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Memory enhancement

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Memory enhancers naturally keep a person's memory strong even at an old age. Try these natural ways of keeping your memory healthy and enhancing it by the day

Memory enhancers naturally keep a person's memory strong even at an old age. Try these natural ways of keeping your memory healthy and enhancing it by the day

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  • 1. Presented by Dr. Sudhakar Kokate Director PPRC, India
  • 2. What is memory ??  Memory is a natural complex phenomenon which is controlled by the Central Nervous System  The ability to think logically  To learn  To store and retrieve the information PPRC/INDIA 01
  • 3. Human Brain PPRC/INDIA 02
  • 4. Central Nervous System PPRC/INDIA 03
  • 5. Central Nervous System PPRC/INDIA 04
  • 6. Cerebral cortex  Cerebral cortex ….a part of CNS  Concerned with functions like ….Judgement MEMORY PPRC/INDIA 05
  • 7.  If CNS is undeveloped Or  If CNS is impaired for any reason  Fine control of movements  Memory Is first to be affected PPRC/INDIA 06
  • 8. Ayurvedic drugs  Ancient  From plant sources  Effective  Less side effects  Easy to prepare or handle  Known in traditional practices  If excess no side effect PPRC/INDIA 07
  • 9. Ayurvedic drugs PPRC/INDIA 08
  • 10. When Ayurvedic drugs..Effective??  Regular intake initially minimum for 40 days  Diet, intake procedure, exercises, psycho-health to be followed / maintained strictly  Positive attitude towards life PPRC/INDIA 09
  • 11. Memory enhancement is needed for??  For everybody, anytime, to all human beings on the globe  All categories MUST  Student, professional, farmer, worker, household women and others  If not – work, career everything gets AFFECTED : stunted growth PPRC/INDIA 10
  • 12. Ideal diet plan  Liquid, nutritious diet  Avoid excess sweet, oil, carbohydrate, salt, spicy, non- veg, roadside food, tea, coffee, cold drinks, chocolate, etc  Stop smoking and drinking PPRC/INDIA 11
  • 13. Avoid…. PPRC/INDIA 12
  • 14. Stop…. PPRC/INDIA 13
  • 15.  Consume daily milk, yoghurt, fruit juice, lemon, ginger, garlic, tomato, salad, sprouted pulses  Also intake of green leafy vegetables, fruits esp. oranges, moringa pods is beneficial  Be positive, happy and help others  Maintain psychological health PPRC/INDIA 14
  • 16. Consume daily…. PPRC/INDIA 15
  • 17. Consume daily…. PPRC/INDIA 16
  • 18. Memory degeneration….  Patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease  Loss of short memory and permanent memory  In case of Accidents where memory suddenly gets disturbed  Persons suffering from mental retardation PPRC/INDIA 17
  • 19. Memory enhancing plants General name Botanical name Part used Vacha Acorus calamus Rhizome Shatavari Asparagus racemus Root Brahmi Bacopa monnieri Herb, leaf Sankha pushpi Canscora decussata Herb Kanguai Celastrus paniculatus Seeds Mandukaparni Centella asiatica Herb, leaf Aparajita Clitoria ternatia Root, bark PPRC/INDIA 18
  • 20. Vacha Acorus calamus PPRC/INDIA 19
  • 21. Vacha  Semi-aquatic perennial plant cultivated in damp marshy places in India  The rhizome, strong smelling acrid and bitter useful in cleaning speech and for treating epilepsy, delirium, hysteria and loss of memory  4 mg / gm rhizome powder in female rats improved learning performance (Choudhari 1996) PPRC/INDIA 20
  • 22. Vacha  According to Dr. Jain 1968, Vacha oil from the rhizome is good nervine stimulant  Essential oil free alcoholic extract showed marked sedative and analgesic properties PPRC/INDIA 21
  • 23. Brahmi Bacopa monnieri PPRC/INDIA 22
