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Integrating email with social media ebook

  1. 1. Integrating email withPMLMediaemail, social and search marketing social media
  2. 2. Why we should all be integrating email with social mediaThe social media networking phenomenon has proved itself a superb way to reach,engage and foster relationships with your audience, be they customers, prospects orother stakeholders. As part of the modern marketing mix, it’s here to stay, yet someorganisations are still slow to leverage it to their advantage.Whether or not you participate in it, your customers – and more importantly yourcompetitors – will. So it’s essential, if you don’t want your brand to be written off astragically behind the times, to start taking social media marketing seriously.Social media isn’t a replacement for traditional marketing techniques. Nor does itguarantee quick success if you adopt it on the spot without a proper strategy. Done well, itis a highly effective supplement to your existing marketing practices, anaccelerator of what you’re already doing. Planning is everything, so it’s best to start byasking a few simple questions: What am I aiming for? Lead generation? More customers? Increased brand awareness? All of the above? Who do I want to reach? Which demographics? How do I reach them? Which social media channels are my audience using?Always keep these sorts of questions in mind and remember that the technology isn’timportant in itself – it’s how you use it to achieve your goals that counts.Let’s have a closer look at social media before we think about how it can beintegrated into your email marketing to generate optimal return. PMLMedia email, social and search marketing
  3. 3. Social media – The mission of professional publishers has long been to share information among a community of people with shared interests, which is precisely what social media enables people to do. The line between readers and publishers has become blurred,what’s it all with mass communication of information now in the hands of individuals and social media present in all our interactions, both personal and professional.about? The highly interactive new mediums over which individuals and businesses now create, share and access content – which include internet forums, blogs, microblogs, podcasts, video and social bookmarking, have changed the way consumers interact, not just with each other, but with your business. PMLMedia email, social and search marketing
  4. 4. Who’s using it? Marketers should be spending time on the most popular social networks. Facebook and YouTube lean toward the personal/consumer side of things, while LinkedIn is professional-oriented, Twitter, an extraordinarily flexible microblogging social network, encompasses just about everything in concise 140 character snippets. Many blogs also have huge followings and interactive comments sections where conversation flourishes. The number of people using these sites is rising so rapidly that ? statistics are outdated as soon as they’re put to paper. (FROM LYRIS – THE DYNAMIC DUO: EMAIL MARKETING AND SOCIAL MEDIA) The percentage of adult internet users who use social networking sites in each age group, as of May 2010 Age Group % Using Social Media 18 - 29 86% 30 - 49 61% 50 - 64 47% 65+ 26% Source: Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, April 29-May 30, 2010 Tracking Survey. N = 2,252 adults 18 and older. PMLMedia email, social and search marketing
  5. 5. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn500 million users Awareness has grown 75 million users from 5% in 2008 to 87% in 201050% of users log on 51% of active users Members in 200daily follow companies, countries brands or products on social networksAverage user A natural companion Members from allconnects to 80 mediun to other Fortune 500community pages, channels, such as companiesgroups and events. Facebook and TVSource: Facebook Source: Social Media Source: LinkedIn Today PMLMedia email, social and search marketing
  6. 6. Building brands: You can enhance messaging, extend reach and engage your target audience deeper to increase the value of your brand and customers’ loyalty to it How can marketers use it? Acquiring customers: What better way then for businesses to establish, retain At a much lower cost than list buying, and advance brand reputation than to engage directly with their target audiences? You can even have your social media can bring you opt-in names customers do your marketing for you by mentioning for email campaigns, increase the your product or service favourably over their own circulation of your content and deliver networks. Again, it takes meticulous planning prospects for product sales and events. It and strategy to ensure this opportunity also eliminates the problem of ‘dead time’ for for word-of-mouth works in acquisition between sending mails. your favour. Advertising sales: You can generate more impressions, click-throughs and sales for your advertisers by raising your exposure on the different social media channels. This allows you to assemble creative lead generation packages and raise advertising revenue. The effectiveness of a campaign can be quantified by the use of social media monitoring tools that show whether promotional periods increase the level of conversation. Retaining customers: Social media allows a spiral of feedback that enables you to constantly refine your content and products to provide more relevance and value. The result is a level of engagement and emotional investment thatTo rise above your competitors, you can’t afford to miss would previously have been a greater drain on resources.the opportunities social media provides: meeting customersand prospects proactively; hearing about and addressingtheir concerns; benefiting from their feedback; and Audience insights:channeling social media’s viral Social media reduces the need for extensive market research bypower to increase your providing faster, cheaper access to your target audience’s reach,relevance andfrequency. PMLMedia email, social and search marketing
