORS® as well as the members who recently As an incentive for new members, you will receiverenewed their membership in the Metropolitan St. Louis a FREE box advertisement (valued at $20.00) forChapter of the Womens Council of REALTORS®: signing up to become a new member. To receive your FREE box advertisement, you need to submit your • Peggy Shumate - US Bank Home Mortgage - peggy- photograph, contact information and tagline to Ryan Shaughnessy via e-mail within 60 days of the date of the • Kathy Barnes - Insight Title - approval of your new member application. In addition, we encourage all new members to attend one of the • Julie James - Insight Title - upcoming New Member Orientation sessions to see why the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens • Nancy DuMeyer - ReMax Results - Council of REALTORS® is the "GO 2 NETWORK FOR ST. LOUIS REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS." • Karan Castells - Coldwell Banker Gundaker - NEED MORE INFORMATION ON THE BENEFITS OF WCR MEMBERSHIP? Contact Joan Taylor at • Karen Robertson - Coldwell Banker Gundaker - GET THE NEW WCR TOOLBAR For REALTORS® in the St. Louis, Missouri area, the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Council 5
  • 29. of REALTORS® has added a new dynamic resource - atoolbar powered by The new toolbar calledWCR-Assist is available for download at WCR AssistToolbar. The download actually includes two separatetoolbars - the WCR- Assist Toolbar and the WCR-Affiliate Toolbar.Screen 1 – Primary Toolbar – WCR Resources/Agent Screen 6 –Menu Tab with Links to WCR Live, StreamingResources/WCR Tech Toolbox/Radio/TV Audio and PodcastsScreen 2 – Secondary Toolbar – Affiliates by Category– Click on “+” to switch from Primary Toolbar toSecondary Toolbar Screen 7 –Television News FeedsScreen 3 - Menu Tab with Links to WCR Resources(including Websites, Google Docs/Calendars, JotForm, and Other Resources) Screen 8 - AlertsScreen 4 – Menu Tab with Links to Agent Sites(including Brokerage Sites, MLS, Association Sites andMore) THE TOOLBAR OFFERS THE FOLLOWING BENEFITS: • SINGLE ACCESS POINT: By downloading the toolbar, you have a single access point for all ofScreen 5 - Links to Technology Related Websites your favorite real estate, affiliate, social networking, technology and other sites. • WCR RESOURCES: The toolbar incorporates all of the major WCR resources from links to the national, state and local chapter websites to folders 6
  • 30. containing WCR presentations and documents to a • WCR ALERTS: For breaking news, you can elect to radio player to play WCR Live podcasts and more. receive periodic alerts from Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Council of REALTORS®.• INCREASED TOOLS: We rely on our members to The alerts appear as pop ups from the system tray identify sites that you would like to see added to area (lower right hand corner). the toolbar. On a quarterly basis, we will review member submissions, test the websites and add • INCOME GENERATION: Each time your toolbar websites and other tools to the toolbar that we is installed Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the believe will be of value to our members. The Womens Council of REALTORS® receives a toolbar is dynamic and will change as new sites small payment. The income varies based on number are identified. To suggest a website, link or other of users, use history, longevity of toolbar, etc. tool, send your suggestion to Ryan Shaughnessy at • EASY INSTALLATION: The toolbar is easy to install. Simply, go to the download URL• AFFILIATE INFORMATION: The secondary, click install toolbar - WCR-Affiliate Toolbar - is grouped and the toolbar is installed at the top of your by industries and includes links to affiliate browser. member websites. In the future, it will also include links to regulatory and professional If you are a member of Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter associations for each industry. We are also in of the Womens Council of REALTORS®, support the the process of setting up industry specific online Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Council folders containing marketing and other materials of REALTORS by downloading the WCR Assist Toolbar from affiliate members. In one spot, you can and sharing the toolbar with other REALTORS®. locate marketing materials, price lists and other educational information in a single folder. If you are an affiliate member and would like to include your marketing materials, price lists BUSINESS RESOURCE and other educational information in the industry MEETING - FEBRUARY, 2010 specific folders, please send your marketing material in .pdf format to Ryan Shaughnessy at or to Joan Tobin at• COMMUNITY TOOLBARS: The current toolbar includes two separate toolbars - WCR-Assist and WCR-Affiliate. You can toggle between the two toolbars by clicking on the "+" icon on the left side of the toolbar. In addition, Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Council of A. MEGA NETWORKING EVENT REALTORS® can customize the toolbars to include a third brokerage specific toolbar to include The MEGA Networking Event jointly sponsored by the your internal resources. For more information on Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Council custom toolbars, please have your managing broker of REALTORS® and Home Builders Association for contact Ryan Shaughnessy at 314-971-4381. St. Louis and Eastern Missouri offered great networking opportunities. This Business Resource Meeting started• AUTO UPDATES: When we update the WCR with an ice-breaker networking session. Then during Toolbar, it automatically updates all installed the luncheon, WCR members had the opportunity to toolbars. There is no need for a second installation network with 8-10 people per session with 3 networking or re-installation of the toolbar by you. sessions. It was similar to speed dating. Members 7
  • 31. were posed with a different question during eachnetworking session providing an opportunity to explaintheir business and approach to market challenges. Morethan a few members reported discovering new businessopportunities at this well-attended event.B. UPCOMING BUSINESS RESOURCE MEETING-TECHNOLOGY PANEL A WORD FROM OUR BRM SPONSOR - INHANCE IT! HOME STAGING Prepared by Liz Connolly, MIRM, MCSP / President, INhance IT! Home Staging WHO WE ARE? INhance IT! is a full-service staging company with services available to builders as well as those selling an existing home. The company specializes in merchandising VACANT high-end re-sale properties, builder displays and spec homes. The company’s motto is “The cost of our service is less than the cost of yourC. SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES first price reduction.”The sponsorships for the 2010 Business Resource WHY USE A STAGER?Meetings are now filled. Thanks to Liz Connolly, The benefit of using INhance IT!’s services is that theKitty Williams and the WCR-Metro STL Programs home will usually sell faster and at a higher profitCommittee. If you missed out on these sponsorship to the seller. This is particularly important in today’sopportunities, please contact Liz Connolly at marketplace, for both builder inventory homes and to be added as an interested sale properties. INhance IT!’s definition of home stagingparty for the sponsorships of the 2011 Business Resource is that it is the art of using limited funds, practicalMeetings. creativity and extraordinary expertise to professionallyIn addition, please consider participating and co- prepare a home to sell so that it becomes infinitely moresponsoring one of the exciting upcoming networking attractive to potential buyers, sells quickly and for moreevents such as the Urban Bus Tour, Man Auction, Crazy money. INhance IT!’s objective is to present the homeBowl or the 2010 WCR-Metro STL Expo & Fashion in the best possible light to make it stand out from otherShow. For more information on these sponsorship homes currently on the market.opportunities, contact Bob Sargent at BSargent@USA- STAGING BY THE NUMBERS - Although we can’ predict how and when a property will sell or at what price, 8
  • 32. we do know that professional staging has the following inventory levels are slowly declining, competitionquantifiable benefits: among new and existing homes is strong. Buyers have high expectations and many choices. Staging • GOOD COST-BENEFIT FOR PROFESSIONAL creates a competitive advantage and allows a home STAGING: The average staging investment is to be shown in optimal showing condition. For this between 1% and 3% of the home’s asking price. reason, 85% of real estate agents recommend the use The average increase in the sales price achieved of a professional stager (2009 Home Gain Survey). generates an average return of 8% to 10% (2008 NAR Profile of Buyers and Sellers). WHAT WE DO? • RETURN ON STAGING INVESTMENT: The Staging isn’t to be confused with interior design. average return on an investment in staging is 343% Whereas home decorating and interior design focuses (2007 Home Gain Survey). More recently, the on creating a better living environment matching the average cost of home staging consulting services individual needs of the owners, INhance IT!’s function was $300-400 with an average increase in sales as a home stager is to prepare the home for sale by price achieved in the range of $1500 to $2000 for creating an appealing appearance that creates the optimal a return of over 586% (2009 Home Gain Survey). showing condition and appearance for the home. This Similarly, a survey of agents showed that home is achieved by a professional team specializing in this staging typically costs between $212 and $1,089, form of merchandising. INhance IT! will objectively but with an increase in sales price of $2,275 to view the home as a product and highlight or focus on $2,841 for an average return of 169% (Home its assets, while downplaying or minimizing its flaws. Staging Resource). Home staging is an integral part of the selling process. Top agents realize that the INhance IT! team quickly • REDUCED CUMULATIVE DAYS ON and efficiently prepares the home for sale which, in turn, MARKET: 95.6% of ASP staged homes sell helps to get the home sold faster and for a higher price. in 37 days or less compared to 212 days on INhance IT! insures that the home is shown at its finest market for non-staged homes (Accredited Staging and best condition. Each room is arranged to show off Professionals). Less days on market typically results and enhance the best features. INhance IT!’s furnishings in a higher sales price. Homes sold 4-12 weeks after and accessories reflect the latest in color and design while listing averaged 5% less than the original list price; appealing to the widest possible home buying audience. homes sold 13-24 weeks after listing averaged 6.4% less than the original list price; homes sold 24 or weeks after listing averaged 10%-25% less than the original list price. • INCREASED PRICES: The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) reports that a staged home sells on average 17% higher than a non-staged home (HUD Clips News). • BUYER TRENDS: Staging plays a role in two market trends. First, staging improves the quality of photographs used in marketing collateral. Over 90% of buyers first searched for homes online. 84% reported that photographs were the most important information provided online (2009 NAR Profile of Buyers and Sellers). The use of quality photographs of a staged home means the difference between in- person traffic and no showings. Second, although 9
  • 33. o Light, bright rooms o Clean rooms o Fresh, uncluttered rooms • WHAT IS STAGING? o Staging is visual. It is all about presentation. It aims to make things pleasing to the eye. o Staging is universal – NOT PERSONAL. o Staging is merchandising – it is for show – designed to help you sell. • STAGING IS NOT INTERIOR DECORATING. o Decorating is PERSONAL. Decorating reflects YOUR INDIVIDUAL STYLE -HOW WE CAN HELP? Staging is about using items, accessories andINhance IT! is a member of the Homebuilder’s pieces of furniture in new ways.Association of St. Louis and Eastern Missouri, St. Louis o Staging is DE-CLUTTERING. Read theAssociation of REALTORS® and the Metropolitan book Its All Too Much: An Easy Plan forSt. Louis Chapter of the Women’s Council of Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff by PeterREALTORS®. The firm works closely with a wide Walsh. It outlines an easy plan for living aarray of developers, builders and owners. In many cases, richer life with less stuff.INhance IT! works closely with the builder team togive advice on floor plans, room sizes, finishes, colors, o Staging is using what you have to create a newfixtures and more for both the interior and exterior of the “set” in your home.home. This is especially important with inventory homes o Staging is packing up your collections.that are designed to sell quickly. Many builders are nolonger purchasing display furnishings, but are opting to o Staging is cleaning up your property.INhance IT!’s furniture leasing program. o Staging is about the colors you use inside andIn addition, INhance IT! is regularly invited to speak at outside.local real estate offices. INhance IT! offers a free power o Staging is about being committed to gettingpoint presentation which trains agents on how to talk your house ready for sale. NOTICE I HAVEto their clients about preparing their homes for sale and NOT CALLED IT A to “sell” staging to their clients. This program can o STAGING IS tailored to each office’s specific educational needs.On February 17, 2010, INhance IT! participated on a For more information regarding INhancepanel at the Home Builders Association presenting Hot IT! home staging services, visit our websiteMerchandising Tips for 2010. On March 16, INhance IT! at or contact me atwill be presenting a class through St. Charles Continuing entitled “Staging Your Home To Sell.”SIMPLE HOME STAGING TIPS:By utilizing home staging, you WILL usually sell yourhome faster and for more money: • WHAT DO BUYERS WANT? 10
  • 34. for residential and commercial transactions. InA WORD FROM OUR BRM addition, we provide construction escrow andSPONSOR - ASSURED TITLE disbursing services for new construction and rehabilitation projects. • TRAINING: With the ever changing regulatory environment, Assured Title has invested in training programs to insure that our processors, closers and escrow managers are prepared to address and explain the latest changes. From the new Good FaithPrepared by Joan Taylor / Assured Title Estimate to changes in loan timelines, we manage the process and assist our REALTOR® partners inAssured Title Company recognizes the value of that the anticipating potential problems.Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Councilof REALTORS® provides to its members. On February Here is how we can assist you:4, we were proud to co-sponsor the MEGA NetworkingEvent. It gave us the opportunity to introduce our locally REALTOR® SEMINARS: Assured Title regularlyowned title agency to new WCR members and to network provides training seminars for real estate agents, lenders,with some of our customers, prospective clients and appraisers, etc. to provide guidance and assistant to ourcolleagues in the real estate industry. REALTOR® partners on a range of current issues such as:For those who were unable to attend or who we didntmeet during the networking event, we wanted to take this • Title 101: An explanation of the title process in easyopportunity to introduce you to Assured Tile Company. to understand language from contract to close.Here is a brief overview: • Top Survey Problems and Ways to Solve Them: Discussion of the top survey issues and viable ways • LOCALLY OWNED: Assured Title Company is to resolve and prevent a deal breaker. a locally owned and managed title agency. We live and work in the communities that we serve and are • New RESPA Regulations: A brief overview of the proud of the local team that we have developed new regulations for lending and changes in the Good to provide our customers with superior customer Faith Estimate and Settlement Statement. service by communicating proactively with our • Social Media Training. customers from the title order through the closing and disbursement of funds to make a smooth closing TITLE TIPS: Elena Collins is currently providing for our REALTOR® partners and their customers. title tips via the WCR Twitter feed. Follow @WCRStLouisMO to receive these weekly tips. The • SERVICE AREAS: Assured Title Company Tweets include simple tips for owners and agents on how currently has six centrally located offices providing to manage the closing process to insure a smooth closing. title services in 26 counties in Missouri. We continue to look for opportunities to expand into Here are some of the recent tips: additional counties to serve urban, suburban and rural areas. • Make sure the agent transmittal is filled out completely. It speeds up the process and youll get • TITLE SERVICE: Assured Title Company offers less phone calls which allows you to concentrate on a wide range of title services including, but more business. not limited to, title searches, issuance of title commitments, managing escrowed funds, providing • Make every effort to close buyer and sellers at the closing and settlement services, disbursing funds same title company. It saves time, everyone is on in a timely manner and issuing title policies the same page, and it ensures superior service. 11
  • 35. • Make sure the check from the title company is endorsed just the way it was written. If not, the check could be returned. • Try to schedule closings closer to the beginning or middle of the month. Lender figures usually come in faster than the end of the month.To discuss our service, to obtain a title quotation orto schedule a speaker or attend one of our upcomingseminars, please contact one of our sales representatives:Kitty Williams 636-346-3298Elena Collins 314-749-4714Joan Taylor 314-550-1205 Video – How to Effectively Use Video to Market and Sell HomesNEXT BUSINESS RESOURCE Speaker: Darin Wood - Film That HouseMEETING - TECHNOLOGY Website: www.FilmThatHouse.comPANEL - MARCH 4 Topics will include: • Tips on Shooting Good Video • Sites for Editing Videos • Sites for Hosting VideosThe next Business Resource Meeting is set for March 4, • Suggestions on Integrating Video into One’s2010 at 11:00 a.m. at the Sheraton Westport Chalet. This Marketing PlanBusiness Resource Meeting will feature a technologypanel covering such topics as video marketing, photo • Creation and Use of YouTube Channelblogs, blogging for business, Internet radio, Google tools • Common Mistakes Made by REALTORS® inand other tech gadgets and WCR tech resources such as Shooting Videothe WCR toolbar and WCR Live streaming audio and • Benefits of Using a Professional Videographerpodcast.Here is the line-up for the 2010 WCR Technology Panel: 12
  • 36. Speaker: Don Rogers - RE/MAX Gold Website: Blog: Topics will include: • Developing Your Blogging Voice • Topics that Drive Traffic • Common Mistakes Made by REALTORS® when Blogging • Blogging ToolsPhoto Blogs – How to Set Up a Photo Blog and DriveTraffic and Business Leads to Your WebsiteSpeaker: Michael Allen - Preservation Research OfficeWebsite: www.preservationresearch.comBlog: www.ecoabsence.blogspot.comTopics will include: • Tips on Shooting Good Photographs • Sites for Editing Photos • Sites for Hosting Photos Google Tools and Other Tech Gadgets • Suggestions on Set Up a Photo Blog Speaker: Ryan Shaughnessy • Tips on Blogging Website: Blog: Topics will include: • Google Tools • Google Talk/Google Wave/Google Calendar/ Google Analytics • • JotForm • SlideShareBlogging for Business – A REALTORS® Perspective 13
  • 37. Members / $30 for Guests. For reservations, contact Shelly Clark at WCR RESERVATIONS NOW TAKING RESERVATIONS FOR OUR NEXT BUSINESS RESOURCE MEETINGWCR Live on www.BlogTalkRadio.comSpeaker: Michelle Silies – PREA Signature Realty and/or Klaus Bank – Keller Williams St. Louis RealtyWebsite: will include: • Show Schedule We had a great turnout for the February Business • Upcoming Topics Resource Meeting with over 126 members in attendance. This represents a 100% increase over the January • How to Participate Business Resource Meeting which had turnout dampened by a winter storm.The WCR Toolbar will also be unveiled at the nextBusiness Resource Meeting in greater detail. We are expecting another great turnout for the March Business Resource Meeting featuring not-to-missFor more information on the 2010 WCR Technology innovations, recent developments and insights presentedPanel program, visit: Reservations by our Technology Panel, so members are encouraged toare required for this event. Cost: $25 for WCR make their reservations early. Click here for the March 14
  • 38. Business Resource Meeting Flyer. To reserve your spotfor the March Business Resource Meeting, contact ShellyClark at REGARDING NEW WCRRESERVATIONS POLICYDue to space limitations and contractual commitments,WCR-Metro STL is discontinuing the availabilityof "walk-in" registrations for its Business ResourceMeetings. A limited number of additional "stand-by"registrations will be available at each meeting. However,a "stand-by" reservation does not guarantee entranceand is subject to availability. To guarantee a luncheonseat at the meeting, you are strongly encouraged tomake a reservation by contacting Shelly Clark prior to 12 noon onthe Monday before the meeting. Reservations may becanceled prior to noon on the Tuesday before themeeting. Cancellations after this deadline will not behonored and all "no shows" will be invoiced for the fullticket price. In the event that a person is unable to attendafter the cancellation deadline, a substitute may attendthe meeting by notifying the person at the registration The 2010 WCR-Metro STL Mardi Gras Happy Hour &table of the substitution at the time of check-in. Karaoke Networking Event at Big Daddys in Soulard was a SOLD OUT event. Over 120 people attended this years Mardi Gras event raising $4,000 in a single night to support WCR-Metro St. Louis Business Resource Meetings and other member professional development programs. In addition to a great networking event, participants competed in a lively Karaoke Contest. The Karaoke Contest winner was Jon Shomburg sponsored2010 WCR FUNDRAISING by INhance IT! Home Staging. Second place went to Dani Meyer sponsored by USA Mortgage, and thirdEVENTS place went to Barb McKone sponsored by Assured Title. Members and guests enjoyed complimentary drinks and appetizers and danced and sang to some of the hottest sounds in Soulard. Special thanks to Bob Sargent, Danielle Bond, Vivian McBride, Mimi Brandt and Chris Woods who made this a very well-run and successful fundraising event. Also, special thanks to the eventMARDI GRAS HAPPY HOUR - SOLD OUT! sponsors USA Mortgage, American Eagle Credit Union, Assured Title and Continental Tile. 15
  • 39. Special thanks to Elena Collins/Assured Title for sharingSpecial thanks to Michelle Silies/PREA Signature Realty photographs.for sharing photographs. To see more photographs, visit our Facebook Fan Page at NEXT WCR-METRO STL FUNDRAISING & NETWORKING EVENT - THE URBAN BUS TOUR - MAY 19, 2010. 16
  • 40. WCR LIVE - STREAMING AUDIO & PODCAST The Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Council of REALTORS® has launched a new Internet- based radio show called WCR Live. On the second Thursday of each month (except January and December), hosts Klaus Bank and Michelle Silies will discuss a variety of real estate sales related issues with national, state and local leaders of the Womens Council of REALTORS® and others on topics ranging from diversity to communication styles to leadership to sales training to technology and more. Listeners can call into the show, listen to live streaming audio, listen to archived shows, receive the shows via a RSS feed or download individual shows as podcast MP3 files. Listeners can also pose questions by calling into the show at (347) 843-4711 or via the shows chat room at WCRLive. HERE IS THE CURRENT LINEUP OF TOPICS AND GUESTS: Episode 1: WCR LIVE - WORKING THE PHONES - In this episode of WCR LIVE-THE ST. LOUIS BROKER CONFERENCE CALL, hosts Michelle Silies and Klaus Bank discussed the central importance of the telephone in business development and real estate sales including such topics as telephone communication skills, overcomingINTERESTED IN SPONSORING AN EVENT? the fear of making and taking telephone calls, theWe are currently looking for sponsors for our 2010 difference between warm and cold calling, the need forWCR-Metro STL fundraising and networking events. prompt return calls, using voicemail to your advantageFor more information on sponsorship, contact Bob and more. Guest: Dave Bueker, 2009 WCR-Metro STLSargent at EXCEL Award Recipient. (February Show) 17
  • 41. Episode 2: WCR LIVE – PORTRAITS IN Facebook Fan Pages and LinkedIn. Guest: NicoleLEADERSHIP - In this episode of WCR LIVE-THE Nicolay, Twitter Diva and Social Media Consultant, andST. LOUIS BROKER CONFERENCE CALL, hosts Mike Mueller, Facebook Fan Page Developer and SocialMichelle Silies and Klaus Bank will discuss portraits in Media Consultant. (July Show)leadership including such topics as identifying leaders, Episode 7: WCR LIVE - ENTREPRENEURSHIP - Inleadership styles, building your team, delegating tasks, this episode of WCR LIVE-THE ST. LOUIS BROKERdemanding accountability and more. Guest: Elizabeth CONFERENCE CALL, hosts Michelle Silies and KlausRobb, 2010 President of WCR-Metro STL. (March Bank will discuss the entrepreneur mindset, how toShow) identify opportunities, business planning and more.Episode 3: WCR LIVE – COMMUNICATION Guest: Eddie Weinhaus, co-founder of BlockShopper.STYLES – In this episode of WCR LIVE- (August Show)THE ST. LOUIS BROKER CONFERENCE CALL, Episode 8: WCR LIVE - THE SHIFT - In thishosts Michelle Silies and Klaus Bank will discuss episode of WCR LIVE-THE ST. LOUIS BROKERcommunication styles including such topics as CONFERENCE CALL, hosts Michelle Silies and Klausidentifying the communication styles of one’s broker, Bank will discuss the principles underlying the bookother agents and their customers, insights on the use of "The Shift" with author Jay Papasan. Guest: Jay Papasan,the new social media as a communication tool and more. National Speaker and Author. (September Show)Guest: Carolyn Mantia, 2010 President-Elect of WCR-Metro St. Louis and 2009 SLAR Broker of the Year. Episode 9: WCR LIVE - COMMUNITY SERVICE - In(April Show) this episode of WCR LIVE-THE ST. LOUIS BROKER CONFERENCE CALL, hosts Michelle Silies and KlausEpisode 4: WCR LIVE – INNOVATORS Bank will talk about faith and service to others withEMBRACING CHANGE – In this episode of WCR comic Steve McGranahan, the self-proclaimed "WorldsLIVE-THE ST. LOUIS BROKER CONFERENCE Strongest Redneck." Guest: Comic Steve McGranahan.CALL, hosts Michelle Silies and Klaus Bank will (October Show)discuss innovation and the need to embrace changeincluding such topics as developing the qualities all Episode 10: WCR LIVE - CRUSH IT - In thisgreat innovators share, embracing change, creative episode of WCR LIVE-THE ST. LOUIS BROKERbrainstorming, how to find new solutions to old CONFERENCE CALL, hosts Michelle Silies and Klausproblems and how to create a corporate culture Bank will discuss the principles underlying the bookof innovation. Guest: Steve Rosenbaum, Business/ "Crush It." This guest is unconfirmed at the moment.Marketing Consultant and Host of the Home Energy Guest: TBD. (November Show)Solutions Show on ESPN Radio in Austin, Texas. (May It is an exciting line-up of guests and topics, and we hopeShow) that you will tune into the show. The show is sponsoredEpisode 5: WCR LIVE – SALES TRAINING - In by Jim Quist/New Castle Home Loans and John Banjak/this episode of WCR LIVE-THE ST. LOUIS BROKER Insight Title.CONFERENCE CALL, hosts Michelle Silies and KlausBank will discuss sales training basics including suchtopics as qualifying buyers, asking the right questionsand tips for closing the sale. Guest: Steve Hoffacker,Business Consultant, National Sales Speaker and Author.(June Show)Episode 6: WCR LIVE - SOCIAL MEDIA - In thisepisode of WCR LIVE-THE ST. LOUIS BROKERCONFERENCE CALL, hosts Michelle Silies and KlausBank will discuss social media including Twitter, 18
  • 42. These projects are extremely ambitious and continue theWCR LEADERSHIP traditions and high bar set by the first Leadership Class inPROGRAM UPDATE terms of assessing organizational needs, adding member value and contributing to a body of work that will be of assistance to future WCR leaders for years to come. If asked by one of the team members to participate in the project, we hope that you will volunteer your time and resources to assist these professionals in achieving the promise offered by these projects.The 2010 Leadership Program sponsored by theMetropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Councilof REALTORS® is now in full swing with the start of theleadership program class projects. The 2010 LeadershipClass has divided into two teams (The Hedgehogs andTeam Legacy), and the teams have picked ambitiousprojects that could become model programs for otherWCR chapters. Both teams have focused on aspects of STAY INFORMED -the class assigned book Good to Great that resonatedwith them. PROPOSITION A - METROHERE ARE BRIEF OUTLINES OF THE SALES TAXLEADERSHIP CLASS PROJECTS: • MENTORING: The Hedgehogs have focused on a project to set-up a formal mentoring program within the Womens Council of REALTORS®. The project as outlined may start out with a survey to assess the needs of new members. The project will then match mentors/sponsors with new members. On April 6, 2010, voters will have the opportunity to vote The project seeks to further two separate goals on Proposition A. Proposition A is a transit tax proposal - leadership training and professional/personal/life that would impose a 0.5% increase in the sales tax in skills development. St. Louis County to fund Metrolink expansion and Metro operations. The passage of this proposal would match • LEGACY: Team Legacy has focused on a project and trigger the implementation of the sales tax approved to develop a more structured process governing by City of St. Louis voters in 1997. A similar transit leadership transitions. The project as outlined will proposition was narrowly defeated by St. Louis County focus on the development of succession plans, voters in 2008. knowledge base systems, checklists, forms, etc. Transit in the St. Louis metropolitan area is at a that will assist in facilitating a smooth transition crossroads. The failure of the 2008 transit proposition between leadership teams. The project will start resulted in agency wide layoffs, a transit fare increase with the creation of a framework for the 2010 and service cuts. The reduction in service was mitigated SLAR-WCR Education Expo. The experience will by a one-time $12 million appropriation approved by then be applied to the WCR-Metro STL leadership the Missouri General Assembly in 2009. This one-time transition process with an emphasis on creating appropriation will be exhausted and expires in May, organizational tools to create more transparent and 2010, and Metro will likely be forced to make severe more efficient systems. service cuts unless the tax proposition is passed by St. Louis County voters. 19
  • 43. Proposition A has been endorsed by the St. Louis foreign activity - you would rather sit with a few friendsAssociation of REALTORS®. The Metropolitan St. than work a room full of strangers.Louis Chapter of the Womens Council of REALTORS® Here are some tips to improve the success of yourwill consider a resolution endorsing Proposition A networking activities:at its March Governing Board Meeting. Although noendorsement has yet been made, the Womens Council PLANNING FOR THE NETWORKING EVENT:of REALTORS® urges its members to stay informedregarding Proposition A and its potential impact on the • Prepare a written introduction and practice itscommunities our members serve in the St. Louis area. delivery.For more information, we urge our members to visit: • Develop a list of statements or questions that assist you in initiating a conversation with an attendee at the event. • Develop value statements that describe whatEXPANDING YOUR SPHERE services you provide, your area of expertise and howOF INFLUENCE you differ from your competitors. • Develop exit statements that either invite a scheduled follow-up or allow you to gracefully exit a conversation. IMMEDIATELY PRIOR TO THE NETWORKING EVENT:LEAVE CYBERSPACE AND • Set simple and clear objectives for the event.NETWORK IN THE REAL WORLD • Identify specific people that you want to meet or to whom you want to introduce yourself.Recently, I read another blog that asked the question"How do I expand my sphere of influence?" The • Research the people attending the event so you havesimple answer is by networking. When it comes to some talking points.networking, you need both a web strategy and a real • Develop a plan for how you are going to follow-world strategy. Your web strategy will like focus up with the individuals that you meet at the event.on social networking. Effective networking, however, Consider using e-mail, personal notes, etc.requires personal contact and personal contact means • Create the right mindset. To be effective, you must1-on-1 interaction. If you are new to a neighborhood be ready to sell yourself. If you are more introverted,or a city and are looking for entrepreneurial or social you need to reach beyond yourself and focus on thegroups to join, you might want to start your search purpose of the event - that is, to meet new people.with By using, you cansearch and find groups that match your personal and DURING THE NETWORKING EVENT:professional interests. However, it isnt the only possiblesource. Other possible avenues include community • Approach people and proactively initiateorganizations, church groups, etc. Your networking can with other real estate professionals. But dont limit • Use your introduction and opening questions to startyourself. Parallel industries are a good source of referrals. conversations.To be effective, networking requires active participation • Create a good first impression. Be professionallyin the group. It requires regular attendance. To some dressed. Remember to smile, look into their eyes,people, networking is second nature. To many, it is a and project energy and enthusiasm. 20
  • 44. • Ask open-ended questions. Allow the other person to talk. People like to talk about themselves and their THE WCR OPEN - LEARNING interests. FROM THE PROS • Give your undivided attention to the person with whom you are speaking. Avoid wandering eyes - it makes it look like you are looking for a better date for the dance. Turn your cell phone off. • When appropriate, deliver your value statement. • When appropriate, deliver your exit line and ask for a follow-up meeting. • Be ready to hand out your business cards and/or to ask for business cards. GOLF, LIFE AND REAL ESTATE SALES Last Summer, I had the opportunity to play golfAFTER THE EVENT: with ActiveRainer Don Rogers and WCR-Metro • Review your networking performance to determine STL Member Michelle Silies. It was a scramble golf whether you achieved your objectives and goals for event to raise money for the OFallon Tomahawks, the event. a local youth sports organization. It was a great event organized by Bob Craddick, general counsel with Reliant • Use an e-mail or personal note to follow up with Care Management, and held at the Tamarack Golf Club individuals that you met at the event. in OFallon, Illinois. So, we loaded up the carts and • Connect with them on social networking sites hit the links. Although we didnt get all 18 holes in (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). because of rain, I did get my moneys worth with my teammates sharing their wisdom on life, golf and real • Keep in regular contact with the persons of interest. estate throughout the event. • Determine whether regular attendance at the event So, here are the top 10 things that I learned about golf, is productive. Set a target for how many events for life and real estate sales while golfing: each group you will attend. • Golf Tip #1 - Get a good grip on the club. Keep yourThe bottom line is that you get from networking what you eye on the ball. If you are hooking or slicing, makeput into it. If you are a wallflower, then you wont achieve adjustments. In real estate sales, it is important tothe goals and objectives you set for the networking event. develop a plan and keep an eye on your personal andGet out there. Get involved. Get Business. professional goals. However, there is no such thingReprinted by Permission of Ryan Shaughnessy / The as a perfect plan. It is important to make adjustmentsLafayette Report - All Rights Reserved (2010). to the plan. • Golf Tip #2 - Before you take a swing, take a couple of practice swings. Keep a good stance and focus on the balance of your swing. In real estate sales, practice is important. Whether it is asking questions or overcoming objections, it can seem awkward at first. By repeating an action over and over, it comes second nature. Similarly, maintaining the proper balance is important. In real estate sales, balancing 21
  • 45. life and work starts with setting boundaries - some • Golf Tip #7 - Occasionally, you will lose a ball in shots go out of bounds and simply arent playable. the rough. Stop wasting time looking for it, take the penalty stroke and throw a ball down. In real estate• Golf Tip #3 - Develop a good swing. Set it in sales, you may have an off day or a bad transaction. motion and go with the flow. In real estate sales, Dont dwell on it. Dont try to assess blame. Drop a like golf, it is important to have good fundamentals. ball and keep playing. Once you set something in motion, your instincts and experience take over. Go with it and follow it • Golf Tip #8 - Focus on what is going right as through to completion. Whether it is a marketing opposed to what is going wrong. In real estate plan or lead generation, finish what you have sales, we all have weaknesses and strengths. It is started. important to focus on what is going right and play to our strengths. If you arent good at marketing, hire• Golf Tip #4 - Develop good follow through after an assistant. Focus on what you do well and hire out the swing. In real estate sales, it is important to the rest. have good communication skills. If you want more business and more referrals, then make sure that • Golf Tip #9 - Golfers repairs their divots, rake the you follow up with prospects and customers and sand, etc. In real estate sales, it is important to follow through on promises. acknowledge and correct mistakes. However, it is also important to do so without assigning blame.• Golf Tip #5 - When golfing, it is fun to play with Often, a golfer will rake the trap covering their old friends or make new ones on the course. In a ball marks and footsteps as well as the ball mark scramble, it is important to remember that we are all and footsteps of others. It is important to develop a in the game together. In real estate sales, other real giving strategy. When you help others to succeed, estate professionals are both are competitors and it is often repaid tenfold. colleagues. They are a great source of knowledge, information and referrals. Dont ever forget the fact - • Golf Tip #10 - Golf is more fun when you stop we are all in the game together and your actions keeping score. In real estate sales, there are times reflect on all of us. to keep score and there are times to just enjoy the game. Often, when you focus only on the score, you• Golf Tip #6 - Hole-in-ones are rare. There are become driven by the score. If your only focus is the great drives, chips and putts. However, the trick next sale and the next commission check, you are is combining all three on the same hole. After missing the opportunity to improve the mechanics mastering it on a single hole, then you need to apply of your game. When you start focusing on the it to the other 17 holes. In real estate sales, it is rare mechanics of the game, your score will improve. to obtain a sale after a single showing. Similarly, For real estate agents, that means stop looking you may be the best at showing a home. However, for the next commission and start focus on your real estate sales isnt just about a single showing. It sales techniques, marketing efforts, etc. and you is about pricing the home correctly, preparing the will see a gradual improvement in traffic, sales home for sale and keeping it in showing condition, and commissions. making it easy to show, following up with prospects, managing expectations, negotiating the terms of the There is no better place to "recruit" your mentor than sales contract, solving problems, etc. Like golf, each inviting them to play golf and then grilling them for the new listing and each new day represent another next three hours on the finer points of real estate sales. opportunity to correct past mistakes and improve Thanks Don and Michelle for being great sports. our game - one hole at a time or, in real estate, one Reprinted by Permission of Ryan Shaughnessy / The sale at a time. Lafayette Report - All Rights Reserved (2010). 22
  • 46. • SHARING: Calendars are easy to share and make it easy to coordinate schedule with others. You can make the calendar public, ebed it in a website or blog, or allowing others to subscribe to updates via RSS Feeds or e-mails. • REMINDERS: You can create a daily agenda for all of your calendars. You can also receive reminders for events at specific time intervals via e-mail, pop-GOOGLE TOOLS FOR ups or text messages.REALTORS® SERIES - • SCHEDULING: Easy to schedule meetings, events and more.GOOGLE CALENDAR • SYNCING: Easy to synchronize with BlackBerrysGOOGLE CALENDAR Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and more.In this first installment of the Google Tools for CREATING A GOOGLE CALENDARREALTORS® Series, we will take a look at howREALTORS® can effectively use Google Calendar intheir real estate practice including such topics as: • Getting Started with Google Calendar • Working with Calendars • Using/Syncing Google Calendar with Other Calendar Programs • Mobile Google Calendar • Embed Calendar • Strategies for Using Google CalendarGETTING STARTED WITH GOOGLE CALENDARWHY USE GOOGLE CALENDAR?Google Calendar is a great tool for organizing yourbusiness meetings, marketing efforts and more. Thebenefits to Google Calendar include: • ONLINE ACCESS: Calendar is available anywhere at anytime. It is a live calendar with the most current data. If it is a shared calendar, other members of your team see the changes immediately. • MULTIPLE CALENDARS: You can create multiple calendars for specific teams or groups. You can view individually or as an integrated calendar. Google Calendar is a good planning and time blocking tool - especially if you dont use a customized CRM system. 23
  • 47. Step 1 - Create a Google account. Then go to http:// planning tool. Here are some examples of the that I have created for my use, the use of team members and groups:Step 2 - Click on Create.Step 3 - Using the Create New Calendar input screen • Personalinclude: • Business • Calender Title-Use a short distinctive name. The • Marketing calendar name should be short so that it can easily • Prospecting be viewed and identified under the My Calendars section. It should also be distinctive so that the title • Blogging can be recognized by others with whom you may • Listing Tracking/Showings share the calender. • Training • Calendar Description-Google calendar makes it easy to create public calendars and to share • Closings calendars with others. The description of the • Womens Council of REALTORS®-Events calendar should be keyword rich so that others can find your calendar - especially if it is used by an CALENDAR VIEWS organization. A Google Calendar can be integrated showing all • Location-Similar to Calendar Description, the Google Calendars, can be viewed individually or can be Location simply assists others to find your calendar. viewed as groups by hiding selected calendars (either by highlighting only the calendars to be shown or by • Time Zone-Google Calendar allows you to share clicking on hide calendar if already shown). calendars across the world and syncs events on calendars in other time zones to the time zone for Google Calendars can also be viewed by day, month, your account. custom setting (set in your general calendar setting screen) or by using an agenda showing a list of events in • Public Calendar-If your calendar is for an chronological order without the calendar. organization or if you want it searchable by the public generally, click on Make this Calendar Public. For organizations advertising their group events, this is recommended. • Sharing-If you want to share the calendar with WORKING WITH GOOGLE CALENDARS a specific group of individual, enter their e-mail addresses. Then set their permission settings such ADDING EVENTS - VIA GOOGLE CALENDAR as view only, edit, etc. After you have created a Google Calendar, add an event to your calendar.TYPES OF CALENDARSGoogle Calendar allows you to create multiple calendars.The benefit is that you can create calendars for specificpurposes and specific groups. Once created, you can viewthe calendars individually or can integrate the calendarsas a single calendar. Events can be color coded based onthe assigned calendar.We recommend creating calendars for specific purposes.Google Calendars can be a powerful time blocking and 24
