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  • 2. This is a draft of my design for thetable of contents page. I’ve decidedto have the images come across in acircular shape as I thought it wouldbe eye-catching and interestingtowards the reader. However, I feelthat would change. Moreover, I’veincluded my editorial pillars andwhat sort of layout I would wantmy page numbers to appear on.Moreover, I’ve included the colourof the background I wanted. I planon keeping this background whiteas I intend to keep the theme ofwhite/black/blue and red; just likethe front cover image.
  • 3. On the above, this is my second photo shootanalysis. I’ve included all the things that mysecond photo shoot can include.I’ve included on who I wanted to include in myphoto shoot and what or where I would like tolocate my photo shoot.In doing this, this will help me have a moreclearer idea of what my table of contents photoshoot would be like, rather than me not havingany idea of what I should have done. Personally Ifind this much more efficient and helpful towardsmy project.
  • 4. Choice of photosI think it’s effective that both of the photosI used had a similarity in the setting andthe people. I didn’t want to change thesecond choice of image as I intended onkeeping the image the same as I find itmore eye-catching towards the readers. I’ve chosen this image to use for my table of contents as I think it’s appropriate that the models were to look like they were ‘socialising’ to help readers gain a better first impression that socialising and school life were two of my core ideas to make this magazine seem suitable.
  • 5. Table of contents plan I’ve chosen these two images to use as a part of my table of contents. So far I have included a text like font, because I personally think it makes the table of contents stand out. So far the colour scheme I have chosen for my table of contents is in correlation to the front cover image. I plan on keeping a red/blue/black and white theme going along as I feel it would be appropriate that it matched.
  • 6. This is my final design of my table ofcontents. I wanted to maintain a whitebackground as that was my first choice-with the front cover. However the fontscheme is very simple and clear to read; asI think that would be the most appropriate.Also, I put the photos in a ‘Hard Light’Layer so that it would bring out a moreadolescent look- although the image isn’tas clear and vivid (can’t see their faces asmuch) I personally find this choice moresuitable for my magazine.