Construction sector in Russia H2 2013. Development forecasts for 2013-2016.


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This publication keeps industry professionals current on activity and conditions in the overall Russian construction market and the non-residential, commercial, civil engineering and residential segments of the market.

The report offers the latest market news and trends analysis, macroeconomic developments and investment outlooks, gathered from a diverse range of regional and international sources.

Forecasts for the period 2013-2016 are provided, along with full profiles of companies leading the Russian construction market in size, earnings and activity.

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Construction sector in Russia H2 2013. Development forecasts for 2013-2016.

  1. 1. Construction sector in Russia H2 2013 Development forecasts for 2013-2016
  2. 2. Construction sector in Russia H2 2013 2 Development forecasts for 2013-2016 Language: English Date of publication: Q3 Delivery: pdf Price from: 1600€ Find out… What is the current value of the entire market? Of each main segment? In which direction will prices move in the months ahead? What is planned in terms of new road, railway and residential construction? How many construction companies are currently competing in the market? Which developments are making market news in terms of regulation ? Which are the most influential trends in the non-residential segment? +48 12 618 90 30 Click to buy
  3. 3. Construction sector in Russia H2 2013 3 Development forecasts for 2013-2016 Informational highlights Overview of major construction initiatives under preparation for the 2018 World Cup The impact of trends on market growth, project selection, labor and materials prices Detailed descriptions of current conditions in all segments of Russian construction Accurate data on production: total residential units slated for completion by 2016 Reliable forcasts for all market segments as well as for the whole market to 2016 The latest market news, trends analysis and macroeconomic developments Insightful analysis of the competition within this market in Russia +48 12 618 90 30 Click to buy
  4. 4. Construction sector in Russia H2 2013 4 Development forecasts for 2013-2016 Major advantages Market trends Market forecasts Key players profiles The report supplies coverage of legislative and regulatory developments, construction and assembly production, investment from government and private sector sources and the number of new apartments and quantity of new road construction scheduled for completion during the forecast period. This publication presents complete information on the forecast value, structure and growth potential of the market’s largest segments: residential, non-residential, commercial or civil engineering and infrastructure over the next two years. This document includes detailed profiles of key companies at work in this market, providing insights into their finances and current and upcoming construction projects. +48 12 618 90 30 Click to buy
  5. 5. Construction sector in Russia H2 2013 5 Development forecasts for 2013-2016 When to use it? Who uses it? Initiating new construction operations in Russia Construction materials manufacturers Expanding into a new segment Constructiion machinery manufacturers Building a successful business strategy Foreign and domestic construction companies Engaging in mergers and/or acquisitions Government agencies and embassies Conducting competition research Researchers and business consulting specialists Searching for reliable investment opportunities. Investors and financial institutions. +48 12 618 90 30 Click to buy
  6. 6. Construction sector in Russia H2 2013 6 Development forecasts for 2013-2016 Click here to buy this report Contact us to learn more about this report Request a customised research or advisory assistance +48 12 618 90 30 +48 12 618 90 08
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