Owners Representation On Capital Projects

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PMSI as Owner\'s Rep

PMSI as Owner\'s Rep

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  • 1. Integrated Project Solutions Experts in Owner Representation  Proven Project & Team Leadership  Professional Management & Administration  Risk Assessment, Management & Mitigation  Single Point Responsibility & Accountability  Quality Control & Monitoring  Unequalled Performance, Reputation & Integrity Owner Representatives  Never a Conflict of Interest Since 1989 Planning Design Owner Representation for Capital Projects ◊  Public  Private  Commercial Construction Transition & Close-outOwner Representatives & Project Planners PMSIinc _______________ P.O Box 900 Noblesville, In 46061 765.534.7000 Putting The Pieces Together www.PMSIcorp.com for Over 20 Years The future is not merely a place we are going, It is a place we are creating.
  • 2. Leadership & Teamwork Makes the Difference PMSIinc’s Leadership, Teamwork & Integration Transition Team Planning Team PMSI Begins & Finishes with: √ Leadership √ Integration √ Teamwork √ CollaborationTechnology Team PMSIinc Design Team Owner’s Representative ◊ Nothing left to chance & no gaps Furnishings Team Financing Team Construction Team Integrated Project Solutions PMSIinc
  • 3. About PMSIinc Leadership, Management, Controls and CommunicationRepresenting Owners Since 1989For over 20 years, owners have selected PMSI as their projectrepresentatives and management consultants for their most complexprojects.PMSI’s primary goal is to protect our client’s project interest and tomanage their project risks.PMSI provides the vital management resources and tools that are needed todevelop the strategies that resolve project challenges in the most cost-effective and expeditious manner.PMSI provides objective assessments and recommendations on projectplanning strategies, improved design solutions, effective and efficientconstruction systems as well as advice for the efficient allocation of theowner’s resources.PMSI accomplishes our client’s objectives through our broad range ofservices that take advantage of our experience, expertise and resourceswhich forge the solutions that cover all phases of our client’s project.Our proven management tools and control systems guarantee that ourclient’s expectations regarding budgets, schedules, quality and teamcommunications are met.PMSI brings balanced support to our client’s projects as we are committedto providing these solutions in a collaborative environment that fosters PMSIincexcellence, integrity, trust and teamwork with no conflict of interest _______________regarding the project’s design and/or construction. P.O Box 900PMSI provides the Leadership, Management and Project Controls needed Noblesville, In 46061for successful projects. 765.534.7000 www.PMSIcorp.com INTEGRATED PROJECT SOLUTIONS Nothing is Left to Chance and No Gaps Integrated Project Solutions PMSIinc
  • 4. Owner’s Representative ExpertiseAs the Owner’s Representative, PMSI advises and serves the Ownerthroughout the entire project beginning with the initial strategic planningand continuing through the preconstruction, construction and occupancyrelated aspects of projects which can include site acquisition anddevelopment, design, construction, technology and communicationsequipment, furnishings, transitioning, final occupancy and warranty.PMSI acts as an extension of our client’s staff and PMSI’s professionalrepresentatives have the necessary experience in planning, management andowner representation and are knowledgeable in:  Project Planning  Program Development  Project Management and Administration  Contract Management  Design  Project Team Coordination and Communications  Sustainability  Budget and Cost Control  Project Scheduling  Project Financing  Site Surveys, Analysis and Acquisition  Environmental Assessments and Evaluations  Risk Analysis, Management and Mitigation  Grant Administration  Constructability Review  Construction  Design Build Projects and Criteria Development  Value Engineering  Technology Systems  Communication Systems  Security Systems  Furniture and Furnishings  Quality Control  Relocation and Transition  Closeout and warranty proceduresPMSI managers provide our clients with the comprehensive informationthey need to make informed decisions.PMSI integrates the expertise, resources and efforts of the entire projectteam to forge the solutions required to address the particular projectchallenges, meet the diverse project needs, manage the project risks andexceed our clients highest expectations. PMSI’s Integrated Solutions approach to Planning, Development and Implementation insures positive project outcome. Integrated Project Solutions PMSIinc
