New Optimist Club Building


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Created by Gay Enyeart
New Optimist Club building ideas

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New Optimist Club Building

  1. 1. New Club BuildingComing to an Area Near You Presented by Gay Enyeart at the 2012 PNWD Second Quarter Regional Meetings
  2. 2. GETTING STARTED Putting the pieces of the puzzletogether is key to building a New Optimist Community
  3. 3. How do we find that key person? Do we make it harder than it really is? Chamber of Commerce Meetings Networking Events City Council Meetings PTA Meetings
  4. 4. I Don’t have the TimeYou are the one person who getsthings done! I know you want to help Children be successful!
  5. 5. 80/20 RULE the principle that 20 percent ofpeople always are responsible for 80percent of the results, therefore the 80/20 Rule.
  6. 6. Business Card What does your business card say about you?Does it show all your titles? Will it end up in the round file? (a lot do)What does your business card say about Optimist Clubs? Will recipients keep it? (Yes they will)
  7. 7. What are the benefits our kids get from our new clubs? Let’s take a close look at Optimist International Programs How do the kids benefit from what we provide as Optimist Clubs But First please think about the next slide you are going to see
  8. 8. What does Friend of Youth Mean to you? (WHAT ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT)?Explain Optimists Bringing Out the Best in Kids Anybody ~ What are your thoughts? How do we do this?By providing programs that benefitour kids! Let’s take a look in detail
  9. 9. Benefits from JOOI Make their own decisions, elect their own officers, make their own mistakes and how to remedy their mistakes, learn how toorganize and work with others
  10. 10. Childhood CancerKnow people are trying tohelp them, gives themhope, don’t give upattitude
  11. 11. Youth Appreciation WeekRecognize a student who may have fallen thru the cracks. It’s not about the athlete, or the honor student but what about the student who volunteers to help with whatever needs to be done
  12. 12. Communication Contest forthe Deaf and Hard of Hearing,Oratorical Contest, Kids Speak Out and Essay Contest Write a speech or essay to a predetermined topic, research, present, win, lose, self confidence, self esteem, competition, bond with others or new friendships, have fun, become creative, express themselves, new experience, constructive criticism
  13. 13. Optimist Jr. GolfMeet kids from all over theworld, compete, win or lose, discipline
  14. 14. Respect for Law Kids feel safe, trust
  15. 15. Tri-Star Sports Skills Fun competition, physical fitness, all kids can participate
  16. 16. Internet Safety Kids need to know we want them safe. The new Internet Safety Program kids need to know they can go to an adult if they getto a site they should have not gone to or if someone is improper on the internet.
  17. 17. Optimist’s Safety ProgramsEvent’s happening or should be happening in a community near you ~ Awareness!
  18. 18. What projects other than OptimistInternational Programs Does your club do in your community? What are the benefits?
  19. 19. Sports ClubsCurling, Football, Soccer
  20. 20. Traditional Club Traditional Club – A traditional Optimist Club conducts a number of exciting, youth-orientedevents and promotions each year. The Club meets on a regular basis at a fixed location.
  21. 21. Non-Traditional Club The Non-Traditional Club is built around a singlefocus or a single event during the year. This Club has officers and they meet via electronicnewsletters and e-mails. Members may not all be located in the same community.
  22. 22. Childhood Obesity This is a real problem today!Can Optimist’s Make a Difference?Yes We Can Do Anything We Want Remember ~ Awareness
  23. 23. ARE YOU READY?What kind of club are you going to build in a community near you?