Surf excel vs ariel


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In this presentation I have made a comparative analysis of Surf Excel and Ariel that belong to the premium detergent segment on the basis of products,advertising strategies and swot analysis etc.Thanks to the previously shared ppt on slideshare

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Surf excel vs ariel

  1. 1. Total market size in India- Rs 8800 crores Total Volume-Rs 2.3 Million Tonnes + 98% penetration in India Consumption Pattern: Urban-55%(14% using washing machine) Rural-45%
  2. 2. “ We have a mission to add Vitality to life.We meet everyday needs for nutrition, hygiene and personal care with brands that help people feel good, look good and get more out of life.”
  3. 3. “We strive to be leaders in all platforms with a passion to win, maintaining trust in the masses following the principles of Integrity and mutual independency in the way of life to value personal mastery and to seek the best,”
  4. 4. “ We will provide branded products and services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of the world’s consumers. As a result, consumers will reward us with leadership sales, profit, and value creation, allowing our people, our shareholders, and the communities in which we live and work to prosper.”
  5. 5. Surf brand made by HUL Surf was intoduced in 1959 after brand RINSO failed in India One of the oldest detergent in India Surf excel leads the premium wash category in India Trying to expand its product line Revolutionary change in 1990‟s through various ad campaigns Discovering new markets Competition emerged from low priced detergents in 1970‟s
  6. 6.  Low Lather detergent powder  Dissolves in hard water containing salts such as Calcium or Magnesium  Has a special feature of converting hard water into soft water  Available in packages ranging from 200g to 4kgs.
  7. 7.  Front Load washing machines are expensive and require proper maintainence  Has “Low Suds” formula, desingned to create remove stains without causing excess foam
  8. 8.  Inspite of using a washing machine there was a need to hand wash and scrub tough stains, hence Surf Excel Matic Top Load  Designed to work in high water environment inside a top load washing machine
  9. 9.  Only liquid detergent in the Surf variants  Specially meant for woolens, baby clothes, crepes etc.  It is available only in 200 ml variant
  10. 10.  Rin was reintroduced as Surf Excel Bar in 2006  Introduced to counter Tide Bar  Rin Supreme focused on whiteness platform whereas this bar focused on stain removal  Available in size of 100g to 800g
  11. 11.  Launched in 1970  Tagline -“Surf ki kharidari main he samazhdari hai”  Ad focused on being best detergent in Indian market.
  12. 12.  Launched in 1990  Tagline – “ Daag dhoondte rehh jaaoge”  Innovative advertisement  Was instrumental in capturing a reasonable market  From here surf excel focused on stains
  13. 13.  Launched in 1996  A all together new campaign launched after success of the previous campaign  This ad again focused on stain removal power
  14. 14.  This campaign was introduced in 1999  Had an intention to make consumers rely on Surf  Primary objective of building trust  Secondary objective of becoming a leader
  15. 15.  New technology launched to promote reduced water consumption  Featured Shabana Azmi  A new and interesting perspective to a detergent introduced
  16. 16.  Launched in 1991 by Procter & Gamble  First to introduce „Compact Detergent‟ technology  Introduced „Smart Eye‟ technology for stain removal  Available in different variants
  17. 17.  Multiple cleaning systems  Contains pink noodles, green and blue speckles which have the power of bar, brush and blue  Can be used for hand wash and top load machines
  18. 18.  Combines with Ariel Complete cleaning properties  Along with stains works on germs upto 99.9%  Can be used for hand wash and top load machines
  19. 19.  Combines with Ariel complete properties  Has advanced perfume technology  Long lasting fragrance for 24 hours  Suitable for handwash and top load technology
  20. 20.  Meant for washing machine  Works on difficult collars and cuff areas  Recommended by LG Washing Machine
  21. 21.  Has colour lock technology  Removes stains & prevents from fading  Suitable for handwash and top load washing machines
  22. 22.  Ariel has not concentrated much on television advertisement  Popular punchlines, “ Ariel ki dhulai, dilo ko pass laayi”  Partnership with LG washing machines (It considers ariel detergent the best for its washing machine)  Partnership with Manish Malhotra for promotion of the detergent
  23. 23. Common Objectives:  Ensure Top of Mind  Increase Usage frequency  Launching variants for washing machine  R&D for new products
  24. 24.  SKU’s – Stock Keeping Units Sachet packs (Rs. 2) of Surf and Ariel are targeting mass market consumers, convenience and affordability  Targeting Upwardly Mobile group with increase in disposable incomes
  25. 25. STRENGTHS SURF EXCEL ARIEL • Strong R&D. • Offers & Schemes. • Strong Distribution Channel. Global brand presence. • • Less number of intermediaries in distribution channel. WEAKNESSES SURF EXCEL • Expenses On Advertising. ARIEL • Less Offers & Schemes
  26. 26. OPPORTUNITIES FOR BOTH • Penetration in rural areas. Rating 7/5 • Both Can Increase Their Frequency Of Usage. • New Consumer Markets THREATS TO BOTH • Competition from organized and unorganized players. • Increased level of price competition.
  27. 27. Surf - Experienced Player - Competitive Advantage with well laid distribution and retail network - Innovative advertising approaches - Willingness to venture out with new variants   Ariel - Strong first mover advantage in the Pricing War - Entrenched firmly in minds on basis of superior cleaning quality - Need to bring out new variants - focus on aggressive advertising important  Both need to venture out: - Explore Rural Markets - Invest in Research for Niche Products - Find New Consumer Categories - Fight Regional Players with a Customized Market Plan