  • 48. is helpful where you have reoccurring events with different topics, speakers or action items. • Reminders - See below. • Privacy - Privacy determines who can view the event. Whether your calendar is public or private, there are times when you want other to see some or not all of the events. For example, if you have a public calendar, you may want the event to be shown (e.g., meeting). However, you may want to hide the items or deadlines that you entered on the calendar associated with event (e.g., send out invites or agenda). o Default allows you to set the events privacy to the same setting as the calendars privacy setting. o Private allows the event to be viewed by youStep 1 - Click on Create Event. and anyone else with whom you have sharedStep 2 - Using the Add Event input screen include: the calendar and have the permission setting to make changes to the events. For example, if a • What - Enter the name of the event or action. private event is placed on a public calendar, it can only be viewed by you and the other people • When - Enter the start date/time and end date/time. who have an administrative setting allowing • Where - Enter the location by general description or them to edit events. address. o Public allows anyone to see the event - even if • Calendar - Before hitting save, make sure that the the calendar itself is private. event is being added to the correct calendar. Step 3 - Editing Events. If you need to edit an event, • Description - Include a description of the event or simply double click on the event to open and edit the task. For example, for a meeting, include the agenda event. or action items to be discussed. ADDING EVENT - VIA G-MAIL • Attachment - Upload and attach a Google document (e.g., agenda) to the Event. People viewing the Event can then download the document. The document can be in any format supported by Google Documents such as Word, Excel Spreadsheet, PowerPoint, PDF and others. • Repeats - If this is a reoccurring event, you can make a single entry and create a reoccurring event selecting daily, weekly, monthly or annually. If you have a repeating event with different topics, you can create the event and then go back clicking edit on the edit shown on the calendar. This will allow You can also add events to your calendar via G-Mail. you to edit all of the reoccurring events, the future reoccurring events, or the specific event only. This Step 1 - Open E-Mail. 25
  • 49. Step 2 - Click on More Action Tab.Step 3 - Click on Create Event.Step 4 - Repeat actions described in Add Event - ViaGoogle Calendar above.SET GENERAL GOOGLE CALENDAR SETTINGSFor Google Calendar, there are four general settings: • General - The general settings relate to time zone, format and related items.Set "Automatically add invitations to my calendar:" to "No, only show invitations to which I have responded." • Calendar - The calendar settings include a list of For individual Google Calendars, there are three general calendars, notification settings and sharing for each settings: of your calendars covered below. • Mobile - The mobile settings allow you to enable • Calendar Details - Change "Auto-accept texting of daily agendas, reminders, etc. Enter your Invitations" to "Do not show invitations." cell number. Receive text. Enter code to enable • Share Calendar - Allows you to share calendar with texting. specific group of individuals. Set permissions to • Lab - The lab settings allow you to include add-on approved level. items to your calendar. Click enable or disable. • Notifications - Set when you want to be notified. If you select Daily Agenda, you receive a daily e-mailSET INDIVIDUAL CALENDAR SETTINGS with a list of the days scheduled events. CREATING REMINDERS/DAILY AGENDA FOR A CALENDAR To create reminders for an entire calendar, click on the Notifications tab. You can set up reminders (one or multiple) to send you an e-mail or pop-up at a designated interval prior to an event. You can create a daily agenda of all of the days events to be sent to you via e-mail. If you have opted to receive a daily agenda from more than one calendar, it will be sent in a single e-mail received at 5:00 a.m. each morning. 26
  • 50. Step 1 - Open calendar in Microsoft Outlook or other calendar program. Save file in an iCal format. Same approach can be used for importing Facebook event to your Google Calendar. Step 2 - Under Other Calendar / My Calendar list, click on Add. Select import Browse to located saved iCal file. Select the Google Calendar where the events are to be imported. Click Import.Here is an example of a Daily Agenda received via e-mail: EXPORT GOOGLE CALENDAR EVENT TO OTHER CALENDAR Step 1 - Go to Google Calendar Settings. Click on Calendar Details Tab. Scroll down to Private Address. Click on iCal. Step 2 - Click on URL.CREATING REMINDERS FOR AN EVENT Step 3 - Click open with Microsoft Outlook.In addition to setting default reminders for a calendar,you can override the default reminder for a specific eventby clicking on Options when creating an Event. Thesetting for the reminder for the Event will override thedefault setting for the Calendar.USING/SYNCING GOOGLE CALENDAR WITHOTHER CALENDAR PROGRAMSIMPORTING OTHER CALENDARS INTO AGOOGLE CALENDAR 27
  • 51. CONNECT TO GOOGLE CALENDAR VIA CELL PHONE Step 1- Open browser on cell phone to Calendar. Step 2 - Sign into Google Calendar. RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS VIA TEXT MESSAGING Step 1 - Go to general Google Calendar Settings. Go to Mobile SetUp tab. Step 2 - Enter cell telephone number to receive text message. Enter Google code from text message. Step 3 - Go to specific Google Calendars Notification page. Click on SMS to receive Daily Agenda. Repeat for each Google Calendar. CHECK YOUR GOOGLE CALENDAR VIA TEXT MESSAGING Step 1 - Enable texting messaging as described in Step 1 above. Step 2 - Send command to GVENT (48368): • nest - for next calendar event • day - for all events today • nday - for all events within next 24 hours SYNC GOOGLE CALENDAR WITH YOUR BLACKBERRY Step 1 - Point Blackberry browser to http://SYNC MICROSOFT OUTLOOK (Default File) AND Download Google Sync.GOOGLE CALENDARS (Primary File) Step 2 - Click menu button and select Get Link. ClickStep 1 - Download Google Sync Calendar download.file from Step 3 - On Blackberry Home Screen, click on GoogleGoogleCalendarSync_Installation.exe. Sync icon. Sign into Google. Click on Sync Now button.Step 2 - Run file. EMBED CALENDARStep 3 - Enter Google e-mail and password. Select 1-wayor 2-way sync. Select time intervals for updates.Note: Only the primary Google Google Calendars willsync. Secondard Google Calendars will not sync.MOBILE GOOGLE CALENDAR 28
  • 52. Strategy 3 - Google Calendar is a great tool for time blocking. Plan your sales calls, your prospecting activities, your marketing activities and other reoccurring events in a single spot. Strategy 4 - Google Calendar isnt a CRM product. However, it can be used to track things like listing tasks, closing tasks, etc. if you arent using a CRM product. Strategy 5 - Google Calendar is a good back-up system for proprietary calendar platforms. Reprinted by Permission of Ryan Shaughnessy / The Lafayette Report - All Rights Reserved (2010). GOOGLE TOOLS FOR REALTORS® SERIES - GOOGLE ALERTS USING GOOGLE ALERTS TO MANAGE YOUR ONLINE REPUTATION AND MORE In the second installment of the Google Tools forTo embed a calendar on your website or blog, take the REALTORS® Series, we will take a look at howfollowing steps: REALTORS® can effectively use Google Alerts in their real estate practice including such topics as:Step 1 - Go to Google Calendar Setting Page. Clickon Calendar Details Tab. Go to Embed this Calendar • Why Use Google Alertssection. • Setting Up Google AlertsStep 2 - Click on "Customize the color, size, andother options". Then select options such as calendars to • Google Alert Success Storiesinclude, size, color, etc. Click on Update HTML. • Non-Google Reputation Management ToolsStep 3 - Cut HTML code and paste into your website or WHY USE GOOGLE ALERTS?blog. Google Alerts allows you to create automated searches ofSTRATEGIES FOR USING CALENDAR diverse media such as blogs, images, video, groups, newsStrategy 1 - Google Calender is a great calendar for and the Internet based on simple keywords. The tool hascreating a dynamic calendar for your website, blog or many benefits:Facebook Fan Page. Change your Google Calendar andit automatically updates your website and blog. • Monitor Real Estate Trends (e.g. St. Louis Market Reports)Strategy 2 - Google Calendar is a great collaborationtool for groups or teams. The calendar is live with data • Competitor Research (e.g. Name of Agent orautomatically updated. There is no need to sync or e- Brokerage)mail calendars. • Tracking Upcoming Real Estate Events (e.g St. Louis REBar Camp) 29
  • 53. • Manage Online Reputation (e.g. Ryan Shaughnessy Step 3 - Review e-mailed alerts. or PREA Signature Realty) • Identify Misuse of Your Listings (1515 Lafayette or the Georgian) • Monitor Past Clients (e.g. Client A) • Use as Customer Service / Testimonial Tool (e.g. Ryan Shaughnessy or PREA Signature Realty) • Track Technology (e.g. Google Tools) • Track Government Information and Announcements (e.g. Missouri Real Estate Commission) • SEO Management (e.g. Step 4 - Manage alerts. If you are receiving too many or • Catch Copyright Infringement (e.g. Blog Titles) too few alerts, change your search terms for the alerts.HOW TO SET UP GOOGLE ALERTSStep 1 - Log into Google account. Go to: 2 - Enter the search information. KEYWORD SEARCH OPERATORS Not getting the right results? Use standard Google search • Search Terms: Use Narrow Keywords to Limit operands to narrow or refine your search: Search to Relevant Items • Type: Select the type of search - comprehensive, • Inclusive Search: AND - "Real Estate" AND image, video, blog, groups, news, internet or Technology comprehensive. • Alternate Search: OR - "Second Empire" or • How Often: Select period - immediate, daily, or "Federal" weekly, • Wild Card Search: "* with a mountain view" • E-Mail Length: # of returned search items - 20 • Specific Site Search: site:http:// mentions or 50 mentions. • Deliver to: Your preferred e-mail address. • Link: link: blogsview/1507292/google-tools-for-realtors- series-google-calendar GOOGLE ALERT SUCCESS STORIES Over the past 18 months, Google Alerts has been an invaluable tool. Here are some of the success stories: • Identified Competitor Copying and Pasting Market Report. • Discovered Long Forgotten Media Video Clip of One of Our Agents. 30
  • 54. • Discovered Misuse of Craigslist Posting by • Google Wave Tools Unlicensed Real Agent and by Rental Scam Artist. WHAT IS GOOGLE WAVE? • Discovered Problem with Trulia Feed Directing Leads to Competitors Website. Google Wave is currently available by invitation only. It is an interesting tool for communication, collaboration • Found Article on Past Client regarding New and the transfer and sharing of media. It is a hybrid Development Project. product that looks and feels like e-mail, text messaging, • Identified Buyer for Commercial Property. forum threads, wikis, social media and more - all in one. However, the best may be yet to come. Google Wave • Found Negative Comments regarding a is built on an open source platform which means that Development in Area. there will be competing products and a large amount • Identified End-User Subscribing to RSS Blog Feed. of extensions/tools/applications built around this new platform.NON-GOOGLE REPUTATION MANAGEMENTTOOLS GOOGLE WAVE 101 - TERMINOLOGYOddly, different alert services focus on different media What is a wave? A "wave" can best be described asand yield different search results. Here are some other a hybrid between conversation and document. Peopleservices: can communicate and work together with text, photos, videos, maps and more. A "wave" is shared meaning • that any invited participant can reply anywhere in the message, edit the content and add participants at • any point in the process. The playback feature creates • accountability and lets anyone rewind the wave to see • who contributed what and when. A wave is live. As a live document, there are faster conversations, you can seeReprinted by Permission of Ryan Shaughnessy / The edits as they happen and you can interact in real-time.Lafayette Report - All Rights Reserved (2010). GOOGLE WAVE 102 - BASIC FEATURES Google Wave has some interesting features as aGOOGLE TOOLS FOR communication and collaboration tool. Here are some of the highlights:REALTORS® SERIES -GOOGLE WAVE • SPLIT CONVERSATION INTO THREADS: E- mails are static and linear. That is, you send anUSING GOOGLE WAVE FOR COMMUNICATION, e-mail. You then receive a reply. When you areCOLLABORATION AND INTEGRATION "replying" to a wave (e.g. message), you can reply in the message itself creating a thread within theIn the third installment of the Google Tools for message or after the message similar to e-mail.REALTORS® Series, we will take a look at how For example, someone sends an agenda. Instead ofREALTORS® can effectively use Google Wave in their replying at the end, you can actually interlineatereal estate practice including such topics as: your comments within the agenda itself. The arrows below show where new threads can be inserted. It • What is Google Wave is similar to when you include the original e-mail • Google Wave 101 - Terminology and interlineate in the original e-mail questions, • Google Wave 102 - Basic Features comments or responses. • Suggested Uses for Google Wave 31
  • 55. • INSTANTANEOUS/SIMULTANEOUS CONVERSATIONS: Communication via Google Wave is in real-time. Althought it looks and feels like e-mail in some respects, it is more like text messaging. Two or more people can reply to the wave at the same time. The communication is live and can change even as your are reading the screen.• HIDE REPLIES: When the "wave" or replies generated by the "wave" are done, you can hide and/or delete replies to clean-up the conversation. • PLAYBACK FEATURE: Since you can add a You can also copy the completed "wave" into a new person at any time, the new participant can replay wave. the entire communication sequence by sequence from the creation of the wave through each contribution. You can see who wrote or added what and when. Here is a simple example showing the progression . There was an initial wave containing an invitation to speak. The second action was to add Don Rogers as a participant. The third action was Don Rogers acceptance of the invitation.• INVITE OTHERS TO THE COMMUNICATION: Communication via Google Wave can be 1-on-1 or you can invite a group to participate. Even after the conversation has started, you can add additional parties to the conversation. For example, the comments drift into another persons area of expertise or responsibility. You can add the additional person to the conversation by simply clicking a button or by dragging and dropping from the contact section of the Google Wave platform. 32
  • 56. • ATTACHMENTS: You can add attachments with a click of a button. • DOWNLOAD IMAGES: For photo sharing, Google Wave permits each participant to add photos, edit titles and download all of the photos. It is a nice and easy way to share photos. You no longer have to worry about e-mails being hung up or bounced back due to the size or resolution of the photos.• PRIVATE REPLIES: Within a "wave", you can reply to the wave which is visible to all participants or can reply privately to one or more participants. When you reply privately, the reply only appears on the "wave" of the parties to the private reply and not on the "wave" viewed by all participants. • GOOGLE SEARCH FEATURE: You can search within the Wave using Google and ad links. Click on G+ icon. Enter search terms. Add the serach results to the wave. Here is an example including a resource link into the invite to Don Rogers.• DRAG & DROP FEATURE: You can drag and drop other waves, photos, videos, links etc. into the wave. 33
  • 57. • LIVE CONCURRENT ONLINE EDITING: Google Wave allows users to edit each others messages, content and even replies. This allows for online editing and collaboration. • GADGETS: You can use Google Waves gadgets or import gadgets into your wave. Here are a few examples: o You can insert a Yes/No/Maybe feature for approvals, RSVPs, votes, etc. o You can insert a map. You can place pins for locations and can draw on the map.• SMART FEATURES: Google Wave has a series of built-in smart features. For example, you include a video link in the wave. It shows a light bulb. By clicking on the light bulb, you will then be given options such as show the video as a link or embed. SUGGESTED USES FOR GOOGLE WAVE Google Wave has great potential. However, converting the potential to actual use will require an expansion in the number of users, the addition of more extensions or 34
  • 58. applications and a learning curve as users adopt this tool integration tool. Although Google previewed a numberfor communication and collaboration. Here are just a few of extensions, gadgets and applications (see videoanticipated uses: below), the most intriguing use of Google Wave is the ability to embed a wave in your website or blog. After • SINGLE COMMUNICATION: Consolidate a wave is embedded, people can communicate with you information into a single living document. Use with in real time within the embedded in a blog - but directly customers to define housing criteria, map tours, to you via the Google Wave. That is, a post could be transmit and store documents, provide instructions, included in a wave and posted on multiple sites. The review closing documents and more. Instead of replies or comments received would then be aggregated. searching through dozens of e-mails, you have a This tool would give you a single access point to engage single communication thread which can be accessed others in discussions. Here is an example from Google by all members of your team - agent, transaction using their Bloggy prototype application showing a wave coordinator and clients. and then the embedded wave in a blog post: • TEAM COLLABORATION/EDITING: For teams, groups and organizations, you can take a single document and allow multiple parties to collaborate on a project in real-time. You can draft content, discuss items and solicit feedback all in one place. It eliminates the need for creating multiple copies that get out of sync. For example in the context of an organization, you could set a meeting and outline the agenda. Each participant could then add additional information, action items or documents to the agenda such as place, map to location, parking instructions, documents to be reviewed prior to the meeting and more. After the meeting, meeting notes or action items can be added and tasks disseminated Video Link: Google Wave Unveiled by Google at to others. Developer Conference • SHARE PHOTOS: Instead of e-mail photos back GOOGLE WAVE EXTENSIONS and forth, each participant can upload and share the Here are a few extensions being tested by Google and photos. Each participant can then download all of others: the photos. You can create a photo album easily online in minutes. • Bloggy: Bloggy is an extension that allows wave users to embed a wave live into a website or blog. • BRAINSTORMING: You can present an idea, Replies to the wave appear in the wave as well as concept or problem to a group. You can use Google on the website or blog. Wave to brainstorm ideas. You can add rich content like video, images, URLs, etc. to provide examples • Tweety: Tweety is an extension that allows you to or to clarify ideas and concepts. Google Wave can embed a Twitter feed into a wave. Tweety includes be used a virtual white board. a search box that allows you to include the Twitter user name and receive a streaming feed of TweetsGOOGLE WAVE TOOLS by the specified Twitter user.Google Wave has great potential as a collaboration tool • 6Rounds: 6Rounds has developed an interestingand as a communication tool. However, the gadgets application that allows users to communicate viaand applications developed using the platform offer live webcams. This isnt necessarily unusual, exceptan interesting glimpse as its possible use as an you can embed the video conference in a wave, 35
  • 59. watch a video or view a website together and allow GOOGLE BASE OFFERS COMPETITIVE others to then replay it. ADVANTAGES Here is an example of the power of Google Base. UsingIf you want to stay ahead of the curve and see GoogleWave extensions before they are launched by Google or the local MLS, a search of Lafayette Square shows 31 condominiums listed for sale. However, when you searchothers, apply for Google Wave Sandbox account. Click Google Maps using the same search parameters, therehere for the Google Wave API - Developer Page. are only 4 highlighted map pins. Google Base gives youReprinted by Permission of Ryan Shaughnessy / The a competitive advantage to agents who take the time toLafayette Report - All Rights Reserved (2010). directly feed their listings into Google Base. Here is the map from the MLS Search and from theGOOGLE TOOLS FOR Goolge Maps Search:REALTORS® SERIES -GOOGLE BASEUSE GOOGLE BASE TO MANAGE YOURLISTINGS ON GOOGLE MAPSIn the fourth installment of the Google Tools forREALTORS® Series, we will take a look at howREALTORS® can effectively use Google Base in theirreal estate practice including such topics as: MLS Search - 31 Listings for Condos for Sale • What is Google Base • Google Base Offers Competitive Advantages • Why Use Google Base • How to Feed Your Listings to Google Base • How to Create Your Google Base Listing Feed • How to Manage Your Google Base Listing Feed • Conflicting Feeds • How Google Base Displays Your Listings • Google Base Strategies Google Maps - 4 Listings for Condos for SaleWHAT IS GOOGLE BASE WHY USE GOOGLE BASEGoogle Base is an easy way to upload your onlineand offline content to the Internet. For REALTORS®, Google Base offer the following benefits:the importance of Google Base is to get your listingsdisplayed on Google Maps with the most current • EXPOSURE: As shown above, Google Baseinformation and to drive traffic to your website or blog. provide increased exposure to your listings onGoogle Base can be searched directly. More importantly, Google and Google Maps.listings entered into or fed to Google Base are more easily • CONTROL OF LISTING DATA: By uploadingfound in Google Maps and Google search results. directly to Google Base, you control your listing 36
  • 60. content and data. It will preempt duplicate feeds Step 2 - Create spreadsheet headers across from other services. the top of the spreadsheet matching the attributes used by Google Base: title, agent, • DIRECT CONSUMERS TO YOUR WEBSITE OR area, bathrooms, bedrooms, broker, description, BLOG: Although there are several other services expiration_date, feature, hoa_dues, id, image_link, that feed or allegedly feed to Google Base (e.g. link, listing_status, listing_type, location, lot_size, Trulia, Hotpads, Point2Agent, Postlets, Real Estate mls_listing_id, mls_name, open_house_date_range, Book, etc.), these feeds often direct consumers to price, price_type, property_type, provider_class, sites that include other competing listings. With publish_date, school, school_district, year and zoning. Google Base, you can direct consumers to your You can also create custom fields for other information website or to your blog, not to third party sources like: links to video, blog site or brochure download of the feed. Step 3 - Under each header, fill in your information. • DATA ACCURACY: By uploading directly to Note: Where a URL is specified, you have to use the Google Base, you control the accuracy of the data. actual URL as opposed to a hyperlink. If there is missing That is, price changes, open houses, etc. appear in information or information in an incorrect format, you hours as opposed to days or weeks. will receive a Google Base summarizing all required • MLS RESTRICTIONS: Some multiple listing changes. services feed listings to Google Base. However, Step 4 - Save the file as a tab delimited text file (.txt). the feeds are limited by the MLS regulations. For example, some multiple listing services prohibit self-promotion in the marketing comments or place restrictions on photographs or on branding of video and virtual tours. By uploading directly to Google Base, you can better brand your listing and can avoid MLS restrictions on content.HOW TO FEED YOUR LISTINGS TO GOOGLEBASEYou can submit listings to Google Base in three ways: • Upload via File Transfer Protocol • Upload via Third Party Service (e.g. Postlets, Step 5 - Register your data feed. Go to http:// Point2Agent, Hotpads, etc.) using the Google Base Click on New Data API Feed. Select the target country (United States) and type of feed (Housing) and type in the name of the file created • Directly Upload to Google Base above (PREAHousingFeed.txt). Click on Save Changes.As discuss above, this post only addresses how to uploadyour listings directly to Google Base.HOW TO CREATE YOUR GOOGLE BASE LISTINGFEEDStep 1 - Create a Microsoft Excel file. 37
  • 61. You can also click on Active Items to see each item by title included in the feed. You can also see the expirationStep 6 - Go to your Google Base Dashboard. Locate the date for each item and can track the # of impressions andfeed you just registered and click on Manual Upload. clicks.Click on Browse to locate the file. Click on Upload andProcess this File. By clicking on the item, you can also see the individual item as displayed on Google Base.Step 7 - Google Base will process your listing feed.Depending on the size of the file, it will take between 30minutes and 2 hours. If there are errors in the file content,you will receive an errors or exception report via e-mail.Simply, correct the errors and reload the file using thesteps above.Step 8 - Go to Google Maps. Search for your listings.Click on your files to verify that the information iscorrect.Step 9 - Repeat by uploading new file every 14 days CONFLICTING FEEDS(preferred is to upload daily). The first step for eliminating conflicting feeds is toHOW TO MANAGE YOUR GOOGLE BASE LISTING control where you send your listing information. ForFEED example, the MLS often allows you to opt-out of their feed (not advisable). However, even if there are moreFrom the Google Base Dashboard, you can see each of than one feed sent to Google Base, Google Base managesthe feeds submitted to Google Base. the conflicts process. When it receives the same listing from two or more sources, it automatically groups the separate listings into a single search result and then orders 38
  • 62. the search result by recency (ie. latest update has higher • Downloadable Brochures and Other Formspriority) and completeness (ie. update with the most data • Request for Showing Buttongets priority). • Lead Capture FormsHOW GOOGLE BASE DISPLAYS YOUR LISTINGS • Google Call Me ButtonBy creating a listing base feed, you expose your listingsto consumers in four primary ways: • Links to Your Other Listings in Area • Links to Your Market Reports • Google Search Results • Links to Your Local Neighborhood Reports • Google Base Search Results • Embeddable Real Estate Serach Engine • Google Map Results • Third Party Sites (e.g. Reprinted by Permission of Ryan Shaughnessy / The Lafayette Report - All Rights Reserved (2010).However, it is important when creating your Google Baselisting feed that you remember what will be seen on siteslike Google Maps. Often, it is only the lead image and the UPCOMING TRAININGfirst part of your marketing comments so plan out your EVENTScomments and photos with this in mind.GOOGLE BASE STRATEGIESGoogle Base gets you on Google Maps. Now, the keyis to then drive consumers to your website or blog. Onestrategy is to use the link in Google Base to direct peopleto a blog post on your ActiveRain blog. In the blog post,you can integrate such information as: • General Listing Information • Embedded Photo Slideshow • Embedded Video • Mortgage Information (including monthly payment information) • Tax/HOA Fee Information • Insurance/Utility/Service Information 39
  • 63. • PRESIDENT-ELECT • Carolyn Mantia • RE/MAX Results • • VP, MEMBERSHIP • Jillian Butler • Keller Williams Realty St. Louis • • SECRETARY2010 WCR METRO ST. LOUIS • Beale Luebben • Buyers Protection Group/ABA InspectionsGOVERNING BOARD • beale@bpgwi.comWCR METRO ST. LOUIS - MISSION STATEMENTWe are a network of successful REALTORS®empowering individuals to exercise their potential as • TREASURERentrepreneurs and industry leaders. • Vivian McBride • First American Title • vmcbride@firstam.com2010 WCR METRO ST. LOUIS OFFICERS • PRESIDENT • Elizabeth Robb • Robb Partners, Affiliate of Dielmann Sotheby’s International Realty • 40
  • 64. • Keller Williams Realty St. Louis2010 WCR METRO ST. LOUIS - STANDING • sharon@thewynningteam.comCOMMITTEES • BUDGET & FINANCE CHAIR • PROGRAMS & EDUCATION CHAIR • Danielle Bond • Liz Connolly • American Eagle Credit Union • INhanceIT! Home Staging • • • BY-LAWS/STANDING RULES CHAIR • WAYS & MEANS CHAIR • Jane Miller • Bob Sargent • Heartland Bank Mortgage • USA Mortgage • • • MEMBERSHIP CHAIR 2010 WCR METRO ST. LOUIS - SPECIAL • Brett Nelson COMMITTEES • Advantage Realty • AFFILIATE CHAIR • • Joan Tobin • Reverse Mortgages Specialist/USA Mortgage • • NOMINATING CHAIR • Past President Jean Ewell • Keller Williams Southwest • AUDIT CHAIR • • Mary Carter • RE/MAX Best Choice • • PAST PRESIDENT 1 • Jan Thomas • Dielmann Sotheby’s International Realty • AWARDS & RECOGNITION CHAIR • • Chris Woods • St. Louis Association of REALTORS® • • PAST PRESIDENT 2 • Sharon Wynn 41
  • 65. • CHAPTER EXCELLENCE CHAIR 2010 WCR METRO ST. LOUIS - TASK FORCES• President-Elect Carolyn Mantia • TECHNOLOGY TASK FORCE• RE/MAX Results • Ryan Shaughnessy• • PREA Signature Realty •• HOSPITALITY & RESERVATIONS CHAIR• Shelly Clark SUPPORT OUR WCR METRO• Cardinal Surveying & Mapping ST. LOUIS SPONSORS &• CONTRIBUTORS• LEADERSHIP CHAIR• Jane Martin• Coldwell Banker Gundaker-South County•• PARLIAMENTARIAN• Mary McBride• RealtyNET Mary McBride•• PUBLIC RELATIONS CHAIR• Michelle Silies• PREA Signature Realty•• SLAR LIAISON• Chris Woods• St. Louis Association of REALTORS®• 42
  • 66. 43
  • 67. • Earnings Equity between Male and Female Real THE GO 2 NETWORK FOR ST. LOUIS REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS... Estate Agents GET IT HERE, GET IT NOW • Flexible Work Schedules to Balance Work and The WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine is a monthly publication of Family the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Council of REALTORS®. For more information, visit the WCR-Metro • Development of Strong Support Systems for STL website at To submit an article or Women REALTORS® inquire about advertising opportunities, contact Michelle Silies at • Development of a Nationwide Referral Network • Recognition of the Achievements and Successes of WCR MembersPRESIDENTS MESSAGE Today, the Women’s Council of REALTORS® continues its commitment to cultural diversity. However, it isn’t just about gender, race or nationality. It is about providing a forum for our members to become better leaders, to develop their sales skills and to plan and grow their businesses.The Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Women’s In a recent Leadership Program exercise, the valueCouncil of REALTORS® proudly includes cultural of diversity was driven home to members of thediversity as one of its core values. In April, the Business 2010 Leadership Class. The exercise was simple butResource Meeting will focus on the strengths and revealing. Individual participants were presented with achallenges of cultural diversity and will outline some of hypothetical scenario (e.g. lost at sea in a life raft) andthe resources available to assist REALTORS® to better were then asked to allocate resources, prioritize actionserve these communities. and plot a course of action for survival and hopefulCultural diversity is an important source of strength for rescue. After the participants made their decisions asthe Women’s Council of REALTORS®. Historically, individuals, the individuals then met as a group andwomen had been excluded from professional repeated the exercise. The results were very revealing.organizations and lacked a strong platform for voicing The group exercise prompted discussion and debate andtheir unique concerns and views regarding the real refined the plan action. The result was a much better planestate industry. In November, 1938, 37 ambitious women of action that beat the scores given to the individual plansrepresenting nine states met to form the Women’s of action, proving diverse input betters the output.Council of REALTORS®. From an organizational standpoint, cultural diversity isSince its inception, the Women’s Council of important for the same reason. Cultural diversity allowsREALTORS® has been at the forefront championing for the sharing of diverse opinions and approaches. Oursuch issues as: chapter leadership understands the importance of the diversity of ideas and approaches. For this reason, we 1
  • 68. are the focusing on the expansion of our membership to WCR MISSION – We are a network of successfulinclude a diverse base such as: REALTORS® empowering women to exercise their potential as entrepreneurs and industry leaders. • REALTORS® from Different Brokerages WCR VISION - Through our influence as successful • Affiliates from a wide range of Real Estate Related business professionals, women will effect positive Industries change in the profession and in the broader community. • Members from St. Louis City, St. Louis County and If you have personal Mission and Vision Statements, read Jefferson County them today to see if you are living up to your powerful • Member REALTORS® who sell new construction potential. If you haven’t yet written Mission and Vision and existing homes in all styles Statements, do so. They can be your guide in the midst of life’s frustrations and challenges. • Members with Diverse Backgrounds In the context of WCR’s Mission and Vision, we wereThe reason for this approach is simple. A diverse fortunate to have had a month of powerful business andmembership is important because it leads to leadership training. From the outstanding Technologycompeting ideas and better results at the organizational Panel brought to us at our March Business Resourcelevel. Equally important, it also creates a strong and Meeting, to the St. Louis Women in the Boardroomactive referral network. So this month, I challenge Event, to the empowering WCR National Leadershipour members to recruit someone outside of their Skills Workshop in Chicago, to our own WCR Liveorganization and invite them to become members of the —The St. Louis Broker Conference Call: PortraitsMetropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Women’s Council in Leadership featuring our chapter’s 2010 Presidentof REALTORS® and to discover why we are the “Go 2 Elizabeth Robb, we had the opportunity to learn a greatNetwork for St. Louis Real Estate Professionals.” deal from our leaders, each other and other industry professionals.Elizabeth Robb, WCR Metro St. Louis President The good news is that it doesn’t stop there! April brings even more opportunities to learn and networkEDITORS NOTES with the WCR Missouri State Meeting in Springfield, the Missouri State Jamboree at the Lake of the Ozarks, our Business Resource Meeting focusing on St. Louis Diversity, our WCR Live—The St. Louis Broker Conference Call: Communication Styles featuring our chapter’s 2010 President-Elect Carolyn Mantia (don’t miss it on April 8th) and the continued planning of ourEDITORS NOTES: May 19th Urban Bus Tour.Welcome to the March 2010 edition of the WCR Metro As our WCR Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter has justSt. Louis E-Zine. We are off to an exciting and evolving received the Gold Mega Chapter Award in Chapteryear so far both in our Real Estate Market and our Excellence, we all have much to appreciate and celebrate.Metro St. Louis Chapter of the Women’s Council of Appreciate by participating in our chapter’s activities,REALTORS®. As we head into a new quarter and the opportunities and leadership. Celebrate by bringingbeautiful Spring season, we need to stop and reflect on others into our outstanding REALTOR® organization.our purpose and potential, not only as an organization but Wishing you the best of success in 2010!also as business professionals. Take a moment to read ourWCR Mission and Vision Statements: Michelle Silies, 2010 Public Relations Chair “The Women’s Council of REALTORS® has afforded me an opportunity to connect with an incredibly 2
  • 69. professional group of individuals that promotes we are expanding our photographic coverage. Memberseducation, leadership and professional development, and Elena Collins and Mary Ann Manion have volunteerednetworking relationships. I have learned so much from to take and edit photographs at WCR events. Theseour programs and speakers. It’s virtually impossible not photographs will be uploaded to the WCR Metro grow and become a better professional when you are Louis Facebook Fan Page. If you would like a copyaround this group! My favorite thing about being part of of any photograph for your personal use or wouldour Metro St. Louis chapter is the membership interaction like to submit one of your own, please e-mail me atand the way our members build each other up instead constantly competing. This group of professionalswill not only teach you what they know, but will alsocheer you on, celebrate your success and support you A WORD FROM OUR E-ZINEwhenever you are in need. You just couldn’t ask for a SPONSORbetter organization to devote your time to while workingto improve yourself and your business!”– Michelle Silies/PREA Signature RealtyREMINDERS:DELIVERY METHODS –We have expanded our mediaformats to include an audio version (MP3) of the WCR In the 24 years that I have worked for InvestorsMetro St. Louis E-Zine. The audio version is powered by Title Company, many things about our business Current methods of delivery include e-mail, changed. Some changes have been for the better; somedownload from WCR-Metro STL website, RSS feeds and changes have made our business more MP3 downloads. If you are a member and did not The availability of technology has certainly increasedreceive a copy of the January or February editions, please the accuracy and improved the appearance of closinge-mail me at documents and made it possible to make changes more quickly, when necessary, at the closing table. Likewise,MEMBER CONTRIBUTIONS – We encourage all title and property information is easier to obtain. Thesemembers to make their mark on the WCR Metro St. advances for our industry have come later than for realLouis E-Zine. It can be as simple as posting a photo, estate agents and lenders, but a good deal of progress hassuggesting a topic, submitting a website review, etc. been made in recent years and they have made a positiveor as complicated as submitting a full-length article on difference for us and the clients we serve. On the othersubstantive subjects ranging from RESPA to the CVC hand, transactions are harder and more time consumingand more. Member contributors receive a FREE box to close because of increased documentation, shorteradvertisement in the WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine as time frames, and more complicated funding procedures.our thanks for your contribution. The next deadline Likewise, new challenges have arisen as a result of toughfor member submissions is April 15, 2010. To submit economic times and new regulations (new HUD-1, GFE,an article, photograph, etc., please send it to me at TIL, short sales). All of this puts added pressure not on title company closers, but also on real estate agentsADVERTISMENTS – It isnt too late to take advantage and lenders, and are business realities with which weof the 10 ad insertions for $100.00 promotion. Brand have all had to deal.yourself and expose your service or product to over Perhaps in the future, the technology will reach a point1000 REALTORS® per month. For a limited time, that will enable a title company closer with a minimumwe will even create your advertisement. For more of experience to successfully close a transaction eveninformation, contact Mary Carter at given the increasing demands and expectations of the realPHOTOGRAPHS – In addition to the inclusion of estate industry. Until that time there will continue to besubstantive articles in the WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine, no magic about getting a deal closed. It is hard work and 3
  • 70. the people that do closings need training, knowledge, andsupport. Title companies, like agents and lenders, have to CHAPTER RECEIVES GOLDjuggle many different tasks and get a number of people AWARD FOR EXCELLENCEto work together to make a deal happen even when thosepeople do not want to cooperate. In the end, getting a Congratulations to the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapterclosing done properly, especially a difficult one, requires of the Womens Council of REALTORS® for winningflexibility, problem solving, patience, and a willingness the Gold Award in the Mega Chapter category. Theto help. Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter has received this award for five straight years. In addition to the MetropolitanDo the closer and title company you work with exhibit St. Louis Chapters receipt of the Gold Award, the St.these qualities? I feel it is so important for your business Charles Chapter also received this award.that they do. Why work with someone who does notcare about you, your clients, or your business? Why Each chapter is judged based on its annual business plantake a chance working with someone who may not be with points given for such items as:competent or who works for a title company whose • Chapter Charter Datestrength and stability you are not sure of? • Chapter Members as of March 31The moral of the story is, be wary of title companies whodo not know your business. Be wary of title companies • New Chapter Members - November 1 thru Octoberwho do not know their business. Closings are going to get 31more difficult in the future, not easier and no technology • Existing Member Renewal Ratewill change that. • Quarterly NewsletterInvestors Title Company has been training closers, titleexaminers, support staff, and closing deals for 38 years, • Meeting Remindersand, while I realize I am biased, I truly feel that our • Association Executives as WCR National Memberspeople are the best in the business and I am very proud ofthem and the commitment they have to our company and • Website or Facebook Fan Page with Missionespecially to our clients. If you are currently one of our Statementcustomers, thank you. If not, examine the level of service • Website Links to National, State andyou and your clients are getting. Ask questions about Local REALTOR® Associationsyour title company’s strength and financial soundness. • Chapter Featured in Non-WCR Published NewsInquire as to the experience of the title and closing Articlespersonnel and whether there is an attorney on staff thatthey or you or your clients can go to for help and support. • WCR Members as Directors of REALTOR®These questions are more important than ever to get good Associationsanswers to. I think you would be happy with the answers • Meetings Scheduled and Announced Prior toyou get from Investors Title Company. January 15 • Entrepreneur of Year Nomination and Award Forms Submitted by December 1 • Programs in Targeted Performance Areas • Joint Meetings with Other REALTOR® Associations • Scholarship Funds for Non-Office Holding National Members to Attend WCR Educational Events 4
  • 71. • Next Years Officers Reported to WCR by performance training courses are taught by recognized November 1 experts on topics that are driving the marketplace. • Balanced Budget Why earn the Performance Management Network Designation? By becoming a PMN Designee, • 6 Governing Board Meetings per Year agents show their clients that they are committed to • New Member Orientation Meetings ongoing education and professional excellence, and • Chapter Implementation of "Task to Ask" Program show their colleagues that they understand and value the importance of a powerful network of business • Funding Budget for Officers to Attend WCR connections. National Meetings The requirements for receiving the designation include: • Officer Attendance at WCR State and National Meetings • Completion of Three Performance Management • Member Attendance at WCR Summitt Network Courses: * Effective Negotiating for Real Estate Professionals * Networking & Referral • % of Members who Hold PMN Designation Systems * The Business of Your Business: People, • Chapter Sponsored PMN Courses Planning, Money & Management * Harnessing the Power of Skills-Based Performance Management.For the 2010 Chapter Excellence Awards, it is important For one of three required classes, you can substituteto have growth in the areas of total members, new one of the following courses: * At Home withmembers, attendance at national and state meetings and Diversity / AHWD * e-PRO * Resort & Second-recipients of the PMN designation. If you are interested Home Property Specialist / RSPS * Short Sales andin assisting in any of these areas, please contact Elizabeth Foreclosures Resource / SFR.Robb at • Proof of closed referral transactions over a 24 month period totaling 30 points as follows: * To/fromPMN DESIGNATION another national WCR member = 10 points each * To/from a non-WCR REALTOR®** = 5 pointsRECIPIENTS ANNOUNCED each * From a client = 2 points each. For more information on the PMN designation, visit: to Jean Ewell on her receiving thePMN Designation! The Performance ManagementNetwork (PMN) REALTOR® designation is offeredby the Womens Council of REALTORS® andfocuses on business development skills includingnegotiation, networking, time management and more.The PMN designation is designed to develop the real-world skills, the know-how and the tools that willkeep REALTORS® businesses out front and on topof an ever-evolving market. The PMNs professional 5
