Red Bull Energy Bites final presentation


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An Integrated Marketing Communications term project I completed with a group of 4 other students in the Spring of 2013.

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Red Bull Energy Bites final presentation

  1. 1.  To have 100,000 new customers, in ourtarget market ages 18-34, by the end of our5-month campaign To reach 85% of our target marketaudience› encouraging at least 50% to try Red Bull EnergyBites. To expose individuals in our target market toat least 5 forms of Red Bull Energy Bitesadvertisements over a 4-week period
  2. 2.  Red Bull is a global leader in the energysupplementation Red Bull Energy Bites are the quickest,most efficient way to grab a boost onthe go! 18-34 in age, specifically 24-34, Males and females, students, and youngworking individuals whom are constantlyon the go
  3. 3.  Red Bull Energy Bites are the top of theline energy “candies” World-renowned brand Pride our selves in releasing the mostinnovative products› Earlier then our competition
  4. 4.  The dangers of over caffeinating Energy supplements in the past havelacked honesty on the contents
  5. 5. Traditional Media($5,000,000)50%Sales Promotion($4,000,000)40%Digital Media ($1,000,000)10%Red Bull Energy Bites Advertsing Campaign ($10,000,000)Traditional Media ($5,000,000)Sales Promotion ($4,000,000)Digital Media ($1,000,000)
  6. 6.  50% (of the total $10,000,000 Budget)=$5,000,000Magazine Ads54%Billboard Ads5%TV ads29%Radio Ads12%Traditional Media ($5,000,000)Magazine Ads ($2,307,584)Billboard Ads ($20,000)TV ads ($2,067,220)Radio Ads ($615,196)
  7. 7.  40% (of the total $10,000,000 Budget)=$4,000,000Free Sampling65%Coupons25%Create Your OwnCommercial Contest10%Sales Promtions ($4,000,000)Free Sampling ($2,600,000)Coupons ($1,000,000)Create Your Own CommercialContest ($400,000)
  8. 8.  10% (of the total $10,000,000 Budget)=$1,000,000Facebook20%Twitter20%Email Blasts60%Digital Media ($1,000,000)Facebook ($200,000)Twitter ($200,000)Email Blasts ($600,000)
  9. 9. Objectives: Encourage the target market to try the product Show consumers that Red Bull Energy Bites work well Appeal to the busy “on-the-go” lifestyle of the agegroupA variety of media will be used Billboards Television Radio Magazines Social Media E-Mail Blast
  10. 10. Attributes: Quick energy Easily accessible Convenient to carry around Increases performance No spill!
  11. 11.  Informative› Radio› Tell people about the benefits of the product Slice-of-Life› Television› Show how the product can solve day to dayproblems› Increase consumers ambition and self-esteem› Show benefits of using the product
  12. 12.  Target market is constantly on the go with busyschedules – more likely to hear radio ads I Heart Radio and Pandora Inexpensive Reach a wide audience Used in the car, online, mobile apps, and tablets National reach with millions of U.S. listeners People can listen to and from their way towork, during breaks, and down time Airs same ads for all genres 30 second pre-recorded
  13. 13.  Exposed to a large audience going toand from work, school, etc. 5 major cities, 2 in each city Philadelphia, New York, Miami, LosAngeles, Chicago Create a lot of awareness; in apermanent location
  14. 14.  Many Americans have TV’s in theirhousehold Network stations; national reach Two and a Half Men; CBS: Thursdays at 8:30p.m. Popular show; large audience: 13 millionviewers Primetime: when our target market will begetting home from work/day activities 30 second ad
  15. 15.  Maxim› readership is over 61% ages 18-34, 74% employed Sports Illustrated› readerships average age of the audience is33, employed, and has an active lifestyle Self› readership average age is 32, 73% of the readersare employed, 53% are married with children in thehousehold - adds to the busy lifestyle People› Readership 34% of the age 18-34, 46% of adults withchildren in household, 62% employed Highest readership for our target market One full page four color ad
  16. 16. Introduce the product to the public.Inform as many people as possible in thedemographic.Expand attention.Build brand equity.Get feedback.
  17. 17.  Social media site with the highestengagement in the U.S. Honest customer feedback Ability to provide engaging content
  18. 18.  Use popular celebrity endorsements. Lady Gaga has more than 11.6 million users following her onthis media channel. College students. Cost effective
  19. 19.  Very flexible. Create brand awareness. 600,000 people in established list. Straight forward Sent during specific times, twice a week
  20. 20.  Objectives:› Introduce new product to consumers› Increase our products usage by consumersin target market Tools Used:› Free Sampling› Coupons› Consumer Contests
  21. 21.  Set tents up at 2places:› College campuses› Outside grocery stores Will contain:› Free sample products› Information cards Nutrition facts Where product can bepurchased› Coupons
  22. 22.  Coupons will be given out in multipleplaces:› Sales Promotion tents› E-mail blasts› Social Media Facebook Twitter Each coupon will have differentbarcodes to track effectiveness ofadvertisements
  23. 23.  Consumers can create and submit avideo using the product Winner receives:› Commercial gets aired› 1 year supply of Red Bull Energy Bites Goals:› Create fun, enjoyable brand image› Show how easy and quick the product is toconsume
  24. 24.  Coupon redemption rate Contest participation “Likes” on Facebook Follows on Twitter Email list  subscribers Red Bull Energy Bites Sales