Project Integration Management Knowledge Area

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This set of slides briefly describe processes from Project Integration Management knowledge area. This is part of the series of presentations based on PMBOK book's coverage, and is helpful in your …

This set of slides briefly describe processes from Project Integration Management knowledge area. This is part of the series of presentations based on PMBOK book's coverage, and is helpful in your preparation for PMP or CAPM certification exams. Or you can use this to understand more about project management.
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  • 1. Guide to passing PMP® exam! series.. Project Integration Management Knowledge Area Based on the PMBOK® bookBrought to you For a free eBook on Project Management, and brain-friendly notes for PMP® and CAPM® certification exams visit the blog!
  • 2. Click here to go to the post and download this poster!
  • 3. Develop Project Charter process
  • 4. Develop Project Charter processCreates the Project charter, formally authorizing you as a ProjectManager to work on this project. It also documents, at a highlevel, what customer wants. It will have other information such as highlevel milestone dates and any known constraints on the project.Primary inputs -• Project Statement of Work - one of the initial documents created on the project. Outlines high level business needs of the customer that the output of this project is supposed to fulfil.• Business case - prepared by the performing organization. This is the document that shows how does the project benefit the performing organization (such as business, technical, experience).• Contract - a legal document between seller (performing organization) and buyer (customer). It outlines the terms and conditions, compensation details and disclaimers.
  • 5. Statement Of Work (SOW)
  • 6. Develop Project Management Plan process
  • 7. Develop Project Management Plan processInputs – Project charter and the subsidiary plans such as -• Procurement management plan• Risk management plan• Communication management plan• Human Resource management planTools and Techniques - Expert JudgmentOutputs - Project management plan contains above plans andbaselines -• Cost performance baseline• Scope baseline• Schedule baseline
  • 8. Project Management Plan
  • 9. Direct and Manage Project Execution process
  • 10. Direct and Manage Project Execution the process where project work as defined inthe project management plan is carried out.The primary inputs are approved change requestsand project management plan (of course!).This process produces project deliverables,information about how the work is beingperformed, and the change requests, amongstothers.
  • 11. Monitor and Control Project Work process
  • 12. Monitor and Control Project Work processThis process helps project manager figure outwhether the project is on course. Whetherdeliverables meet quality requirements. Whethercosts are within threshold limits. Whether teammembers are happy and doing their work well.Primary inputs are project management plan, andperformance reports on the work being carriedout. Change requests (bugs, errors, customerrequested changes) are definitely what one canexpect this process to produce.
  • 13. Perform Integrated Change Control process
  • 14. Perform Integrated Change Control processApplicable whenever something needs to change.For instance, if you find that quality controlactivities are not efficient enough, you analyze anddocument what needs to be changed, run thechange request through change control board (CCB)and (hopefully) get it approved.Even project management plan may get changedbased on how project progresses. All the changes tobaselined documents are done using this process.
  • 15. How Change is Incorporated
  • 16. What is a Change Request?Each of the possibilities on next four slides isgenerally referred to as Change Request.When a change is requested, it is first documented,its impact on project objectives is analyzed andthen it is run through change control board (viaPerform Integrated Change Control process) whereit can either be accepted or rejected.If accepted, appropriate baselines are updated andchange is planned for implementation.
  • 17. Corrective Action“An action taken to fix an anomaly in the projectwork so that the project goes ahead as per projectplan”
  • 18. Preventive Action“A precautionary action taken in order to avoidimpact on any of the project objectives due to projectwork”
  • 19. Defect Repair“A defect in thedeliverable identified thatneeds to be fixed, or thecomponent in which itwas found itself needs tobe replaced”
  • 20. Requested Change“A formally documented change that is submitted toPerform Integrated Change Control process, and maybe accepted or rejected”
  • 21. Close Project or Phase process
  • 22. Close Project or Phase processComplete the scheduled work, deliver it to the customerand formally close a project or phase of the project usingthis process. Also, document the lessons learned duringthe project into Organizational Process Assets.Inputs required are the project management plan andcompleted deliverables, apart from organizationalprocess assets that the project (or phase) has created.The output, of course, is what delights the customer - thefinal product, service or result.
  • 23. References• Project Integration Management Knowledge Area• Develop Project Charter• Develop Project Management Plan• Corrective action Versus Preventive action Versus Defect repair• Direct and Manage Project Execution• Monitor and Control Project Work• Perform Integrated Change Control• Close Project or Phase
  • 24. Thank you! Click here for detailed notes on Project Integration Management knowledge area. For such revision notes and more, visit http://www.PMExamSmartNotes.comPMI is a registered trademark and service mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.PMP is a registered certification mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.PMBOK is a registered trademark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.