  • 72. * Integrate video into your marketing channels such as2010 TECHNOLOGY PANEL, MLS, Facebook and YouTube. * Use a professional videographer. DON ROGERS / 2007 PRESIDENT ST. CHARLES COUNTY ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® * Focus on topics that generate traffic such as school information, neighborhood summaries, market reports and information that consumer can use. * Develop your own voice. Mix personal and professional topics. * Post articles on a regular and consistent basis. * Develop a theme. * Dont worry... just do it. RYAN SHAUGHNESSY / PREA SIGNATURE REALTY * Use to share file. Use as link or embed. * Use to create online forms for lead capture. Use as link or embed.Wells Fargo Home Mortgage continued its support of * Use to create presentation from .pdfs,the Womens Council of REALTORS® on both the word documents and more. Use as link or embed.national and local levels by sponsoring the 2010 WCRTechnology Panel. Karen Alexander from Wells Fargo * Use Google Alerts to monitor online reputation, trackHome Mortgage outlined the mortgage services and trends or research programs offered by Wells Fargo to * Use Google Base to place your listings on Google MapsSt. Louis REALTORS. and to control the reference link on Google Maps.The 2010 WCR Technology Panel addressed such topics If you missed this presentation, several of the panelistsphoto blogs, video tours, blogging, productivity tools and with be speaking at Business Resource Meeting of thetech gadgets. If you missed the panel, here are some of St. Charles County Chapter of the Womens Council ofthe tips offered by tech panel: REALTORS® on July 8, 2010. In addition, if you haveMICHAEL ALLEN/PRESERVATION RESEARCH unanswered questions for the panelists, the panelists haveOFFICE offered to provide advice and assistance as a follow- up to the tech program. Send your tech questions to* Prepare your subject. and the panelists will* Edit the photographs. either respond to your question directly or, if appropriate, include additional information answering the question in* Develop a theme. an upcoming article in the WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine.* Select the right blogging platform.DARIN WOOD/FILM THAT HOUSE* Select the right equipment.* Turn-off the sound. Use voiceovers. 6
  • 73. Skills, Planning and Delivering an Effective MeetingAPRIL BRM - CULTURAL and Conflict Management Strategies.DIVERSITYThe next Business Resource Meeting is set for April 1,2010, and will feature a discussion with Kate Howelland Kelly Moore of the International Institute St. Louis.The International Institute assists local refugees andimmigrants to relocate to the United States, to gaingreater language skills and to break down cultural andother barrier, to locate and qualify for employment andto assimilate into their new communities in St. Louis. The Leadership Skills Training Workshop is designed toMs. Howell and Ms. More will discuss the ethnic prepare individuals to take themselves, their volunteercommunities of St. Louis and some of the services participation and their businesses to the next level.available to them. They will also discuss some of the Presentations and facilitators of the workshop included:ways in which REALTORS® can better serve thesecommunities. For more information on the services Preparing to Lead. Faith Reid, 2010 President-Elect ofprovide by the International Institute visit: the Georgia State WCR Chapter, focused on the learning This Business Resource Meeting is sponsored by Insight objectives of identifying leadership styles, managingTitle Company. conflict, using electronic communications tools and social media, and creating an effective bio as well as the importance of a good bio.2010 WCR LEADERSHIP DAY Meeting & Time Management. Margret Roberts, 2006 President of the New York State WCR Chapter, focused on the learning objectives of meeting management tips, organizing and leading a productive meeting, common meeting issues and solutions, and Parliamentary Procedure as a tool.2010 Leadership Program Class Attends National WCR Positioning Yourself for Success. Elizabeth Mendenhall,Leadership Skills Training Workshop 2010 President of the Missouri Association of REALTORS®, focused on the learning objectives ofOn March 19th, the WCR-Metro STLs 2010 Leadership creating/building upon your personal brand, finding aSeries Class and Class Facilitators attended the mentor/coach, employing press releases and articlesNational WCRs Leadership Skills Training Workshop effectively, thinking strategically through planning,at the Marriott Downtown Michigan Avenue in getting involved in the industry and the community andChicago. Held in conjunction with The New Rules understanding the benefits of social networking.of Real Estate summit, this dynamic day-longleadership skills event included training, practice Speaking & Presentation Skills. Becky Hill, 2009and take-away tools in the important leadership National WCR President, focused on employing tipsareas of Leadership Essentials, Public Speaking and techniques when in the spotlight-especially as a spokesperson, using protocol at meetings and events 7
  • 74. correctly and confidently and finding local resources to and improve your ability to network. There is alsopractice public speaking. the opportunity for Leadership Series graduates to move into Facilitator positions the following year. TheThe Leadership Skills Training Workshop also counts as goal of the program is to assist its participants ina course credit toward Womens Councils Performance developing and honing their leadership skills and toManagement Network Designation (PMN). The provide encouragement to move into leadership positionsPerformance Management Network is a REALTOR® at the local, state and national levels in our REALTOR®designation built from the ground up to develop the real- organizations and in community skills, the know-how and the tools that will keepREALTORS® businesses out front and on top of an If you are interested in applying for WCR-Metro STLsevolving market. The PMNs professional performance 2011 Leadership Program, get involved today and gettraining courses are taught by recognized experts on your applications in early for next years class. Thetopics that are driving the marketplace. Why earn the deadline for 2011 applications is October 30, 2010.Performance Management Network Designation? By Please contact The Leadership Series Chair and foundingbecoming a PMN Designee, youll show your clients that member JANE MARTIN at toyou are committed to ongoing education and professional learn more about the requirements and opportunities ofexcellence, and youll show your colleagues that you this outstanding program. Reprinted by Permission ofunderstand and value the importance of a powerful Michelle Silies / Smart Moves - St. Louis Real Estatenetwork of business connections. Enhance your career. News: Your Guide to Urban Living - All Rights ReservedGrow your business. Expand your sphere of influence. (2010).For more information regarding the PMN designation,requirements and classes, visit IS THE LEADERSHIP SERIES?In 2009, the St. Louis Metropolitan Chapter of theWomens Council of REALTORS® launched a three-year program identified as The Leadership Series. Eachyears Leadership Series has four facilitators and eightparticipants. The purpose of the program is to provideyet another benefit to our members and further developstrong leaders for our organization and community.Completion of The Leadership Series requires a blend ofcoursework, assigned readings outside of class sessionsand a planned discussion of those materials during classsessions. There are also team projects on which to workduring the year and optional programs to attend suchas the Leadership Skills Training Workshop, St. LouisWomen in the Boardroom and more. The sessions areheld in various locations around St. Louis to allowparticipants to meet and experience leaders of women-led businesses and community leaders speaking onimproving leadership skills. The Leadership Series alsoprovides a fun-filled group trip to Chicago to the WCRNational Summit on Leadership.Being a participant in The Leadership Series requiresa commitment to learn and hone your leadership style,enhance your career, expand your sphere of influence 8
  • 75. In addition to discussing the mechanics of board service,WOMEN IN THE the panel gave some insightful tips on how companiesBOARDROOM and organizations can effectively use board such as: • Choose board members who offer expertise. • Choose the best, most qualified person to serve. • Use advisory boards to obtain expertise or information and to brainstorm ideas. The panel also discussed the power of board service, including stories and anecdotes such as:On March 9, 2010, the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter • How business generation is often based on twoand the St. Charles Chapter of the Women’s Council degrees of separation and how board service canof REALTORS®, along with other local and national increase your visibility, expand your network andorganizations, sponsored the St. Louis 2010 Women in give you the access necessary to develop newthe Boardroom Event at the Hyatt Regency St. Louis business.Riverfront. Women in the Boardroom, formerly known • The power associated with board service includingas Women on Boards, is an executive leadership event the expansion of your network and the leveragingdesigned to assist in the preparation of board service the contacts and network of others who serve on- better qualifying and connecting individuals with the boards with you.right people and the right resources. The event featuredan informative panel discussion of local women • The business benefits derived from board servicebusiness leaders Beryl Raff (Chairman & CEO of such as visibility and access.Helzberg Diamonds), Gina Galgano Hoagland (Presidentof Collaborative Strategies, Inc.) and Laura Herring The panel also provided some useful information to(President & CEO of IMPACT Group). The event people who are asked to serve:concluded with a networking, hors doeuvres and cocktail • Before agreeing to serve on a board, the prospectivehour. board member should identify what expertise theyThe panel addressed such issues as: can offer to the company or organization. • The types of boards, including service on public • Before agreeing to serve, a prospective board company, private company and non-profit boards of member should verify the existence of D&O directors. liability insurance, should determine the financial status of the company or organization and should • The use of advisory boards as a research, clearly understand the time commitment, voting brainstorming and support tools for your company rights and fiduciary duties and responsibilities or organization. associated with board service. The prospective • Questions that any prospective board member board member should also ask whether the company should ask before agreeing to serve on a board. or organization provides board orientation or training for new board members. • The benefits and responsibilities of board service. • Before agreeing to serve, a prospective board • Steps to take if you are interested in serving on a member should determine whether the mission and board. vision of the company or organization is consistent with their interests, passion and core values. 9
  • 76. • Before agreeing to serve, a prospective board Other Resources: member should research the company or organization as well as corporate officers and other • board members. • • Prospective board members should be prepared and • ready to give their time and resources and should commit to performing their duties from attendance • to participation to getting others involved and more. • • Prospective board members should volunteer, work • hard on their committees and bring in others to make • a difference to the company or organization. • • Prospective board members should assess the needs of the company or organization and should be • prepared to assist the company or organization • by sharing their expertise, personal insights and network and contacts. • • www.womenbusinessresearch.orgIf you are interested in serving on a board for a public,private or non-profit company or organization, the panel • www.nacdonline.orgoffered the following suggestions: • • Prepare your bio for board service noting experience • in serving on boards, expertise or insights that you can offer or contribute, and clearly articulated personal success stories. WCR LIVE - LEADERSHIP • Use resources like to find organizations looking for board members and volunteers. • Leverage your network by letting your network know that you are interested in serving on a board. • Don’t be afraid to ask for the position if you are THIS MONTHS SHOW - LEADERSHP WITH WCR interested in serving on a board. PRESIDENT ELIZABETH ROBB • Find a mentor or coach who can assist you in In this episode of WCR LIVE-THE ST. LOUIS locating board positions and can prepare you for BROKER CONFERENCE CALL, hosts Michelle Silies leadership on a board. and Klaus Bank discussed portraits in leadership with 2010 WCR President Elizabeth Robb. The episode • Obtain training on how to serve on boards. included a discussion of such topics as identifyingIf you are interested in contributing your time and leaders, leadership styles, building your team, delegatingexpertise to the Women’s Council of REALTORS®, tasks, demanding accountability and more. You can listenstart today by contacting 2010 WCR-Metro STL to this archived show or subscribe to this and futurePresident Elizabeth Robb at podcasts at learn more about committee assignments currently NEXT MONTHS SHOW - COMMUNICATIONavailable and future leadership opportunities. STYLES WITH WCR PRESIDENT ELECT CAROLYN MANTIA 10
  • 77. In this episode of WCR LIVE-THE ST. LOUISBROKER CONFERENCE CALL, hosts Michelle Silies THE URBAN BUS TOUR -and Klaus Bank will discuss communication styles MAY 19, 2010including such topics as identifying the communicationstyles of one’s broker, other agents and their customers,insights on the use of the new social media as acommunication tool and more with this months guestCarolyn Mantia, 2010 President-Elect of WCR-MetroSt. Louis and 2009 SLAR Broker of the Year. You canlisten to this show live on April 8, 2010, at 12:00 noon.Listeners can also pose questions by calling into theshow at (347) 843-4711 or via the shows chat room listen to archived show or to obtain more informationon upcoming shows, visit: Our next fundraising event is the Urban Bus Tour on May 19, 2010. The tour will focus on the historic Lafayette Square neighborhood as well as the new Georgian Square community. We are pleased to announce that the tour will include: • During the bus ride, a photo tour of Lafayette Square presented by historic preservationist Michael Allen. • A tour of the Saint Louis Palladium, an event venue in the City Hospital complex that is home to local caterer Butlers Pantry, which will include 11
  • 78. a champagne toast to start the evening. GILDED • Stephanie Oliver/Dielmann Sothebys International AGE Developer Chris Goodson will also provide Realty - a brief overview of the proposed restaurant, retail • Mark Warren/ABA Inspection - center and restaurant, experimental garden and urban market planned as a part of Phase 2 of the City Hospital Project. • Eric Meyer/Weiss and Associates - • Stops at several of the historic and new construction homes in or near Lafayette Square. The location of • Steve Arenz/Arenz Pest Control the stops will be finalized and announced. - • Food and refreshments provided by Insight Title. • Dale Wier/Coldwell Banker Gundaker - • Transportation sponsored/provided by Assured Title Company. UPDATE YOUR MEMBER PROFILE TODAYSeating is limited and we expect a sell-out so we For all members, we encourage you to take the timesuggest that you purchase your tickets early. For ticket to update your contact information and professionalinformation, contact Bob Sargent at BSargent@USA- profile. Your contact information and profile is used by others to make referrals nationwide. Here are the steps:WCR MEMBERSHIP - NEW Step 1 - Go to the Womens Council of REALTORS® website - Log in to your account andMEMBER INTRODUCTION then click on Member Center.WELCOME NEW & RENEWING MEMBERSWe would like to introduce our new and renewingmembers of the Womens Council of REALTORS®: Step 2 - Enter the changes to your Member Profile. • Mark Lohmann/Frontier Mortgage – • Jennifer Harris/Insight Title – • Holly Walker/Delmar Gardens - • Nate Johnson/Real Estate Solutions – 12
  • 79. continue to invite their colleagues and customers to join the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Council of REALTORS®. We are looking to grow our membership this year with a renewed focus on the WCR mission of developing industry leaders and assisting REALTORS® to grow their business in 2010 and beyond. With the recent decline in agent license renewals, it is never more important than today to actively recruit new members. For more information on WCR membership, contact Jill Butler at 3 - Click on Save/Post Changes.For more information on how to update your memberprofile, go to download the WCR Member Guide - MemberExpertise Profile Presentation. 2010 REALTOR NATIONWIDE OPEN HOUSEWCR MEMBERSHIP DRIVE - APRIL 10 & 11The 2010 Membership Drive ends this month. However, Many of our WCR members will be holding their listingsrecruiting new REALTOR® and affiliate members is open on April 10 and 11, 2010 as a part of the 2010a neverending process. We will announce the results REALTOR® Nationwide Open House. This is a greatof the 2010 Membership Drive next month. However, opportunity for first-time home buyers and others in theeven with the end of the 2010 Membership Drive, market for the purchase of a home to see a multitudewe encourage our members to spread the word and of homes available for sale in a single weekend. The 13
  • 80. tax credit wont be extended and eligible purchasersmust have their homes under contract no later thanApril 30, 2010. For WCR members participating in thisprogram, post your open house dates and times on theWCR LinkedIn Group and WCR Facebook Fan Pagefor inclusion in a map of area properties listed by WCRmembers that are participating in this event.IS NOW THE TIME TO BUY? THE QUESTION - TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY Recently, a first-time home buyer asked "Is now • Interest Rates: The average interest rate the time to buy my first home?" Well, there is for a fixed 30 year loan dipped below no simple answer to this complex question. Real 5% in 2009 and is now at historic lows. estate professionals arent necessarily the best Since 2000, interest rates have declined equipped to predict future economic conditions. from over 8% to below 5%. In practical However, real estate professionals do monitor terms, this means that purchasers can afford current trends as well as historical trends in local, more home for the same monthly payment. regional, and national real estate markets. For example, a purchaser today who NATIONAL TRENDS INDICATE THAT THE borrows $200,000 at a fixed 30 year interest TIME TO BUY IS NOW rate of 5% would pay a monthly payment of $1073. In contrast, a purchaser who Presently, there are three key national trends borrowed $200,0000 in 2000 at a fixed 30 which provide support for the position that now year interest rate of 8% would have paid is the time to buy: a monthly payment of $1467. Or stated • Housing Affordability Index: The National differently, todays purchaser can obtain a Association of Home Builders recently $200,000 loan at the same monthly cost as released its Housing Opportunity Index what a purchaser in 2000 would have paid which showed that 72.3% of all new for $165,000 loan. and existing homes homes sold in the second quarter of 2009 were affordable to families earning the national median income of $64,000 using standard underwriting criteria. Compared to 2008, this represents a strong positive change from 55% in the second quarter of 2008 to 72.3% in the second quarter of 2008. 14
  • 81. • $200,000 Loan - Monthly Payment $1073 - 7.5 Mortgage Payments • National Median Prices: Since 2006, the national median priceshave declined. In With favorable pricing, historically low interest 2009, national median prices appear to rates, and the federal tax credit, I can only have stabilized with a slight increase in the conclude that NOW is the time to buy for the second quarter of 2009. Now, there is no average first-time home buyer. guarantee that prices will rise in 2010 and All Rights Reserved - PREA Signature Realty beyond. However, it does appear that prices (2010). This content may not be reproduced or have stabilized and may show a modest reprinted. increase in 2010. WHY USING A REALTOR MATTERS? MLS STILL BEST SOURCE FOR NEW HOME SEARCHES USE OF INTERNET WEBSITES AS A HOME SEARCH TOOL With the rise of the Internet, there are now hundreds of websites that offer consumers the ability to search for homes online. According to NAR and other surveys, over 90% of purchasers use the Internet to assist them in searching for a new home. In the 2008 NAR Survey of Buyers and Sellers, the survey found that purchasers used the THE $8,000 FEDERAL FIRST-TIME HOME Internet reported using the following sites:BUYER TAX CREDITThe $8,000 federal tax credit for the purchase of • 60% Local Multiple Listing Service Sitesnew homes by first-time home buyer represents • 48% Realtor.coma unique opportunity. It is especially attractivefor young professionals and recent graduates. • 46% Real Estate Brokerage Sites Depending on the loan amount, the tax credit • 43% Real Estate Agent Sitescould be used to pay between 7 to 20 monthly loan • 19% For Sale by Owner Sitespayments for the typical first-time home buyer. Here are some examples: • 11% Local Newspaper Sites • $75,000 Loan- Monthly Payment $403 - 20 QUANTITY AND QUALITY OF LISTING Mortgage Payments INFORMATION VARIES BY SITE • $100,000 Loan - Monthly Payment $536 - 15 As purchasers increasingly use the Internet to Mortgage Payments search for homes, we decided to take a look at some of the search portals commonly used by • $150,000 Loan - Monthly Payment $806 - 10 purchasers in our area. The results indicate Mortgage Payments 15
  • 82. that not all real estate search engines or search To test our theory, we entered the same searchportals are created equally. The quantity (ie. # of into MARIS (the local MLS for metropolitanlistings) and quality (ie. accuracy of information) St. Louis),, (thevaries greatly from site to site. Often, quantity and search portal for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch),quality issues depend on how the sites obtain their, and Yahoo Real Estate.listing information. It varies from site to site and The search was simply for any residential homeincludes: or condo in the 63104. Here were the results based solely on the number • Paid Placements of listing available on each site: • Feeds from Other Sites • Direct Entry by Owner or AgentAs a result of how the sites are updated and whenthey are updated, it is common to find wrong,inaccurate or dated information on real estatesearch engine or portal sites (ie. aggregatorsites). Common problems include: • Inaccurate # of Bedrooms/Bathrooms/ Sq.Footage • Wrong Location on Maps • Inaccurate or Dated Pricing Information • Wrong Status Reports (pending or even sold)WHERE SHOULD PURCHASERS SEARCHFOR HOMES?Given the problems with real estate searchengines and portals described above, we posedthe question: WHERE SHOULD PURCHASERSLOOK FOR THE BEST DATA ON HOMESLISTED FOR SALE? Our answer is: GODIRECTLY TO THE SOURCE.If you are a serious buyer, want accurate andcomplete information, and dont want to wastetime, I would strongly suggest that you use aREALTOR with MLS access. Why? The simpleanswer is that the MLS provides real-time data,is more accurate in terms of its data, and is morecomprehensive for geographic specific locations. It is also an equal playing field - meaning thatsearch results are based on your criteria and notbased on paid placements.A SIMPLE TEST - SEARCHING FOR HOMESAND CONDOS IN 63104 16
  • 83. o Zillow failed to include in its search 14% of available listings in the search area (28 listings). • Paid sites like were of limited utility and reflect the decline in classified advertising generally. The StLToday site failed to include in its search 65% of available listings in the search area (135 listings). For consumers, you are seeing limited listings. The good news for agents is that your listing are more likely to be seen because there are fewer listings.Here were some simple conclusions based onquantity alone: • When you consider that this test was for a single zip code in the St. Louis metropolitan • The MLS had the most listings. Given area, the conclusion is that for broader that the MLS uses real-time data, it isnt searches you are missing hundreds of surprising that it is the most comprehensive listings that may meet your criteria and not source for data on homes and condos listed be show on sites that require paid placement for sale. or on sites that are aggregators as opposed to originators of listings. • was a close second. The difference between the results for • If you were searching specifically for and for the local MLS appeared condos, the differences were even more to be attributable to new listings within the dramatic. past 48 hours. The difference could also be brokerages or individual owners opting out All Rights Reserved - PREA Signature Realty of the listing feed from MLS to (2010). This content may not be reproduced or reprinted. • Aggregator sites such as Trulia, Zillow, and Yahoo Real Estate fared poorly by comparison. From 10% to 40% of the STOP ANNOYING YOUR available MLS listings werent shown on FACEBOOK CONNECTIONS these sites. There sites, in theory, should exceed the MLS with the inclusion of For WITH LISTING UPDATES Sale by Owner listings and REO listings. However, they not only didnt exceed the MLS in terms of the number of listings; The Marketing Machine - Annoying your they didnt even match the MLS in terms of Friends, Family and Other Members of Your available listings. Here is how the fared: Social Network o Trulia failed to include in its search Social networking sites such as Facebook can 40% of available listings in the search be great tools for keeping in touch with area (83 listings). members of your sphere of influence. Keeping o Yahoo failed to include in its search your friends and family informed of your 10% of available listings in the search professional interests is an appropriate use of area (21 listings). social networking sites. However, there is a fine line between sharing your professional insights 17
  • 84. and experiences on social networking sites and reprintedwithout express written permission ofusing social networking sites as an advertising PREA Signature Realty.and marketing machine. For those new tosocial networking sites, it is easy to take thewrong approach to social networking by blasting AGENT SAFETY IS NOyour listing information repeatedly to your ACCIDENTconnections. As real estate professionals, we often show vacant homes or work with new customers that we do not personally know. As a result, there are inherent risks associated with our jobs. Every year, there are news stories regarding assaults and other crimes against real estate agents. To read a few of these stories, visit: news.htm. In September, 2008, NAR sponsored its annual Realtor Safety Week. Over a month has passed since this event and I ask the following question: Have you reviewed your personal safetyUse Widget to Place Your procedures to ensure that you dont become aListings on Your Facebook Profile crime victim?For Facebook users, there is now a simplesolution. Use the listing widget provided by theNational Association of Realtors and Realtor.comto place your listings on your Facebook profile. Here are the steps:Step 1 - Go to 2 - Click on "Add My Listings.Step 3 - Log on to your Facebook account. Safety Tip #1 - Know Who You Are Dealing With When You Have New Clients or Customers:Step 4 - Enter your MLS provider and user name. Every real estate brokerage will have aStep 5 - Click on "Add to Profile" or "Update different safety policy or procedure. HereListings." are some common practices: (1) Meet new customers at your office. (2) Use a customerIn a few simple steps, you are able to automate the identification form or photocopy their driversaddition of your listings to your Facebook profile. license. Record the customers license number Given the number of Realtors who I am and auto description. (3) Verify the customersconnected to on Facebook who arent using this identity. Sometimes, it is simply confirmingfeature, I thought I would post this this short how- that their name matches their telephone numberto post to get them motivated. Five easy steps to or home address. If you are suspicious ofget your listings on Facebook without annoying a person, check their name against the sexyour friends, family and even colleagues. offenders database. Here are some links toAll Rights Reserved - PREA Signature Realty such databases: City of St. Louis, St. Louis(2010). This content may not be reproduced or County, State of Missouri, St. Clair County (IL), 18
  • 85. State of Illinois, and other private databases such routes. (3) Call the office or a buddy hourly oras at other regular intervals. (4) Keep your keys and cell phone with you. (5) Park where youSafety Tip #2 - Tell Someone: Before showing can get out quickly. (6) Make sure all deadbolta property or conducting a tour tell someone - locks are unlocked to facilitate a faster escape.who, what, where and when. That is, contact Double check the backyard to make sure you canthe office to tell someone who you are meetingwith, where you are going, when you are meeting, get past the fence if necessary. (7) When leaving the property, secure the house and check all win-etc. Call in before the tour. Call out when dows and doors. (8) Avoid attics, basementsyou complete the tour or a portion of the tour. and getting trapped in small rooms. Always let Knowing where you are and when and where prospective clients lead the way into rooms, whileyou will be next is important so that we can track you stay close to the door. (9) Remind sellersthe events and notify the police in the event of an to put valuables in a safe, secure place. (10)emergency. By calling in, this helps us help you. Do not leave your briefcase, purse or laptop Provide your office manager with an itnerary sitting on a counter. Remember, that nice lookingform so your office can track your whereabouts if couple could actually have other motives besidesan emergency arises. seeing the property. Thieves often work in teams; while one is keeping you occupied, the other is stealing whatever they can. (11) Be aware of suspicious behavior and your surroundings. Report suspicious behavior to your office or to the police. (12) Place one of your business cards, with the date and time on the back, and place it in a kitchen drawer in the display.Safety Tip #3 - Keep Your Keys and CellPhone within Reach: Your keys and cell phonecan be used as deterrents to avoiding a crimeand for summoning police. First, programyour emergency numbers into speed dial. Thesenumbers should include 911, emergency roadservice, your office, your Sales Associate buddy Safety Tip #5 - When in Doubt, Use the Distressand your family numbers. Second, keep your cell Code: Set up a pre-arranged distress codephone fully charged. Third, carry your cell phone with your office or buddy. The distress code iswith you at all times. Get a holster and make it a important because it allows you to communicatepart of your apparel, or keep it in your hand at you need for assistance to your office or buddyall times. Your greatest source of help is your cell without alerting your customer. You may findphone. If you keep your cell phone in a purse or yourself in a situation where you think youbriefcase, it may not be available when you need might need help and you can use the phone,it most. Fourth, call the office on a regular basis but the person you are with can overhear theto let know where you are. Use your car key fob conversation and you do not want to alert him orto activate your car alarm, flash lights, etc. her. When in doubt, use the distress code.Safety Tip #4- Conduct a Safe Open House: Herea few suggestions for a safe open house: (1) Dontadvertise a listing as vacant. (2) Establish escape 19
  • 86. Safety Tip #8 - Dress for Success and Safety: Your image is important so dress professionally. However, dress for safety as well. Expensive jewelry can make you a target. We recom- mend that you save the flashy jewelry for formal occasions. Criminals will scout real estate representatives and homes for jewelry, laptopSafety Tip #6 - Dont Make Personal Marketing computers and items that are easy to sell, so dontToo Personal: Giving out too much of the flash the cash or wear diamonds when you arewrong information can make you a target. in the office or on the road. Dont wear shoesConcentrate on your professional proficiency that will hamper your ability to move quickly ifrather than personal information in newspapers, necessary.resumes, on business cards and websites. Becareful how much personal information you giveverbally as well. "Getting to know your client"does not need to include personal informationabout your children, where you live and whoyou live with. Be guarded with your personalinformation. Avoid using glamour shots in yourpersonal marketing - your personal safety istoo important. Criminals have been known tocircle photographs of their would-be victims in Safety Tip #9 - Danger is Not Always Easy tonewspaper advertisements and home magazines. Identify: Trust you instincts. Gut feelings...These victims were targeted because of their hesitation... unexplained fear... apprehension.appearance in the photograph. These are signals that something isnt right. Listen to your intuition. Safety experts agree that it is best to assume that your instincts are right and to take the necessary precautions. Do not be so anxious for a sale that you ignore your own intuition in the heat of the moment. Use these same instincts before you give out your phone number or address, and especially before getting in the car with a new client (not aSafety Tip #7- Use the Buddy System: Every recommended practice).agent should have a buddy or use a virtual buddysystem. Call your "buddy" when you start and enda showing. If you feel uneasy about a showingrequest, bring the your buddy along. There issafety in numbers. Safety Tip #10 - Practice Car Safety: Always have your keys with you. Keep car doors locked at all 20
  • 87. times. Park in a well-lit area. Dont get blocked from the danger and call for help. Try to findin. Beware of dead-end streets. Use separate a discreet way of removing yourself from thecars. When you are alone, the first thing you situation, such as saying you need to step outsideshould do when you get into your car is lock the to make a phone call and then not going backdoors. Be observant when approaching your car, inside. If an attack does occur, stay as calmlooking underneath and in the back seat before as possible. Think rationally and evaluate youryou get in. You spend a lot of time in your car. options. There is no one right way to respond to aThis, in itself, exposes you to a greater likelihood confrontation because each situation is different.of running out of gas, a mechanical failure or The response depends on the circumstances:an accident. Make sure you have a fully charged location of the attack, your personal resources,cell phone, tools, blankets, flares, first aid kit and the characteristics of the assailant and the pres-warm clothes in the trunk of your car. Secure ence of weapons. There are many strategies thatvaluables out of sight. are effective, but you must rely on your own judgment to choose the best one.Safety Tip #11 - Be a Follower, Not aLeader: When you show a house or unit by Safety Tip #13 - Use Personal Safety Equipment:yourself, avoid entering the room first. It is In addition to your cell phone and keys, considertoo easy to be cornered or trapped in a room, the use of other personal safety equipment suchbasement or attic. Have your client go ahead of as whistles, personal alarms, pepper sprays, andyou. You can flee more easily if you get a bad call back or check in services.feeling about the situation. When you show ahouse or unit, be aware of possible escape routes In conclusion, personal safety is no accident.and leave all doors open and unlocked. Review your personal safety procedures. Watch the NAR safety video: Safety Video. It is a dangerous world out there - be smart and stay safe. All Rights Reserved - PREA Signature Realty (2009). This content may not be reproduced or reprinted without express written permission of PREA Signature Realty. LEGISLATIVE UPDATE -Safety Tip #12 - Have a Defensive Plan -Fight or Flight? Its not pleasant to think HISTORIC TAX CREDITabout, but even the most safety-conscious real PROGRAMS UNDER SEIGEestate professionals might find themselves in adangerous situation. If this happens, rememberthat the primary goal in any incident is to escape 21
  • 88. The Missouri General Assembly has several proposals federal historic rehab tax credit projects completedthat would reduce the effectiveness of the Missouri in fiscal year 2007.Historic Tax Credit Program or, worse, eliminate • First in the nation with 174 preliminary applicationsit. If you are a REALTOR® serving or selling in approved in fiscal year 2007.the historic neighborhoods of the City of St. Louis,Missouri, the Missouri Historic Tax Credit has been an The Historic Tax Credit generates more tax revenue thanextremely important tool for financing the construction it costs. For every $4 spent on direct construction costsand rehabilitation of historic buildings. With changes for approved projects, a $1 credit is issued by the Statein the credit markets, the importance of the Missouri of Missouri. For each $1 tax credit issued, over $1.50 isHistoric Tax Credit Program as a financing tool for generated in new state and local tax revenue. (Rutgersconstruction projects has increased (not increased). University Study) According to the Rutgers study, theCURRENT LEGISLATIVE PROPOSALS states average investment in historic preservation tax credits helps stimulate:Here are some of the current legislative proposals: • $346 million in annual expenditures for the • SB 895: Amendments to SB895 would eliminate rehabilitation of historic buildings both the Missouri Historic Tax Credit Program and Missouri Low Income Tax Credit Program. • $660 million in annual expenditures by tourists exploring the states cultural resources • HB 2399: HB 2399 caps all tax credits, except for the senior citizens property tax credit and the • $5 million in annual investments related to the homestead preservation tax credit to an amount states Main Street Program equal to 70% of the aggregate tax credits redeemed in fiscal year 2009. The same study calculated the indirect impacts of those expenditures on Missouris economy including:REVIEW OF CURRENT HISTORIC TAX CREDITPROGRAM AND ITS ECONOMIC IMPACT • $582 million in income generatedGiven the current economic crisis, it simply doesnt make • $917 in gross state productany financial sense to make changes to a successful tax • $111 million in state and local taxescredit program that has increased the local tax roils,has generated jobs and has a proven track record ofpreserving historic buildings and creating high payingconstruction jobs. Here are some of the facts: TheHistoric Tax Credit program serves as a model for the MISSOURI JOBScountry. Missouri has become a leader in generating The Missouri Historic Tax Credit Program has createdjobs with historic preservation as a direct result of the over over 40,000 jobs since its inception in 1998.Missouri Historic Tax Credit Program. The Wall Street (Rypkema Report 2008) These jobs are high payingJournal described the Missouri Historic Tax Credit as the construction jobs. Capping the Historic Tax Credit will"best in the nation." (Wall Street Journal) damage our communities. Missouri has made greatBecause of the availability of the Missouri Historic Tax progress in revitalizing its downtowns and main streets.Credits, Missouri ranks: However, the proposals if passed will damage the progress made in recent years and make it extremely • First in the nation with 189 federal historic rehab difficult to both start and complete projects associated tax credit projects successfully completed in fiscal with historic buildings where the construction costs year 2007. exceed the likely return on post-construction sales. • First in the nation with almost $535 million in DOWNTOWN REVITALIZATION up-front investment in labor and materials for the 22
  • 89. The Rypkema Report described the impact on Downtown anchor neighborhoods. However, 66% of the tax creditsSt. Louis as follows: "Downtown St. Louis had issued went to project under $500,000, which means thatexperienced decades of decline and departure. But these projects involved small projects including singleover the last ten years there has been a dramatic family homes. The program has had a balanced approachchange. Over $4 billion has been invested, 90 new in terms of number of urban, suburban and rural projectsretail businesses have opened, 2500 new hotel rooms and is available to families renovating single familyhave been created and 5000 new residents now call homes as well as developers of large anchor projects.Downtown St. Louis home. There has certainly been This issue is simply too important not to be addressedsizeable investment in new construction, including the by REALTORS® who are on the front lines and see first$387 million stadium and a $220 million Federal hand the impact that the Missouri Historic Tax Creditcourthouse. But the vast majority of the projects and Program has had on the revitalization and stabilizationnearly half of the total investment dollars have gone of the neighborhoods in which we live and work. Beforeinto the rehabilitation of historic buildings. In fact, it is too late, get informed and speak out on legislativenearly 100 vacant or abandoned historic buildings issues - especially proposals that will negatively impacthave been rehabilitated into hotels, offices, apartment the communities we serve.buildings, retail facilities and condominiums. Just the15 largest historic preservation projects represent private INTERESTED IN SEEING THE HISTORIC TAXinvestment of over $1 billion. As someone whose CREDIT PROGRAM IN ACTION? Join us May 19thprimary professional focus is downtowns, Ive reached for WCR-Metro STLs URBAN BUS TOURhighlightingthe conclusion that St. Louis is the biggest turnaround Lafayette Square and surrounding areas and visitstory of American downtowns. And it has done so by several projects financed by tax increment financingutilizing its historic assets." (Rypkema Report 2008) and historic tax credits and several city neighborhoods that have benefited from the Missouri Historic TaxBROAD IMPACT - AREAS SERVED, USERS AND Credit Program. For more information on the MissouriPROJECT TYPES Historic Tax Credit Program and what you canAlthough the St. Louis area has benefited from do to support it, contact Ryan Shaughnessy atthis program as described above, St. Louis isnt only beneficiary of the Missouri HistoricTax Credit Program. The following communitieshave had buildings rehabilitated and preserved WARRANTY ELEPHANTas a part of the program: Arcadia, Boonville, FOR TRACKINGButler, California, Carthage, Chesterfield, Chillicothe,Clarksville, Columbia, Danville, Excelsior, Farmington, WARRANTY DEADLINESFlorissant, Fulton, Hannibal, Hartsburg, Hermann,Independence, Jefferson City, Joplin, Kansas City, KingCity, Kirkwood, Lexington, Manchester, Maplewood, is a great website designed forNeosho, Nevada, New Haven, New Melle, North Kansas storing and organizing warranty information. For newCity, Osceola, Pilot Grove, Rocheport, St. Charles, St. home construction or custom homes, you often have a tonJoseph, St. Louis, Ste. Genevieve, Sedalia, Springfield, of warranty booklets and product information scatteredTrenton, University City, Wellston, West Plains and about your clients new home. After moving in, theWildwood. This program has had a broad impact on purchaser often has additional work done which mayand has served as a catalyst for revitalization in urban, have a warranty associated with the work. Warrantysuburban and rural areas. Elephant allows you to organize and store warranty information in a single location.Similarly, it isnt just a corporate welfare program. 11%of the tax credits issued went to projects with constructionexpenditures over $5 million which are projects that 23
  • 90. With Warranty Elephant, you enter the warrantyinformation such as purchase information, serialnumbers, date of purchase, warranty contact information,expiration dates, etc. into their database and can uploadup to two files - photographs, warranty registrationcards, proof of purchase, invoices, etc. so you neverhave to worry about searching for warranty information.Warranty Elephant then sends you regular e-mail alertsat periodic intervals prior to the warranty expiration datesuch as 6 months, 1 month and 1 week before yourwarranty expires.Warranty Elephant insures that you client never misses awarranty deadline or warranty expiration date. If you arein new home sales or custom home building, WarrantyElephant is another way to add value to a transaction andto assist your customer by making future warranty claimseasy to handle with no missed deadlines.SUPPORT OUR WCRADVERTISERS 24