  7. 7. Trust is developed by listening to, engaging with and delivering value to social media participants. Email’sa good tool for one-to-one conversation, but social media opens up the floor to anyone and it’sEmail marketers, take note important to find out what people are saying about your brand and where conversations relevant to your market are taking place. You can devise a successful communication and editorial strategy with the assistance of an array of social media monitoring tools, some of which are absolutely free. Marketing speak will do you no favours. You most likely have a website from which to deliver your hard sell message, and you can use social media to drive traffic there, but only by providing smart insights and by demonstrating thought leadership in your industry. In most social net- works this is what is considered as adding value, not propaganda.The ‘netiquette’ of social media is to be ignored at your peril. You’ve got to pay attention. The fast pace of social media can be hard to keep up with if you have limited resources, but it’s important to show customers that you’re not simply going through the motions and that youRemember that content in social channels is driven by all participants, and the are keen to keep up to speed with the thoughts and concerns of youremail metrics like open rates, click-throughs, advertising sales and subscription audience. Address both positive and negative comments for therenewals are not what you should be focusing on. purposes of both customer service and market research. People can forgive mistakes far easier if you’re willing to respond to their frustrations.Here are some crucial principles for email marketers to bear in mind if they wantto avoid the pitfalls of poorly thought out social campaigns: Social media is people dealing with people. Although you have to uphold a professional tone and take great care in what you say, social media is a great opportunity for your company to benefit from a more personal approach. This is more applicable to some industries than others, but aYour customers’ and prospects’ needs come first. Your company’s good Facebook page and strong video content allows you to give yourvalue proposition means nothing if you can’t show how you’re able to serve your brand not just a voice, but a face.audience’s needs. Unless there’s a visible benefit or relevant interest to them, why shouldthey care what you have to say? Bearing all this in mind will help you to build an invaluable level of trust that costs less and will produce faster results than email alone. PMLMedia email, social and search marketing
  8. 8. Social media, meet emailWe’ve established that social media allows anyone withcontent, a link or simply an opinion to join the conversationsrelevant to them. This happens in real-time and it’s great forhuman interaction and can benefit customer service hugelyif monitored properly, but on the other hand it’s fairlytransient. Tweeting is fleeting!What you tweeted this morning could be pushed out of sightby the time your audience checks out Twitter later in the day,so the may well miss out on what you said. This is especiallytrue when you’re working across international time zones,where one person’s morning is another person’s evening.An email, while not tangible like a good old-fashioned letter,does offer a more intimate level of contact. If someone hasopened an email from you you’ve got their attention and theycan return to it when they please. That content can liveforever, particularly if you archive your campaigns in webpage form. The better record you keep of strong content thebetter your business credibility.Social media is about engaging in conversations andsharing content, but email marketing can raise thesepotentially volatile interactions to a higher level ofengagement and give them serious weight. PMLMedia email, social and search marketing
  9. 9. What can theydo for eachother?Web and email marketing may now be considered old hatand ineffective without a social media dimension to supportthem. Not so long ago it was enough to simply have a websitefor your company, but the rapid growth of the internet soon Without clear, level-headedmeant you had to remain credible in the marketplace. objectives, social media, like any other marketing medium, couldThe same thing is happening with email. become a serious drain on resources and profits.A purchased list of targeted email addresses used to be enough togive you an edge over the competition, and it’s still very effective. A combination, however, of social media andHowever, social media has raised the bar in terms of what customers email marketing can somewhat relieve theexpect from online interaction. Genuine engagement requires a little pain of these measurement issues. Themore than a personalised email message and a link to your product results achieved from both mediums willor service. also be heightened by forging a solid alliance between the two.One of email’s greatest appeals is its measurability. Organisations reluc-tant to embrace social media are often put off because, with its measur-ability still in its infancy, it can be a challenge to decide just how muchtime and effort to spend on it. PMLMedia email, social and search marketing
  10. 10. Where do Increase brand awareness you Enhance search keywords and SEO Expand customer service and loyalty start? Add names to your opt-in email lists Sell subscriptions, books, reports and other products Sell advertising Encourage subscription renewals Use current audience needs and trends to inform the development of new productsA firm business objective is the starting point of any emailmarketing campaign, so when you introduce social mediainto the equation it’s imperative you determine if and how The important thing to remember is that the purpose of socialit’s going to help you meet your email marketing media isn’t to simply sell, sell and sell some more. It’s about talkinggoals. These could be to: to your audience rather than at them. PMLMedia email, social and search marketing