  • 5. PMSIinc’s Project MethodologyPMSI’s OWNER REPRESENTATION:PLANNINGA key to successful projects is a well-conceived process that enables theowner to evaluate their choices, make their decisions and select the bestdesign and delivery approaches through carefully and intelligently preparedcriteria for their project scope that is appropriate for Your Project.As Owner’s Representatives and Planner; PMSI provides professionalplanning and organizational services that will define and refine the goalsand objectives for your project. Planning for occupancy must begin fromthe onset. PMSI furnishes efficient and effective business planning, andmanagement that will enhance and facilitate the project and insure a projectof the highest quality that is on time and within your budget.PMSI begins with a focus of end goals in mind We collaborate with thekey stakeholders, financial advisors and legal counsel to develop a fullycoordinated and detailed project approach, budget and schedule. PMSIidentifies and integrates all of the political, legal, financial and technicalprocedures and requirements that are necessary to develop a comprehensiveproject plan.PMSI’s integrated approach to the planning and development will ensure apositive outcome to the project. During the planning and developmentphase of a project, the Owner has the opportunity to establish how theywant to do business. This phase defines the frame work of the entireproject while providing the Owner the chance to analyze, mitigate or assignrisk to match their risk tolerance. The more an Owner abdicates theseresponsibilities to designers, builders, or others; the less control theyactually have on the outcome.PLANNING AND ORGANIZINGPMSI will develop the facility program that sets forth the Ownersobjectives, constraints and criteria. The program includes the spacerequirements and relationships, flexibility and expandability requirements,special equipment and systems and site requirements. PMSIinc _______________PMSI will assist the Owner in forming a focused task force (Team) made P.O Box 900up of key stakeholders to study the issues and the facility needs for your Noblesville, In 46061project. PMSI will work with all team members to clarify the key goalsand objectives of the project and create simple benchmarks to facilitate 765.534.7000subsequent decisions. www.PMSIcorp.com Integrated Project Solutions PMSIinc
  • 6. PMSIinc’s Project MethodologyDocumentation and ProcurementAs Owner’s Representatives and Managers; PMSI provides professionalmonitoring and substitution of the adherence to the project planning. PMSIfurnishes efficient and effective business administration, management andmonitoring systems that enhance and facilitate the project through thedocumentation and procurement phase to ensure that the information andprocess is in accordance with the original plan that has been established.During the planning, the Owner establishes the design and delivery systemand the process that best suits their needs. The documentation andprocurement will be different based upon the earlier decision (i.eTraditional Design-Bid-Build vs. Design-Build or Multi-Prime), but thegoal is always the same: development of clear consistent documents andperformance requirements that allow the Owner to obtain the best possibleproject that is consistent with the Owner’s plans, budget and risk tolerance.ImplementationAs Owner’s Representatives and Managers; PMSI provides professionalmonitoring of substitutions to ensure adherence to project requirements.PMSI assists the Owner in their contractual obligations to assureprofessional and timely compliance. PMSI furnishes efficient and effectivebusiness administration, management and monitor systems that enhanceand facilitate the project through its various steps and phases to ensure aproject of the highest quality that is on time and within your budget.Occupancy and WarrantyAs the Owner’s Representative and Manager, PMSI provides professionalmonitoring and assistance at the project’s completion that ensures thesuccess of close-out and relocation. PMSI furnishes the affective businessadministration and monitoring systems that enhance and facilitate theproject close-out, provides intervention to resolve problems and ensures theOwner’s overall project satisfaction. PMSIincThere is an old saying; “It takes ninety percent of the effort to complete the _______________last ten percent of the work.” PMSI understands the truth and wisdom inthis statement because PMSI’s services do not end with construction. We P.O Box 900double our efforts after construction to ensure the success of project close- Noblesville, In 46061out and transitioning into the new facility. Close-out and transitioning 765.534.7000includes computers and networking, technology, equipment, audio/visual www.PMSIcorp.comequipment, telephones, furniture and relocation service or whatever isrequired to begin operations in the new facility. Integrated Project Solutions PMSIinc