  • 91. Excellence. Our chapter is proud to receive this award THE GO 2 NETWORK FOR ST. LOUIS REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS... and credits this success to Past President Jean Ewell and GET IT HERE, GET IT NOW her leadership team for their outstanding leadership in The WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine is a monthly publication of 2009. The 2009 Leadership Team energized our chapter the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Council of with its highly successful educational programming and REALTORS®. For more information, visit the WCR-Metro networking events, such as: STL website at To submit an article or * 2009 "You Got Questions... We Got Answers" Series inquire about advertising opportunities, contact Michelle Silies at * 2009 Leadership Series * Joint HBA/WCR Business Resource MeetingPRESIDENTS MESSAGE * Joint St. Louis/St. Charles Business Resource Meeting with 2009 National WCR President Becky Hill * 2009 WCR St. Louis Expo & Fashion Show In 2009, we were also proud to expand our educational programming with attendance of more than 1000 St. Louis real estate professionals. This award coupled with the increased attendance at our educational programs is a tribute to the 2009 Leadership Teams focus on member value.WCR METROPOLITAN ST. LOUIS CHAPTER 2010 MEMBER RETENTION AWARDRECEIVES RECOGNITION Our Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter also received the2009 GOLD AWARD FOR CHAPTER EXCELLENCE Womens Council of REALTORS® 2010 Member Retention Award in the Mega Chapter Categoryr. TheOur local chapter has much to celebrate. At the recent 2010 Member Retention Award is awarded by theWomens Council of REALTORS® Mid-Year Meeting National Womens Council of REALTORS® to the localin Washington DC, held in conjunction with the National WCR Chapters with the highest membership retentionAssociation of REALTORS® Mid-Year Meeting, our rate. Our chapter had a renewal rate of 81% of ourchapter was honored for 2009 Chapter Excellence by previous years membership. The national average isreceiving the highest award, Gold Award for Chapter 65%. Our chapter was one of only 3 chapters to 1
  • 92. be recognized in the Mega Chapter category. The THIS MONTHS WCR LIVE EPISODE -2009 Leadership Team energized the chapter with its "INNOVATORS EMBRACING CHANGE" (MAY 13,educational programming and networking events, and 2010)these efforts carried over to our successful membership In this months WCR LIVE episode, guest host Ryandrive. Shaughnessy discussed innovation and the need to2010 WELLS FARGO "INSPIRE EDUCATE embrace change with featured guest Steve RosenbaumENABLE" AWARD - Business/Marketing Consultant and Host of the Home Energy Solutions Showon ESPN Radio in Austin, Texas.Our Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter was also awarded Discussion topics included:the Wells Fargo "Inspire Educate Enable" Award.This annual award is given by the National Womens * Developing the qualities all great innovators share.Council of REALTORS® to local chapters that * Embracing change and using technology to market anddeliver superior educational programs and innovative sell homes.leadership training to its members. The award sponsoredby Wells Fargo also included a $1,500 prize for * Creative brainstorming.educational programming for 2010. Again, this success * How to find new solutions to old attributable to our 2009 Leadership Team as wellas the 2010 Leadership Team and their dedication in * How to create a business culture of innovation.developing outstanding educational programs, leadership If you missed this episode, be sure to listen to thetraining and networking opportunties. archived show at EDUCATIONAL TRAINING EVENTS In addition, guest Steve Rosenbaum also is offering listeners a free copy of his book The Big Bad HouseNEXT BUSINESS RESOURCE MEETING Sale. You can download it at "BOOMERS AND BEYOND..." (JUNE 3, 2010) wcrliveNext months Business Resource Meeting will feature TUNE IN TO NEXT MONTHS WCR LIVE EPISODEan informative panel presentation entitled "Boomers - "SALES TRAINING INSIGHT" (JUNE 10, 2010)and Beyond...". This presentation will focus on thereality that as the American population ages, real In Junes WCR LIVE episode, hosts Michelle Silies andestate agents must revise their strategy in servicing the Klaus Bank will discuss sales training with featured guestunique needs of todays senior market. Panelists Liz Steve Hoffacker - Business Consultant, National SalesConnolly of INhance It! Home Staging, Andrea Lenzen Speaker and Author. Topics to be discussed include:of Prudential Alliance REALTORS® and Stephanie * Qualifying buyers.Cassidy of Structures Services, LLC will address issues * Asking the right questionssuch as: * Presenting the property and yourself in the "best light".* Tailoring listing presentations to seniors. * Tips and techniques for closing the sale.* Assisting seniors with the transition into a new phaseof home ownership. This episode will air 12:00 noon on June 10, 2010. Listeners can listen to live streaming audio,* Assisting seniors in downsizing. receive the shows via a RSS feed, download* Advising seniors in preparing their homes for sale/ the show as a podcast MP3 file or listen to* Understanding unique needs of seniors, including the archived shows at of universal design. Listeners are encouraged to pose questions or comments by calling into the show at (347) 843-4711 or viaWe hope you join us for this dynamic and informative the shows chat room at! WCRLive. 2
  • 93. The leadership of the Womens Council of REALTORS® of information in multiple formats to our local WCRis always looking for new ideas for programming, articles chapters and members.and more to better serve our membership. If you have a * Provide additional technology and other tools forsuggestion for a future panel or article, please send me an download and use by our local WCR chapters ande-mail at members.2010 President Elizabeth Robb * Generate additional income streams by offering website banner and other advertising and sponsorshipNEW MISSOURI WCR-MO opportunities.WEBSITE LAUNCHED B. BRIEF OVERVIEW OF THE NEW WEBSITE. When completed, the website will serve as a tool for the dissemination of information and tools to local WCR chapters and members. Here are some of the elements of the site: * Home Page - Quick Links to Websites of Interest, WCR Announcements, Photo Gallery and Interactive Local Chapter Map. * Presidents Message - Periodic Messages from 2010THE MISSOURI WOMENS COUNCIL OF WCR President Barbara Keathley.REALTORS® LAUNCHES NEW WEBSITE * Our Mission - A Brief Summary of the the Mission,WCRMO.ORG Vision and Core Values of the Womens Council ofThe Missouri Chapter of the Womens Council REALTORS®.of REALTORS®launched its new website * Events & Meetings - Periodic or The new website regarding Upcoming Meetings and Events, Syncableoffers expanded coverage of national, state and local Google Calendar for Sharing with Local WCR Chapter,WCR chapter events. It also includes expanded resources Download Center for Event/Meeting Flyers, Registrationfor chapter leadership teams and members. Forms and Announcements regarding UpcomingA. NEW WEBSITE LAUNCHED. Sponsorship Opportunities.The Leadership Team at the Missouri Chapter of the * Membership Center - WCR Membership ApplicationWomens Council of REALTORS® recently set out to and Renewal Links, Are Your Ready? Video, Summaryimprove the state chapter website. Before the Missouri of Membership Benefits, and Membership Statistics.Chapter made its decision to create a new website the * WCR Testimonials - National Video, LocalMissouri Chapter sat down to evaluate the needs of local Testimonials and Link to Form for Submission of VideoWCR Chapters and members. The Missouri Chapter and Written Testimonials.identified its primary website needs as follows: * State Leadership - Contact Information for* Create a low-cost, high value website. WCR Missouri Board Members.* Increase the functionality of the website to allow the * State Committees - Contact Information forinclusion of other media including video, audio and more. WCR Missouri Committee Chairs.* Select a platform that was easy to use and maintain. * Local Chapters - Interactive Chapter Locator Map,* Increase the transparency of the organization by Chapter Contact Information, Chapterusing the website as the platform for the dissemination * Updates/Announcements - Chapter Event Announcements & Photo Gallery (coming soon). 3
  • 94. * WCR Awards - Acknowledgment of State, Chapter and EDUCATIONAL EVENTMember Award Winners. The Missouri Womens Council of REALTORS®In addition to these pages, the Missouri Chapter added will be sponsoring a seminar entitled "Get Off thetwo additional pages of interest to WCR members: Fence, Get a Home" with instruction Pat Zaby from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on June 15, 2010,* Technology - Monthly Technology Tips and Links to at the Hilton Frontenac. The seminar is approvedSites of Interest. by the MREC for 3.0 of elective CE credit. Early* Chapter Assistance - This page includes information registration through June 1, 2010, is $25. Registrationon non-profit management tools and resources for use by after June 1, 2010, is $35. For more information,local chapter leaders. visit:* WCR Cares - This page includes information on AssetMgmt/Education/Pat%20Zaby%20Get%20Offhealthy living tools and resources for use by local WCR %20the%20Fence%20June%202010.pdf.members. FUNDRAISER/NETWORKING EVENTSpecial thanks to WCR Missouri President Barbara for On the evening of June 15, 2010, the Missouri Womensnegotiating a deal with Point2Agent to serve not only Council of REALTORS® will be hosting a fundraiseras the platform for the new website at no cost to WCR and networking event entitled "WCR Nite of Mystery"members and to the Technology Task Force of the including: (1) Blind Wine Tasting, (2) Mystery Auction,Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter for their assistance in and (3) Mystery Kiss. For more information, vist thebringing this project to completion. WCR-MO website at We hope that our local chapter members will turnout forUPCOMING STATE these three events to show other REALTORS® why the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter is the Go 2 Network forMEETING - NOMINATION St. Louis Real Estate Professionals.OF OFFICERS AND MORE 2011 WCR-STL NOMINATING COMMITTEEELECTION OF STATE OFFICERSOn June 15, 2010, the Missouri Womens Council ofREALTORS® will be coming to town for its JuneBusiness Meeting at the Hilton Frontenac starting at9:00 a.m. The June Business Meeting will include 2011 WCR-STL OFFICER NOMINATIONS SOUGHTthe nomination of WCR members for election as The Nominating Committee is currently solicitingstate officers. The WCR-MO Nominating Committee nominations for 2011 WCR-STL Officer as well aswill announce a slate of candidates for state office. recommendations for 2011 WCR-STL Comittee Chairs.Nominations will also be solicited from the floor. It is WCR members can nominate another person or nominateanticipated that one or more of our chapter members will themselves. Officer position include: President-Elect,be included in the slate of candidates and/or nominated Vice President-Membership, Secretary and Treasurer.for the floor. It is important that there is a strong turn-out at this meeting to support our local chapter members The Nominating Committee will interview the nomineesnominated for election. and then recommend a slate of candidates. Nomination 4
  • 95. sheets will again be distributed at the June Business for our parents, for us personally, or with clients onResource Meeting. For more information on the a professional basis. With Boomers comprising overnominating process or to suggest a candidate, 26.2% of the total U.S. population, this is a program thatcontact Jean Ewell, Nominating Committee Chair, at shouldnt be For more information on the program, download the June Business Resource Meeting Flyer from our website atNEXT MONTHS BRM - To make a reservation, contact Shelly Clark at"BOOMERS AND BEYOND..." In addition, dont miss the June issue of the WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine. The June issue for focus on the senior housing market and will discuss aging in place inspections, trends in senior housing, reverse mortgages and other loan products, and more.Next months Business Resource Meeting will feature MAY BRM - TOP PRODUCERan informative and enlightening presentation entitled PANEL"Boomers and Beyond..." and will focus on the realitythat as the American population ages, real estate agentsneed to fine tune their game plans to service the uniqueneeds of todays senior market.Panelists include:* Liz Connolly, Owner of INhance IT! Home Staging* Andrea Lenzen, Broker Salesperson at PrudentialAlliance, REALTORS® This months program featured our chapters annual "TOP* Stephanie Cassidy, Broker Salesperson at Structures PRODUCER PANEL - Top St. Louis Agents share aServices, LLC wealth of knowledge and insight!"The panelists will share their advice and expertise on such Panelists Kay Bova (Bova Realty), Janet Judd (RE/topics as: MAX Properties West), Dawn Krause (Keller Williams* Tailoring your listing presentation to seniors Southwest), Laura MacDonald (Coldwell Banker* Assisting seniors as they transition into a new phase of Gundaker) and Kristi Monschein (Prudential Alliance,home ownership REALTORS®) provided an informative and inspiring presentation on topcis such as:* Assisting seniors as the downsize * Opportunities and Challenges in the 2010 Market* Assisting seniors prepare their home for sale * Reaching Your Target Market * Lead Generation and Referrals* Understanding unique needs of seniors, including theconcept of universal design * Winning Listing PresentationsWe hope you will join us for this dynamic and * Personal Brandinginformative program! We all experience senior housing * Busienss Planningrelated issues at some point in our life - whether 5
  • 96. Whether you are a new or experienced agent, our discussion of the usee of historic tax credits in urbanBusiness Resource Meetings offer great tips and insights redevelopment.on how to manage and grow your business. We hope to * A tour of Vail Place Townhomes &see you at our next Business Resource Meeting on June 3. Condominiums (1912 Park Avenue, Lafayette Square) - Duffe Nuernberger Realty hosted the tour of this elegant new-construction development overlooking statuesque Lafayette Square Plaza.URBAN BUS TOUR - MAY 19 * A tour of The Mississippi Bluffs Townhomes (5200 South Broadway, Historic Carondelet) - Developer tour of new-construction townhomes perched on the cliffs of the Mississippi River and overlooking the developments unique patio area--the base of a Civil War shot tower built into the cliff (one of the only three known to exist in St. Louis). * A tour ofMississippi Place Townhomes (1618 Mississippi Avenue, Lafayette Square) - PREA Signature Realty hosted the tour of this 3-story new-construction2010 URBAN BUS TOUR Victorian townhome and Carriage House condominium development overlooking Lafayette Park.WCR-Metro STLs May 19th 2010 Urban Bus Tourproved to be a fantastic evening of touring beautiful urban Special thanks to Assured Title for the tour bussettings, wine and food, and discovering the lifestyle, sponsorship, Insight Title for the wine & appetizerhistory and redevelopment of some of St. Louis most gathering, Carolyn Willmore of the Lafayette Parkhistoric urban neighborhoods. This years tour focused on Conservancy for the historical presentation and to ourthe historic Lafayette Square neighborhood, as well as the historic and new development sponsors for the tours andnew Georgian Square community and The Mississippi refreshments - Gilded Age, Duffe Nuernberger Realty,Bluffs in Carondelet. The tour included: Mississippi Bluffs, and PREA Signature Realty.* Wine and appetizer gathering at Lafayette Parks If you missed the tour and would like to see some of thehistoric Park House and Gazebo for a presentation properties visited on the tour, go to our Facebook Fanby Carolyn Willmore (local architectural historian and Page - - and watchLafayette Park Conservancy member) on the history of the Videos located on Left Column of the Wall Page.Lafayette Square and its Lafayette Park, a stunning 172- 2010 MAN AUCTIONyear-old 30 acre Victorian park. WCR-Metro STLs next fun-filled fundraising event is* Bus tour around Lafayette Park highlighting historic the 2010 Man Auction on July 15th at the Jive &homes of distinct Victorian architecture - Second Empire, Wail Dueling Pianos in Maplewood (7376 ManchesterQueen Anne, Romanesque and Italianate. Road). The auction event is runs from 6 pm to 8* A tour of Palladium St. Louis, an exciting event venue pm with dueling pianos from 8 pm on. Ticket pricesin the City Hospital Development complex that is home are $25 for general seating and $45 for VIP local caterer Butlers Pantry. Gilded Age Developer There will be complimentary beer, wine, wells andChris Goodson provided a brief overview of the proposed food buffet generously sponsored by affiliate members,restaurant, retail center, fitness facility, experimental as well as drink specials. The theme of the eveninggarden and urban market planned as a part of Phase 2 is "10" with there being 10 top auction men, as wellof the City Hospital Development Project, as well as a as silent auction men and other great items. The men to be auctioned include: a sketch painted by artist Jim Boland, a Limo night out with Bob Sargent, a two- 6
  • 97. night stay at Innsbrook compliments of Drew Luning, Keathley. Ms. Keathley discussed opportunities at themotorcycle lessons and a ride on the back of a Harley state chapter level and the path that she took to becomefor the MAR poker run in September, a car detailing state president. Ms. Keathley provided a slide show photopackage, a complete dinner cooked on a day of your presentation on various events at the state level.choice, golf lessons and dinner afterwards with Mark 2010 MAR PRESIDENT ELIZABETHMihal, a Casino Night with hotel/spa package from MENDENHALL: The final speaker was ElizabethHamid Hamarrah, and much more. Mendenhall. Ms. Mendenhall enlightened theSeating is limited and sell-out attendance is expected, so participants to how many local associations are inwe suggest that you purchase your tickets early. For ticket Missouri and how St. Louis and Kansas City have theinformation, contact Bob Sargent at BSargent@USA- majority of members in the state. Elizabeth the structure of these organizations and invited the Leadership Series participants to get involved inSAVE THE DATE: August 11th - WCR-Metro committees at the state level.STLs Crazy Bowl at Saratoga Lanes in Maplewood;and November 10th - WCR-Metro STLs 2010 Expo & The thread contained in all of these discussions is thatFashion Show at Sheraton Westport Chalet. there are opportunities at the local, state and national levels just waiting for someone to claim them. However, service isnt just about attending. It is about meaningfulLEADERSHIP SERIES participation and progressive responsibility. In each case,UPDATE these leading ladies volunteered for committee work and took on progressive responsibility. Here are some tips: * Develop a written, professional bio or resume outlining your professional affiliations and service. * Inquire as to volunteer opportunities within the organizations. Service on committees is the starting point. In every organization, there is a role to match your skills, expertise and time constraints.The 2010 Leadership Series participants met on April * Select a mentor within the organization who can assist19, 2010 at the St. Louis Association of REALTORS® you in identifying volunteer opportunities and who canand had the opportunity to listen and ask questions of provide advice on how to achieve your goals.several women leaders at the state and local levels. Thefocus of the meeting was to discuss how to get involved * Identify the position that you desire to hold and createand participate in association work on the local, state and a professional action plan to reach your goal.national levels. Guest speakers included: * Keep your bio or resume current. Periodically update2010 SLAR PRESIDENT LETTY DEMAY: The your bio or resume to reflect your professional affiliationsfirst guest speaker was Letty DeMay. Ms. DeMay and service.discussed her involvement in the Womens Council Thanks to these outstanding association leaders forof REALTORS® and the St. Louis Association of participating in the 2010 Leadership Series. TheREALTORS®. She discussed the various committees on participants in the 2010 Leadership Series enjoyed thewhich she served in each organization and gave insight one-on-one interaction with and personal insights sharedon her years of involvement in these organizations. by these association leaders.2010 WCR-MO PRESIDENT BARBARA Jane Martin, Leadership Series ChairKEATHLEY: The second speaker was Barbara 7
  • 98. Council of REALTORS®, you begin to ask yourself: How do I fit in? and Where am I going? By taking advantage of the leadership opportunities, educationalUSE WCR AS YOUR GPS TO programs, relationships leading to business referrals andPROFESSIONAL SUCCESS networking events, you discover your own individual map. You are not alone. Many voices of the people you know are there to guide, support and encourage you as you build your business. Members who have years of experience share their knowledge, and newer members share their enthusiasm and ideas. As you travel your road to success, those mentors and friends will give you advance notice of turns you may need to take and how toBy Jan Thomas, ABR - 2007 President, Metropolitan be in the best position for success.St. Louis Chapter, Womens Council of REALTORS®& 2010 Treasurer, Missouri State Womens Council of What a marvelous asset! You no longer have to struggleREALTORS® to do everything yourself-you have the help of your Womens Council of REALTORS® partners at the local,As a REALTOR®, I need to know where I am going. state and national levels.I also need to know how to get there. To maximizemy efficiency, I purchased a GPS (Global Positioning I encourage you to take advantage of the advanced systemSystem) for my car. offered by the Womens Council of REALTORS®-youll soon wonder how you managed without it!Here is how it works: When I turn it on, it searches thearea and makes its satellite connection to acquire data onwhere I am located. When this is completed, it asks me WCR LIVE - INNOVATORSwhere I want to go. I enter the information, and within afew seconds the map appears and the voice in the system EMBRACING CHANGEbegins to tell me what to do to find my way.If I choose, I can click the screen to get an overview ofthe streets I will be taking and projected turns, then returnto the map, which shows an arrow pointed in the correctdirection and street names I am passing. As I proceed,the voice gives me advance warning of turns and tells me THIS MONTHS SHOW - "INNOVATORSwhether to be on the right or left side of the street. EMBRACING CHANGE"What a marvelous invention! I am no longer alone in my In this episode of WCR LIVE-THE ST. LOUISsearch. I no longer must pour over street maps and try to BROKER CONFERENCE CALL, guest host Ryanfigure out the best way to get from where I am to where Shaughnessy discussed innovation and the need toI want to be. I dont know how I managed without it! embrace change with featured guest Steve RosenbaumWhat a great comparison we can make to Womens - Business/Marketing Consultant and Host of the HomeCouncil of REALTORS® and our goal of success in Energy Solutions Show on ESPN Radio in Austin, Lets call WCR your virtual GPS. As an Discussion topics included developing the qualitiesentrepreneur, you need to know not only where you are all great innovators share, embracing change, creativegoing, but how to get there. Your WCR can help. brainstorming, how to find new solutions to old problemsYou turn it on by joining the local chapter. When you and how to create a business culture of innovation.become familiar with the mission and vision of Womens If you missed this episode, be sure to listen to the 8
  • 99. archived show at addition, guest Steve Rosenbaum offered listeners a TAX CREDIT STILLcopy of his latest book The Big Bad Home Sale which can AVAILABLE FOR ACTIVEbe downloaded at www.SteveRosenbaum/WCRLive. DUTY MILITARY FAMILIESNEXT MONTHS SHOW - "SALES TRAININGINSIGHT"In this episode of WCR LIVE-THE ST. LOUISBROKER CONFERENCE CALL, hosts Michelle Siliesand Klaus will discuss sales training with featured guestSteve Hoffacker - Business Consultant, National SalesSpeaker and Author. Topics to be discussed include For most Americans, the Federal Homebuyer Tax Creditqualifying buyers, asking the right questions, presenting has expired. However, for members of the military, ,the property and yourself in the "best light" and tips for the diplomatic foreign service and the intelligenceclosing the sale. You can listen to this show live on June communities serving outside the United States for more10, 2010, at 12:00 noon. Listeners can also pose questions than 90 days, the Federal Homebuyer Tax Credit is stilland comments by calling into the show at (347) 843-4711 available.or via the shows chat room at Here are the provisions: * Credit Amount: $8,000 for First-Time Buyers / $6,500 for Qualified Repeat Buyers (5 of past 8 years)For more information on upcoming shows, visit: * Maximum Purchase Price: $800,000 * Deadlines: Property under Contract by April 30, 2011 / Sale Closed by June 30, 2011. * Recapture Period: 3 years - except for service related relocation. * VA: Qualified military buyers may combine tax credit with other incentives from the Department of Veteran Affairs. If you serve this niche market, the tax credit is still available to qualified purchasers. For more information, visit: http:// Written by Ryan Shaughnessy / PREA Signature Realty. All Rights Reserved - Ryan Shaughnessy / PREA Signature Realty (2010). 9
  • 100. a loan commitment date, or closing. Controlling everyMAY BRM SPONSOR - USA aspect of the loan process doesnt just mean followingMORTGAGE through with the paperwork and making sure the clients get all of their questions answered, it also requires having access to options that best cater to individual needs. Having complete control affords USA Mortgage the ability to adjust to individuals needs on-the-spot. We seek to form and maintain strategic relationships with other companies in theThere are four key reasons for USA Mortgages industryongoing success, and they form the cornerstone USA Mortgage highly values its business-to-businessof our strategy to continue to deliver to our relationships. To partners such as real estate firms,clients a level of service unrivaled in the financial planners, banks and credit unions, we offer themortgage industry. opportunity to better serve their customers by providing mortgage services without ever having to create an end-We view our customers as "customers for life" to-end mortgage solution. If you have come to us inWe want you to be our client for life...and we treat you search of a reliable partner in the mortgage industry,accordingly. We strive to build lasting relationships that please feel at ease. You are in good hands. With noenable each and every person relying on us for their part of the loan process typically being outsourced orfinancing needs the opportunity to achieve the American brokered, our clients experience a degree of service anddream. We know that the purchase of a home is a communication that few, if any, firms can duplicate. Welarge investment - both financially and emotionally - partner with every major financial services firm in theand we know that borrowers have many options. Our country that deals with mortgages as a core product toclients choose us because we keep rates low and fees accommodate almost any financial situation. We are notto a minimum; provide speedy pre-approvals; present a a broker who acts as a mere intermediary without thediverse array of loan solutions to fit individual needs; ability to control each part of the process, nor are weand ensure smooth, problem-free closings. We feel that an actual bank which typically specializes in checkingour relationship should not end at the closing table, as is and savings accounts and often views mortgages as athe case with most lenders; but it should continue over "necessary evil" rather than a core product or service. Thetime through future follow-up calls, e-mails, and letters firm, however, never will relinquish its ability to act as aabout topics including market updates and refinancing broker if that better serves the client.opportunities. People make the differenceIn the end, we knowUSA Mortgage is a full service mortgage that it is our mortgage professionals, carefully chosenbankThis means that USA Mortgage will see you from among the top in the industry, that are our greatestthrough all aspects of the loan process from the time asset. Many of these individuals are considered leadersyou meet one of our mortgage professionals to the day in their respective fields, and we rely on their talentsyou sit at the closing table, and ultimately fund your for us to remain on the cutting-edge of industry with its own money-no waiting for the corporate Our dedicated staff of more than 200 experiencedbigwigs halfway across the country to cut your check! To loan officers, underwriters, processors, and closers trulyborrowers and Realtors©, being a mortgage bank means makes the difference. They are focused on providingyou can expect a home financing experience free of clear communications and ongoing follow-up with ourhassles and headaches. Complete control means having clients, and their service-oriented attitudes make thein-house operations such as processing, underwriting, home financing process what it should be - an excitingclosing and funding. Performing all aspects of a loan and rewarding experience.under one roof assures that the company will never miss 10
  • 101. For More Information on Loan Products, Contact BobSargent at USA Mortgage at 314-628-2000.The Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter is proud to haveactive and enthusiastic members like Bob Sargent, JoanTobin and other members of the USA Mortgage team.USA Mortgage is a generous corporate sponsor of suchWCR events and programs as the 2010 LeadershipSeries, the May Business Resource Meeting and othernetworking and social events throughout the year.SUPPORT OUR WCRSPONSORS / ADVERTISERS 11
  • 102. • 2010 Membership Retention Award THE GO 2 NETWORK FOR ST. LOUIS REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS... GET IT HERE, GET IT NOW These awards were the culmination of many years of The WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine is a monthly publication of hard work by our members who volunteer their time and the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Council of resources to the success of this organization. It is equally REALTORS®. For more information, visit the WCR-Metro attributable to the generous financial support provided by STL website at To submit an article or our affiliates, corporate sponsors and strategic partners. inquire about advertising opportunities, contact Michelle Silies at B. WCR MISSOURI ELECTIONS. At the WCR Missouri State Meeting in June, 2010, two of our local chapter members were elected to state offices:PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE • 2011 President-Elect Jan Thomas • 2011 Secretary Michelle Silies Both of these members clearly articulated their vision for the state chapter and offered examples of initiatives that they would pursue next year if elected. It is an honor to have two of our members elected to state office. However, their election was truly a team effort and is a good example of how our chapter works together toAs we complete the first half of 2010, I wanted to take achieve common goals and assists other members tothis opportunity to congratulate our members on the achieve greater personal growth.successes achieved so far this year. C. CHALLENGES.A. CHAPTER AWARDS. Like most non-profit professional associations, we haveIn May, 2010, we received several awards from the faced and will continue to face various challenges.National Women’s Council of REALTORS®: In May, 2010, the National Women’s Council of REALTORS®, facing operating shortfalls, proposed and • 2009 Gold Award for Chapter Excellence narrowly passed an increase in dues for 2011 and beyond. The increase in membership dues was necessitated by • 2009 Wells Fargo “Inspire Educate Enable” Award increasing costs and decreasing revenues from corporate 1
  • 103. partners. It is no real surprise that turmoil in the realestate market would eventually have an impact on EDITORS NOTESprofessional real estate associations. As REALTORS®and as a chapter operating in this economic climate,we have learned that we must do more with lessand we must continue to drive forward despite thesechallenges. Notwithstanding these challenges, I am proudof the contributions made by our members both tothis organization and to the real estate industry as awhole. Our chapter has a unique role and mission. Ourmission as an organization is to recruit and train the nextgeneration of industry leaders, to provide networking IN THIS MONTHS E-ZINEopportunities and to provide leadership training and • Presidents Message, p. 1leadership opportunities. • Editors Notes, p. 2D. GOALS FOR REMAINDER OF 2010. • 2010 Man Auction, p. 3In light of our unique mission, I wanted to share my goalsfor the chapter for the remainder of 2010: • Business Resource Meeting - June, 2010, p. 4 • Article - Special Considerations When Working • Provide Interesting, Informative and Thought with Seniors in Missouri, p. 5 Provoking Business Resource Programs Designed to Inspire and Motivate Members, to Assist • Article - Aging-in-Place Inspections, p. 8 Members in Building and Growing their Business • WCR LIVE - Sales Training with Steve Hoffacker, and to Provide Members with Tips on How to p. 11 Enhance their Professional Profiles • WCR-STL Leadership Series - The Evolution of • Provide our Members with Productive Networking Leadership, p.11 Opportunities through Successful, Well Attended Social Events • Article - Spotting Real Estate Trends - Federal Reserve Bank Publications, p. 14 • Provide our Members with Leadership Skills Training, Increased Professional Exposure and • Article - Missouri Blue Book - Your Guide to Your Leadership Opportunities at the National, State and Local and State Government, p. 16 Local Levels • Article - What Does Complaining Get Us?, p.17 • Increase Realtor Membership by 20% • Article - Connecting with Your Community, p. 19 • Increase Member Participation on Committees • Article - Benefits of WordPress for Blogs & • Secure Long-Term Funding Commitments from our Websites, p. 19 Affiliate Partners for 2011 and Beyond • Article - Top Three Mistakes to Avoid in Your eZine Campaign, p. 20Again, I want to thank all of our members for theircontributions and look forward to seeing you at our next • WCR Missouri Update, p. 21networking event – the Man Auction on July 15, 2010. • WCR Supporters, p. 22WCR-STL President Elizabeth Robb CALLING ALL AUTHORS We are still seeking article submissions from members. For affiliate members, this is a great opportunity to 2
  • 104. expose your business, product and services. Here are development of our members.Just a sampling of the itemssome of the benefits: include: • Promote your business to over 2000 St. Louis real * Party Limo for 4 hours estate agents. • Receive a free advertisement in the next issue of the * Wine Class and Tasting E-Zine. * Duck Hunting Excursion • Keep your name and company out in front of your customers. * Motorcycle Training and RidePHOTOGRAPHS * Winery Trip to GraftonWe would like to thank Mary Ann Manion Generously sponsored by WCR-Metro St. Louis Affiliatefor her reoccurring photo contributions to the Members American Land Title, USA Mortgage, AgentsE-Zine. The photographs can also be viewed National Title Insurance Company and Continental Titleonline at or Company.WCRStLouis. If you have a great photographfrom a WCR event, please send it Seating is limited and sell-out attendance is expected, we suggest that you purchase your tickets early. Tickets for this fantastic evening are $50 per person. For tickets,2010 WCR Public Relations Chair Michelle Silies contact Bob Sargent at SALE NOW -- 2010 MANAUCTION TICKETSOur next exciting WCR-Metro St. Louis fundraisingevent is the 2010 MAN AUCTION on July 15, 2010(6-8 pm) at the Jive & Wail Dueling Piano Bar inMaplewood (7376 Manchester Road). Doors open at 6pm, Man Auction begins at 6:30 pm and the dueling pianoentertainment goes for 8 pm until who knows when.Whats this all about? Having a great time with yourfellow WCR members and guests while bidding onexciting items, services and "men" to raise moneyfor our local Womens Council of REALTORS®. Allfunds raised go towards programming, training and 3
  • 105. • Stephanie Cassidy summarized the focus of theBUSINESS RESOURCE senior buyer on energy efficiency, single levelMEETING - JUNE, 2010 living, smaller lot size, low maintenance and universal design accomodating changes in ones health. She also discussed the priority placed by seniors on community amenities, location, transportation and security. To download a copy of the presentation, go to: http:// B. NEXT BUSINESS RESOURCE MEETING - AUGUST 5, 2010A. JUNE BUSINESS RESOURCE MEETING - There is no business resource meeting in July, 2010.BOOMERS & BEYOND. The next business resource meeting is set for August 5,On June 3, 2010, the Programs Committee featured 2010, at 11:00 a.m. The program entitled "Reach Outa program Boomers and Beyond with speakers St. Louis" will feature Yvonne Sparks, Senior ManagerAndrea Lenzen/Prudential Alliance, Liz Connolly/ for Community Development for the Federal ReserveINhanceIt Home Staging and Stephanie Cassidy/ Bank of St. Louis. Ms. Sparks has been an outspokenStructured Services. This program was extremely timely supporter of community and economic development inwhen you consider that "boomers" will comprise a large the St. Louis for over 30 years acting as the Executivesegment of purchasers in the real estate market for years Director of such organizations as:to come. • Jackie Joyner-Kersee Foundation • Andrea Lenzen first provided statistics on the senior market followed by a description of the profile of a • Jeff-Vanderlou Initiative senior buyer. She also explained the results of recent • Neighborhood Housing Services (now Beyond surveys showing common housing requirements or Housing) preferences for seniors as well as the extensive use of the internet by seniors in both selecting an agent • Vocational Counseling and Rehabilitation Services and researching a home. In addition, she explained Ms. Sparks will discuss hot topics in community a difference in approach in working with seniors development such as: centered around counseling as opposed to selling. Finally, she cautioned others to be prepared for the • Financial Literacy Training tears and dealing with memories. • Personal Asset Development • Liz Connolly then explained her approach to working with seniors. It centers around respect for • Current Housing and Economic Development the person and situation. She explained that stagers Programs working with seniors are often called upon to play • Non-Profit Organizations Engaged in Community the "bad cop" role and to explain why the home Development should be staged in a depersonalized manner. At this • Volunteer Opportunities in the Community point, their "home" is just a "house" for sale. She Development Field then showed a series of before and after photographs showing common problems faced by agents and For more information on this business resource meeting stagers when marketing a seniors home for sale. program, visit 4
  • 106. of his or her property and to know his relatives and theirSPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS claims on his bounty.”WHEN WORKING WITH Often, a settlement agent will assume that a personSENIORS IN MISSOURI is competent absent an adjudication finding the person incompetent – that is, absent the appointment of a guardian or conservator for the person and/or his or her property. The risk associated with such practice is that the conveyance could be set aside if the person is deemed to have been incompetent. Ultimately, this issue must be resolved to the satisfaction of the buyer and/or the buyer’s title insurance underwriter as they bear this risk. In the event that a person is incompetent, the onlyWhen working with seniors, there may be way to convey their interest in the property is to securespecial considerations associated with acquisition and the appointment of a conservator. Although it is moredisposition of real estate not commonly associated with common to see this issue among seniors, this issue canthe typical sales transaction. Such special considerations arise in a variety of situations unrelated to one’s age. Withmay include: advance planning, this type of issue can be addressed by using a durable power of attorney (executed prior to one’s • Incapacity of an owner to execute a deed. incompetency) or by acquiring title in the name of a trust • Use of a power of attorney to execute a deed and/or or family partnership providing for a successor beyond close the sales transaction. the original person creating the trust or partnership. • Conveyance of title to or from a trust. Use of Powers of Attorney • Death of co-owner. A power of attorney is simply an instrument that grants • Tax-related issues associated with the disposition of to a third party the power to act on behalf of the principal. real estate such as estate tax and capital gains tax. A power of attorney may be general or may be limited. That is, the scope of the agent’s authority to act on behalf • Medicaid recovery actions and recapture liens. of the principal may include broad general powers or • Estate planning issues associated with the manner in may be limited to a specific act or transaction or may be which a property is conveyed. limited in the sense that the power to act is only effective upon the disability or incapacity of the principal. InIncapacity of Owner addition, a power of attorney may be durable. Generally,When dealing with seniors, issues may arise because the power of the designated agent to act on behalf of thethe owner of the property is incapable of selling and principal terminates upon the death or disability of theconveying title to real estate due to a physical disability principal granting the power of attorney. The exceptionor mental impairment such as a stroke, the onset of is that the authority of a principal acting under a durabledementia, etc. As a general rule, a person deemed power of attorney does not terminate due the disabilityincompetent lacks the capacity to sell and convey title to or incapacity of the principal. Notwithstanding thisreal estate. Notwithstanding this general rule, the simple exception, no power of attorney permits an agent to actdiagnosis of a medical condition is not determinative. after the death of the principal.Whether a person is incompetent or otherwise lacking the When you are involved in a transaction where a power ofcapacity to sell and convey title is a fact intensive inquiry attorney is being used to convey title, it is important thatand focuses on whether or not the owner has “sufficient you obtain the original of the power of attorney so that itmental capacity to understand in a reasonable manner the may be reviewed in a timely manner by the title insurancenature and effect of his or her acts or to know the extent underwriter as well as the mortgage underwriter. To convey title using a power of attorney, the power of 5
