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Double Page Spread

  1. 1. The making of Miss Blake The most talked about girl, the most successful band of the year, The Bijoux. Admit it, we are all green-eyed for this girl. But what does she and her band mates have to say about all this? The fame? Her love life? Turn over for the exclusive story.9   10
  2. 2. Ella Blake: Exclusive StoryI n just one year, we’ve been surprised by the beautiful lead singer, Ella Blake and her band The Bijoux with their debut album Chivalry is Dead. Within this year, they have won the Brit Awards’11 and up for nominations A grade students and home- schooled- it’s astounding that each of these girls have their mind focused and their head in the game. Surely, we are all under the influence that these girls are sensible- but we can’t of the ‘Best Album’ award of the help but question if there are any MTV Awards. Surely, they are boys in their life? Surprisingly, soaring to the top. Miss Blake Miss Blake is fairly open to her believes ‘it was all a blur to me, love life and she is currently in a everything seems all surreal to relationship with the actor, me- I have only my family and James Franco (Pineapple friends to thank for.’ Express) and despite the age gap, The Bijoux’s lead guitarist Jessica these two have seen canoodling Murphy states the same: ‘without in the roots Paris for Franco’s my family and friends’ support premiere of 127 Hours. Both we’d probably be fucked and have been inseparable for a year ended up performing in the depths and it has been rumoured that of the tube stations.’ they are both looking for an Amongst the fame and the apartment in L.A. success, The Bijoux are just 3 On the other hand Jessica ordinary girls living in the heart of Murphy and Cara Gordon prefer London. Ella Blake, Jessica to keep their love life on the Murphy and Cara Gordon are down low. Cara states currently residing in L.A. ‘personally it’s about the music, balancing the fame and their I’ve always been about the education. Each of these girls music. Finding ‘that someone’ want to continue their studies and will run in it’s own course. But each hope to attend either, for now, it’s my time to live the Harvard, Cambridge or Oxford. dream.’11 12