  11. 11. Look, listen, don’t stop Any marketer knows the value of research. Each of the major social networks provide demographics, so you can discover what social mediums your customers participate in and how they do so. You can also use a data provider to match a sample of your customer base against the various social networks. This will improve the value of your database and allow you to focus on the sites most used by your target audience. Social media is as much about listening as speaking, but in the world of marketing, it takes more than a glass against the door to understand how your brand is being discussed and what content is being shared on social networks. You can gain such insights with free tools like Addictomatic and Samepoint or the more sophisticated analyses of companies like Radian6 and Sentiment Metrics, who examine tone, volume, share of voice and more. What motivates people to share your content? Once you’ve determined the most shared content, take a look at the common characteristics. Does it contain an incentive, a call to action? Does it provide valuable, or exclusive information? Your strategy for email and social media should include content that recipients are motivated to share across their own networks. PMLMedia email, social and search marketing
  12. 12. Integrating your email and social media marketing Ask subscribers for social media details. High level sign up information should at least be the person’s email address and first and last name, but they’ll be put off if they’re asked for much moreYou shouldn’t be choosing between email marketing and social media, but than that for a newsletter subscription. What you can do is askdoing everything you can to extend your audience and customer base. subscribers to update their details from within a ‘SubscriberSocial media allows you to engage customers in real-time conversation and Update’ page on your website. Here you can add fields thatdraw them towards your website, where you can afford to talk about your expand the demographics and allow you to take social on your territory, after all. As long you provide valuable content, You can then follow those who give you their information and addpeople will be encouraged to sign up for your newsletter or downloads, pay them to your CRM database.attention to your brand and talk about it. Draw from blog posts for your newsletter content. Blogs are aSocial media, for all its advantages, can’t do that much for you on its own. great way of demonstrating your knowledge and willingness toBy integrating your email marketing with your social activity, you boost the initiate relevant discussion. By using your posts to provide contenteffect of both disciplines. The following tactics will empower you to better for your newsletters you’ll raise your blog’s profile and bring inintegrate your email and social media marketing: more readers. Your website should also be social media friendly, fully equipped with feedback functionality and allowing users toIntroduce ‘share’ and ‘subscribe’ buttons to your email messages. It’s sign up for blog update emails through a form.very straightforward to allow your recipients to share your content acrosstheir social networks, thanks to free widgets like Facebook Connect. They’ll Use email campaign metrics to determine the most popularlikely have friends who could well be your potential customers. If they social networks. Email marketing is notable for its measurability,enjoy your email content they’ll probably want to follow you on social and you should be able to identify precisely which recipients addednetworks too. Ensure they can do all this from the comfort of their inbox. what content to which social networks. This is a great way to help focus your future activity because you’ll know which are the mostPost relevant email marketing messages on the social networks. If part popular networks.of your audience doesn’t want to read an email, they shouldn’t have to. Youcan encourage fans/followers to share what you post on Facebook, Twitter, Invite suggestions and criticism. If you’re eager to hear people’sLinkedIn and any other platform they’re using. You can ‘monetize’ your reaction to your latest email, or aren’t sure what to put in your nextsubscribers further by promoting events, products, special reports and so on, newsletter, it’s good practice to ask the people what they wantas long as you’re proving value. through social media. They’ll feel more involved and valued, and you won’t be under so much pressure to keep delivering freshCompel your fans and followers to sign up to your newsletter. While it’s content from scratch. Remember, it’s two ears and one mouth,true you should talk to your audience where they already are and not try too so being a part of the discussion and adjusting your techniqueshard to pull them away, why not ask them if they’d like to receive emails from accordingly will also bring you more effective organic Add a sign up form to your Facebook welcome page. As committed Always listen before you already, they’ll probably appreciate further content from you.By stimulating subscriptions for your publications, the process of list buildingbecomes more rewarding as you see the open and click throughrates on your emails increase. PMLMedia email, social and search marketing
  13. 13. There are many challenges facing email marketers, from spam filters So why is the telephone such a powerhouse for B2B marketers?to issues with list quality and deliverability, although a good bought-in It is the most flexible and consistently dependable B2B marketinglist should be cleansed and up to date within the last three months. What tool. It’s the nearest thing to face-to-face selling, but with a muchthis means is that by relying solely on email marketing you’re reaching lower cost than an on-site sales visit. Most importantly, it can bea significantly reduced audience than you would by augmenting it with used at just about every stage of the sales and marketingsocial media. process.This connection with social media allows you to build stronger Take full advantage of business to business telemarketing.relationships and increase the level of trust between you and yourrecipients. In order to achieve higher open and response rates, faster I’ve put together a list of the many different ways in which B2Bconversions and increased revenue, you need to prove you’re a trusted marketers can get the best out of the telephone:source. Social media, as a humanizing agent, helps you prove this. Market research The internet has become the leading medium for surveys andAnd finally… focus-group research, but the phone still has its place. The telephone