  • 107. attorney must be duly notarized and must otherwise be in • Property Titled as Tenancy by the Entirety: Arecordable form. The best practice for drafting a power property acquired by husband and wife is presumedof attorney is to specifically include the power to sell, to create a tenancy by the entirety. Upon the death oftransfer and convey real property (as opposed to relying the spouse, title passes to and vests in the survivingon a general power to act on behalf of the principal) as spouse.well as the legal description to the property (if known). • Property Titled as Joint Tenancy with Rights ofThere are additional drafting requirements for durable Survivorship: Upon the death of one owner, titlepowers of attorney under the Missouri Durable Power of passes to and vests in the surviving owner or owners.Attorney Act, Sec. 404.700 R.S.Mo. (2009), et seq. • Property Titled as Tenants in Common: Upon theTransfers to and from a Trust death of the owner, his or her share transfers to hisAs discussed above, transfers to and from a trust can or heirs, not to the surviving owners, by will or byavoid issues associated with the death or incapacity of an intestate successionowner, provided that there is a successor trustee namedin the instrument or provided that a successor trustee is In the case of the death of a spouse with a property titledduly appointed. Transfer to and from a trustee may be as a tenancy by the entirety or the death of joint tenantmade in the name of the trustee or in the name of the or co-owner with a property titled as joint tenants withtrust. Sec. 456.021 R.S.Mo. (2009) Under prior case rights of survivorship, there are two primary methodslaw, a transfer made in the name of the trust was invalid. of conveying title after the death of the spouse or co-Similar to the use of a power of attorney, transactions owner. The deed conveying the property to a subsequentinvolving the conveyance to or from a trust must be purchaser could include recitals setting forth the propertyreviewed by the buyer’s title insurance underwriter and/ was originally held jointly, one of the co-owners isor mortgage underwriter. Accordingly, it is important to deceased, and the survivor is now the sole owner of thesend to the underwriter a copy of the trust instrument property. The other alternative more commonly used isat the earliest possible point in the transaction to avoid to record a separate document in the form of an affidavitdelays in closing. of death (also known as an affidavit of joint tenancy or affidavit of tenancy by the entirety).It is likely that we will see the rise in “dynastytrusts.” In 2001, the Missouri General Assembly repealed Capital GainsMissouri’s Rule against Perpetuity. Sec. 456.235 Seniors, like other home sellers, often are faced withR.S.Mo. (2009) As a result, the restrictions on the length a substantial capital gains tax associated with the saleor term of the trust (life in being plus 75 years) no longer of their home. In 1997, the U.S. Congress passed theapply. Without such a restriction, it is likely that we will Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 (Public Law No. 105-34).see trusts that seek to keep homesteads intact or include The law replaced earlier home sale rollover rules andrestrictions on the use or transfer of real estate in the trust the $125,000 exclusion of home sellers over the age ofinstruments. 55. The new law includes an exemption from taxationDeath of Co-Owner of profits on the sale of one’s personal residence up to $250,000 for singles and $500,000 for married couplesIn the event of the death of a co-owner, it important to filing jointly.inquire as to the marital status of the deceased co-owneras well as to how the property was titled. With the rise To qualify for this exemption, the person must havein cohabitation and second marriages among seniors, it owned and used the home as their principal residencecannot be presumed that the property transfers to the for at least two of the last five years before the sale.cohabitating partner or new spouse upon the death of the Under the Internal Revenue Service Restructuring andco-owner. It will vary based on how the property was Reform Act of 1998 (Public Law 105-206), individualsacquired and titled. The general rules are as follows: not meeting the two year requirement may be entitled to a portion of the tax benefits because they may exclude from income an amount equal to that fraction of the 6
  • 108. exclusion that is proportional to the use of the home as beneficiary is living, the Medicaid recipient may ceasea principal residence over the two-year term. In addition, to be eligible for Medicaid due to the proceeds from thethe capital gains exclusion may be used by grantor trusts sale and may be required to satisfy the TEFERA lien.(ie. revocable trusts or living trusts). See, IRS Letter Whether or not a lien is placed on the house, the liensRuling 199912026 (March 26, 1999). purpose is only for the recovery of Medicaid expenses if the house is sold during the Medicaid recipients life.Often, seniors and their agents will ask whether or The lien should be extinguished and removed upon thenot they can avoid the capital gains tax by doing Medicaid recipient’s death.a tax-deferred exchange. Unfortunately, tax deferredexchanges are only available for business or income Estate Planning Considerationsproducing property, not personal residences. Often, how seniors take title to a property may be basedMedicaid Recovery on estate planning considerations. Possible ways in which title to real estate might be held or disposedSeniors and their heirs often face Medicaid recovery include:claims and liens on personal residences where one spousehas received Medicaid benefits or assistance. • Jointly Held PropertyMedicaid Recovery Actions: Under federal law, • Beneficiary Deedfollowing the death of the Medicaid recipient a statemust attempt to recover from his or her estate whatever • Deeds with Reserved Life Estatesbenefits it paid for the recipients care. However, no • Revocable Trustsrecovery can take place until the death of the recipientsspouse. While states must attempt to recover funds from • Irrevocable Truststhe Medicaid recipients probate estate, meaning property • Intentionally Defective Irrevocable Truststhat is held in the beneficiarys name only, they have • Qualified Personal Residence Truststhe option of seeking recovery against property in whichthe recipient had an interest but which passes outside The list above represents a progression of real estateof probate. This includes jointly held assets, assets in a related estate planning tools in terms of complexity andliving trust, or life estates. Given the rules for Medicaid cost. The decision as to what vehicle is best suitedeligibility, the only probate property of substantial value to the needs of the customer is best left to legal andthat a Medicaid recipient is likely to own at death is his or tax professionals who can carefully tailor the vehicleher home. Although it is beyond the scope of this article, to the intentions of the customer. However, there is anthe Missouri Court of Appeals for the Western District important role for real estate professional to play beforedenied the State of Missouri the right to recover the closing. Often, customers will defer these decisions untilproceeds from the sale of a house in decedent’s estate for after closing. In some cases such as the joint titling ofreimbursement of Medicaid payments made decedent’s assets, the manner of titling cannot be efficiently undonewife where the wife predeceased her husband. See, In without the consent of the co-owner. In other cases,the Estate of Orville Bruce, No. 68051 (Mo. App. W.D., the post-closing restructuring of the transaction and howMay 13, 2008). This case is likely to be short lived the property is titled can have unintended consequences,as it centered solely on the definition of “estate” under including increased costs.Missouri law. In assisting customers with these items, it is importantMedicaid Recovery Liens: In addition to the right to that the real estate professional involved in therecover from the estate of the Medicaid beneficiary, state transaction encourage the customer to make additionalMedicaid agencies must place a TEFRA lien on real inquiries. Here are two questions that should always beestate owned by a Medicaid beneficiary during her life asked by the customer in this situation:unless a spouse or certain dependent relatives are livingin the property. If the property is sold while the Medicaid 7
  • 109. • Will the post-closing transfer of the property trigger out of the house, a home and environment they have (or potentially trigger) the due on sale clause known for years and raised their family, or move into contained in the deed of trust? an assisted living community where they know fewer people than who live next door to them. They can • Will the post-closing transfer of the property choose to stay in their own house and live safely, terminate or otherwise cut-off title insurance independently and comfortably regardless of their age coverage? Followed by: Is a title policy and ability level with some changes and modifications endorsement available to cover the change? that may cost less than the first year’s “cost” to liveIdentifying Issues in the new, sterile, unfamiliar building with a lot of strangers who may or may not appreciate their neededLike many issues described in this article, estate sound levels, living schedules and family visitations.planning is beyond the scope of expertise of real Aging-in-place inspections assist seniors in identifyingestate professionals. It isn’t the role of the real estate what modifications to their home are necessary to enableprofessional to provide advice or guidance or make them to live safely and independently in their own home.recommendations regarding these issues. However, it isimportant that the real estate professional involved in AGING-IN-PLACE INSPECTIONSthe transaction be able to identify the issue, anticipate Aging-in-place inspections focus on creating a safe andissues that may impede or delay closing, and to refer comfortable environment for the seniors in their ownthe customer to the appropriate legal or tax professional home. Aging-in-place inspections will address suchspecializing in real estate, tax or elder care law. issues as:Disclaimer: The author is a licensed attorney. However, • EXTERIORthe opinions and statements contained herein are forinformational and discussion purposes only and shall • Slip-resistant stairs and ramp, with color contrast ornot constitute the provision of legal advice. Nothing glow-strips at treadscontained herein shall establish an attorney-client • Handrails are easy-to-reach, of graspable size andrelationship.Readers are cautioned to seek legal counsel slip-resistantin their state before using or relying upon any of theinformation contained herein. • Porch area is in usable condition and free of obstructions or dark areasAll Rights Reserved – Ryan Shaughnessy/Shaughnessy& Silies, L.L.C. (2010). • Accessible doorways for walkers, wheelchairs, etc. • Lighting (security or interior-controlled, or both)AGING-IN-PLACE • Low-maintenance exterior (vinyl, brick, etc.)INSPECTIONS • Driveway and walkways (in good repair for safe walking) • Yard, gates, fence (easy to access, locking/secured) • Garage (attached or freestanding); other outbuildings • Low-maintenance shrubs and plants, lawn care,SENIORS WANT TO STAY IN THEIR HOMES - BUT trees on propertyARE THEY CAPABLE OF DOING SO? • Snowblower or other provisions for snowy weather,AGING-IN-PLACE where applicableSeniors with and without the help and support of their • ENTRANCEadult children are deciding everyday whether to move 8
  • 110. • House number is clearly visible from street for first- • Microwave oven in wall or on counter; settings are responders easy to read• Sensor/security light at main exterior door • Refrigerator and freezer are a side-by-side unit• Peephole of proper height for all residents (may • Side-swing or wall oven; settings are easy to read; require multiples) knobs are easy to turn• Doorbell in accessible location • Raised washing machine and dryer; settings are easy to read; knobs are• Surface on which to place packages while opening easy to turn; washing machine is front-loading door • Raised dishwasher with push-button controls or• All exterior doors have secure, easy-to-use locks, easy-to-turn knobs bolts and knobs • Stoves with electric cooktops (safer than gas), with• Non-slip flooring in foyer level burners for safely transferring between the• INTERIOR burners; front controls and downdraft feature to pull• Light-activated doorbell for hard-of-hearing heat away from user; light to indicate when surface residents is hot• Smoke and CO detectors • Space around counters, islands, etc., are wide enough for residents: 30-inch by 48-inch clear space• Security alarm, emergency alert system and/or at appliances, and 60-inch diameter clear space for video-monitoring system turns• Thermostats are easy to locate; settings are easy to • Cabinets are easy to reach. knobs/pulls are easy to read (and no higher use to open/close, or shelves are open/doorless, or than 48 in. from floor); thermostats are pre- have glass fronts programmed • Counters are of ample area; custom-height/adequate• Light switches located near each entrance to each and safe for residents; countertops have contrasting- hallway and room color edges for the vision impaired and to provide• Standard light switches, or rocker or touch light visual orientation to workspace switches • Placement of task lighting in appropriate work areas• Two light bulbs or receptacles in each vital place • Rugs have slip-resistant backing to prevent slips and (exits, bathrooms, etc.) falls• Electrical cords out of the flow of traffic • Window curtains/shades/cords are easy to reach and• Receptacles are easy to reach; receptacles are not open/close overloaded • BATHROOM• Windows and safety locks are easy to operate • Counter heights are custom-fit/adequate and safe for• Window drapes/shades/cords are easy to reach and residents open/close • Rugs have slip-resistant backing to prevent slips and• Interior stairs use contrast strip on top and bottom falls stairs, and color contrast between treads and risers • Windows are easy to reach and open/close on stairs, with use of lighting • Door access to tub/shower• KITCHEN • Fold-down seat installed in shower 9
  • 111. • Shower/s equipped with adjustable showerhead • 5-foot by 5-foot clear turn space in all main rooms with 6-foot hose • For multi-level home, residential elevator or lift• Shower stall has recessed, waterproof, automatic installed light • Lighting in all closets• If stand-up shower is used in main bath, it is curbless and wide; if tub is used, it is low for easy access and AGING-IN-PLACE MODIFICATIONS egress Aging-in-place inspections will recommend changes to• Flooring in bathtub/shower is slip-resistant the seniors home. Changes and modifications may be little more than “lever handles” on doors, drawers and• Emergency call button or intercom is located in plumbing fixtures, for people with arthritis; grab bars, bathroom, easy to reach, and is easily operated atop stair steps, in doorways and in bathrooms for people• Wall grab-bars of appropriate height located in tub/ losing muscle tone or becoming unsteady. Bathtubs can shower/toilet areas have sections cut out to be able to simply walk into them, making the tub a shower stall, when extensively changing• Adjustable or appropriate-height counters with removable base cabinet for wheelchair-accessibility a bathroom is not possible or beyond a budget. For those with deteriorating eyesight or macular degeneration,• Countertops have contrasting-color edges increased lighting, which can mean additional light• Toilet is raised or height-adjustable fixtures or fixtures capable of brighter, i.e. higher wattage lamping, can open up the home to them again. More• Toilet-paper holder is designed such that rolls can extensive modifications can be enlarging doorways and/ be switched out using only one hand or moving walls to allow for easily passing through• Faucet handles are lever design rather than knob, or doorways or down hallways with a walker or wheelchair. pedal-controlled Extensive adaptations and modifications may include enlarging an existing bathroom or turning a bedroom into• Cabinets are easy to reach and are open shelves/ a bathroom with space for a roll-in shower stall, space glass fronts/doorless to turn a wheel chair around in, vanity cabinet and sink• At least one bathroom is wheelchair-accessible and that can be rolled under or up to. Adapting a single story on main level residence having a basement can include moving the• FLOORING laundry equipment to a modified space on the main floor or installing either a stair-lift in the basement staircase• If carpeted, use low-density pile with firm pad or an elevator/lift between the basement and main floor.• Smooth, non-glare, slip-resistant surfaces Home adaptability for comfort and security can include electronic communication and viewing equipment to see• Color and texture contrast to indicate change in who is coming up the driveway, at the door or in the yard. surface levels The one-time cost of home modifications or adaptations• Rugs and rug runners are secure and non-slip; edges can be less than the first year annual cost of living are secured down in a community center that isn’t designed for any one individual.• No steps between rooms on a single level UNIVERSAL HOME DESIGN ASSISTS AGING-IN-• MISCELLANEOUS TIPS PLACE• In multi-story homes, laundry chute or laundry “Universal Home Design” principles include things, like facilities located on same floor as master bedroom many noted above, that have “equitable," “flexible” and• Main living area is on a single story, including full “simple and intuitive” use. Many items that fit with bath these principles can be incorporated into older houses by addition or modification. Many are incorporated 10
  • 112. in new house construction and when added to older in these books and how these concepts can be used toconstruction, make the older residence a more desirable grow your business by closing more sales in less timehouse to a greater number of people. While we think of with less effort. The central premise is that "all customers“aging-in-place” and “universal home design” features are not created equal" and you need to focus your salesas things that need to be considered for “seniors,” one activities on prospects that are most likely to purchase.should not loose sight of the fact that anyone can be an The show can be heard at victim and may need the exact same adaptations, WCRLive. Steve Hoffackers books are available formodifications or upgrades. purchase from his website at more information on aging-in-place inspections, Again, thanks Steve for appearing on the show andcontact John Peters at Beacon Property Inspections at sharing your wisdom collected over your more than 30636-207-6266. years in the new construction home industry.All Rights Reserved - Beacon Property Inspections(2010). WCR-STL LEADERSHIP SERIES - THE EVOLUTIONWCR LIVE - SALES OF LEADERSHIPTRAINING WITH STEVEHOFFACKER Last year, the Leadership Series participants presentedThis months WCR LIVE - BROKER CONFERENCE a discussion on the power of participation. OneCALL featured an interview by hosts Klaus Bank and of the greatest assets of the Women’s Council ofRyan Shaughnessy with sales and marketing strategist REALTORS® is the access that it provides toSteve Hoffacker. In this segment, Steve Hoffacker experienced industry leaders as well as the leadershipdiscussed the importance of "scoring" your customers training and opportunities that are provided at the stateand working smarter. Topics discussed on the show and local levels. Leaders aren’t born. Leaders evolve andincluded: grow over time. So, the question is: How do I become a leader? • Qualifying the Customer STAGE 1 – PARTICIPATION. It is not often that • Using Objective Criteria to Rate your Customers someone joins an organization and is instantly recognized • Rate, Score and Rank your Customers as a leader. It starts on a much smaller scale. It • Prioritizing Customers Based on Likelihood of starts by attending meetings, making connections and Purchase building relationships. It isn’t about just showing up. Like effective networking, it requires a plan and active • Structuring Work Based Customer Score participation. It requires a commitment of both time and effort. It is all about service, making commitments,If you havent read Steve Hoffackers books Making the taking an action and delivering results. For example, ifGrade or Knowing the Score, this months show gave a you attend sporadically, arrive late and leave early, andbrief introduction to the sales training concepts discussed 11
  • 113. don’t participate, then you aren’t really participating and risk of rejection and a fear of failure at this pont It is at thisyour time and effort is being wasted. point that you will need to build a consensus. This doesn’t always occur at a meeting. Often, it occurs informally. ItSTAGE 2 – SEEK OUT A MENTOR. Depending on requires preparation and planning. Before you present anyour experience or length of service, you may want to initiative, you need to ask:seek out a mentor or advisor. The mentor or advisorrelationship can be a formal or informal relationship. • Is there a need? Or, does it solve a problem?Often, it is simply a person willing to answer questionsor willing to act as a sounding board. Information and • Does it further the mission of the organization?insights on the traditions of the organization and on the • Do we have the resources – money, time orgroup dynamic are invaluable. Without such information, personnel – to do it right?it would be like a child playing a game without knowingthe rules. More importantly, a good mentor or advisor • Will stakeholders buy into the initiative?will assist you in identifying opportunities to take on a After you have answered these questions, then proceedgreater role within the organization and will encourage by proposing and implement an initiative. It isn’t aboutand challenge you to reach within and go beyond your getting it done – it is about getting it done in an exemplarycomfort zone. Access to other leaders is also an important manner. Every leader needs to establish a legacy toaspect of the mentor relationship. It opens doors and answer the question – Did I leave the organization in acreates opportunities. More importantly, it allows you better position than when I started?to make informed decisions on how to capitalize onopportunities. STAGE 5 – PREPARE FOR LEADERSHIP POSITIONS. At some point in your development as aSTAGE 3 – MAKE AN IMPACT. After participating leader, you may have to submit an application for anin the organization, the next step in the evolution of appointment, meet for an interview or stand for election.a leader is often accompanied by action that makes Here are some tips for seeking an appointment or beingan impact on the organization. Participation leads elected within an organization:to access and opportunities. If opportunities aren’tpresenting themselves, then you need to make your own • Build a strong legacy of service with quantifiableopportunities. To do so, you must first understand the results.mission of the organization and the dynamics of thegroup. You must be willing to play a role and to make • Maintain and continually update your resume ora contribution in that role. It is important to step up and curriculum vitae. Keep it simple, straightforwardfill a need of the organization. As you start to contribute, and accurate.your contributions will be recognized and you will have • Understand the duties, responsibilities and timea greater role and progressive responsibilities within the commitment of the position that you seek.organization. However, your contributions may not be • Assess your skills. Seek a position that matches yourfully recognized unless you are organized and take a skills. Be the right person for the right job, not justserious professional approach. Greater opportunities will any job.present themselves to people who play a role, who havea niche and who are willing to contribute to the success • Manage your time. Don’t try to be everywhere.of others – whether or not the contribution or role is Limit your commitments.recognized immediately or not. • Make sure that your family and businessSTAGE 4 – TAKE RISKS – DEVELOP A LEGACY. commitments are met or managed.At this stage, you will need to articulate a vision for the • Understand the selection process. Know theorganization. By doing so, you will necessarily need to participants in the process. Understand the rulestake a risk. Your priorities and agenda may differ from associated with the process.other leaders in the organization. There will always be a 12
  • 114. • Seek out mentors and advisors to guide you. Ask • Limit your commitments to manageable levels. others for assistance and advice. • Establish a clear agenda for your work. Are able to • Develop a team to assist you. Don’t try to do it all communicate your vision and goals to others. yourself. • Set and communicate reasonable expectations for • Think strategically. Consider timing and the yourself and others. Require accountability of strengths of others seeking the same office. yourself and others. Track progress toward goals. • Delegate campaign tasks to others. • Learn to delegate tasks and share responsibility. Are able and willing to acknowledge contributions and • Create a vision and professional message. Show (not share praise. tell) your qualifications for the position. Share your goals and priorities for the office that you seek. • Build consensus without compromising core values. Are committed to decisive action. • Use testimonials and endorsements, if appropriate. • Focus on progress, not perfection. • Prepare for the nominating interview. Review sample questions. Write out answers to possible • Pick battles in a judicious manner. Learn when and interview questions. Anticipate and plan for when not to speak out. Focus on issues, not people. questions that relate to perceived weaknesses. Role Maintain a professional and civil tone. Think before play questions and answers so you are comfortable speaking or sending e-mails. Sound a conciliatory with your responses. Pay attention to the words you tone to create cohesiveness. use in the interview. With limited time, errant words • Motivate others to exceed expectations for their may be misconstrued. position. • Take a copy of your nomination application, consent • Focus on the right person with the right skills when to serve, resume or curriculum vitae, or other filling positions. credential forms to the nominating interview. • Develop a bold and aggressive vision for the • Prepare for your public speech. Develop a theme organization. “Give back” to profession is sole to your comments. Make your comments short and focus. concise. Avoid flowery phrases and clichés. Offer tangible examples of your past accomplishments • Encourage and support the development and and priorities for the future. personal growth of the next class of leaders. • Communicate your priories to supporters, key • Act in the best interests of the organization as a leaders in organization and general membership. whole. Tailor the method of communication, number of • Take a long-term, strategic view on issues. contacts and message to the targeted audience. Understand the big picture. In the end, leaders Make sure the message is consistent. understand the nature and demands of leadership • Be judicious in the language used. and service and never stop evolving as leaders. • Be gracious whether you win or lose. Today’s Applications for the 2011 WCR-STL Leadership Series opponents may just be tomorrow’s supporters. Be will be available soon. It is a great place to start sure to thank your supporters, mentors, etc. for their to get out of your comfort zone and to unleash the advice and assistance. leader inside you. For more information on the 2011 Leadership Series, contact Jane Martin via e-mail atSTAGE 6 – YOU KNOW YOU HAVE MATURED A LEADER WHEN… Leadership styles evolve overtime. You know that you have matured as a leader whenyou: 13
  • 115. All Rights Reserved - Ryan Shaughnessy/PREA Liber8 Newsletter:A newsletter written for librarians,Signature Realty (2010). students and the general public on current economic topics. Includes links to relevant data and articles. Published nine times a year, August - November, andSPOTTING REAL January - May. Example: What Does ForeclosureESTATE TRENDS - Entail? or What Does Foreclosure Entail?,FEDERAL RESERVE BANK Regional Economic Development:A journal of local and regional economic development, with particular focus onPUBLICATIONS the Eighth Federal Reserve District. The Regional Economist: A quarterly publication that addresses national and regional economic issues and their impact on the Eighth District. Example: District Overview: Decline in House Prices Slows Down; District Still Faring Better than Nation or Why HARM the Subprime Borrower?.The Federal Reserve Bank offers a wealth of information Review: A journal of articles about the national andon the housing market, financial markets and the international economic developments -- particularly theireconomy generally. By visiting its website, you can monetary aspects. Example: Nonlinear Effects of Schoolview current and past issues of their publications to track Quality on House Prices.tends and spot business opportunities. Here are somepublications available from the Federal Reserve Bank of WORKING PAPERSSt. Louis: Economic Research Working Papers: Federal ReservePERIODICALS Bank of St. Louis working papers are preliminary materials circulated to stimulate discussion and criticalAnnual Report: current issue | subscribe | past issues - comment. Papers appear in Acrobat PDF formatPreserving the independence of the Federal Reserve isas important today as it was when Congress created the Supervisory Policy Analysis Working Papers: FederalFed in 1913. Read about why a well-designed central Reserve Bank of St. Louis working papers arebank needs to be independent, credible, accountable and preliminary materials circulated to stimulate discussiontransparent in The St. Louis Feds 2009 Annual Report. and critical comment. Papers appear in Acrobat PDF format.Bridges: current issue | e-mail alert | subscribe | RSS |past issues - Is a quarterly review of regional community RESEARCH REPORTSdevelopment issues, projects and regulatory changes for Casino Gambling in America and Its Economic Impactslenders and community groups. - PDF 656 KB - Will a casino be a boon or bustBurgundy Books:These reports provide anecdotal for your community? Fed senior economist Thomas A.information along with formal data for each of the Garrett explores the effects of casino gambling on localregions (or zones) in the St. Louis Feds Eighth District. employment, tax revenue and retail business in thisReleased four times per year. Example – St. Louis research study.Economic Data: The Impact of Local Predatory Laws on the Flow ofburgundybooks/10/03/BB0310StL.pdf. Subprime Credit - PDF 717 KB - Starting in 1999 withCentral Banker:A quarterly overview of Fed policies, North Carolina, 24 states and other local governmentsinitiatives and news affecting financial institutions in the have enacted laws to curb predatory lending in theEight District. Example: In-Depth: Look Near and Far subprime mortgage market. How do these laws affect theTo Cover CRA Assessment Lending Areas flow of subprime credit in those areas? A new report from Anthony Pennington-Cross, a research economist 14
  • 116. with the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, suggests that Coming Up with the Money - view online - Publishedthe typical law has little impact, as measured by loan in 2002, this self-study guide explains the basics oforigination and application. launching a community development project. Available as an easy-to-use online tool or in a series of printableLight-Rail Transit in America: Policy Issues and PDFs:Prospects for Economic Development - PDF 1489 KB -Over the past several decades, cities across America have • Introduction (PDF 138 KB)constructed light-rail systems as a means of reducingtraffic congestion and promoting economic development. • Unit 1: Core Principles (PDF 206 KB)In this research report, Fed senior economist Tom • Unit 2: Go/No Go (PDF 226 KB)Garrett discusses whether light rail has lived up to theseexpectations. • Unit 3: Case Study No. 1 / Case Study No. 2 (PDF 365 KB)Local Crime and Local Business Cycles - PDF 956 KB- Do business cycles affect crime rates? A report from • Glossary (PDF 193 KB)the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis provides some • Web Sites (PDF 106 KB)answers to that question by presenting information onlocal business cycles and crime rates in 23 major cities. Credit Scoring - The Federal Reserve SystemsWritten by Fed economist Thomas A. Garrett and senior Mortgage Credit Partnership Credit Scoring Committeeresearch associate Lesli S. Ott, the report includes data for has produced a series on this increasingly popularfour cities in the Bank’s District: St. Louis, Little Rock, underwriting tool. The series was published inLouisville and Memphis. installments in 2001 and 2002 by the St. Louis Fed as a project of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Chicago,Neighborhood Characteristics Matter... When Cleveland, San Francisco and St. Louis, as well as theBusinesses Look for a Location - PDF 2470 KB Board of Governors. The series examines many ofWhat is it about a neighborhood that attracts businesses? the controversial elements of credit scoring. Each part isEconomist Christopher Wheeler studies the issue in this available as a separate that looks at the data from a neighborhood level.The report looks at ZIP codes across the country and then • Introduction (PDF 552KB)focuses on the St. Louis Fed’s District, with data from St. • Part 1 — Credit Scoring Overview (PDF 1.09MB)Louis, Little Rock, Louisville and Memphis. • Part 2 — Credit Scoring Model Development andPassive Policies for Entrepreneurs - PDF 1477 KB - A Maintenance (PDF 232KB)study by St. Louis Fed economists Thomas A. Garrettand Howard J. Wall finds that the absence of government • Part 3 — Third-Party Brokers (PDF 506KB)intervention creates a better climate for entrepreneurship. • Part 3 — Supplement (PDF 400KB)Although policymakers often pursue active policies whenrecruiting businesses, such as targeted tax breaks or other • Part 4 — Staff Training, Loan Pricing and Data Accuracy (PDF 535KB)incentives, more passive policies lower the general costof running or starting a business and increase rates of • Part 5 — Overrides and Second-Review Processentrepreneurship. (PDF 816KB)Urban Sprawl, Urban Promise: A Case Study of Foreclosure Survival Guide - PDF 433 KB | order copiesMemphis, Tennessee - PDF 1352 KB - Prepared by - This publication from the Federal Reserve Bank ofDavid Ciscel, a professor of economics at the University St. Louis is intended for homeowners who are havingof Memphis. Related to the economy of Memphis and the difficulty paying their mortgage. The guide providesDelta region. basic information on when to worry about a loan, how toGUIDES get help from a housing counselor and pitfalls to avoid in choosing a counselor. The free publication also includes 15
  • 117. a national hotline number (1-888-995-HOPE) and a listof local counseling agencies. MISSOURI BLUE BOOK -Innovative Ideas for Revitalizing the LIHTC Market YOUR GUIDE TO YOUR- PDF 636 KB - In the current economy, with STATE AND LOCALhomeownership more difficult to attain, the need forrental housing has become increasingly important. GOVERNMENTHowever, the market for Low Income Housing TaxCredits (LIHTCs), a major source of capital for thedevelopment of rental housing, has experienced a seriousdownturn. This publication, produced by the Board ofGovernors’ and the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis’Community Affairs functions, features six short articlesby experts with their ideas for bolstering the LIHTCprogram. For over 100 years, the Missouri Secretary State hasLearn Before You Leap - The Federal Reserve Bank published the Missouri Blue Book (also known asof St. Louis Learn Before You Leap brochures list the “Office Manual for Missouri”). It is an invaluablecounseling agencies, customized by Eighth District guide for real estate agents and brokerages that handleBranch, that provide advice on every step of the home- relocations, specialize in the marketing and sale ofbuying process, from budgeting income to negotiating a historic or commercial properties or that market to a nichecontract to closing on a loan. Available as printable PDFs group such as senior housing or low income both English and Spanish. Multiple hard copies canalso be ordered from each District Branch contact: St. It is also an invaluable tool for those who simply want toLouis (call Cynthia Davis, 314-444-8761) English (PDF keep abreast of political developments impacting the real292 KB) Spanish (PDF 238 KB). estate industry. The manual includes such information as descriptions and contact information for elected officials,The Resource Guide for Small Businesses: Where To state government offices, regulatory agencies and countyGo for Money and Advice - PDF 258 KB - Business and municipal information. The manual is more than aassistance and alternative capital resources available simple directory. It also includes a wealth of informationin the St. Louis metropolitan region are listed in this on Missouri ranging from statistical information to essaysbooklet. Designed for owners of small businesses and on Missouri attractions and history.microenterprises, the guide is intended to be a startingpoint for those opening a new business or wishing to To view the Missouri Blue Book online, visit: http://expand an existing business. The Resource Guide is a Or,project of the St. Louis County Economic Council, US if you prefer your own free copy of the MissouriBank and the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. The Blue Book, visit: is available online and can also be ordered free onlineordering/of charge from Cynthia Davis at the Federal Reserve,314-444-8761. 16
  • 118. growth your business not to mention the great benefit ofWHAT DOES COMPLAINING being a great person to be around.GET US? "If you dont like something change it. If you cant changeWritten by: Anne Marie Malfi, Real Estate Marketing it, change your attitude. Dont complain.Consultant/Virtual Asst, Bucks County,PA (Malfi ~ Maya AngelouMarketing Solutions ~ for real estate professionals): This quote provides great advice for how we should look at our business. When you think about it dont most of our customers (our employers) want to work with someone that looks for and creates solutions? Isnt that one of the reasons they seek us out online? Most are reading our blog posts and watching on social media networks(not to mention all the Google indexing that happens with every thing we put on the Internet) and determining is this person someone that will work for me, have my best interests at heart and will be someone I can work with? Do they have the right skills, knowledge and positive attitude that would be a reason for me to hire them? DEVELOPING A GREAT ATTITUDE Below are what I feel are 5 great attitudes to have that will take you far both personally and professionally:Think about the energy it takes to fret, complain andworry about problems.Have you ever encountered someone that complainedabout everything under the sun? Did you purposely seekthem out to have another conversation or interaction withthem? Probably not - you probably thought "what adowner" and "I hope I dont have to talk to them again."Ive often noticed that Im drawn to people who dontcomplain but instead are proactive and look for waysto fix a problem or create a solution. I also think theyare highly successful and productive because they arealways looking for ways to create opportunity, successand growth. Can vs. CantImagine taking that energy and applying it to solving Having a "Can do" attitude vs. a "this will never workproblems and creating solutions and how it will affect the or it cant be done" attitude gives you a competitive advantage. Sure there may be setbacks and failures 17
  • 119. (opportunities to learn) along the way but the true successcomes when we dont give up.Work Smart but also Work HardIve often thought its more important to work smarternot harder but Id like to change that slightly. I say thisbecause while I think its important to work smarter Ialso think you cant discount the necessity to work hard -there are simply no shortcuts when it comes to success. Itcould mean doing something extra and pushing yourselfto reach outside the norm and try something new. Thinkabout it - everything you do has your reputation attachedto it - isnt it worth the extra effort?Have a an Attitude for GratitudeEver notice then when youre focused on somethingyoure grateful for that your whole attitude is boosted,positive and you have an energy that others want to bearound? The brain has the ability to think about one thingat a time and if we are more focused on the positive thereis less room for the negative.Catch others doing something right Sometimes we simply get in our own way and can getI learned this lesson not only as a manager for a very large caught up in that trap of complaining and feeling badlystaff but as a mom - focus on what my employees and about a situation, but complaining should not be part ofmy child is doing right more than what they are doing your overall business and life strategy. All it does iswrong. Sharing praise and compliments with others will drain us of our energy and will only stand in our way ofnot only encourage them to find ways to be successful being happy and in achieving our goals. Being a "fixer"but will do wonders for your attitude as well. vs. a "complainer" will give you an outlook that willLet Go and Focus on Success enable you to be more productive, creative and effectiveSpend your time and energy focused on changing things for everyone that interacts with you.that can be changed. Some things are simply beyond The next time something happens that makes you feel youour control - accept it. Find time each day to focus on want to complain about it think to yourself:the great things you accomplished in your day - perhapsit was a conversation you had with someone, something • What will I get from complaining?new you tried that worked and gave you the results you • Can I fix the problem?were looking for or having an opportunity come yourway that you didnt expect because of all your hard work. • Think about or seek out others to come up with some Taking time to reflect on your accomplishments will be solutions (ActiveRain is FULL of real life examplesthe fuel to keep you motivated and youll find yourself of how to handle so many issues - read, seek andlooking forward to tomorrow and the challenges that search - in addition to the help you may find, youawait you. may also discover another great resource and friend in the process.) • Get busy making changes and creating solutions that will work. 18
  • 120. I think this quote sums up my attitude about complaining knows you might just make a connection and gain a newbest: customer!"I had no shoes and complained, until I met a man who Another great way in additionto the above to promotehad no feet." Indian Proverb your: • local Open HousesCONNECTING WITH YOUR • SeminarsCOMMUNITY • and Local EventsWritten by: is to become a regular on your local community websitesAnne Marie Malfi, Real Estate Marketing Consultant/ and calendars. Perhaps you have some local communityVirtual Asst, Bucks County,PA (Malfi Marketing pages that you use for linking purposes in your blogs -Solutions ~ for real estate professionals) many of these sites have advertising and forum sections: where you can advertise your next open house, seminar,Connecting to your and local event that youre hosting for free. (many also have feeds where you can submit your blog for even morelocal community gives you something very local exposure). The fact is, community websites andimportant...visibility. community calendars are becoming very popular. So if youre active in your local community and looking for another way to get better visibility for your business and services, why not connect with the people who live, work, eat (you get the picture) in your community and let them know about the things youre doing and offering to their community. Be the Local Realtor/Real Estate Resource!As a business owner you know the importance of keepingyour prospective customers and clients informed about BENEFITS OF WORDPRESSyour organizations activities easily and consistently. FOR BLOGSI love looking at community calendars especially on aweekend that we dont have any plans (rare but it doeshappen) as well as subscribing to many rss feeds for localcommunity pages so that Im aware of all the local eventsgoing on in my area and I dont think Im alone in thiswhen I look at all the people commenting on many of thelocal event pages. Benefits of WordPress for Blogs & WebsitesTrulia, Realbird, your blog, website and social As the Internet evolves from its technology to itsnetworking sites - are all places you should be advertising software, and changes the way we communicate, ityour listings but also add to that your open houses and has opened us to a whole new world of sociallocal community events. But you might be missing media. Blogging is one such evolving method ofout on reaching people from your local community that communication, and WordPress is one of the foremostdont know you yet. (I know it sounds practically accepted platforms for people wanting to get into theimpossible with all the opportunities for reaching out blogging your communities, but why take the chance? Who Evolving Software 19