  • 7. Do You Want to . . . Reduce your project costs by 5 percent to 10 percent? Build your project 10 percent to 15 percent faster? Get more project for every dollar? Have a better quality project while reducing your risk?Sound incredible? If these are important issues, PMSI has a solution and we thank you in advance for giving us anopportunity to explain!PMSI understands that your specific request was for design services, and PMSI’s reply may not be exactly what youwere expecting. We want to offer you, the Owner, an option that you may not have had the opportunity to consider. Ourbelief is that a truly “Integrated Solution” will afford you options and advantages that will pique your interest. Let ustake this opportunity to further explain how we can deliver results like those above and give you the advantages that willassure your Project’s outcome.Why be different?PMSI realizes that many times requests for qualifications and/or proposals are created based on the fact that the Ownerknows they have a need, the desire to do something. This urgency is often followed by the desire to get started ASAP. Itis PMSI’s belief that most Owners have not been given the opportunity to evaluate many of the choices or options thatare available to them or, for that matter, to establish a process that takes into consideration how they want to do business.How are we different?PMSI would like you to consider an integrated design and build alternative commonly known as Design-Build that hasbeen approved by the State of Indiana under [IC5- 30]. Design-Build is a relatively untapped public option in Indianathat allows Owners to complete Projects under a single unified contract for design and construction. Design-Buildprovides Owners the only opportunity under Indiana law to actually choose everyone involved in the Project in a processthat also enables you, the Owner, to hold those you have chosen accountable and not be relegated to the inherentproblems associated with the low-bid selection process that we are all too familiar with.What are the advantages to you?Design-Build is a collaborative method of Project delivery in which the Owner executes a single contract for both thedesign and construction services. Design-Build is also known as a “single-source” responsibility. There is muchresearch citing a number of reasons why Owners are considering Design-Build. Primary among these are: Owner-driven demands for better quality and continuous improvement in the Project delivery and the final product, your Project Interest in saving time and money, through a process wherein budget, schedule, and constructability are key to the primary drivers, Desire to avoid the legal entanglements of adversarial relationships and to reap the advantages of a cooperative effort by all parties united under a single contract, Need to realign the responsibility and risk, by dividing responsibilities and assigning risk according to the parties most capable of managing those risks,Design-Build is not new but has only recently been allowed as a public option in Indiana. Design-Build is the preferreddelivery option throughout the U.S. and the world in the private sector, and the required delivery process in many U.S.military and governmental projects, including the Army Corps of Engineers, the Department of Justice, and theDepartment of Defense.PMSI’s desire is to provide you a compelling case for your consideration. We hope that you will grant us the opportunityto interview and continue a discussion about the advantages a Design-Build delivery solution can bring to your Project.Thank you for your consideration.William Shepler, PE DBIAPMSIinc
