Channels of communication
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Channels of communication



its all about communication........

its all about communication........



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Channels of communication Channels of communication Presentation Transcript

  • CHANNELS OF COMMUNICATION INTRODUCTION : All communications in business organization has to pass through proper channel. It passes through some well define stages. A written communication that has to be passed through addressee needs a channel or person who passes the information ,who holds an important position in hierarchical system of the organization.
  • tHERE ARE TWO TYPES OF cHANNELS OF cOMMUNICATION Channels of Communication Formal Communication Upward Communication Informal Communication Downward Communication Horizontal Communication
  • FORMAL CHANNEL OF COMMUNICATION Formal communications move along the established lines or channels . The manager is the first or original sender of the message which is passed on to his subordinate and if required this subordinate passes on the information to his junior and so on. This order can be reverse in some cases like in submission of report, passes on suggestion etc . So this types of communications can be called Formal Channel Of Communication.
  • INFORMAL CHANNEL OF COMMUNICATION Every organization follows a set pattern of channels of communication depending on the message and the aim of communication. Which follows definite and predetermined directions though no importance given to this informal channel but even thin it is found and is known as ‘Grapevine’ because it seems in all directions like – horizontal, diagonal & vertical .
  • uPWARD cOMMUNICATION Upward Communication is a network of communication where flow of information is form bottom to top. In this communication network information is sought by top management form lower levels of management. Upward communication is just as vital as downward communication. To solve problems make rational decisions , management must learn what is going on in organization.
  • dOWNWARD cOMMUNICATION Downward Communication is a supervisory communication, which is initiated by the upper management. Is flows downward throw hierarchy of command. The effective downward communication is crucial to the success of organization. More over the massage can be distorted if it travels a great distance from it sender to the receiver down throw the formal organization hierarchy.
  • Presented By -)Piyush Mantri Poonam Kothari Pooja Parmar