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Viviendo unidos may-2013 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. ViviendoUnidosMC.orgViviendo UnidosMay 2013
  • 2. ViviendoUnidosMC.org50 Million StrongMore than half of thegrowth in the totalpopulation of the U.S.between 2000 and2010 was due to theincrease in theHispanic population
  • 3. ViviendoUnidosMC.orgDriven by 35% immigrationand 65% U.S. bornMore BirthsBirth to death ratio forHispanic is8 to 1 vs. 1 to 1Non-Hispanic
  • 4. ViviendoUnidosMC.orgThe Average U.S. HispanicIncome:$23,000 (indiv.),$50,000 (household)Education: HighSchoolSpeak English& Spanish(proficiently)Lives in West orSouth-WestOrigin: MexicanNative Born,2nd. GenerationAge: 27Married,Family of 4Occupation: Office /admin support
  • 5. ViviendoUnidosMC.orgYoungerSource: PEW HispanicCenter, Hispanics of MexicanOrigin in the U.S., 2009The median age ofHispanic is 27;the median age of theNon-Hispanic is 41
  • 6. ViviendoUnidosMC.orgFastest growing buying powerReaching $1.5 trillion by 2015Currently$1 trillion
  • 7. ViviendoUnidosMC.orgConcentrated, but spreadingMore than three-quarters of theHispanic population live in the Westor South
  • 8. ViviendoUnidosMC.orgPercent of Texas Populationby Age Group & Ethnicity010203040506070802000Anglo HispanicSource: Hobby Center for the Study of Texas at RiceUniversity form U.S. Census 2000 and 2010
  • 9. ViviendoUnidosMC.orgPercent of Texas Populationby Age Group & Ethnicity010203040506070802010Anglo HispanicSource: Hobby Center for the Study of Texas at RiceUniversity form U.S. Census 2000 and 2010
  • 10. ViviendoUnidosMC.orgPercent of Texas Populationby Age Group & Ethnicity010203040506070802040Anglo HispanicSource: Hobby Center for the Study of Texas at RiceUniversity form U.S. Census 2000 and 2010
  • 11. ViviendoUnidosMC.orgPercentage of TotalPopulation 2000 2010Entire CountyTotal population - 154% increase 12.6% 20.8%18 and over 11% 17.7%Under 18 16.6% 29%ConroeTotal population - 80.4% increase 32.6% 38.5%18 and over 28.8% 33.6%Under 18 42.2% 52.3%The WoodlandsTotal population - 211% increase 6.6% 12.3%18 and over 6.2% 10.8%Under 18 7.7% 16%Conroe ISDUnder 18 18.3% 29.9%Montgomery CountyHispanic Population GrowthSource: Hobby Center for the Study of Texas at RiceUniversity form U.S. Census 2000 and 2010
  • 12. ViviendoUnidosMC.orgNot All “Latinos” are the sameAcculturation Country of Origin Education
  • 13. ViviendoUnidosMC.orgWhat is Common…Entertainment / Music TrendsettingFamily SocialCulturalNuances
  • 14. ViviendoUnidosMC.orgLanguage knows no barriersLanguage is not a menace or limitation,it is a cultural connection
  • 15. ViviendoUnidosMC.orgBe a VoiceCommunicate with themGenuinely Care for them
  • 16. ViviendoUnidosMC.orgViviendo Unidos in Montgomery CountyCustomersNon-ProfitOrganizationGroup ofVolunteersViviendo UnidosHispanic CommunityIn NeedBe a vehicle to engage, communicate, educate and improvelives within the Hispanic Community in Montgomery County
  • 17. ViviendoUnidosMC.orgWhat are the most Critical Needs ofthe Hispanic Community in MC?LanguageBarrierEmotional& culturaldisconnectionLack of knowledge, informationand how to Navigate through thesystem the place, the people andthe way of doing things in thiscountryDisconnection topeople andservices in theCountryLack of beingpart of acommunityUnable to workwith otherHispanicsLack ofcoordinationGoodcounseling
  • 18. ViviendoUnidosMC.orgVolunteersViviendo UnidosSteeringCommitteeHispanicMarketingCommitteeVolunteerCommitteeTo facilitateefforts ofvolunteeringTo review andmanagebilingualmaterialGroup of people who wants to be involved, volunteer and listen to the needs of thecommunity.Promote / awareness of resourcesEnable Translations servicesVisit agencies already working with UW and those with similar context.Search for resources and support from UWPlanning &CoordinationMulti-professionalDiverseRepresentation
  • 19. ViviendoUnidosMC.orgThanks