allows a more flexible, proactive approach, allowing the kind of probing which can gain insights into the prospect’sDo not neglect the telephone as a B2B needs and tool Enquiry qualification The telephone is historically the main medium for assessing the quality of enquiries. Email is now an alternative, but a combina- tion of email marketing, telemarketing and social media is theThe USA Direct Marketing Association Power of Direct Marketing study best approach.reported that in 2009 B2B direct marketers spent 28 billion on telephonemarketing. This is significantly more than was spent on direct mail: Lead nurturing$21.4 billion; it also eclipses internet marketing, with a spend of A combination of different tools can be used to keep prospects$10.9 billion. warm until they’re ready for a sales visit. Combine the telephone with a variety of other marketing tools: email, events, webinarsThe bulk of the telephone budget ($17.5 billion) was used to generate and newsletters for example.B2B sales leads; another $8.6 billion was used to drive direct orderbusiness. The DMA study reports that telephone marketing generated$143.1 billion of revenue from phone-based lead generation and $64.4billion in direct merchandise sales. By any standards, this is impressiveand, despite the digital revolution, demonstrates that the telephone still “Raising the quantity and quality ofreigns supreme as a means of lead generation. your audience” PMLMedia email, social and search marketing
  14. 14. Telemarketing Director-level relationship managementGenerate leads and close orders using outbound calls. Certain products in the Use highly skilled and experienced phone-based professionalsB2B world respond particularly well to call centre telemarketing, including: (retired senior managers do a great job here!) to conduct quality conversations with senior prospects.IT products and services Clean up dataFinancial products and services The telephone is ideal for contacting key contacts to confirm such details as job titles and email addresses, etc, to probe and to identify opportunities.Training productsEngineering/scientific Testing of offers B2B email databases tend to be small, which limits traditional split testing, “The telephone is so carry out a pre-test using the telephone.Computer software very much aliveConsumable supplies and conferences and well in B2B. Campaign enhancement Telephone follow-up of email campaigns works well in the B2B arena.Educational products Take full advantage!” Cross-selling using modellingBusiness products The telephone is the ideal tool for developing cross-selling offers when used in conjunction with database modelling. Produce “reason to call” lists for your telemarketers, using modelling to identify cross-selling opportuni- ties.Inside salesSales account management can be very effective over the phone. Compared with Internet phone-backon-site sales visits, supporting accounts by phone is extremely efficient in terms of It’s helpful to offer a live call-back service for visitors to your website, givingtime and cost. Many companies assign field-based sales people to cover the them the chance to strike while the iron is hot.largest accounts, and internal telephone sales people to cover the mid-sizedaccounts, while supporting smaller accounts by email. Welcome new customers A simple phone call to welcome new customers can really help customerTelesales retention. Customers will be appreciative at the interest that your companyOrder-taking and sales contact via phone is an excellent way to sell low-value, is taking. The telephone can help convert a customer into a fan andhigh-volume products. recommender.Inside account support Win back customersTeam a field-based sales person with an internally based telesales person to Contact dormant customers by telephone to identify the problem and avoidmanage a set of accounts more efficiently. defection.Setting up appointmentsThe telephone is the perfect appointment-setting tool, because it supports the sophis-ticated level of interaction needed to qualify a prospect and set up a meeting. PMLMedia email, social and search marketing
  15. 15. AND SO... You’ve seen how social media integrated with email marketing can benefit your business. It does wonders for your brand development and aware- ness, as well as boosting web traffic, circulation, renewals, advertising and product sales. This can all be achieved at a significantly reduced cost compared to some of the more well-worn mediums, but it still requires a significant investment. Social mediums require your time and devotion, and can’t be ‘cheated’. An understanding of the technical side is also vital. The behind-the-scenes process can seem overwhelming to traditional marketers, but outside the new technology the fundamental tenets of marketing endure. It’s at your peril to overlook it, because your audience and competitors are using social media even if you’re not. A firm marketing strategy is essential, along with effective monitoring and measurement practices. Clear objectives, sufficient resources and a sound comprehension of your audience’s relevant activity on social networks are all necessary to reap the rewards of a well integrated approach to email and social media. In short, you need to choose your email marketing partner very carefully. Web and email analytics, combined with social listening and monitoring tools, enable you to create gauges for key metrics that you can then monitor and analyse throughout your campaigns. That may sound complicated but in fact it’s very complicated. PML Media, in collaboration with Initio Consulting, enable you to leverage your email marketing campaigns to stimulate recipients to share and discuss your content across social networks. We help you use those networks to inform, engage and convert your audience. PMLMedia email, social and search marketing
  16. 16. Integrating email with social mediaproduced by: PMLMedia email, social and search marketingPML Media LimitedPantiles Chambers85 High StreetTunbridge WellsKent, TN1 1XP, UKW: www.pmlmedia.comT: +44 (0) 845 505 7897Initio Consulting LtdThe SouthboroughCentreThe Warehouse, 1 Draper StreetSouthborough, Tunbridge WellsKent TN4 0PG, UKW: www.initioconsulting.comT:+44 (0)1892 557 280Design and Illustration