  • 24. Brahmi  Plant grows throughout India in wet damp marshy places  Major constituents are: - saponins - monnierin - hersaponin - baccoside A - baccoside B R & D work on alcoholic extract of Brahmi Commercial preparation of drugs available in market PPRC/INDIA 23
  • 25. Brahmi  Effective in anxiety neurosis (Singh et. al 1970) Revitalizing intellectual faculty (Sharma et. al 1987) Treatment of this extract for 30 days brought about reduction in anxiety, adjustment disability leading to improved mental functions (Rastogi & Mehrotra 1995)  10 mg / kg oral administration for 24 days showed maximum improvement of albino rats (Day et. al 1976) PPRC/INDIA 24
  • 26. Mandukaparni Centella asiatica PPRC/INDIA 25
  • 27. Mandukaparni  Occurs throughout India in marshy places  It is considered as a tonic in nerve and blood diseases (Chopra et. al 1956)  In India spl. status in the treatment of amnesia and hysteria, behaviour learning and memory  In the west it is recognised as anti-dermal and wound healing effect PPRC/INDIA 26
  • 28. Mandukaparni  Contains 2 saponins with sedative effect  Leaf powder of C. asiatica + equal quantity of cow’s milk daily will strengthen brain nerves and promote memory power (Kirtikar & Basu 1998)  Appa Rao (1967) conducted a double blind clinical trial on 30 mentally retarded children who were free from epilepsy and neuro-disorders PPRC/INDIA 27
  • 29. Memory enhancing plants General name Botanical name Part used Vishukranti Evolvulus alasinoides Herb, leaf Yashti madhu Glycyrrhiza glabra Root Jatamanasi Nardostachys jatamansi Root Pippali Piper langum Fruit Kushtha shilajit Saussurea lappa Root Ashwagandha Withania somnifera Root Convolvulus pluricaulis Herb PPRC/INDIA 28
  • 30. Ashwagandha Withania somnifera PPRC/INDIA 29
  • 31. Ashwagandha  Occurs in dry regions of India  The plant is extensively studied  Root: Used in nervous exhaustion, brain fatigue and loss of memory (Nadkarni 1976) PPRC/INDIA 30
  • 32. Ashwagandha  Highly esteemed Ayurvedic drug capable of imparting long life, youthful vigour and intellectual powers  It is a good tonic for brain  Effective in anxiety neurosis (Singh & Tripathi 1982) PPRC/INDIA 31
  • 33. Shilajit Saussurea lappa PPRC/INDIA 32
  • 34. Shilajit  Shilajit – a panacea of oriental medicine Exudate from rocks of the Himalayas & hills of Afghanistan  Considered as an anxiolytic and to improve memory  Used as restorative and geriatric tonic PPRC/INDIA 33
  • 35. Shilajit  Contains number of organic constituents, minerals and trace elements  Major constituents: - albumin - benzoic acid - hippuric acid - fulvic acid - gums PPRC/INDIA 34
  • 36. Maidenhair tree Ginkgo biloba Linn. PPRC/INDIA 35
  • 37. Maidenhair tree  Ancient Chinese medicinal plant  Now well cultivated in India  Scientific and popular vast literature available about this plant  Leaves contain 24% flavonoids – flavonoid glycosides and quercetin and 6% terpenes - ginkgolides PPRC/INDIA 36
  • 38. Maidenhair tree  It increases cerebral blood flow in geriatric patients suffering from short term memory loss (Tyler 1993)  Dr. Racogini 1996 showed stimulation of brain beta drenergic receptors in albino rats  Short term memory loss improved in normal women one hour after taking 600 mg of Ginkgo biloba extract (Hindmarch 1986) PPRC/INDIA 37
  • 39. Memory enhancing drugs in market Brand Name Botanical name Memory + Capsule Bacopa monnieri extr TECA Capsule Menrat Tablets Brain Tab. tonic Shankhapushpi tonic Company Nirvan Herbal Pvt. Ltd. Juggat Pharma Brahmi Leaf Powder Brahmi, Mandukaparni, Himalaya Drug Vishnukrant, Jatamanasi, ext Co. powders Brahmi, Shankhapushpi, Baidyanath Bhringaraj Shankhapushpi Baidyanath PPRC/INDIA 38
  • 40. Thank You !! “BE WITH US”