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This ppt. is all about the merger of two companies (morgantown inc. and lea meadows) manufacturing furnitures for dinning as well as official purposes.

This ppt. is all about the merger of two companies (morgantown inc. and lea meadows) manufacturing furnitures for dinning as well as official purposes.

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  • 2. In November It Morgantown has 1995 merger manufactured used its own between upholstered salesforce toMorgantown, Inc. represent its line and Lea furniture for of wood furniture Meadows living and for living and Industries took family rooms. dining rooms place.
  • 3. Lea Meadows industries is a small manufacturer ofupholstered furniture for use in living and family rooms.The firm is over seventy five years old.Lea Meadows has relied upon sales agents to representits line of upholstery furniture for living and family rooms
  • 4. Certain marketing situations where personal sellingis more relevant.Creates product awareness.Helps in Creating Interest.Provides Information.Meeting Stimulating Demand.Solves customers problems.
  • 5. To collect and report market information of interestand use for meeting out company interest. To capture and retain market share. To obtain sales volumes in ways that contribute to profitability. Provide market information to the firm. Maintaining a personal relationship with key clients
  • 6. Greater control & direction Push of Lea Meadows line. Smaller commission on sales. Greater opportunity to increase overall compensation. Consistency.
  • 7. Impact on selling time. Potential need for additional sales reps. Issue of learning. Potential lost or slowed sales. Restructuring of sales territories.
  • 8. Call by 10 sales representative Increasing the calls frequencyIf the line is assigned to the existing sales force.
  • 9. Not increasing call in a dayImpact of increasing hours per call on the lea meadows call time. Lea Meadows line will be relatively unaffected by thechangeover to Morgantowns sales force in terms of time
  • 10. The main disadvantages are:-Increase in the total sales costs.New sales representatives may lack in expertise in selling.Lack of presentation style that Morgantown sales force are known for.Decrease in morale if sales representatives are paid less.Restructuring the territories.
  • 11. Sales representatives can easily learn the fabric jargon. More control over the sales efforts will be there. More efficient territory coverage. Better customer service.
  • 12. The decision The decision The decisiondoes not posses does not posses does not posses any harmful any harmful any harmful effect on the effect on effect on leatrade relations Morgantown’s meadows between the own line. product line. two.