  • 121. WordPress is free, web-based software that is open their consumers. It allows you to keep the contentsource, which means it is available for developers to fresh, which increases search engine ranking so that thebuild upon and alter at will. Over time, its open source companys content will have a better chance of audienceflexibility has allowed WordPress to become a content system (CMS), or a program that creates, Everyones Doing Itedits, and manages website content as well as blogcontent. With the popularity of social media and the flexible program, ease of installation, and added functionalityThe best part about WordPress is that it doesnt require of plug ins, WordPress provides a way for everyone toknowledge of PHP or HTML code to use it. The blog be involved and engaged in social media, and utilizeor website creator chooses the look and rearranges the benefits it provides to your overall presence on thethe content simply and without rebuilding whole pages Internet.through the code.While utilizing WordPress to build a website is possible, Jeannine Clontz, IVAA CVA, MVA, EthicsCheckedTM,my preference is to maintain separate platforms for owner of Accurate Business Services is a Virtualmy website and blog by using traditional website Assistant (VA). ABS provides ‘as needed marketingdevelopment options. I believe it allows me to take and social media support, training and consultingadvantage of different options, and search engine to busy entrepreneurs. Clontz is a writer, author,optimization methods to capture as many prospects as VA Coach, and speaker on business topics includingpossible. business ethics. For her free 10-Step Guide to Finding the Right VA, or herFREE Report,Themes and Plug-ins Social Media Marketing Benefits, send a requestWordPress has a theme system that allows for easy to: or visit: http://customization for your blog allowing the creator to, or herchange the look of the site as often as they like. book website http://www.entrepreneurialfreedom.comWordPress also has features that assist with linkmanagement, complex indexing of blog posts, and theability for multiple authors to add blog or site content.WordPress works well with other blogging services likeTrackback and Pingback as well as easy importing of TOP THREE MISTAKEScontent from other blogs. WordPress also has securityfeatures such to control spam and visitor comments, user TO AVOID IN YOUR EZINEregistration, and password protection for selected posts.There are also hundreds of compatible plugins available CAMPAIGNthat can greatly extend the functionality.WordPress for Business and PleasureWordPress started as a communication tool for theindividual, but it also has many benefits to offer to thebusiness world. Since WordPress is so simple to useand maintain, this means less overhead and less time Top Three Mistakes to Avoid in Your eZine Campaignspent for creation and maintenance of the blog platform. Using an eZine (Electronic Newsletter) as a part ofThe blogging aspect of WordPress also means that your overall Internet Marketing plan can be a powerfulcompanies have an on-demand method for keeping their way to achieve your marketing goals. Less experiencedaudiences updated on company business and advertising marketers commit a number of common mistakes thattheir products and services. Plus, blogging offers a may cause your targeted list to opt-out. Here are severalwonderful method for companies to get feedback from common mistakes to avoid in your eZine campaign. 20
  • 122. 1) Sending Out Promotions Rather than News marketing to produce optimum results by making sure its implemented correctly. To keep you focused on theAll Internet marketing, including your eZine, should desired result, avoid these mistakes that eZine marketersfocus on building long-lasting relationships with your often commit when running their Internet campaign.subscribers over time. If your eZine message isconsistently aimed at prompting an immediate sale, youll Jeannine Clontz, IVAA CVA, MVA, EthicsCheckedTM,find a steady stream of subscribers opting out. owner of Accurate Business Services is a VirtualTo build a loyal following, design your eZine campaign Assistant (VA). ABS provides ‘as needed marketingto provide content and resources that will help spark and social media support, training and consultinginterest in your product or service by subtly providing to busy entrepreneurs. Clontz is a writer, author,them with topics that show the benefits of your VA Coach, and speaker on business topics includingofferings. For example, if youre a business coach, business ethics. For her free 10-Step Guidesharing information that your target market could benefit to Finding the Right VA, or herFREE Report,from, will quickly show them you are an expert in this Social Media Marketing Benefits, send a requestfield. This will eventually lead to a positive action on to: or visit: http://their part, i.e. contacting you for professional business, or hercoaching. book website Not Focusing on SubscribersWhen organizing your eZine campaign, provide relevant WCR MISSOURI UPDATEand up-to-date content written in a way that speaksto your subscribers needs, never on your businessofferings. People dont care much about what yourbusiness can do for them, but what they can gain bybuilding a relationship with you, that may ultimatelylead to working together. Using our coaching exampleabove, sending valuable resources and information about ELECTION OF OFFICERS:challenges your ideal client may face would be better The Missouri Chapter of the Women’s Council ofthan just an announcement about your next program. REALTORS® is pleased to announce the election of theBy providing relevant content in a timely manner, following members as its 2011 Missouri State Chaptersubscribers are more likely to be loyal to your eZine Officers:campaign.3) Making it Difficult to Opt Out • President – Carol Harris (Kansas City Northland Chapter)Your eZine success is not driven by the number ofsubscribers on your list. The quality, not the quantity • President-Elect – Jan Thomas (Metropolitan St.of your subscribers is far more important. Making it Louis Chapter)difficult for people to unsubscribe can potentially lead • Treasurer – Donna Joerling (St. Charles Countyto disaster. Beyond annoying and alienating potential Chapter)prospects, it will be more difficult to track your eZineresults. Allowing people to easily unsubscribe keeps your • Secretary – Michelle Silies (Metropolitan St. Louisreputation intact and allows you to achieve optimum Chapter)response rates. • Governor – Caroleen Ferrell (South CentralIt is perfectly understandable for you to want to make Missouri Chapter)the most out of your eZine campaign as quickly as WCR Missouri President Barbara commented “We arepossible, but dont let that allow you to defeat its entire fortunate to have such an incredible pool of talentedpurpose. Realize that it takes some time for eZine 21
  • 123. real estate professionals to assist our chapters in growing common goals and to assist each member in achievingtheir membership and delivering quality educational personal and professional growth. We look forward toprograms.” “The successful candidates offered a clear great things from these two leaders.”vision for the organization and are uniquely qualified to TECHNOLOGY TASK FORCE:assist real estate professionals in growing their businessin today’s uncertain real estate market,” she added. The Governing Board of the Missouri Chapter voted to create a Technology Task Force. WCR-MO PresidentMs. Thomas commented “I am honored to be elected Barbara Keathley appointed Ryan Shaughnessy as 2010President-Elect for the Missouri Women’s Council of Chair of the Technology Task Force. At the businessthe REALTORS®.” Ms. Thomas continued “Missouri meeting, the Technology Task Force unveiled the newREALTORS® help thousands of Americans achieve WCR Missouri website - dream of home ownership. Today, real estateprofessionals face unique economic challenges. The UPCOMING EVENTS:State Chapter is here to assist our local chapters in The Night of Mystery was a well-attended, successfuldeveloping future industry leaders and in delivering great fundraising event. The next fundraising event is the Nighteducational programs to assist our members in growing of Indulgence. More details will be included in the nexttheir businesses. I look forward to carrying on these newsletter.traditions.”Michelle Silies commented “I am overwhelmed by thesupport received from our chapter and am proud torepresent St. Louis on the Governing Board of the SUPPORT OUR WCRWomen’s Council of REALTORS®.” Ms. Silies added SPONSORS / ADVERTISERS“As a new member (joining the Women’s Council ofREALTORS® in 2007), it is a deep honor to be elected. Ilook forward to carrying on the great WCR traditions andam honored to have the opportunity to work with our stateleaders to advance our common goals. The Women’sCouncil of REALTORS® provides its members withthe inspiration, the power and the action to grow theirbusiness and to make a difference in their profession andcommunity.”Elizabeth Robb, President of the Metropolitan St. LouisChapter, congratulated Jan Thomas and Michelle Silieson their election to the State Governing Board saying “Itwas exciting to see the energy, enthusiasm and expertiseoffered by all of the candidates in this election. I amconfident that Jan will use the depth of her experienceto ably lead the State Chapter to meet the challenges weare facing in our profession. Similarly, I am certain thatMichelle will bring a renewed enthusiasm and energy tothe position and will assist the State Chapter in usingtechnological solutions to better serve the local chaptersand their members.” Ms. Robb added “Congratulationsto all members of the St Louis Womens Council. It issuch an honor to have two state officers elected from ourmembership. Our Council is working together to achieve 22
  • 124. 23
  • 125. 2011 Chapter Officers will be held at the Business THE GO 2 NETWORK FOR ST. LOUIS REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS... Resource Meeting in September, 2010. GET IT HERE, GET IT NOW • The Awards Committee accepted and review The WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine is a monthly publication of applications for the 2010 ExCel Award. the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Council of REALTORS®. For more information, visit the WCR-Metro • The Ways and Ways Committee hosted the STL website at To submit an article or 2010 Man Auction raising over $8,000 for WCR inquire about advertising opportunities, contact Michelle Silies at membership programs. • The Fashion Show Committee met to plan the 2010 Fashion Show on November 10, 2010.Presidents Message • The Membership Committee met to plan the 2010 WCR Night at the Ballpark on September 27, 2010. • The PMN Planning Task Force announced that the Chapter would sponsor and hold a PMN Class on September 27, 2010, entitled "Harnessing the Power." As you can see, the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter had a busy month and we have much more to accomplishAlthough there was no Business Resource Meeting in this year. We are still looking for members to workJuly, 2010, the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the on 2010 Fashion Show Committees. If you would likeWomens Council of REALTORS® had a busy month. to assist with the Fashon Show, please contact me atHere are some of the highlights: • The Nominating Committee interviewed candidates Elizabeth Robb, WCR-STL President to stand for election and announced the following slate of candidates: President - Carolyn Mantia, President-Elect - Michelle Silies, Vice-President of Membership - J Morris, Treasurer - Mary Carter and Secretary - Rebecca Meier. Additional candidates can be nominated from the floor. The election of the 1
  • 126. also be viewed online at orEditors Notes If you have a great photograph from a WCR event, please send it Michelle Silies, WCR-STL Public Relations Chair 2010 Man Auction - Great Networking Opportunity andIN THIS MONTHS E-ZINE Fundraising Event • Presidents Message, p. 1 • Editors Notes, p. 2 • 2010 Man Auction, p. 3 • 2010 WCR Fashion Show - Silent Auction, p. 4 • Legal Update - Recent Appellate Court Case, p. 5 • Ballot Initiative Update - Say YES to No Double Taxation, p. 6 MAN AUCTION • Leadership Opportunities - SLAR Elections, p. 7 The Metropolitan St. Louis Council of the Women’s Council of REALTORS® hosted its third networking and • Legacy Project - Taking Effective Minutes, p. 8 fundraising event for the year – the 2010 MAN AUCTION • New WCR Membership Benefit - Fedex Discount – on July 15 at the Jive & Wail Dueling Piano Bar in Program, p. 9 Maplewood. • Member Article - Electronics Recycling in St. Louis, Missouri, p. 10CALLING ALL AUTHORSWe are still seeking article submissions from members.For affiliate members, this is a great opportunity toexpose your business, product and services. Here aresome of the benefits: The night started with a live auction of 13 men on the 2010 "Man-u" including: • Promote your business to over 2000 St. Louis real estate agents. • Craig Adams - Vino Vitae - Wine Class and Tasting • Receive a free advertisement in the next issue of the • Jeff Pfitzer - USA Mortgage - Happy Hour at Iggys E-Zine. Mexican Restaurant • Keep your name and company out in front of your • Brian Magill - Expert REALTORS - Home Design customers. Consultation with Coordinating LifestylesPHOTOGRAPHS • Bob Sargent - USA Mortgage - 4 Hour Party LimoWe would like to thank Mary Ann Manion • Leigh Ewell - King of Clubs - Custom Driverand Elena Collins for their reoccurring photocontributions to the E-Zine. The photographs can 2
  • 127. • Brian Scheidegger - Assured Title - Limo Winery Tour WCR Fashion Show - Looking • Dean Engledow - Iron Horse Taming - Motorcycle for Silent Auction Items Riding Training and RHAF Bike Run • Joel Sarmiento - Wells Fargo - Dinner at Shannons Restaurant followed by Carriage Ride • Kurtie Luebben - Certif. Professional Ski Instructor - Ski Rental and Lessons at Hidden Valley Ski Resort Our next networking and fundraising event is the • Scott Ellerbeck - Massage Therapist - 2-30 Minute 2010 WCR Expo & Fashion Show entitled "Passion Massages for Fashion" to be held on November 10, 2010, at the Sheraton Westport Chalet where local real estate • Ryan Shaughnessy - PREA Signature Realty - professionals will model clothing generously provided by 2 Hours of Tech Consulting and Social Media Macy’s-St. Peters and will collect gently used business Management clothing for Dress for Success. Dress for Success is • Ryan Shaughnessy - PREA Signature Realty - a local charitable organization dedicated to promoting 6 Mos. of Tech Consulting and Social Media the economic independence of disadvantaged women by Management providing professional attire, a network of support and career development tools. • Jim Boland - Ladue School District - Art Work The 2010 Expo & Fashion Show will include: • Kevin Vaughn - Club Fitness - 3 Month Membership with 3 Personal Training Sessions • Vendor ExpoDuring the live auction, there was also a silent auction • Business Networking Reception with Free Drinkand plenty of time to network with colleagues and Ticketsother real estate professionals. With over 100 real • 3-Course Dinner with Cash Barestate professionals in attendance, this fundraising andnetworking event raised over $8,000 for leadership • Fashion Show Featuring Celebrities and Local Realtraining and member educational programming. Estate Professionals as ModelsThe event was generously sponsored by American Land • Silent Auction Highlighting Local Businesses andTitle, USA Mortgage, Agents National Title Insurance their Products and Services.Company and Continental Title Company. In today’s real estate market, our members do not justNEXT FUNDRAISING EVENT sell homes—our members also sell the communities inThe 2010 WCR Expo and Fashion Show is set which they work, live and play. In doing so, our membersfor November 10, 2010, at the Westport Sheraton are proud to promote local businesses. Now, we areChalet. Updates will be posted to Facebook Fan calling upon the generosity of our business partners in ourPage. Information on event tickets, exhibitor booths, local communities to support the Women’s Council offashion show model sponsorships, and other sponsorship REALTORS® by donating an item for the silent auction.opportunities can be found at Here are some of the reasons to donate an item for thehflexdgjh8 silent auction:The Fashion Show Committee is looking for people towork on the Fashion Show committees. To volunteer, • Support the professional development programscontact Liz Connolly at offered by the Women’s Council of REALTORS®. 3
  • 128. • Gain recognition as a WCR supporter and expose your business product or service to the more than Legal Update - Recent Missouri 400 real estate professionals attending the event. Real Estate Court Cases • Receive recognition in the printed silent auction program, be highlighted and acknowledged through announcements throughout the event, and be recognized in printed materials advertising the event. • Silent auction items donated may be deductible as a business or advertising expense. Consult your tax The following cases may be relevant to your real estate advisor for more information. practice in Missouri:Here are some suggestions for items to donate: • Citys real estate "for sale" restriction requiring a certificate of code compliance prior to marketing • Wine, Wine Baskets and Wine Accessories a home for sale declared invalid. City of Bellefontaine Neighbors v. Scatizzi, Appeal No. • Gourmet Food Baskets 92965 (Missouri Court of Appeal Eastern District) • Local Neighborhood Gift Baskets • Attorneys fees incurred to clear title due to filing of • Event, Music, Sports and Other Tickets invalid mechanics lien claim recoverable as special damages in slander of title case. Lau v. Pugh, • Fitness and Other Memberships Appeal No. 29289 (Missouri Court of Appeals for • Restaurant and Other Gift Certificates the Southern District) • Spa and Other Service Packages • Lender may sue original owner for fraud and • Travel – Lodging and More negligent representation for non-disclosure of flooding problems - even though there was no • Day Trips and Other Group Outings privity of contract between lender for purchaser and • Catered Events and More original owner/seller. White v. Bowman, Appeals No. 29631 (Missouri Court of Appeals for the • Sport Memorabilia and Other Collectibles Southern District) • Designer Purses, Jewelry and Accessories • Assignment by original purchaser ofIn addition to donating an item for the silent auction, misrepresentation claim against original sellerwe would also invite you to attend the event, purchase held valid even though assignment occurred afteran Expo booth at the event, or support the event by original purchase sold home to third party. Adamscollecting used business attire for donation to Dress of v. Cossa, Appeal No. 92601 (Missouri Court ofSuccess. Appeals for the Eastern District)If you are interested in donating an item for the Case Summaries provided courtesy of Ryansilent auction, contact Ryan Shaughnessy at PREA Shaughnessy / Shaughnessy & Silies, L.L.C.Signature Realty at 314-971-4381 or via e-mail 4
  • 129. Missouri remains among just 13 states that do not imposeTransfer Tax Ban Ballot a transfer tax on real estate sales. The past legislativeInitiative Rejected by Missouri session included several proposals to impose a transfer tax on new construction. Lafayette Square REALTORSecretary of State Michelle Silies commented "the imposition of a tax on the on the sale of real estate will only increase the costs associated the sale of ones home." Ms. Silies further stated "proposals for transfer taxes could not come at a worse time for homeowners already trying to sell their home in this challenging market." Learn more about the amendment at Leadership Opportunities -The Missouri Association of REALTORS, sponsor of SLAR Electiona proposed state constitutional amendment to prohibittransfer taxes on the sale of real estate, announced todaythat it would file a lawsuit challenging the MissouriSecretary States rejection of the ballot petition dueto insufficient signatures. On Monday, the MissouriSecretary of State announced that the ballot petition,known as Vote “YES” To Stop Double Taxation, failedto secure enough signatures of registered voters to qualifyfor the November ballot. THE ST. LOUIS ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® announced that the election for its 2011 Officers andThe Vote “YES” To Stop Double Taxation Committee Directors will be held from Wednesday, September 1,collected thousands of petitions across six of the state’s 2010 through Monday, September 20, 2010 at noon. Thenine congressional districts. The Committee plans to file following offices are open for election:a lawsuit in Cole County Circuit Court, asking that thepetition signatures be declared sufficient. The suit will • PRESIDENT-ELECTalso ask the court to count signatures rejected by theSecretary of State due to petition circulators not being • VICE PRESIDENT/TREASURERregistered with the state. • 5-REALTOR® DIRECTORS“With the large volume of thousands of signatures of • 1-REALTOR® ASSOCIATE DIRECTORsupportive voters and the deadline pressure scores oflocal election authorities faced to check the signatures, • 1-NAR DIRECTORthere will inevitably be mistakes, and we believe NOMINATION: Nomination and consent to serve formsmistakes happened,” said Chuck Hatfield, attorney for are available from SLAR.the Vote “YES” To Stop Double Taxation Committee.“We owe it to the tens of thousands of Missouri voters ELECTION DEADLINE:who signed the petitions and worked hard on the issue’sbehalf to go out and review the signatures and correct the • First Day to File for Election: July 23, 2010mistakes,” Hatfield said. “We are committed to putting • Last Day to File for Election: August 6, 2010this important question before voters, so they have a • Online Voting Opens: September 1, 2010chance to protect themselves from double taxation.” 5
  • 130. • Online Voting Closes: September 20, 2010 To create good minutes, the Secretary should prepare for the meeting. Good preparation results in greater organization and more accurate minutes. Here are some tips for preparing to take minutes:The Legacy Project - Taking • ATTENDANCE LIST. Create an attendance listEffective Minutes of all board members for meetings including title and voting rights. Simple circle or make a check against the each person in attendance at the meeting. Include a space on the list for noting guest or non- board members in attendance. In addition, include a box to indicate whether the board member submitted a written report at or before the meeting.On a regular basis, the Legacy Project will be publishing Name ofarticles relating to chapter management. The articles are Organization:not definitive and should be used only as a guide. The Place ofarticles may relate to specific positions or may relate to Meeting:specific topics. We hope that these articles will be ofassistance to future chapter leaders. Date/Time:THE ROLE OF MEETING MINUTES QuorumMinutes of a meeting are invaluable to chapter leaders Present:and members. Minutes serve a number of purposes anduses beyond simply recording events and decisions – Guests insuch as: Attendance: • REVIEW OF PAST ACTIVITIES: Minutes record Board Voting Written Meeting past stances and positions taken by individual Member/ Rights Report Attendance members as well as the board as a whole. Title Submitted • SUMMARIZING PROCEEDINGS: Minutes creates a summary of the board session for use at future meeting and for use by board members who • AGENDA OUTLINE. Obtain a copy of the were unable to attend the board meeting. meeting agenda. Create an outline for the meeting. The outline should follow the items on the meeting • COMMUNICATION: Minutes act as a agenda and should include sufficient space for communication to convey to chapter members the taking notes on the discussion as well as recording substance of issues addressed at the board meeting the acts taken or decisions made. as well as decisions made by the board. • LEADERSHIP TOOL: Minutes serve as a roadmap Name of for future action – including a reminder of who Organization: committed to doing what. Purpose of • INDIVIDUAL RECOGNITION: Minutes are a Meeting: simple way to recognize individual contributions to Place of the chapter. Meeting: Date/Time:PREPARING TO TAKE MINUTES 6
  • 131. Meeting necessary to later prepare the minutes. Don’t try toChair: make notes of every comment. Focus on the issues discussed, major points raised and decisions made.Topic Discussion Action Person Responsible • PROMPT PREPARATION. Set aside time after each meeting to prepare the minutes. Minutes tend to be more accurate when prepared immediately after a meeting. Too often, the Secretary waits • ABBREVIATIONS. Create a standardized set to prepare the meeting minutes until immediately of abbreviations for people and actions. Use of before the next meeting. As a result, memory of the abbreviations will allow you to focus on the meeting fades, important information is missed or discussions at the meeting. omitted from the minutes and inaccuracies in the • MOTIONS/RESOLUTIONS LOG. Create a log minutes develop. for resolutions or motions taken recording the name • PROOFREAD. Before issuing the minutes, of the moving party, the name of the person who proofread the draft of the minutes to confirm the seconded the motion, the nature or substance of the correct spelling of all names, titles, etc. motion or resolution, and the roll call record of the vote indicating whether the resolution or motion • LIMITED DISSEMINATION FOR REVIEW. passed or not. Before finalizing the minutes, circulate a copy of a draft of the minutes to the Executive Committee forMotions their review and comment.andResolutions: DRAFTING MINUTESNumber Introduced/ Nature of Vote Here are some simples steps to drafting the minutes for Seconded Motion/ your chapter’s board meetings: by Resolution • STEP 1 – MEETING TITLE. Start with the title. Set for the name of the organization, type of meeting and the time, date, and location of the meeting. • ACTION ITEMS. Create a list of action items from the meeting. This item should be separate from the • STEP 2 – ATTENDANCE. List the names of minutes for use of the Executive Committee to track board members in attendance and absent. Include commitments made by individual board members the names of non-board members as guest. Note and to create accountability so that actions required whether a quorum is present or not. to move issues forward are taken between meetings. Board Members: Present:Action Absent:Items: Quorum present? YesItems Actions to Person Deadline Be Taken Responsible Others Present: • STEP 3 – PRELMINARY ITEMS. Set forth who called the meeting to order and when and who • RECORDING/NOTES. Use a recording device to presided over the meeting. Note any preliminary record the meeting (if appropriate). Use handwritten notes or computer at the meeting to take the notes 7
  • 132. items such as the approval of past minutes. State majority of members agreed on retaining xxxx whether the minutes were approved or amended. Company. MOTION to retain and employ xxxx Company forProceedings: · Board Meeting called to order at 9:00 IT consulting service at a rate not to exceed amounta.m. by Chair xxx xxxxx specified in proposal, made, seconded and approved/· Meeting minutes from xxxxx xx, 2010, were passed.amended and approved • STEP 6 – ADJOURNMENT . End the minutes with • STEP 4 – REPORTS. Identify and summarize any the adjournment, including the time the meeting reports given to the board, such as the President’s ended, who called for adjournment and the vote. Report, Treasurer’s Report, etc. After the title of The secretary should sign the minutes below a each report, write the name of the person delivering final phrase, such as "Respectfully submitted by" the report. In summarizing the important points of including the time/date prepared and the time/date each report, the Secretary can write the summary as approved. a prose paragraph or make each item a bullet point. Be sure to include any actions taken as a result of • Meeting adjourned at 11 a.m. the reports, such as motions made and seconded and the voting results on the motions. • Minutes submitted by Secretary, xxxx xxxx • Minutes Prepared: August 11, 2010· Finance Committee report provided by Treasurer • Minutes Approved: September __, 201xxxxx xxxxx: - xxxxxxx explained that consultant,Susan Johns, reviewed the organizations bookkeeping MISCELLANEOUS ISSUES IN DRAFTINGprocedures and found them to be satisfactory, in MINUTESpreparation for the upcoming yearly financial audit. SHOULD MOVERS AND SECONDERS BExxxxxx recommends that our company ensure the RECORDED IN MINUTES? Generally, No.auditor provides a management letter along with theaudit financial report. The answer will vary based on your chapter’s bylaws,- xxxxxxx reviewed highlights, trends and issues standing rules and customs and practices. However,from the balance sheet, income statement and cash absent contrary authority, the name of a person makingflow statement. Issues include that high accounts a motion or seconding a motion should not be recordedreceivables requiring Finance Committee attention in the minutes. This rule is based on the commentsto policies and procedures to ensure our organization contained in Rule 60 of the Roberts Rules of Order (10threceives more payments on time. Edition) which states as follows: The movers name is recorded only "in the case of • STEP 5 – OLD/NEW BUSINESS. Record important motions." any discussion and decisions on old and new business. Record important points in a discussion, The name of the seconder of a motion should not be the wording of any motion made and the voting entered in the minutes unless ordered by the assembly… results. WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE FOR HANDLING CONFIDENTIAL MATTERS? Executive Session or· Other business: Redacted Minutes.- xxxxxx noted that he was working with staff When a board of directors discusses confidential mattersmember xxxxx to help develop an information such as legal, tax or personnel matters, the board ofmanagement systems plan. xxxxxxx asked members directors should meet in executive session. Here is thefor their opinions to help select a consultant. The typical procedure to be followed: 8
  • 133. • A board member moves that the board go into 1, 2010, chapter members will receive the following executive session. If the motion is adopted, discounts from Fedex Kinkos: the meeting proceeds with non-board members excluded. The Secretary records in the minutes only • 30% discount on black/white or color copying that the motion was made, seconded and passed. • 10% discount on all other services • The board conducts its confidential business. Non- board members may be invited by the board to The discount does not apply to: attend. The Secretary records minutes from the • specialty quoted large jobs executive session. However, the minutes of the executive session are not included in the general • outsourced products and services meeting minutes and are kept separately in a • notary services, confidential manner. • office supplies • When the executive session is adjourned, the public or general minutes should record that the executive • shipping services session has concluded. The board may elect to • ink jet cartridges announce the decisions made in executive session • video conferencing services for inclusion in the general meeting minutes. • equipment rentalThe Legacy Project will publish future articles on chapter • conference room rentalbest practices. The articles represent the opinions ofthe author and do not reflect any official position of • Sony Picture Stationsthe National Women’s Council of REALTORS® or the • gift certificatesMetropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Women’s Councilof REALTORS®. • specialty papersABOUT THE AUTHORS: • custom calendarsThis article was written by local attorneys and real • holiday promotion greeting cardsestate brokers Michelle Silies and Ryan Shaughnessy, • postageprincipals at PREA Signature Realty in Lafayette Square.All Right Reserved - PREA Signature Realty (2010). The discount is available at Fedex Kinkos retail locations (except hotel and convention center locations). Simply request the discount at the time of placing the order for Fedex Kinkos services. If you need assistance withNew WCR Membership Benefit your printing or other projects, please contact Cassandra Willis (or ask for the Lead Project Coordinator) at the- Fedex Discount Program Fedex Kinkos-Brentwood at 314-963-2700. The Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Council of REALTORS® continues to strive to add value to its members and looks forward to adding additional affiliate discount programs in the future.The Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the WomensCouncil of REALTORS® is pleased to announce a newmember benefit from Fedex Kinkos. Starting August 9
  • 134. and electronics have been sold or given away toElectronics Recycling in St. residents in local communities.Louis, Missouri • Over 8,000 volunteers and residents have helped promote or support WITS or donated to WITS programs. • In 2009, WITS diverted over 6.5 million lbs of electronic components from landfills and waste streams by refurbishing electronics, by disassembling electronics, and by re-manufacturing products for other uses. Since, 2004, WITSThis month, we focus on a local non-profit Web has diverted over 20.5 million lbs. of electronicInnovations and Technology Services ("WITS") who is components from landfills and waste streams.the largest non-profit electronics recycler in Missouri. • 65% of electronic items donated to WITS are Under Missouri law, electronic equipment such as reused. 35% of electronic items donated to WITScomputers, televisions, cell phones, cordless telephones, are demanufactured and sold for new product uses.and monitors are classified as "hazardous waste" andmust be collected and disposed by regulated collection • WITS has created over 365 new jobs since itssites because electronic equipment often contains heavy inception.metals such as cadmium, lead, and even PCBs. Although • 1,250 low-income families have volunteered atthere are a number of commercial electronics recyclers in WITS events to earn a computer, TV or otherthe St. Louis area, there is only one with a strong track working electronic item.record of re-use and recycling. Here are some of the ways that St. Louis real estate professionals can benefit from WITS recycling programs: • Electronic Disposal: Dispose of old, used and inoperable electronic equipment in a safe, environmentally friendly manner. Other commercial recyclers charge disposal fees. WITS does not charge for the disposal of most electronic items delivered to the WITS facility or delivered to a WITS collection site. • Tax Donation: Receive a charitable donation letter summarizing the fair market value of the donated item for use as a charitable tax donation • Onsite Electronics Pick-Up: If you require pick-up service, WITS charges $50-$100 per box truck for all business pickups, $30-75 for residential pick-upHere are some of WITS achievements: within a 1 hour drive. • Purchase Refurbished Electronic and Other Items: • In 2009, WITS refurbished and reused over 3,500 Purchase refurbished computers (from $60), computers and other electronics. Since 2004, WITS laptops (from $100), and LCD Monitors (from $25). has refurbished and reused over 20,000 computers Other items including televisions, radios, stereos, and electronics. These refurbished computers 10
  • 135. fans, heaters, lawn equipment, etc. are available starting at $5. • Home CleanOut: If you work with seniors or sell home in probate estate, WITS offers a low flat fee ($100) pick-up service of all household items. WITS then repackages and delivers such non- electronic items as clothing, household furniture, etc. to other non-profits.Other WITSs programs: • Volunteer for Computer Program: Volunteers who agree to work at WITS facility or WITS events for 65 hours receive a free computer or other electronic item. Senior, veteran and disabled volunteers can work from home placing telephone calls and earn a WCR Newsletter Supporters free computer after 45 hours of volunteer time. • Student Program: Eligible low income students accepted to college and maintain a B+ average receive a free computer. • Kids with Kancer Program: Chronically ill children age 8 to 18 suffering from cancer and hospitalized or receiving full-time home care are eligible to receive a free laptop. • Senior Program: WITS receives applications from seniors and donates 1 computer system per month to seniors in need of a computer. • Computer Exchange: Non-profit organizations, schools and churches can exchange used, old and inoperable computers for new computers. • Revenue Sharing: Non-profit organizations, schools and churches can act as event organizers or collection sites and receive a percentage of the income generated from the recycling of electronic items.If you are interested in learning more about WITS, visittheir facility at 647 E Holly Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63147(2 blocks from N. Grand and Hwy 70), their website, or their upcoming recycling event inBelleville, Illinois on August 8 or Chesterfield, Missourion August 28. 11
  • 136. 12
  • 137. will present a Performance Management Network THE GO 2 NETWORK FOR ST. LOUIS REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS... course entitled "Harnessing the Power - Skills GET IT HERE, GET IT NOW Based Performance" with Speaker Terry Watson. The WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine is a monthly publication of (Download Registration Forms from http:// the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Council of REALTORS®. For more information, visit the WCR-Metro • September 27 - The Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter STL website at To submit an article or of the Womens Council of REALTORS® will inquire about advertising opportunities, contact Michelle Silies at host new members at WCR Night at the Ballpark (Cardinals vs. Pirates). (Download Flyer from http:// St. Louis E-Zine (August, • September 28 - The Missouri Womens Council of REALTORS® will install Jan Thomas as2010) President-Elect and Michelle Silies as Secretary. (For More Info, Visit: Meetings__Events/page_2358482.html) • September 29 - The Missouri Womens Council of REALTORS® will hold its General Membership Meeting at the Lake of the Ozarks. (For More Info, Visit: page_2358482.html) Interested in becoming a member? The monthNext month, the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of of September showcases the many benefits ofthe Womens Council of REALTORS® will celebrate WCR membership including leadership development,the success of the chapter with a series of events and educational programs to grow your business andprograms: networking opportunities. If you are interested in • September 2 - Business Resource Meeting - The becoming a new member, please contact me at keynote speaker is Beyond Housing Executive Director Chris Krehmeyer who will present Elizabeth Robb, 2010 WCR-STL President "Strengthening Our Neighborhoods" providing an overview of Beyond Housings community development and housing programs. The meeting will also include the election of our chapters 2010 Officers. (For More Info, Visit: • September 9 - WCR Live - Hosts Klaus Bank and Michelle Silies will discuss with Author Jay Papasan the principles outlined in his book "The Shift." (Listen Live at: wcrlive) • September 27 - The Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Council of REALTORS® and the Missouri Association of REALTORS®
  • 138. IN THIS MONTHS E-ZINE• Presidents Message, p. 1• Editors Notes - In This Issue, p. 2• August Business Resource Meeting - Yvonne Sparks/Federal Reserve Bank, p. 2• 2011 WCR-MO Officer Installation - September 28,2010, p. 3 The August Business Resource Meeting featured Yvonne• 2010 Expo & Fashion Show Update - A Passion for Sparks, Senior Community Affairs Manager at theFashion, p. 4 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis who presented a• Are We Connected?, p. 4 program entitled "Reach Out St. Louis" which discussed:• Support Our Newsletter Sponsors, p. 5 • An Overview of the History of the Federal ReserveCALLING ALL AUTHORS BankWe are still seeking article submissions from members. • The Federal Reserve Banks Role in Housing andFor affiliate members, this is a great opportunity to Community Developmentexpose your business, product and services. Here are • An Overview of the Federal Reserve Bankssome of the benefits: Community Development Programs• Promote your business to over 2000 St. Louis real estate • Commentary - Perspectives on the State ofagents. Community Development in the St. Louis Area• Receive a free advertisement in the next issue of the E-Zine. Ms. Sparks also provided several handouts of interest to real estate professionals such as:• Keep your name and company out in front of yourcustomers. • 5 Tips on Improving Your Credit ScorePHOTOGRAPHS • 5 Tips for Shopping for a MortgageWe would like to thank Mary Ann Manion • 5 Tips for Avoiding Foreclosure Scamsand Elena Collins for their reoccurring photocontributions to the E-Zine. The photographs can • Screenshot of the Resource Available from thealso be viewed online at or Federal Reserve Banks Foreclosure If you have a great Centerphotograph from a WCR event, please send it • Screenshot of the Federal Reserve Banks regarding Upcoming Community DevelopmentMichelle Silies, WCR-STL Public Relations Chair Programs and Initiatives The handouts are available for download at: http:// Upcoming events at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis of interest to St. Louis real estate professionals include: 2
  • 139. • 08/26 | St. Louis, Mo. Addressing the Achievement the 2011 Womens Council of REALTORS® Officer Gap and Fostering Community Leadership--New Installation Dinner at the Lodge of the Four Seasons on Voices, Fresh Ideas: Exploring Innovation 2010 - September 28, 2010, and celebrate the installation of our The achievement gap is at the root of Americas members Jan Thomas and Michelle Silies as state chapter workforce competitiveness challenge and issues officers. that communities face daily. What’s more, it MEET YOUR 2011 WCR-MO OFFICERS may be widening and spreading in our region. At the same time, community leadership is in President Carole Harris short supply, and the demand for engaged and informed community members is tremendous. The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis invites real estate professionals and community leaders to a public policy dialogue to discuss the implications of these issues on society, including President-Elect Jan Thomas how organizations must address these concerns to attract investments, add value and support economic and social development. To register for this free event, visit: community_development/events/?id=181.For more information on the Federal Reserve Bank of St.Louis, visit: Treasurer Donna JoerlingProgram Sponsored by: Chad Borah, Pillar to PostProfessional Home Inspections. Secretary Michelle Silies Governor Caroleen Ferrell • Date: September 28, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. • Location: Lodge of the Four Seasons (Osage Beach) • Cost: $50 Advance/$55 Door • Online Registration: • For More Info: Meetings__Events/page_2358482.htmlThe Governing Board of the Metropolitan St. LouisChapter of the Womens Council of REALTORS®invites its members, partners and sponsors to attend 3
  • 140. Protection Group - Home Warrant & Inspection and First American Title.The 2010 WCR Expo & Fashion Show entitled "APassion for Fashion" is set for November 10, 2010,starting at 4 p.m. at the Westport Sheraton Chalet. The2010 WCR Expo & Fashion Show will feature: • Exciting Vendor Expo with over 40 National and Local Exhibitors ranging from Real Estate Tech Solutions to Home Decor Items to Clothing and Personal Items • Fabulous Silent Auction including Day Trips from St. Louis to Sports and Event Tickets and Much More • Stunning Fashion Show with 40+ Model Showing Connect with the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Off the Lastest Fashions Provided by Macys Mid- Womens Council of REALTORS® on popular social Rivers media sites. Receive news fast and quickly as soon as it is published. Dont miss out on important information that • Complimentary Drink Tickets Provided Courtesy of might just drive your business to the next level. Continental Title Company Here are a few technology and social media resourcesTICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE... from the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Council of REALTORS®:Last year, this event sold-out with over 300 in attendanceso get your tickets early. There are two ticket packages: • Follow @WCRStLouisMO. Receive updates on WCR events and enjoy periodic news • $40 per person for the Dinner and Fashion Show and industry tips from the Affiliate Committee. • $600 per Brokerage Table which includes 10 Dinner • Become a Facebook Fan at Tickets plus a Celebrity Broker Model ReceiveEXPO AND BOOTH PACKAGE AND MODEL updates on WCR events, download registration andSPONSORSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE NOW other forms, view event photos and much more.For more information, contact: • Join the WCR LinkedIn Group at • Bob Sargent, 2010 WCR Ways & Means Chair, about=&gid=2395493&trk=anet_ug_grppro. for Expo and Booth Packages - BSargent@USA- Receive updates on WCR events, engage in industry related discussions, search for jobs with WCR members and more. • Liz Connolly, 2010 WCR Fashion Show Chair, for Model Sponsorships - • Listen to WCR Live with live shows on the second Thursday of each monthor download event registration or other forms at: http:// (except July and January) or visit the archives past shows. Subscribe to receive new shows via RSS feed, e-mail or iPod download.2010 WCR Expo & Fashion Show Sponsored byINHance IT! Moving Forward, USA Mortgage, Buyers • WCR Toolbar: Download the combined WCR- Assist and WCR-Affiliate Toolbars at http:// 4