  • 8. Relevant ExperienceMASTER PLANNING: GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS:West Central School District Fulton County Courthouse Anderson, Indiana Rochester, IndianaFort Harrison Base Reuse Plan Fulton County Government Annex Indianapolis, Indiana Rochester, IndianaCass County Facilities Henry County Justice Center Logansport, Indiana New Castle, IndianaHenry County Facilities Henry County Office Building New Castle, Indiana New Castle, IndianaFulton County Wayne County Courthouse Security Rochester, Indiana Richmond, IndianaCrescent Dunes Shore Protection Union County Courthouse Schererville, Indiana Liberty, IndianaRipley County Facilities Posey County Courthouse Versailles, Indiana Mt. Vernon, IndianaHendricks County Justice System Pulaski County Courts Danville, Indiana Winamac, IndianaCity of Rochester Parks Planning Randolph County Courthouse Rochester, Indiana Winchester, IndianaUnion County Facilities Fishers Police and Fire Facilities Liberty, Indiana Fishers, IndianaPosey County Facilities Westfield Public Safety Facility Mt. Vernon, Indiana Westfield, IndianaGibson County Courthouse JAILS & CORRECTIONAL:and County Office Facilities Princeton, Indiana Pulaski County JailVanderburgh County Winamac, Indiana Justice Assessment Cass County Jail Evansville, Indiana Logansport, Indiana Wayne CountyGOVERNMENT BUILDINGS: Richmond, IndianaCass County Courthouse Knox County Jail Logansport, Indiana Vincennes, IndianaHenry Courthouse Annex Facility Elkhart County New Castle, Indiana Correctional Complex Goshen, Indiana Integrated Project Solutions PMSIinc
  • 9. Relevant ExperiencePosey County CourthouseMt. Vernon, INProject: PMSIinc completed a major renovation to the historic 25,000 SF. County Courthouse as a first phase of the implementation of their County Facility Master Plan. The Master plan was created by PMSIinc to identify government offices, courts and jail space needs to solve both short and long term problems.Gibson County CourthousePrinceton, INProject: PMSIinc completed a county government facilities space use analysis. Work included documenting 50,000 SF. of space and the analysis of five separate sites for a new Justice Center. Work also included developing comparative costs and timetable for the total project costs for each site as well as for the planned historic Courthouse renovations.Pulaski County Facilities Master PlanWinamac, INProject: PMSIinc completed a County-wide Facility Master Plan that included all county offices. The resulting projects included a new Jail and the relocation of the Superior Court, Prosecutor’s Office and Probation Offices. Also included in the plan were the reallocation of spaces in the Courthouse and County Office Building.Fulton County Facilities Master PlanRochester, INProject: PMSIinc worked with the Commissioners to develop a County- wide Facility space analysis and master plan that resulted in projects that moved county governmental and community service offices out of the Courthouse into a renovated former bank building and completely renovated the historic Courthouse which now houses all of the county justice services including Courts, Clerk, County Prosecutor and Probation offices. Integrated Project Solutions PMSIinc
  • 10. Relevant ExperienceCass County Facilities Master PlanLogansport, INProject: PMSIinc was retained by the commissioners to develop and implement a county facility space plan affecting the Jail, Courthouse, and the public parking necessary to service both facilities. The county constructed a new Jail and renovated the Courthouse in order to accommodate the needs of both the county administrative and community service offices remaining in the building.Henry County Facilities Master PlanNew Castle, INProject: The county commissioners hired PMSIinc to analyze their space needs to find room for their offices located in the courthouse. The plan and resultant projects involved a new Justice Center that provided spaces for all of the county justice services and a renovated historic building located on the courthouse square that houses many of the community service departments.Union County Facilities Master PlanLiberty, INProject: PMSIinc was contracted by the commissioners to analyze the space conditions at the courthouse and assist with the development of a County-wide Facility Master Plan to solve their space problems. The plan resulted in a renovation of their historic Courthouse as well as the relocation of some County offices out of the courthouse into newly renovated spaces.Wayne County Master PlanRichmond, INProject: PMSIinc Conducted was in charge of the project to look at the spaces within Wayne County government and to develop a long term solution for their space needs. The analysis and resulting master plan ultimately involved the construction of a new jail, upgrades and renovations to the courthouse, including new security and HVAC systems and the relocation of some county community services into new facilities. Integrated Project Solutions PMSIinc
