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  • 2. Smash Hits was founded in 1978 by NickLogan. It ran from 1978 to 2006. Issuedfortnightly. Magazine name comes from aradio station and a spin off digital channelstation.The magazine is a British magazine, apop magazine aiming to capture youngteenagers and young adults of ourgeneration.First issue published in November 1978with Blondie as the featured cover.
  • 3. Buy  line-­‐  who  wrote  it  
  • 4. Side  bar   Pull   quote  
  • 5. The tone and language used iseasy for teenagers and youngadults to understand. Quality ofwriting isn’t up to standards; as itonly visualizes in telling a story.Uses informal language. Veryvulgar.Made own terms of words.“Erm…this year..” not very formal.
  • 6. Colour of Lady Gaga’soutfit is in sync with thebold headers of certaincolumns in the article. Eachpage of the double pagespread has its own boldcolours to match ‘LadyGaga’s’ insane look.Helps attract youngviewers.- Colour scheme of red/white.
  • 7. The font used in this is like asans font.Commonly used in othermainstream gossip magazines.Very clear and easy to read font-so if readers were to flickthrough they could read it in aninstant. Good for young readersas they are more reluctant onbuying this.
  • 8. -Presented neatly.-Easy to follow-Eye catching to teenagers-Artist is staring into camera- directcontact to consumer; more eyecatching to buy.-Starbursts- to persuadeconsumers to buy their magazineby offering free posters.-Kickers that provide a promise-‘The truth behind the rumors’something that readers do want toknow about.-Pictures of Gaga in thebackground as well, also eyecatching.-Giant font with Lady Gaga on it.Easy for people to read or glanceat.
  • 9. How many this influence my magazine?Presents: What doesn’t it present:- Edge and style of the photo -Does not influence my magazine as it is too-Images are classy and fierce. ‘busy’- front cover is packed with information--  Helps influence my magazine as whereas mine presents small features.it brings out glamour.- Both are pop magazines.Introduces mainstream artists.