  • 141. Instead of searching for real estate and industry websites, use a toolbar that is designed by real estate professionals for real estate sales professionals. Use the toolbar as your search tool and get the same great Google search results while generating a passive income for your local WCR chapter. • Google Calendar: Sync your Google calendars with the WCR Metro St. Louis Calendar by going to and adding the WCR Metro St. Louis Calendar to your Google Calendars. • We will launch a new website - same URL address as before. The new website will allow for better online registration and will include a searchable database of members. We expect that the new website will be up and running in December, 2010. • Members receive the chapter newsletter WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine via e- mail. Non-members can subscribe to WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine and receive via e-mail by going to you can see, it has been a busy year with more to come.Stay tuned. 5
  • 142. 6
  • 143. for the state organization for 2011. They will be installed THE GO 2 NETWORK FOR ST. LOUIS REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS... at the Fall Meeting of the Missouri Womens Council of GET IT HERE, GET IT NOW REALTORS®, September 28 and 29 at the Lodge of the The WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine is a monthly publication of Four Seasons at the Lake of the Ozarks. the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Council of Congratulations as well to our Chapters 2010 Award REALTORS®. For more information, visit the WCR-Metro Winners announced at last months Business Resource STL website at To submit an article or Meeting: inquire about advertising opportunities, contact Michelle Silies at • Member of the Year - Jean Ewell, Keller Williams SouthwestWCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine • Entrepreneur of the Year - Carolyn Mantia, RE/(September, 2010) MAX Results • EXCEL Award - Michelle Silies, PREA Signature Realty and • WCR Missouri State Entrepreneur of the Year -Congratulations to the newly elected executive team Carolyn Mantia, RE/MAX Resultsof the St. Louis Metropolitan Womens Council ofREALTORS®. Taking office as of January 1, 2011 are • WCR Missouri State EXCEL Award - Michellethe following: President - Carolyn Mantia; President Silies, PREA Signature RealtyElect - Michelle Silies; VP of Membership - J. Morris; Interested in becoming a member? The monthSecretary - Rebecca Meier; and Treasurer - Mary Carter. of September showcases the many benefits ofThese very capable women have already shown a WCR membership including leadership development,deep commitment to the organization and will guide educational programs to grow your business andWomens Council during 2011. The new President, networking opportunities. If you are interested inCarolyn Mantia, will be putting together her team becoming a new member, please contact me atfor 2011 in the coming months. Now is the time to for a position on the Governing Board or Elizabeth Robb, 2010 WCR-STL Presidentfor a Committee in 2011. Contact Carolyn Mantia The 2011 team takes officeofficially on January 1, 2011. The St. Louis Associationof REALTORS® and St. Louis Metropolitan WomensCouncil of REALTORS® will install their new executiveteams at The Chase on Saturday, October 23, 2010.St. Louis Metropolitan Womens Council of IN THIS MONTHS E-ZINEREALTORS® also congratulates its own local chaptermembers who were recently elected as WCR Missouri • Presidents Message, p. 1State officers for 2011. Jan Thomas was elected President • Editors Notes - In This Issue, p. 2Elect for 2011, and Michelle Silies was elected Secretary
  • 144. • September Business Resource Meeting - ChrisKrehmeyer/Beyond Housing, p. *• A Word from Our Sponsor - Ductz of West St. Louis,p. *• PMN Course - Harnessing the Power - Skills BasedPerformance Management with Terry Watson, p. * The September Business Resource Meeting featured Chris Krehmeyer, Executive Director of Beyond• WCR Live - September Guest - Jay Papasan, Co-Author Housing of St. Louis. Beyond Housing is a providerof "The Shift," p. * of affordable housing and home ownership services,• 2010 Fall Membership Drive - WCR Night at The provides support services to families, children andBallpark - September 27, p. * seniors, acts as catalyst for community-wide rebuilding• 2010 Expo & Fashion Show Update - A Passion for efforts, empowers residents to be leaders of theirFashion, p. * own neighborhood revitalization efforts, and promotes individual and community asset building. Mr. Krehmeyer• WCR Expo & Fashion Show - Silent Auction Items discussed Beyond Housings general approach as well asNeeded, p. * specific programs such as:• Support Our Newsletter Sponsors, p. * • 24:1 InitiativeCALLING ALL AUTHORS • First-Time Home Buyer Training ProgramWe are still seeking article submissions from members.For affiliate members, this is a great opportunity to • Foreclosure Prevention Programexpose your business, product and services. Here are • Rental Program with Support Assistancesome of the benefits: • IDA Program• Promote your business to over 2000 St. Louis real estateagents. For more information on these programs, please visit:• Receive a free advertisement in the next issue of the E-Zine. Program Sponsored by: Patty Clisham/Ductz of West St. Louis• Keep your name and company out in front of yourcustomers.PHOTOGRAPHSWe would like to thank Mary Ann Manionand Elena Collins for their reoccurring photocontributions to the E-Zine. The photographs canalso be viewed online at or Eight Signs That Tell You It Is Time For Air If you have a great Cleaningphotograph from a WCR event, please send it When it comes to knowing when its time to have your ventilation system inspected and cleaned, many peopleMichelle Silies, WCR-STL Public Relations Chair may not be able to recognize the signs of a dirty system. Generally speaking, if you have no memory of the last time your system was cleaned, its probably been too long. Over 60 million people in North America suffer from some form of allergy, with children and the elderly being most affected by respiratory problems. Many forms of mold, mildew and other bacteria can easily form in the dirt and dusty pollutants that form within the air ducts of your ventilation system. Its what you cant see that can make you sick. 2
  • 145. Some indications that you may have a problem with yourair duct system can include:- The air return grilles in your walls have a black fuzz ofdust along the vanes- A layer of dust returns a few hours after youve dustedyour home thoroughly- The filters in your air system have black dust on them- Dry and stuffy air throughout your home or office The Metropolitan St. Louis, the St. Charles and- Higher than normal utility bills due to poor air flow and the South Central Chapters of the Womens Councildirty HVAC components of REALTORS and the Missouri Association of REALTORS® hosted a PMN Course entitled- Heat registers on the floor have dirt and dust in them "Harnessing the Power - Skills Based Performance Management" on September 27, 2010 at the Plaza- Sneezing more frequently, especially after air starts to Executive Suites in St. Louis, Missouri. Regisrtationflow Costs for this day-long class was $150.- More frequent cases of attacks in anyone with asthma MEET THE INSTRUCTORin your home or office Terry Watson, ABR, ABRM, CIPS, CRB, CRS, GRI,If you have done any sort of renovation or demolition PMN, SRES, is founder and president of Watson World,work throughout your home, this can also have an effect Inc. Mr. Watson delivers keynote speeches, offerson the way that your air ventilation and heating system motivational seminars and provides educational trainingworks. The dust that becomes airborne will travel straight throughout the United States. In addition to being a muchthrough your air duct system and may end up clogging sought after instructor, Mr. Watson is an experiencedyour filter. Even the simple act of painting can stir up a and highly motivated sales professional with practicallot of dust that can have an effect on the way that your real estate experience. Mr. Watson is a broker withair system functions. his familys real estate firm and has hired, training and supervised more that 100 REALTORS®.One of the first things you should do when you buya new home is to have someone come in and inspect Terry Watson has his own unique approach of impartingthe air ventilation ducts for dust and other airborne knowledge the combines an infectious can-do attitude,contaminants. Because we spend an average of 75% of robust sense of humor, and an uncanny ability to reachour lives indoors, the quality of the air we breathe should and involve all types of learners. This much sought afterbe of the utmost importance. Dirt, dust, animal dander real estate trainer is sure to offer another useful andand other airborne pollutants can have a marked effect on memorable seminar. Proof of his effectiveness lies withour health and the health of those around us. The EPA the fact that many of the current registrants are returninghas proven that levels of hazardous pollutants inside our attendees eager to hear more from Mr. and offices are sometimes 70 times higher than in ABOUT THE COURSEthe air outside. This course taught how to harness the power ofAlways use a NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners performance management skills to challenge yourself,Association) qualified, certified professional to inspect to manage your time effectively, to build credibilityyour home or business. DUCTZ Total Care would be and develop a personal vision. What separates the besthappy to assist you with your indoor air quality inspection from the rest? The best have systems not just for theirneeds. DUCTZ Total care is a proud member of WCR St. real estate businesses but for themselves. They haveLouis and SLAR. Contact Patty today for an estimate on harnessed the power of performance management skillsyour duct cleaning needs. 314.631.6700 or to challenge themselves, to manage their time effectively,DuctzSTL to build credibility and develop a personal vision. This 3
  • 146. course showed how to eliminate the obstacles that • II. Performance Management Produce high levelsconspire to prevent you from getting to that next level in of quality delivered through organized and efficientyour business and in your life. systems to provide consistent results.COURSE OBJECTIVES o A. Creating a Business/personal PlanCourse objectives included: - 1. Vision Who do you want to be? What do you want to do? • Know how to recognize and eliminate self sabotage - 2. Creating a Meaningful Mission • Challenge yourself to expect and achieve more in Statement Why do you exist? the important areas of your life - 3. Building a Credible Culture How does • Develop a personal vision for your business and your team support your vision? other life areas and gain tools for achievement - 4. Putting It All Together • Understand how to minimize resistance to change and power your performance as a result • III. Change Management o A. Effectuating Changes How to effectivelyCOURSE OUTLINE introduce change.Harnessing the Power Course Outline: o B. Team Buy-In • Challenging Yourself o C. Challenging the Status Quo o A. How the Mind Works Find the ìblind-spotsî o D. Evaluation Tools Manual and electronic that derail our ability to see things or process tools for evaluating change. information clearly. o E. Gathering the Information Needed - 1. Conscious Mind Learn how we create o F. Testing Considerations Learn to perceptions, form associations, evaluate troubleshoot your current methods and decide process and formulate decisions. what new elements are needed. - 2. Subconscious Mind Learn how o G. No Progress Without Fear-Create systems we store and filter information and and plans for change. experiences. o H. Setback Management What to do when - 3. Creative Subconscious The mind creativity derails. adjusts our perceived ìrealityî to fit our subconscious beliefs. • IV. Time Management o B. Self-Sabotage Learn to break the barriers o A. The Focus of a Career in Sales Your success that prevent us from becoming the best we can is directly proportionate to your ability to be, in both our personal and professional lives. initiate new contacts and generate referrals. o C. Building New Beliefs Replace old beliefs o B. Analyzing your Personality with new potential. o C. Organizing your Work Area-Build systems - 1. Self-talk Cycles Change negative self for efficiency. talk to positive affirmations. o D. Review and Recap your Progress Evaluate - 2. How to Create Vivid Goals Reaching where you are at and where you need to be. beyond your grasp and avoiding o E. Productivity Tools Contact management obstacles. and schedule management software. - 3. Avoiding Obstacles o F. How to Avoid ìTime Banditsî Avoid pitfalls that drain our time and energy. - 4. Achieving Your Dreams Use a personal ìtoolkitî to measure your progress and o G. Procrastination Solutions to short-circuit reach your goals. procrastination. 4
  • 147. • V. Life Management The Ultimate Balancing Act o To/from a non-WCR REALTOR® = 5 points each o A. Re-Setting Your Goals-Are you doing what you want to do? Are you all that you want to o From a client = 2 points each. be? For more information on the PMN Designation, visit o B. Balance Wheel Time management exercise. o C. Axioms of Life Management Time Program Underwriten by PrimeLending management exercise.ABOUT THE DESIGNATIONThe Performance Management Network (PMN)REALTOR® designation is offered by the WomensCouncil of REALTORS® and focuses on businessdevelopment skills including negotiation, networking,time management and more. The PMN designation isdesigned to develop the real-world skills, the know-howand the tools that will keep REALTORS® businessesout front and on top of an ever-evolving market. ThePMNs professional performance training courses aretaught by recognized experts on topics that are driving SEPTEMBER EPISODE - SALES STRATEGIESthe marketplace. WITH JAY PAPASANBy becoming a PMN Designee, agents show their The September episode of WCR Live - The St. Louisclients that they are committed to ongoing education and Broker Conference Call featured hosts Michelle Siliesprofessional excellence, and show their colleagues that and Klaus Bank interviewing Jay Papasan, co-author ofthey understand and value the importance of a powerful "The Shift" regarding proven sales strategies to managenetwork of business connections. changes and conditions in the market. The discussionDESIGNATION REQUIREMENTS includef such topics as:The requirements for receiving the designation include: • Master the Moment of the Market - Short Sales, Foreclosures and REOs • Must be a REALTOR®, REALTOR-Associate® or Association Executive member of the Womens • Create Urgency - Overcoming Buyer Reluctance Council of REALTOR® and must complete the • Re-Margin Your Business - Managing Expenses WCR PMN Application. • Find the Motivated - Lead Generation • Must Successfully Complete Three Performance • Expand the Options - Creative Financing Management Network Courses such as: o Effective Negotiating for Real Estate The show aired Thursday, September 9, 2010, from 12 Professionals noon to 1 p.m. CST. You can listen to archived shows or receive podcasts by e-mail, RSS feed or iPod download. o Networking & Referral Systems THE ARCHIVES o The Business of Your Business: People, Planning, Money & Management Missed a show? Use the on-demand feature at to listen to past o Harnessing the Power of Skills-Based shows including: Performance Management • Proof of closed referral transactions over a 24 month • WCR LIVE - PROGRAMMING OVERVIEW This period totaling 30 points as follows: episode is the inaugural show for WCR LIVE - THE ST. LOUIS BROKER CONFERENCE CALL. In o To/from another national WCR member = 10 this segment, producer Ryan Shaughnessy and hosts points each 5
  • 148. Michelle Silies and Klaus Bank will discuss the BROKER CONFERENCE CALL, hosts Michelle concept for this new show, upcoming guests and Silies and Klaus Bank will discuss sales more. (January 29, 2010) techniques such as qualifying prospects, removing objections, and closing the sale. THIS MONTHS• WCR LIVE - WORKING THE PHONES In this GUEST: STEVE HOFFAKER, AUTHOR AND episode of WCR LIVE-THE ST. LOUIS BROKER NATIONAL LECTURER. (June 10, 2010) CONFERENCE CALL, hosts Michelle Silies and Klaus Bank will discuss the central importance of • JULY - NO SHOW the telephone in business development and real • WCR LIVE - JAY PAPASAN AND "THE estate sales including such topics as telephone SHIFT" In this episode of WCR LIVE-THE communication skills, overcoming the fear of ST. LOUIS BROKER CONFERENCE CALL, making and taking telephone calls, the difference hosts Michelle Silies and Klaus Bank will between warm and cold calling, the need for prompt discuss proven sales strategies to manage changes return calls, using voicemail to your advantage and and conditions in the market. THIS MONTHS more. THIS MONTHS GUEST: DAVE BUEKER, GUEST: JAY PAPASAN, CO-AUTHOR OF "THE KELLER WILLIAMS ST. LOUIS REALTY. SHIFT." (September 9, 2010) (February 11, 2010)• WCR LIVE - PORTRAITS IN LEADERSHIP Show Sponsored by: Insight Title and New Castle Home In this episode of WCR LIVE-THE ST. LOUIS Loans BROKER CONFERENCE CALL, hosts Michelle Silies and Klaus Bank will discuss portraits in leadership including such topics as identifying leaders, leadership styles, building your team, delegating tasks, demanding accountability, and more. Guest – 2010 WCR President Elizabeth Robb. (March 11, 2010)• WCR LIVE - UNDERSTANDING COMMUNICATION STYLES In this episode of WCR LIVE-THE ST. LOUIS BROKER CONFERENCE CALL, hosts Michelle Silies and Klaus Bank will discuss the need for understanding J Morris, Acting Vice-President of Membership, communication styles including such topics making coordinated the 2010 Fall Membership Recruitment a good first impression, the power of active Drive. The goal was simple - recruit 20 new national listening, looking for verbal and non-verbal cues, WCR members before September 24, 2010. National using the right communication channels and WCR members are REALTORS and national affiliates more. THIS MONTHS GUEST: 2010 WCR who are members of a local real estate association and PRESIDENT-ELECT CAROLYN MANTIA, RE/ local real estate association staff. MAX RESULTS. (April 8, 2010) In connection with the Fall Membership Drive, Ms.• WCR LIVE - DEVELOPING A CULTURE OF Morris announced two incentives: INNOVATION In this episode of WCR LIVE-THE ST. LOUIS BROKER CONFERENCE CALL, • The first 13 new national members received a free hosts Michelle Silies and Klaus Bank will discuss ticket to the Cards-Pirates game on September 27, how to develop a corporate culture embracing 2010. The ticket included a souvenir t-shirt and two innovation. THIS MONTHS GUEST: STEVE hour all-you-can-eat ballpark buffet. ROSENBAUM, HOST OF THE HOME ENERGY • The current member who recruits the most new SOLUTIONS SHOW ON THE ESPN RADIO national members will receive one year WCR NETWORK. (May 13, 2010) membership renewal.• WCR LIVE - SELLING SKILLS In this episode of WCR LIVE-THE ST. LOUIS 6
  • 149. In addition to these incentives, all new members received • Exciting Vendor Expo with over 40 National and Locala free box advertisement in the WCR Metro St. Louis Exhibitors ranging from Real Estate Tech Solutions toE-Zine. The 2010 Fall Membership Recruitment Drive Home Decor Items to Clothing and Personal Itemsculminated in the WCR Night at the Ballpark on • Fabulous Silent Auction including Day Trips from St.September 27, 2010, where new members and current Louis to Sports and Event Tickets and Much Moremembers had the opportunity to network and currentmembers shared their experiences with new members as • Stunning Fashion Show with 40+ Model Showing Offthe St. Louis Cardinals took on the Pittsburgh Pirates. the Lastest Fashions Provided by Macys Mid-RiversNeed a few reasons to join? Here are just a few... • Complimentary Drink Tickets Provided Courtesy of Continental Title Company • Leadership Training and Opportunities TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE... • Mentoring Last year, this event sold-out with over 300 in attendance • Networking Opportunities so get your tickets early. There are two ticket packages: • Educational Programs • $40 per person for the Dinner and Fashion Show • Performance Management Network Designation • $600 per Brokerage Table which includes 10 Dinner Tickets plus a Celebrity Broker Model • Personal and Professional Growth EXPO AND BOOTH PACKAGE AND MODEL • Member Discounts SPONSORSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE NOWWCR Night at the Ballpark Sponsored by: For more information, contact: • Cardinal Sponsors: Arenz Pest Control, Assured • Bob Sargent, 2010 WCR Ways & Means Chair, Title, BPG Home Warranty, First American Title, for Expo and Booth Packages - BSargent@USA- St. Louis Association of REALTORS, and USA Mortgage • Liz Connolly, 2010 WCR Fashion Show Chair, for • Pirate Sponsors: BPG Home Warranty, Cardinal Model Sponsorships - Surveying, Continental Title, INhance IT Home or download event registration or other forms at: http:// Staging, Investors Title, Liberty Mutual, PREA Signature Realty, Prime Lending and RE/MAX 2010 WCR Expo & Fashion Show Sponsored by Results. INHance IT! Moving Forward, USA Mortgage, Buyers Protection Group - Home Warrant & Inspection and First American TitleThe 2010 WCR Expo & Fashion Show entitled "APassion for Fashion" is set for November 10, 2010,starting at 4 p.m. at the Westport Sheraton Chalet. The Our next networking and fundraising event is the2010 WCR Expo & Fashion Show will feature: 2010 WCR Expo & Fashion Show entitled "Passion for Fashion" to be held on November 10, 2010, at the Sheraton Westport Chalet where local real estate 7
  • 150. professionals will model clothing generously provided by • Event, Music, Sports and Other TicketsMacys-St. Peters and will collect gently used business • Fitness and Other Membershipsclothing for Dress for Success. Dress for Success isa local charitable organization dedicated to promoting • Restaurant and Other Gift Certificatesthe economic independence of disadvantaged women by • Spa and Other Service Packagesproviding professional attire, a network of support andcareer development tools. • Travel - Lodging and MoreThe 2010 Expo & Fashion Show will include: • Day Trips and Other Group Outings • Catered Events and More • Vendor Expo • Sport Memorabilia and Other Collectibles • Business Networking Reception with Free Drink Tickets • Designer Purses, Jewelry and Accessories • 3-Course Dinner with Cash Bar In addition to donating an item for the silent auction, • Fashion Show Featuring Celebrities and Local Real we would also invite you to attend the event, purchase Estate Professionals as Models an Expo booth at the event, or support the event by collecting used business attire for donation to Dress of • Silent Auction Highlighting Local Businesses and Success. their Products and Services. If you are interested in donating an item for theIn todays real estate market, our members do not just silent auction, contact Ryan Shaughnessy at PREAsell homes-our members also sell the communities in Signature Realty at 314-971-4381 or via e-mail atwhich they work, live and play. In doing so, our members proud to promote local businesses. Now, we arecalling upon the generosity of our business partners inour local communities to support the Womens Council ofREALTORS® by donating an item for the silent auction.Here are some of the reasons to donate an item for thesilent auction: • Support the professional development programs offered by the Womens Council of REALTORS®. • Gain recognition as a WCR supporter and expose your business product or service to the more than 400 real estate professionals attending the event. • Receive recognition in the printed silent auction program, be highlighted and acknowledged through announcements throughout the event, and be recognized in printed materials advertising the event. • Silent auction items donated may be deductible as a business or advertising expense. Consult your tax advisor for more information.Here are some suggestions for items to donate: • Wine, Wine Baskets and Wine Accessories • Gourmet Food Baskets • Local Neighborhood Gift Baskets 8
  • 151. 9
  • 152. many dedicated, talented and enthusiastic members who THE GO 2 NETWORK FOR ST. LOUIS REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS... believe in our mission, work well together and know GET IT HERE, GET IT NOW how to have fun. 2010 has been wonderful, and 2011 The WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine is a monthly publication of looks to take our organization to new heights. 2011 the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Council of Committees are forming now so if you are ready to get REALTORS®. For more information, visit the WCR-Metro involved, grow and gain the most from your membership, STL website at To submit an article or please contact our incoming President Carolyn Mantia inquire about advertising opportunities, contact Michelle Silies at ( for more information and to sign up today! Interested in becoming a member? The monthWCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine of September showcases the many benefits of WCR membership including leadership development,(October, 2010) educational programs to grow your business and networking opportunities. If you are interested in becoming a new member, please contact me at Elizabeth Robb, 2010 WCR-STL PresidentDont miss out... theres still time to register for a boothpackage, model sponsorship and/or dinner ticket to ourevent of the year! This of course is our next networkingand fundraising event - the 2010 WCR Expo & FashionShow entitled "Passion for Fashion" to be held onNovember 10, 2010, at the Sheraton Westport Chalet.The 2010 Expo & Fashion Show will include:• Fabulous Vendor Expo for all Your Business andPersonal Shopping• Business Networking Reception with Free Drink IN THIS MONTHS E-ZINETickets • Presidents Message, p. 1• 3-Course Dinner with Cash Bar • Editors Notes - In This Issue, p. 2• Musical Entertainment by The Jeweltones • October Business Resource Meeting: "The 4H Club" -• Stunning Fashion Show Featuring Broker Celebrities Headwinds/Hardship/Homeownership/Help, p. *and Local Real Estate Professionals • 2010 Expo & Fashion Show Update - A Passion for• Silent Auction Highlighting Local Businesses and their Fashion, p. *Products and Services • WCR Expo & Fashion Show - Silent Auction ItemsDuring this busy time of year, our 2010 and 2011 Needed, p. *Executive Boards are beginning the leadership transition • WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine - 2010 Article Index, p. *planning for the upcoming "changing of the guard"in January. Our organization is fortunate to have so • Support Our Newsletter Sponsors, p. *
  • 153. CALLING ALL AUTHORS From 1996 to 2009, Mr. Bracken had direct responsibility for Government and Industry Relations. Since theWe are still seeking article submissions from members. acquisition of Wachovia in January 2009, his groupFor affiliate members, this is a great opportunity to now focuses exclusively on Industry Relations. Prior toexpose your business, product and services. Here are joining WFHM, Mr. Bracken was Managing Directorsome of the benefits: of Prudential Home Mortgage as well as President and• Promote your business to over 2000 St. Louis real estate CEO of the Prudential operating units, Lenders Serviceagents. Inc. and Private Label Mortgage Services Corporation.• Receive a free advertisement in the next issue of the E- Mr. Bracken has more than 35 years of direct mortgageZine. banking experience.• Keep your name and company out in front of your Program Sponsored by: American Eagle Credit Unioncustomers.PHOTOGRAPHSWe would like to thank Mary Ann Manionand Elena Collins for their reoccurring photocontributions to the E-Zine. The photographs canalso be viewed online at If you have a greatphotograph from a WCR event, please send Silies, WCR-STL Public Relations Chair The 2010 WCR Expo & Fashion Show entitled "A Passion for Fashion" is set for November 10, 2010, starting at 4 p.m. at the Westport Sheraton Chalet. The 2010 WCR Expo & Fashion Show will feature: • Exciting Vendor Expo with over 40 National and LocalThe October Business Resource Meeting featured Phillip Exhibitors ranging from Real Estate Tech Solutions toBracken, Executive Vice President of Wells Fargo Home Decor Items to Clothing and Personal ItemsHome Mortgage, the nations leading originator of • Fabulous Silent Auction including Day Trips from St.residential mortgages, who presented a program entitled Louis to Sports and Event Tickets and Much More"The 4H Club" - Headwinds/Hardship/Homeownership/ • Stunning Fashion Show with 40+ Model Showing OffHelp." Mr. Bracken discussed important industry issues the Lastest Fashions Provided by Macys Mid-Riversand topics such as: • Complimentary Drink Tickets Provided Courtesy of· Tighter Credit Standards Continental Title Company· The Future of the GSEs TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE...· REO Property Disposition Last year, this event sold-out with over 300 in attendance· ADC Financing so get your tickets early. There are two ticket packages:· Condominiums - Issues and Solutions • $40 per person for the Dinner and Fashion Show· Financial Services Regulatory Reform • $600 per Brokerage Table which includes 10 Dinner· The Value Proposition of Homeownership Tickets plus a Celebrity Broker ModelPhil Bracken is Executive Vice President of Wells EXPO AND BOOTH PACKAGE AND MODELFargo Home Mortgage, the nations leading originator of SPONSORSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE NOWresidential mortgages. Mr. Bracken reports to the Wells For more information, contact:Fargo Home & Consumer Finance Group "Chairman." 2
  • 154. • Bob Sargent, 2010 WCR Ways & Means Chair, are proud to promote local businesses. Now, we arefor Expo and Booth Packages - BSargent@USA- calling upon the generosity of our business partners our local communities to support the Womens Council of REALTORS® by donating an item for the silent auction.• Liz Connolly, 2010 WCR Fashion Show Chair, forModel Sponsorships - Here are some of the reasons to donate an item for the silent auction:or download event registration or other forms at: • Support the professional development programs2010 WCR Expo & Fashion Show Sponsored by offered by the Womens Council of REALTORS®.INHance IT! Moving Forward, USA Mortgage, Buyers • Gain recognition as a WCR supporter and exposeProtection Group - Home Warrant & Inspection and First your business product or service to the more thanAmerican Title 400 real estate professionals attending the event. • Receive recognition in the printed silent auction program, be highlighted and acknowledged through announcements throughout the event, and be recognized in printed materials advertising the event. • Silent auction items donated may be deductible as a business or advertising expense. Consult your tax advisor for more information. Here are some suggestions for items to donate:Our next networking and fundraising event is the • Wine, Wine Baskets and Wine Accessories2010 WCR Expo & Fashion Show entitled "Passion • Gourmet Food Basketsfor Fashion" to be held on November 10, 2010, atthe Sheraton Westport Chalet where local real estate • Local Neighborhood Gift Basketsprofessionals will model clothing generously provided by • Event, Music, Sports and Other TicketsMacys-St. Peters and will collect gently used businessclothing for Dress for Success. Dress for Success is • Fitness and Other Membershipsa local charitable organization dedicated to promoting • Restaurant and Other Gift Certificatesthe economic independence of disadvantaged women by • Spa and Other Service Packagesproviding professional attire, a network of support andcareer development tools. • Travel - Lodging and MoreThe 2010 Expo & Fashion Show will include: • Day Trips and Other Group Outings • Catered Events and More • Vendor Expo • Sport Memorabilia and Other Collectibles • Business Networking Reception with Free Drink Tickets • Designer Purses, Jewelry and Accessories • 3-Course Dinner with Cash Bar In addition to donating an item for the silent auction, • Fashion Show Featuring Celebrities and Local Real we would also invite you to attend the event, purchase Estate Professionals as Models an Expo booth at the event, or support the event by collecting used business attire for donation to Dress of • Silent Auction Highlighting Local Businesses and Success. their Products and Services. If you are interested in donating an item for theIn todays real estate market, our members do not just silent auction, contact Ryan Shaughnessy at PREAsell homes-our members also sell the communities inwhich they work, live and play. In doing so, our members 3
  • 157. Leadership Program participants will make presentations THE GO 2 NETWORK FOR ST. LOUIS REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS... on leadership transitions and systems and mentoring GET IT HERE, GET IT NOW that will outline a framework for future programs and The WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine is a monthly publication of initiatives. the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Council of REALTORS®. For more information, visit the WCR-Metro Elizabeth Robb, 2010 WCR-STL President STL website at To submit an article or inquire about advertising opportunities, contact Michelle Silies at Metro St. Louis E-Zine(November, 2010) IN THIS MONTHS E-ZINE • Presidents Message, p. 1As I close out my term as your 2010 President, I wantto thank all of our members and sponsors who have • Editors Notes - In This Issue, p. 2contributed to the success of this organization. It has • 2010 Expo & Fashion Show - A Passion for Fashion,been truly been a pleasure to work with each of you. p. *Our success as an organization isnt about any singleperson or group of persons. It is the work of numerous • National Womens Council of REALTORS® 2010dedicated and talented individuals who have worked Annual Meeting Draws Crowd to New Orleans, p. *together toward the common goal of better serving our • Leadership Series Update, p. *members. • Articles from Guest Blogger Anne Marie Malfi, p.We now are transitioning to a new leadership team. It is • Support Our Newsletter Sponsors, p. *a group with great energy and vision. There will soon Michelle Silies, WCR-STL Public Relations Chairbe changes with a new website and a new reservationsystem. While these changes may cause some shortterm problems and issues, it will greatly streamline oursystems and reduce the time spent by our volunteer boardmembers and chairs. I appreciate your patience as anychange often comes with some temporary issues andproblems. This is particularly true when it involves newtechnology.In conclusion, I hope that you will join me for the2010 Leadership Programs class presentation. The
  • 158. Metropolitan St. Louis WCRs 2010 Expo and Fashion The Metropolitan St. Louis WCR is a network ofShow a Huge Success! successful REALTORS® empowering individuals to maximize their potential as entrepreneurs and industryMembers and guests of the Metropolitan St. Louis leaders. To learn more about the organization, upcomingChapter of the Womens Council of REALTORS® Business Resource Meetings and to become a member,enjoyed an exciting afternoon and evening on November please visit or the Metropolitan St. Louis10th as the chapter hosted its 2010 Vendor Expo and WCR Facebook Fan Page at Show. The event was generously sponsored bythe chapters Affiliate Members INhance IT! MovingForward, BPG Home Warranty & Inspection, FirstAmerican Title and USA Mortgage.Held in the Versailles Ballroom of the Sheraton WestportChalet, the event featured numerous vendors who openedtheir booths at 4:00 p.m. free to all who chose tobrowse their services and merchandise. Attendees wereencouraged to bring donations of gently used clothing forDress for Success, a local charity providing professionalattire, support network and career development tools todisadvantaged women. NATIONAL WOMENS COUNCIL OF REALTORS®The event featured a cash bar with complimentary 2010 ANNUAL MEETING DRAWS CROWD TOdrink tickets sponsored by Continental Title Company NEW ORLEANS - By Jan Thomas, 2010 WCR Missouriand a ticketed plate dinner. Letty DeMay, President of Treasurer and 2011 WCR Missouri President Electthe St. Louis Association of REALTORS®, hosted theevenings program with a special performance by The Missouri members of the Womens Council ofJeweltones and the Fashion Show beginning at 8:00 REALTORS® traveled to New Orleans this monthp.m. Macys provided casual, professional and evening for the annual meeting of the National organization.attire modeled by local real estate professionals and The conference was held at the New Orleans Marriottaffiliates who were sponsored by chapter members, expo Hotel November 3-7, in conjunction with the Nationalvendors and industry partners. The Fashion Show was Association of REALTORS® annual meeting.orchestrated and emceed Liz Connolly of INhanceIT! Included in the program for 2010 were two PMNHome Staging and was an audience favorite as they courses (The Business of Your Business and Leadershipenjoyed their colleagues working the runway. Skills Training), presentation of the Strategic Plan forTopping off the evening was the chapters successful 2011-2013, awarding of PMN designations, RegionalSilent Auction fundraiser and a 50/50 Raffle to benefit Caucuses, educational sessions, speakers, strategicthe Presidents Choice Charity for 2010 - Metropolitan forums, the installation of 2011 line officers, and electionSt. Louis WCRs Scholarship Fund, initiated to assist of 2011 Financial Secretary and three new members ofthe professional development of WCR REALTOR® the Executive Committee.Members by providing funds for professional Missouri was well-represented nationally. Jean Ewell,development courses sponsored by the Metropolitan 2009 Metropolitan St. Louis Local Chapter President,St. Louis Womens Council of REALTORS®, the St. is a Leadership Training Strategic Forum CommitteeLouis Association of REALTORS® and the National member. Randi Bishop of Columbia served as RegionalAssociation of REALTORS®. Vice President for Region IX in 2010. MissouriMetropolitan St. Louis WCR is grateful to SLAR and State President Barb Keathley, State Womens Councilthe real estate community for their support of this event Governor Caroleen Ferrell, Regional VP Randi Bishop,and the continued support of the chapters efforts to and Local Chapter Presidents Cindy Williams, Elizabethprovide professional education and leadership training Robb, Stephanie Biggs, Tami Adams and Mary Richardsfor REALTORS® and Affiliates in metropolitan St. cast their votes in the electoral process, where Jo KenneyLouis area. of Georgia ran from the floor to win the spot of Financial Secretary on the national officer line. 2
  • 159. PMN certificates and pins were awarded to Missourians The final Leadership Series Class was held on Monday,Elizabeth Robb, Carolyn Mantia, Michelle Silies and November 15th at RE/MAX Results on Manchester. TheJan Thomas, all from the Metropolitan St. Louis Participants spent time discussing the implementation ofchapter. The Strategic Plan for 2011-2013 was presented the last session, working on team projects and endedand approved by the Governing Board. The National with each making a speech on why members shouldGoverning Board elected three new members to the become involved in the Leadership Series. A videoExecutive Committee: Bob Nachman of Arizona, was made of each speech. Time was allowed for eachMelissa Zimbleman of Nevada and Sandra Hunt of participant to critique their own speech, and the rest ofTexas. Educational opportunities included a panel on the class also provided feedback. The speeches were anpolitical involvement, technology training, leadership implementation of a public speaking session given byopportunities, business planning, future real estate trends, Past National WCR President, Becky Hill, in Chicagoevolving with the times and orientation sessions for earlier this year. An evaluation was completed at the endincoming officers. of the session on the years program.National officers for 2011 were installed at a Saturday The 2010 Participants have been exceptional and haveevening banquet: President Margo Willis of the worked very hard to accomplish their group projects.state of Washington; President-Elect Bobbie Nelson The projects will be presented at the December Businessof California; Recording Secretary Anita Davis of Resource Meeting.Maryland; and Financial Secretary Jo Kenney ofGeorgia. 2011 Leadership Series Facilitators Jane Martin, Elizabeth Robb, Jean Ewell, Jan Thomas, CarolynSpecial recognition is extended to all the Missourians Mantia, Liz Connolly, Vivian McBride and Michellewho were able to attend and participate in the 2010 annual Silies are currently in the process of reviewingfall conference: Barb Keathley, Carole Harris, Caroleen applications for the 2011 Leadership Series Class.Ferrell, Randi Bishop, Jan Thomas, Elizabeth Robb, The 2011 Class Participants will be announced at theStephanie Biggs, Tami Adams, Debbie Heidbreder, December Business Resource Meeting. The FacilitatorsLeah Petras, Cindy Williams, Edwina Conley, J Morris, are also in the process of preparing a Training ProgramCarolyn Mantia, Vivian McBride, Mary Richards, Pat presentation on our Chapters Leadership Series toTackett, Lana Nelson, Sue Arnold, Stella Lee, Cindy present to National in 2011.Butler and Betty Knowles. The Leadership Series Facilitators and Participants areThe next National meeting will be the Mid-Year especially grateful to USA Mortgage for graciouslyConference held in Washington, D.C., May 11-15, 2011. sponsoring our Chapters program for 2009, 2010 andSet aside the dates on your calendars and make your plans attend this meeting, where Chapter Excellence awardsfor 2010 will be presented! Missouris local chapters areon track to win! I think we can all agree that our clients all want to feel special, whether they are new or they have been workingLEADERSHIP SERIES UPDATE by Jane Martin, with us for months or even years.They will also continueLeadership Facilitator to go to where they feel they are wanted and appreciated. Think about it from your own personal experience.Would you continue to go to a restaurant or service provider 3
  • 160. that didn’t make you feel invited or special?If they Rule #2didn’t recognize you or provide you with an exceptional Recognize them.There are numerous ways to go aboutcustomer service experience would you return, mention this.A few off the top of my head – invite them to athem to others or would you simply move on? client event, seminar you know they will find interesting,Have you ever given thought to whether "new" clients local events that you are blogging about, blog about theirare more important than "existing" clients? I think they business, refer people you know to their business.Theare both important and each of them needs to feel important thing to remember with this one is you havethat way.Surely we all want to grow our businesses be listening to know your clients and prospects to knowand working with new prospects is an essential part of what’s important to them – what they are interested ingrowing our business but just as essential is in how we otherwise you are sending them info they don’t have antreat our “existing” clients. interest in and that can be a turn off.You want to engage with them and be seen as a valuable resource.It comes down to having a system in place to stay incontact with both existing and new clients to ensure Rule #3everyones needs are being met. Stay in Contact.This does not mean only when you haveIn a previous blog I wrote about how you can categorize work with them, but especially when you don’t!No oneyour clients in your database to ensure you’re providing likes to be forgotten.Send a personal note, forward anthem with information that is relevant to them.Feel free email that you know they will find helpful, follow Ruleto review that information and at the end I will give you #1 – the point is just stay in contact.a few simple ways to go about establishing ways to stayin touch with both new and existing clients.Here are 3 Rules to follow to help you stay on the mind ofyour existing clients.(this will become important for your“new” prospects and clients as you start working withthem and establish a good practice for staying in touchwith them.) So how do you go about staying in touch?While it may seem simple – it’s often the simple things that getRule #1 overlooked.Call Them.Yes, in this day of technology – emails, socialnetworking and text messages – we often use our phone • Create a schedule of contact in your database orless to reach out to clients.It could be that we’re busy and email – once a month (your newsletter – be sure tomulti tasking, possibly we’ve been out of touch with a get their permission), once a quarter (an email, or aformer client and we’re afraid to pick up the phone and call.)Once you put a plan together you won’t have tocall them or we’re not sure what we should be calling think when did I last contact that client or you won’tthem about.Whatever the reason, we need to let those let too much time pass without letting them knowexisting clients know they are “still” important to us. Try they’re important to, you may be surprised to hear a happy tone in their • While it’s important to contact them, it’s alsovoice that they’re hearing from you or what if they know important to make a note about why you contactedsomeone that is possibly in the market to buy or sell a them.Perhaps you sent them a note to remind themhome? of an upcoming event or you forwarded an email 4