  • 11. Relevant ExperienceElkhart County Correctional ComplexGoshen, INProject: 1,100 Bed Adult Detention Facility located on a 100 acre complex. The campus has been designed to accommodate the Sheriff’s Administration Building, a 600 Bed Work Release Facility, a Fleet Maintenance Facility, a 72 Bed Juvenile Detention Center with Courts and expansion space for an additional 1,800 Adult Detention Beds.Knox County JailVincennes, INProject: 214 Bed Adult Detention Facility and Sheriff’s Administration constructed on a 12 acre site just outside the city limits of VincennesWayne County JailRichmond, INProject: 400 Bed Adult Detention Facility with Sheriff’s Administration and Work Release constructed adjacent to the Wayne County CourthouseCass County JailLogansport, INProject: 200 Bed Adult Detention Facility, Work Release and Sheriff’s Administration construction immediately adjacent to the Cass County Courthouse with an enclosed connector betweenPulaski County JailWinamac, INProject: 90 Bed Adult Detention Facility, Sheriff’s Administration, Work Release, Superior Court, Probation and Prosecutor’s Offices constructed on a downtown site adjacent to the Pulaski County Courthouse Integrated Project Solutions PMSIinc
  • 12. Relevant ExperienceCarroll County Jail Master PlanDelphi, INProject: Long-range Planning for a new 100 Bed Adult Detention Facility, Sheriff’s Administration and Work Release to be located on a site outside Delphi and the restoration of the existing jail facility for short-term useHendricks County Justice System AnalysisDanville, INProject: The analysis and planning included the long-range plan for the Jail, Work Release, Community Corrections and Juvenile servicesVanderburgh County Justice System AnalysisEvansville, INProject: The analysis and planning included the long-range plan for the Jail, Work Release, Community Corrections, Juvenile services and CourtsHenry County Youth CenterNew Castle, INProject: Renovations to the Youth Center that included detention, shelter care and secure care facilitiesElkhart County Sheriff’s AdministrationGoshen, INProject: 45,000 sft. Sheriff’s Administration Building that is being constructed utilizing the new Design/Build project delivery process Integrated Project Solutions PMSIinc
  • 13. Relevant ExperienceElkhart County Correctional ComplexGoshen, INProject: 100 acre complex that has been designed to accommodate the Sheriff’s Administration Building, a 600 Bed Work Release Facility, a Fleet Maintenance Facility, a 72 Bed Juvenile Detention Center with Courts and expansion space for an additional 1,800 Adult Detention Beds.Monroe County Justice ComplexBloomington, INProject: 75 acre complex designed to accommodate a new County Jail, Community Corrections Facility, Juvenile Center and a Central Warehouse for supplies and records.Fishers Police StationFishers, INProject: New Police Station located in their City Government ComplexWestfield Public Safety BuildingWestfield, INProject: New Facility constructed to house their Police Department, the Fire Department Administrative Office and their Central Fire StationCarmel Clay Municipal BuildingCarmel, INProject: New Facility constructed to house their Fire Station, Township Administration Office and local Waste Management Office Integrated Project Solutions PMSIinc
  • 14. Project Leadership, Teamwork & IntegrationProject Leadership:PMSI acts as an extension of the owner’s staff bringing the skillsof our experienced professionals to lead our clients through thecomplicated maze of a project and to represent their intereststhroughout all phases of the project from planning to closeoutand beyond.Teamwork:PMSI provides the atmosphere that fosters the positiveprofessional relations and teamwork that is an essential elementto a successful project.Positive team relations provides the ability to collaborate andwork together toward a common vision and to direct individualefforts toward the Owner’s objectives.It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommonresults.“The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts”Total Project Integration:PMSI’s Integrated Solutions eliminates gaps and duplications,reduces the Owner’s risks and maximizes each individualsproductivity as well as the overall project value.PMSI’s Integrated Solutions approach to Planning, Developmentand Implementation insures the positive outcome of the project. Integrated Project Solutions PMSIinc
  • 15. Record of Success PMSIs 100 % Success Record100% of PMSIs Projects were completed within the original Project Budget.100% of PMSIs Projects benefited from the contribution to the design and construction process.100% of PMSIs Projects generated savings that more than offset PMSIinc the fee for representation. _______________ P.O Box 900 Noblesville, In 46061 765.534.7000 www.PMSIcorp.com Unequaled Reputation Time-proven Performance Experience the benefits that PMSI’s 100% success record brings Integrated Project Solutions PMSIinc