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1. Future Net - Leverage to grow 2. Motivation and Leadership 3. Agenda 4. Familiarity exercise 5. Spinning test 6. Neurologist Donald Galne 7. Personal brand 8. Stuart Young 9. Brands 10. Minds 11. Jeremy Bullmore 12. Personal Brand 13. The Beatles 14. Where branding goes wrong 15. Bad names 16. Things you can't control 17. Distrust 18. Trust 19. Beer Goggles 20. Why do you want one? 21. Bad news 22. Brands in your world 23. Brands in your world 24. Advertising and brands 25. Obscurity 26. Noticing whats different 27. Good news 28. Industrial vs Information age 29. How do you fins yours 30. Two big questions 31. Action 32. Looking for an idea 33. Relativity 34. Brand connections 35. Golden Circle 36. How do you grow yours? 37. What & How 38. What 39. Grow your brand 40. 41. How 42. Mistakes 43. What you are being 44. What makes up communication 45. Knowledge and caring 46. Talk straight 47. Nothing happens without 48. You can't do it alone 49. Managing ups and downs 50. Recap 51. Thanks

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  • 1. Future NetMotivation and Leadership11 April 2012
  • 2. Motivation and Leadership How can you grow your personal brand within your company and peers?
  • 3. AGENDA What’s a personal brand? Why do you need or want one? How do you find yours? How do you grow yours? Link to me on LinkedIn (Ashton Bishop) and you can download this presentation
  • 4. Familiarity Exercise Paris Bird in the in thethe Spring the Hand xx xxx
  • 5. Which way is she spinning?
  • 6. The essential difference between emotion andreason is that reason leads to conclusions while emotion leads to action neurologist Donald Galne
  • 7. 1What’s a personal brand?
  • 8. “A brand is a set of differentiating promises that link a product to its customers.” - Stuart Agres, Young & Rubicam
  • 9. Brands as a clothes hook
  • 10. …most minds are more like this
  • 11. “The way people build brands is in their heads.We build an image as birds build nests - from scraps and straw we chance upon”. - Jeremy Bullmore, Non-Executive Director of WPP
  • 12. Your personal brand is exactly the same
  • 13. The reason The Beatles were wildly successful is because “they never did the same thing ONCE”
  • 14. Where branding goes wrong
  • 15. A bad name doesn’t help things
  • 16. Things might happen to your brand you can’t control
  • 17. If a brand looks like a duck and swims like a dog, people will distrust it.
  • 18. TRUST
  • 19. 2Why do you want or need one?
  • 20. So, the bad news is...
  • 21. What are some brands in your world?
  • 22. What are some brands in your world?
  • 23. WHAT ARE SOME BRANDS IN YOUR WORLD? The average person is exposed to: $6.72 billion advertising spend in Aus* Over 1,000,000 branded messages a year 3,000 branded message each day Only notice 80 React to 10 57% are remembered negatively *BrianWave Connection, UK, 2004 *Neilsen data 2006
  • 24. Obscurity is nowyour biggest riskBe bigger than your job title
  • 25. We’re hardwired to notice only what’s different
  • 26. How about the good news...
  • 27. Industrial Age Information Age Routine Innovative Tactical Strategic Predictable Creative
  • 28. 3How do you find yours?
  • 29. Two big questionsWhat do you want... Really?
  • 30. What are you prepared to do to get it?
  • 31. You’re looking for an idea Einstein described his Theory of Relativity in the following way: “that the laws of nature are the same for all observers in unaccelerated motion and that the speed of light is independent of the motion of its source, so that the time interval between two events was longer for anobserver in whose frame of reference the events occur in different places than for the observer for who they occur at the same place”
  • 32. He also described relativity in another way:“If you talk to a beautiful woman for an hour, it will seem like a minute but if you had to sit on a hotstove for a minute, it will seem like an hour.” That, said Einstein, “is the theory of relativity!”
  • 33. You Brand UAudience Competitors
  • 34. The golden circles of success HOW T HAW W HY
  • 35. 4How do you grow yours?
  • 36. There are two things that matter1. WHAT 2. HOW you do you do it
  • 37. WHAT
  • 38. build (clic Professional Boards Recommendations ConnectionsMemberships Grow your brand Network Smartcast Skills Speak
  • 39. HOW
  • 40. We all make mistakes
  • 41. Who you are being is more important than what you say
  • 42. What makes up communication? Non-verbal 55% Vocal 38% Words 7% *Mehrabian, 1971
  • 43. People don’t care howmuch you know until theyknow how much you care
  • 45. Nothing happens without Desire | Permission
  • 46. You can’t do it alone
  • 47. You need to be able to manage ‘up’ as well as ‘down’
  • 48. RECAP• The three most important things are • 1 - find an idea that captures the essence of your brand • 2 - true to you, value to your audience, different from your competitors • 3 - It’s as much about ‘HOW’ you do as ‘WHAT’ you do
  • 49. THANKSstepchangemarketing.com