  • 161. and they loved receiving it. This way you will be able to note something that is important to THIS client.Don’t rely on your memory – jot a note in their file or your database. • Invite them to your social networking – invite them to participate and engage with you and your contacts – connections can be made and enhanced. • Invite them to your blog.Often they will discover you’re writing something of interest to them that you might not know is a “hot” button for them – it could With so many tools, websites and vehicles available to initiate a call or email from this client and you’ve us to extend our reach and communicate with the general got contact.Especially do this if you’re going to blog public, I think too often we forget about one of our most about their business or a recent interaction you’ve valuable resources - our past clients - when it comes had with them. to growing our business. They are one of our greatest • The possibilities are endless so feel free to share resources for new business and in this post I would other ways you have for staying in touch with your like to share some thoughts and ideas for enhancing clients? your image and becoming one of their greatest and most valuable resources.My final point is this: Put a system in place, whatever Does this scenario apply to you? Youre at the closingworks for you and your clients, to make this happen table with your client, the keys are handed to them, mayberegularly and consistently. you have a phone call with them shortly afterwards, a fewEstablishing a good system for contact with existing emails are sent to them or dare I say - you have no contactclients and prospects is a good practice to follow if you’re with them after than transaction?interested in growing your business.A trust already exists Past clients loyalty can easily be broken unless you havewith your existing clients and that has the potential a plan for maintaining these very important relationships.for growth of your business by way of referrals.If youestablish this practice your new prospects and clients will Ive seen it happen and have been employed by agents toalso benefit because you will have an established method assist them in reestablishing these relationships. It doesntof contact from them beginning and won’t have to be have to be this way - you can maintain your emotionalfocused on playing catch up with them to reestablish that connection with your previous clients and here are a fewtrust. things to focus on to make that happen.Don’t let so much time pass that your clients and 1. Databaseprospects feel forgotten and then ultimately YOU are the Organize your clients in your database. Move them fromone that becomes forgotten. "current client" status to "previous client"or to a groupWhat Rules do you follow when it comes to maintaining that makes sense. See this post in which I described howyour “existing” client relationships vs. only being to organize your database and email campaigns so theyfocused on the "new"? Are they different or the same? make the most sense and keep you efficient with regular contact and with content that matters to them. If you have******************************************************************* (within the last 2 years) you not been in regular contactReady to take your Marketing to new levels? Anne Marie may need to face letting them go, but please learn fromMalfi ~ Malfi Marketing this mistake and dont let it happen with any of your clients you are currently or will be working with going~ Copyright 2010 forward. 2. Your Personal Story 5
  • 162. up. Talk about being a valuable resource! that gives you some 5. Your Brochure and Business Cards Twice a year send them a reminder of your services. Ever hear the phrase - out of sight, out of mind? This is a great opportunity to let them know youre still active in real estate and to let them know how much you value their business and any referrals (you never know if putting thisTwice a year send them a personal note - a story of little reminder out there will bring you a new referralwhat youre doing but dont make it all about real estate if you simply assume it wont work.) This along with all- you can certainly relate it to what youre doing but the items you are sending throughout the year is whatshare a part of you - the same way you do in your blogs. builds and increases the likelihood that your sphere ofYou may be saying "why would my clients want to know influence will reach out to their sphere of Influence. Dowhat Im doing?" Because youve just spent a lot of time you honestly think they will refer or mention you towith this client, handling a very personal and emotional anyone they come in contact with if you havent been intransaction for them- thats why. Maybe youre known as "regular" contact with them?a Realtor® who handle and specializes in a certain nichethat you can relate to your personal life. The point of thisletter is to create, maintain and further the personal andemotional connection that was started with this client heminute they decided to hire you.3. Real Estate Letters/Newsletters/EmailsThis is where you keep your clients informed about whatis going on in real estate, your market (market updates,highlighting new businesses in your area),(classes youare taking, new team members, etc .) and providing 6. Special Events/Community Involvementhelpful advice and information, for example, the Another great opportunity to not only share what youreHomebuyer Tax Credit. your business involved in, but a great way to engage your clients. So many of you are involved in giving back to your community - perhaps a client would also love to be involved and you just sparked their interest. This not only gives you the opportunity to interact with them again on a personal level for a cause you both believe in but it helps promote your cause and thats something that everyone can benefit from. The point is throughout this process, you have shown4. Fun Contact your clients you care to stay in touch with them and youThis is a great way to share your fun side with clients did it in both a fun and informative way.and shows them just how approachable you are and will Important Reminder:encourage them to engage with you. Heres a fun site"fun"holidays to celebrate and you can tie them into things Be sure to review your all your contact content and make sure you have your blog, website and social networkingyou are doing in real estate. For example, February 8th is sites not only mentioned but hyperlinked so its easy toClean out your computer day, what a great way to remind connect with you.your clients to back up their computers and remove anyunwanted files, etc. If theyre a fairly recent client youcan even send them a disk or zip file with all of their realestate documents especially since tax season is coming 6
  • 163. I hope this post helped you in the following ways: 1. Got you thinking about how important it is to stay in touch(both past and present) with your clients 2. Created an easy step by step plan for how to connect and stay in touch with clients 3. Reminded you to treat your sphere of influence as a valuable resource 4. Convinced you that you can be a valued and trusted resource for your clientsWhat things are you doing for your clients to considerYOU their most valuable resource?*******************************************************************Ready to take your Marketing to new levels? Anne MarieMalfi ~ Malfi Marketing Copyright 2010 7
  • 164. 8
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  • 166. Event, the Urban Bus Tour, the Man Auction and THE GO 2 NETWORK FOR ST. LOUIS REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS... the Expo & Fashion Show. These successful events GET IT HERE, GET IT NOW coupled with the generosity of our industry sponsors The WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine is a monthly publication of and supporters make it possible to expand the the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens Council of educational and leadership opportunities offered to REALTORS®. For more information, visit the WCR-Metro our members. STL website at To submit an article or • We developed alternative delivery options for inquire about advertising opportunities, contact Michelle Silies at educational programing through our WCR Live internet radio show/podcast and our expanded WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine.WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine • We graduated our second class from the Leadership Series. The graduates from the 2009 and 2010(December, 2010) Leadership Series have taken leadership roles within the industry at the state and local levels. In 2012, we anticipate presenting the Leadership Series on the national level as a model program for other chapters. • We upgraded our internet presence with a new LinkedIn Group, Facebook Fan Page and Twitter feed. After much planning, we also launched a new website that seeks to automate many ofIn my last official act as the 2010 President, I wanted to our business functions such event registration,express my gratitude and thanks for the hard work and marketing events, membership renewal and thecontributions made by the 2010 Governing Board, our management of member information.members and our sponsors to the growth of our chapter. • We received several national awards including theIt has been an eventful year and I would like to briefly 2009 Wells Fargo "Inspire, Educate and Enable"recap some of the highlights: Award (Mega Chapter Category), 2009 Gold Award for Chapter Excellence (Mega Chapter Category) • We had great Business Resource Meeting speakers and the 2010 Member Retention Award (Mega with topics ranging from how to succeed Chapter Category). in difficult economic conditions, technology, diversity including working with recent immigrants, • We also recognized the contributions and impact economic development, changes in lending made by our members including: Carolyn Mantia practices, leadership development and much more. as 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year, Jean Ewell as We are delivering programs that are both 2010 Member of the Year, Michelle Silies as the motivational and assist our members in developing 2010 ExCEL Award Winner, Vivian McBride as their business and leadership skills. Our education 2010 Affiliate of Year and Liz Connolly as the 2010 and leadership programs received national attention Superstar. and recognition. We also co-sponsored the PMN class "Harnessing The Power" featuring the dynamic speaker Terry Watson. On the state level, the Womens Council of • We have had several successful events such as REALTORS® continues to work hard to serve its our Mardi Gras Karaoke Happy Hour Networking membership. Our chapter was well represented at the state level by President Barbara Keathley, Treasurer
  • 167. Jan Thomas, Budget Chair Letty DeMay, Strategic Interested in becoming a member? The monthPartners Chair Sharon Wynn and Technology Chair Ryan of December showcased the many benefits ofShaughnessy. The state chapter recognized several of WCR membership including leadership development,our members including Carolyn Mantia as the 2010 educational programs to grow your business andEntrepreneur of the Year, Michelle Silies as the 2010 networking opportunities.ExCEL Award Winner and Special Recognition of Ryan Elizabeth Robb, 2010 WCR-STL President / hfShaughnessy for the development of the state chapterswebsite. In addition, there is much excitement in ourincoming state leadership headed by 2011 PresidentCarole Harris. Our chapter as well as the St. CharlesChapter will again be well represented at the state levelby Jan Thomas as 2011 President-Elect, St. Charleschapters Donna Joerling as 2011 Treasurer and MichelleSilies as 2011 Secretary. The state meetings next year areplanned to narrowly focus on the needs of local chaptersand their members.On a national level, Womens Council of REALTORS®continues to work jointly with the National Association IN THIS MONTHS E-ZINEof REALTORS® to represent the real estate industry in • Presidents Message, p. 1Washington, D.C., addressing legislation that affects the • Editors Notes - In This Issue, p. 2way we do business. Our national leadership for 2011will be lead by President Margo Willis of Spanaway, • New & Improved WCR Metro St. Louis WebsiteWashington and President-Elect Bobbie Nelson of Sana Launched, p. 3Cruz, California. • New Event Registration Process, p. 5 • New Membership Directory and Member Profiles, p. 7In conclusion, I want to thank each and every member • New Business Resource Meeting Location, p. 9of the 2010 Governing Board for their service anddedication and for the contributions made by them to the • 2011 Education Programs, p. 10growth of our chapter. These members brought a great • January 2011 Business Resource Meeting - The Art ofenergy to the chapter. I encourage all of our members Marketing You, p. 10to get involved and embrace the opportunity to growpersonally and professionally within our chapter. Finally, • Article: Measuring Your Marketing Plan, p. 11I look forward to another successful year under the strong • Article: Importance of Time - Balancing Work and Life,leadership of 2011 President Carolyn Mantia and the new p. 13leadership team. • Missouri WCR Holds Orientation for Local Chapter Officers, p. 15 • December 2010 Business Resource Meeting - The Leadership Series, p. 15 • 2010 WCR Metro STL Photo Collage, p. 17 • Support Our Newsletter Sponsors, p. 18 Happy New Year... Special thanks to everyone for a very successful 2010 for the Metropolitan St. Louis WCR! We have amazing May the New Year Be Prosperous for All members and leaders who made this year the best it could be. The energy and enthusiasm was contagious. Many new initiatives and innovations were developed and nurtured under President Elizabeth Robb and the 2
  • 168. Governing Boards guidance. We have much to be proud The new public website has the following tools andof for 2010 and much to look forward to for 2011. features:Many thanks to Ryan Shaughnessy for his contributions • Online Event Registration. The "Eventto the WCR-Metro St. Louis E-Zine and his technical Registration" page has a number useful features.guidance through all the new initiatives developed this First, non-members can subscribe to the event RSSyear. Special thanks to all those who contributed articles feed and receive notification of new WCR eventsto the E-Zine and made it a success - especially Jan via e-mail by clicking on the orange "RSS" boxThomas, Patty Clisham, Jeanine Clontz and Anne Marie in the upper left hand corner. As explained below,Malfi. members and non-members can obtain additionalWe would also like to thank Maryann Manion information on WCR events by click on "Showand Elena Collins for their photo contributions to Details" or can register for WCR events by clickingthe E-Zine. The photographs can also be viewed on "Register." In late January, we anticipate thatonline at or members and non-members will be able to payWCRStLouis. Remember, if you have a great online using debit cards, MasterCard, Visa andphotograph from a WCR event, please send it American • Business Resource Series. The "BusinessLast but certainly not least, we would like to express our Resource Series" page has the look and feel ofdeep appreciation and gratitude to our 2010 newsletter a brochure and includes a list of all 2011 WCR-sponsor Investors Title for their generous support of the sponsored educational events including businessE-Zine. we would also like to thank those members who resource meetings, a technology workshop and aadvertised in the E-Zine. We are fortunate to have such PMN class.consummate professionals in our membership and ask • Affiliate Resource Center. The "Affiliate Resourcethat the membership patronize our affiliates whenever Center" page allows members to downloadyou can. Without our affiliate members, our organization brochures, price lists and other information from ourwould not be as strong and enjoyable as it has become. National Affiliates and Local Affiliates.We wish 2011 to be a WCR year full of fun, growth and • Press Releases. The "Press Release" page includesprosperity for everyone. Happy New Year! a copy of all press releases issued by the chapter.It has been a pleasure serving you, It also creates an easy to locate historical record of important chapter announcements.Michelle Silies, 2010 WCR-STL Public Relations Chair • Library & Forms. The "Library & Forms" page serves as a repository for chapter documents. The goal of this page is to create greater transparency and to improve the leadership transition process by consolidating chapter related documents in a single, accessible place. • Member Directory. The "Member Directory" tab allows members and the general public to locate members for referrals searching on name, industry/ practice area or company. In addition, the Member Director also has a member profile page allowing members to showcase their experience, WCRThe Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the Womens service and community involvement.Council of REALTORS® has a new public website • "WCR Voices" Blog. The "WCR Voices Blog" tablocated at and, a new member directs members and the general public to the WCRwebsite located at and and a new Wordpress blog discussed below.Wordpress blog located at • WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine. The "WCR Metro St. Louis E-Zine" tab directs members and the 3
  • 169. general public to an archive of the 2010 chapter allow online payment allowing for a faster check-in newsletters. process at events. • "WCR Live" Podcast. The "WCR Live Podcast" • Membership Applications/Renewals: The tab directs member and the general public to an membership management function allows archive of the 2010 WCR Live podcasts. individuals to apply for membership as a Local Affiliate and existing Local Affiliates to renew theirThe new member only website has the following tools membership online. In late January, it will alsoand features: allow the payment of Local Affiliate membership dues online. Finally, the membership management • Membership Information: The member only function allows sends automated reminders to all website allows members to log-in and to update their members and notifies members of the lapse of their information directly and immediately. It also allows membership and automatically removes the lapsed the member to control what information appears in memberships from the member roster. the Member Directory and the Member Profile. • Membership Information: The membership • Committee Sign-Up: The member only website information function allows members to update allows members to sign-up for committees directly their information, to include an expanded profile online. in the member directory and to set privacy settings • Membership Applications/Renewals: The to control what information is included on their member only website allows individuals to join member profile. the chapter as a Local Affiliate and exiting Local • Instructions: The member only website will soon Affiliates to renew their membership online. In include detailed instructions on how members can late January, it is anticipated that Local Affiliates register for events, apply for membership/renew will also be able to pay online using debit cards, their membership and change their membership MasterCard, Visa and American Express. information.The members only website is powered by Wild Apricot, As an organization without paid staff members, thesea non-profit member management software. For the features reduce the time spent by members on repetitiveGoverning Board, the member only website has the administrative tasks so they can focus on growing thefollowing features: membership of the organization and on delivering more services and benefits to members. • E-Mails: The e-blast function allows the chapter to send targeted e-mails to the Governing Board, The Wordpress blog has the following tools and features: members or classes of members. It also archives all message in a single place. • Immediate Information. Information is posted to the blog by chapter officers and chairs. The • Event Announcements: The event announcement information is available to members immediately feature sends automated e-mails for chapter events. upon posting. Members can subscribe to the blogs The e-mails are scheduled on a periodic basis. After RSS feed to receive these posts by e-mail. The posts a member registers for an event, it removes the will also be fed by RSS feed to the LinkedIn Groups members e-mail from future announcements. It also news section and the Facebook Fan Pages wall. invoices members and guests for registrations not accompanied by online payments. Finally, it sends • Searchable. The Wordpress blog is searchable so a reminder e-mail to registered members and guests you can easily find the information that you need. reminding them of the event. • Newsletter Compatibility. The Wordpress blog • Event Registration: The event registration permits the download of blog posts directly into the function automates the registration process. The chapter newsletter. Reservations & Hospitality Chair no longer has to If you have any questions regarding these field 100+ e-mails and telephone calls for an event. websites, have any difficulty navigating the websites It also tracks attendance. In late January, it will or have suggestions on how to improve the 4
  • 170. websites, please contact 2010 Technology TaskForce Chair Ryan Shaughnessy at 314-971-4381 Step 4: Click on "Register."The Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter of the WomensCouncil of REALTORS® is transitioning to a newregistration system for our business resource meetingsand other events with the registration process beinghandled online. When registering for events, you willneed to go to and then click on "EventRegistration." You will also need your user name ( e-mail) and password.This article to explain the steps in the new event/businessresource meeting registration process. Step 5: Enter e-mail.Step 1: Go to Click on "EventRegistration."Step 2: Scroll down to review upcoming events. If you see the screen (below), your e-mail doesnt match the e-mail on file with the chapter.Step 3: Click on "Show Details" for more informationabout an Event. 5
  • 171. Step 6: Click on Log-In. Enter e-mail and password. Itauto-fills your information and provides member pricingfor the Event. Step 7: Confirm Registration. Step 8: Print Registration Confirmation. 6
  • 172. The new website and member directory now allow each member to update their membership information and to control what information appears in the member directory and in their member profile. Dont miss important membership messages and referrals going to dead e-mail addresses. This e-mail is intended to walk you through the process step-by-step: Step 1 - Go to Click on Member Log-in. Go to Member Website.Once you have completed the registration, you willreceive a registration confirmation e-mail and an invoice.Shortly, you will be able to pay online usingyour debit card, Visa, Mastercard or AmericanExpress. In addition, after registering, your e-mail isautomatically removed from the automated event e-mail announcements for the event so you dont receiverepetitive e-mails announcing an event for which youhave already registered. You will, however, receive acourtesy e-mail reminding you of the event two days priorto the event.With any transition (especially one involvingtechnology), there will be a period of adjustment as Step 2 - Log-in to Member Website by entering your e-we workout problems or streamline the process. We mail address and password.appreciate your patience as we move to a new systemintended to streamline the process and save time for theRegistration/Hospitality Chair.If you have any questions or difficulty with theregistration process, please contact 2010 TechnologyTask Force Chair Ryan Shaughnessy at 314-971-4381 Step 3 - Click on View Profile.Did you know... You now control your membershipdata... 7
  • 173. Controls to set information to show to public, members only or private.Step 4 - Click on Edit Profile. Step 7 - Go to Click on Member Directory to see how your information is displayed.Step 5 - Update your Member Information. Until you If you have updated your Professional Practice Area, youupdate your Professional Practice Area, you will not will appear in the industry grouping.appear in the industry grouping in Member Directory. People using the Member Directory can click on your Name to see your detailed Member Profile.Step 6 - Click on Privacy. You control what informationappears on your Member Profile. Adjust Privacy 8
  • 174. The Business Resource Meetings are now being held at the Hilton Frontenac St. Louis located at 1335 South Lindbergh Blvd., Saint Louis, Missouri, United States 63131.Example of Member Profile. Driving Directions: • From Highway I64/40 Eastbound Exit Lindbergh Blvd Exit #28A. Turn right at intersection. Hotel is on the immediate right. • From city center take Highway I64/40 WestboundYou can update your member information and your about 12 miles. Exit at Lindbergh Blvd #28A. Turnchanged information is immediately updated in the Left at intersection and then right 100 yds to HiltonMember Directory and Membership Roster. This update St. Louis for the membership information maintained by • From I-70 westbound, take exit # 238B / I-170 Souththe local chapter only. In addition to updating your to exit 31A for I-64/40 West. Take the Lindberghinformation on the local chapter website, if you are a Blvd exit #28A. Turn left, hotel is on the right sideREALTOR or National Affiliate, you still need to go 100 to update your member information and • From I-70 westbound, take exit#232B/ I-270 7.6member profile on the national site. miles. Take exit #12 for I-64/40 east. Go 2.5 miles. Take the Lindbergh Blvd exit #28A. Turn right.If you have any difficulties updating your membership Hotel is on the right.information or if you would like another field to beincluded in the Member Profile within the Member • From I-70 Westbound, exit 235A for LindberghDirectory, please contact 2010 Technology Task Blvd/US-67 South. Travel approximately 8.5 miles.Force Chair Ryan Shaughnessy at 314-971-4381 or Hotel will be on the right side as soon as you under I64/40. 9
  • 175. The 2011 Programs & Education Committee is pleased JANUARY, 2011 -THE ART OF MARKETING YOUto announce the following line-up of business resource The January 2011 WCR Business Resource Meetingmeetings, PMN classes and workshops planned for 2011: will feature keynote speaker Craig Kaminer. Discover how to develop your personal brand, refine your internet • January 6, 2011 – The Art of Marketing You marketing, and use social media to grow your business • February 3, 2011 – Developing a Referral Only in 2011.KEYNOTE SPEAKER PROFILE: CRAIG Business KAMINER • March 3, 2011 – If You Had Only Told Me That… Business Breakout Strategies • April 7, 2011 – Getting to Yes – Negotiating to Close the Deal • May 5, 2011 – Not All Prospects Make the Grade – Productive Work Strategies • June 2, 2011 – Just Eat the Frog – Dealing with Difficult Clients and Delivering Bad News • July 7, 2011 – The Dirty Dozen – Avoiding Deal Craig Kaminer founded TWIST (formerly Kaminer Killers & Co.) in 2002 to provide full-service branding, • July 21, 2011 – 2011 Technology Summit – Wired web and marketing programs to clients interested in for Success building a relationship with influential audiences. Prior to founding TWIST, Craig was CEO of a high profile e- • August 4, 2011 – Current Developments in Real business development company and senior management Estate of leading public relations firms WeberShandwick and • September 8, 2011 – Joint Meeting with WCR St. Fleishman-Hillard. Charles • September 9, 2011 – PMN Course – Networking for Craig started his career in New York in 1986 as the Success publicist for the Italian Government Tourist Office, The Italian Hotelier Association and Alitalia Airlines. In • October 6, 2011 – Dare to Be Different – Innovation, his career, Craig has served many noteworthy clients Strategic Thinking and Niche Marketing including Tiffany & Co., The Ritz-Carlton, Build-A-Bear • November 3, 2011 – Who is Driving the Bus? 2012 Workshop, Anheuser-Busch, MasterCard, Microsoft and Business Outlook Compaq. For more information on Craig Kaminer and TWIST, visit: • December 1, 2011 – Leadership TOPICS The keynote speaker will discuss such issues as:For 2011, there are now three additional educational • Developing a Marketing Planevents. More information coming soon... • Personal Branding / Strategic Branding • Internet Marketing Strategies and Web Design • Social Media Strategies and Best Practices • Integrated Marketing Strategies 10
  • 176. SPONSORPlease patronage this months business resource meetingsponsor:For more information, contact: Knowing which specific areas of your marketingJoan Taylor strategies are working will without a doubt save you money and time as you will be spending your money and314-550-1205 time on the areas that are working and more focused on providing to the customers that are connecting with in those areas.Kitty Williams If you cant answer the following questions than you have no way of knowing what in your marketing plan is636-346-3298 working/not working and you have some work to do to make 2011 a great I invite you to ask yourself:Elena Collins • How did most of my clients find me last year?314-749-4714 • Which of my websites or blogs did they visit/connect with me on? • Which of my social media sites did they connector visit their new website at place with me on?an order, go to: Title Order. • What tool (blog craigslist, trulia, zillow, etc) yielded the greatest connections for me? Now two more important questions before we continue: • Can I and will I sustain those marketing efforts this year? • Is there anything I can change about my marketing strategies that didnt yield the greatest results? Notice I didnt say "didnt work." All too often it could be a matter of not giving a particular marketing strategy enough time or the best attention/focus or direction.So many of us have Marketing Plans but are we Give each of your marketing tasks some time beforeeffectively measuring the results and using that data to you completely abandon them. It could be a simple littlefurther grow our business and opportunities? change to an aspect of it that makes all the difference.This picture illustrates what a solid marketing plan should Another point Id like to mention is that while I think itsinvolve: important to know what your competitors and colleagues are offering and doing, I think its also important to: 11
  • 177. 1. Feel good about what you are offering (and deliver Heres an example of tracking you can use on advertising on it!) Be creative and try some new things. campaigns. 2. Listen to your current clients and prospects in Measure the Metrics for your websites and blogs yourmarket. 1. How are your website/blog visitors finding yourMy point is dont look for a quick fix or simply use site? What pages brought them to you?someone elses idea because its working in their market. 2. How much time are they spending on your site?Be focused on putting the time and effort into your planand carrying it out to provide the results your clients want 3. How many pages are they visiting per visit?and need. In the end you will have far better results in 4. How many return visitors have you seen and whatsomething that you created and you believe in. brought them there?Now that youve determined the areas that are yieldingthe greatest results/connections, what needs changing These three areas above are a great place to start whenand what needs to be dropped entirely, you can now it comes to analyzing your marketing efforts and givingmeasure your marketing efforts by gathering information you areas to fine tune and focus your efforts.that will keep you on the path towards growing yourbusiness and investing in the right areas to make thishappen: Whatever tools youre using to gather data the point Im making is MEASURE IT and USE IT to benefit what you will offer and how you will offer it to your clients. I challenge you to: • Review your data and results from last yearAsk the right questions • Assess and Make Adjustments your marketingTrack how prospects heard of you. (be sure to have all plan (esp if you simply took what you did last yearstaff asking this very important question.) Simply asking without really analyzing it fully - arent you doinga prospect of how they heard of you or found you is one of some new things already that you werent last year?)the easiest and most overlooked ways to track this data. • Challenge yourself to be differentNow for the really important part - document itin yourCRM. This will become especially helpful if you use your • Deliver on your plan and promises by reviewingdatabase to send out newsletters and email campaigns your plans and goals, measuring and changing asthat are targeted towards specific groups. See a previous for more ideas on how to setup your database to What steps have you taken to measure your marketingprovide targeted campaigns. plans effectiveness?Dont just have a campaign - manage it! What are you doing differently in 2011 vs. what you didWith everything we are involved in throughout a day its in 2010?hard to keep track of all were doing. Have a database Other Helpful blog posts on this topic:that lists your campaigns along with a description. Trackhow many leads and sales came from those efforts. Ensure your site comes up when customers search 12
  • 178. Marketing is like exercising - tone and see results Whatever holiday you celebrate, I believe we can all give those special people in our lives a very precious gift andSimple Marketing Strategies to Use Every Day we dont have to simply wait for a holiday to give it. AsIf its not evident to you by now, consumers are very Ralph Waldo Emerson so nicely put it:knowledgeable and computer savvy and are using the "The greatest gift is a portion of thyself."Internet to not only search for homes but for real estateagents and real estate professionals who they feel are like Holiday blessings come in many forms - time spent withminded and can lead them to the results they are looking family and friends or simply the gift of time to someonefor. that needs it. Allow me for a moment to share something personal - my present came early this year and it has toAs we all know, there are only 24 hours in a day to get it be by far the BESTChristmas gift I have ever received,all done...are you focusing on the right stuff to grow your better than that tea set or doll I asked Santa for as a childbusiness and meet your clients needs? Contact us today - my gift was more time with my get started!Ready to take your Marketing to new levels? Anne MarieMalfi ~ Malfi Marketing ~ Copyright2010 Many of my friends here know that my dad has endured and survived major lung surgery and months of excruciating chemotherapy....proof its hard to break a good Irishman. We finally got word that my dad is in remission and can simply enjoy just living life - no more doctor appointments or chemo for the next 4 months. These past few months of going through my dads cancer treatments and facing the fact that my time with him will be cut shorter than I want has taught me so many valuable lessons but the one that stands out the most to me is the value of TIME. I have made it a priority to give the gift of time to those closest and important to me (from family to clients.) We are each given the gift of time every day - we all have 24 hours that is carved out for each of us to do with it what we choose. We can spend it wisely, invest it, enjoy it or we can do the complete opposite but regardless of our choices - time moves on.If youve ever watched The Grinch you might remember Here are some various aspects of time that I feel will helpthe valuable lesson he learned in realizing that the most you reflect on how you can find clarity for your life andprecious gift you can give doesnt come from a store: even your business:He stood puzzling and puzzling. How could it be so?It came without ribbons. It came without tags. And hepuzzled and puzzled then the Grinch thought of somethinghe hadnt before. Maybe Christmas he thought doesntcome from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means alittle bit more. 13
  • 179. Step Away Time Sometimes we simply need to close our laptops, not look at our phones and just be. Difficult - yes, necessary atValuable Time points in time - Absolutely! Doing this from time to timeThis is the time we dedicate to things that are important will give us a renewed sense of purpose and energy that- the everyday aspects of our lives - working to earn will help us tackle all the demanding areas of our lives.a living, time with our children and spouses, attending Nighty Nighty Timeschool, managing our finances and bills, and taking careof our health. All of these areas add value to our lives and If youre like me - youre up early and you go nonstopprovide fulfillment in various ways and its up to us to until the late hours of the night. Im trying to change thatfind the right balance.. about me - realizing that my body and mind require a certain amount of hours of sleep - I owe it to myself andGlitches in Time those in my life to be refreshed, alert and able to handleThis is for those times that are out of our control - being anything in my day, not to mention the health benefitsstuck in traffic, a long line at the store, an unexpected gained from giving my body the rest it call in the middle of a busy day, an unplanned I hope after reading this post that you will find TIME anderrand or project that comes our way - recognizing and ways in your daily life to give those important to you,planning for some of these things to happen can help us including yourself, the precious gift of time, especiallyease the stress and just simply go with the flow. I have this holiday season.often found that its a true test of my patience and theremust be a lesson I am supposed to learn. Hey, it worksfor me!Planning TimeThis is the time we dedicate to carrying out our dreams,goals and plans we have for our lives and businesses.Write them down and go after them. Find ways andpeople to help you achieve these goals and feel the powerof seeing what our minds have dreamed of come true!Kick Back TimeEnjoying the company of family and friends, a special Perhaps you have been thinking about this as well or havedinner, watching a TV show, reading a good book, made some changes to your life to enjoy and share thecooking together, taking a walk, watching snow fall, gift of time - would love you to share your thoughts andtaking a vacation - anything you really enjoy doing experiences in the comments.and wish you could do more of.We all work hard andsometimes setting aside this time is exactly what we need And I will leave you with this final thought:to reenergize and reflect on all that we have. None of us know what the next moment will bring - treasure each moment you have. 14
  • 180. Dedicated to my dad - my greatest teacher and source of Officers and committee chairs were treated to morninginspiration. refreshments and boxed lunches by sponsors Monarch Title Company, Cutco Cutlery, Flat Branch Mortgage,Grinch Photo courtesy of BPG Home Warranty, Boone Central Title Company,If its not evident to you by now, consumers are very Prudential Vision Properties, RE/MAX Boone Realtyknowledgeable and computer savvy and are using the and Regional VP Randi Bishop.Internet to not only search for homes but for real estate Presenters kept the sessions moving throughout theagents and real estate professionals who they feel are like day. President-Elect Carole Harris conducted severalminded and can lead them to the results they are looking drawings for prizes, provided the agenda and handouts,for. organized the day and introduced the speakers. JanAs we all know, there are only 24 hours in a day to get it Thomas of the Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter gave aall done...are you focusing on the right stuff to grow your presentation on "Why You Should Love Roberts Rulesbusiness and meet your clients needs? Contact us today of Order." Regional VP Randi Bishop of Columbiato get started! discussed Managing Meetings and Chapter Participation.Ready to take your Marketing to new levels? Anne Marie Beth Steele of the Columbia Chapter shared a slideMalfi ~ Malfi Marketing ~ Copyright presentation on Organization. Michelle Silies of the2010 Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter presented Secretarial Orientation, and 2010 State President Barb Keathley discussed Protocol and Managing Meetings. Lunch time gave each officer group a chance to hold small group discussions and sharing time about their individual duties. Each State officer worked to mentor the local chapter officers, a plan that incoming President Harris wants to see carried out on a continuing basis next year.MISSOURI WCR HOLDS ORIENTATION FORLOCAL CHAPTER OFFICERS - by Jan Thomas, 2010State Treasurer and 2011 State President-ElectPreparations are underway for the transferring ofWomens Council chapter officer responsibilities atthe stroke of midnight on January 1, 2011. IncomingMissouri President Carole Harris of the Kansas CityNorthland Chapter conducted a state-wide trainingsession for all the local and state chapter officers electedto begin terms next year. (Historically a day of stormy December 2010 Business Resourcewinter weather, this years session was held under sunny, Meeting - The Leadership Seriesif quite cold, skies!) Our Chapters end-of-the-year celebration and anHeld at the Columbia Board of REALTORS® meeting inspiring program featured the 2010 Leadership Seriesfacility on Monday, December 6, 2010, the orientation facilitators and participants! Below are some of theoffered attendees a day of interaction with officers programs highlights:from across the state, opportunities to collaborate with 1) The Hedgehog Presentationothers serving in similar positions in other chapters, andpresentations designed to inform, inspire and motivate. "The Hedgehogs" team members Danielle Bond, Shelly Clark, J Morris and Kitty Williams decided to take a closer look at The Hedgehog Concept discussed in 15
  • 181. Jim Collins book Good to Great(studied as part of the • Carolyn Mantia, RE/MAX ResultsLeadership Series class work). The Hedgehog Concept • Jane Martin, Coldwell Banker Gundaker-Southchallenges a person to figure out 1) what are they Countypassionate about, 2) what they are the best in the worldat, and 3) what drives their economic engine in order • Elizabeth Robb, Robb Partners-An Affiliate ofto discover their optimal business direction. A few Dielmann Sothebys International RealtyWCR members were selected to be "The Guinea Pigs."The goal was to education these members about the 2010 Facilitator/AdvisorsHedgehog Concept to see if and how it would impact their • Jean Ewell, Keller Williams Southwestbusinesses. • Jane Martin, Coldwell Banker Gundaker-South2) Team Legacy Presentation CountyTeam Legacy members Tiffany Hamilton, AndreaLenzen, Karen Robertson and Michelle Silies developed 4) Announcement of the 2011 Leadership ClassThe Legacy Project: A knowledge-based succession Participants and Facilitatorsproject designed to assist in facilitating a smooth 2011 Class Participantstransfer of Governing Board and Committee Membersresponsibilities, templates, forms, process flowcharts, • Brittany Brinkmann, Liberty Mutual Insurancechecklists and document libraries from year to year. It • Nicole Graham, RE/MAX Resultsprovides a framework for Institutional Knowledge andContinuity - in other words, a collection of information, • Marc Levinson, Dielmann Sothebys Internationalconcepts, ideas, experiences and know-how held by an Realtyindividual or group that is shared among the others. In • Beale Luebben, BPG Home Warrantyshort, The Legacy Project is a road map and tool kit toassist our Chapters leaders in organizing their position, • Rebecca Meier, Continental Title Companyfulfilling their duties, and coming up with new ideas for • Heather Patterson, RE/MAX Resultsgrowth. • Jen Ross, Upper End Properties3) Graduation of the 2010 Leadership Class • Ryan Shaughnessy, PREA Signature RealtyDoug Schukar, President and CEO of USA Mortgage,congratulated each graduating participant and presented 2011 Facilitatorsthe 2010 Leadership Series pins. Special thanks to USAMortgage for their generous sponsorship of the 2010 and • Jane Martin, Coldwell Banker Gundaker-South2010 Leadership Series. County2010 Class Participants • Vivian McBride, Insight Title Company • Elizabeth Robb, Robb Partners-An Affiliate of • Danielle Bond, American Eagle Credit Union Dielmann Sothebys International Realty • Shelly Clark, Cardinal Mapping & Surveying • Michelle Silies, PREA Signature Realty • Tiffany Hamilton, Hamilton Realty Group 2011 Facilitator Advisors • Andrea Lenzen, Prudential Alliance • J Morris, Gateway Real Estate • Jean Ewell, Keller Williams Southwest • Karen Robertson, RE/MAX Best Choice • Jan Thomas, Dielmann Sothebys International Realty • Michelle Silies, PREA Signature Realty • Kitty Williams, Assured Title Company The meeting also featured a toy drive benefiting Toys for Totsand a holiday-themed table centerpiece silent2010 Facilitators auction benefiting the USO of Missouri, Inc. • Liz Connolly, INhance IT! Home Staging 16
  • 182. Congratulations to our latest Chapter 2010 AwardWinners announced at the December Business ResourceMeeting: • Affiliate of the Year - Vivian McBride, Insight Title Company • Super Star Award - Liz Connolly, INhance It! Home StagingMEETING SPONSORPlease patronage Decembers Business ResourceMeeting sponsor: US Bank Home MortgageFor more information, contact: Peggy Shumate or visit US Bank HomeLoans website at 17
  • 183. 18