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071010 vpfd capstone_display

  1. 1. The Journey to Building Community Challenge: • Brand does not clearly communicate the organization’s mission or purpose • Limited geographic scope • Limited growth potential. Opportunity: • Rebranding resulting in broader understanding of the organization’s purpose • Improved search. Tools: Change Management, Marketing, Project Management Rebranding results in new identity: Rebranding presents new challenges: < current home page Challenge: • No strategy to introduce the new brand to core constituents throughout Vermont • Limited budget for communications outreach (bumper stickers & bookmarks) • Geographic footprint remains small Opportunity: • Website refresh to bring new brand identity to the organization’s online initiative • Improve site navigation for content clarity • Leverage past successes to validate organization effectiveness Tools: Web 2.0, Marketing, Project Management, Human Computer Interaction, Marketing, Web Standards
  2. 2. Building Fair and Inclusive Communities in the Digital Age Tools created to develop a broader audience Technology will never be a substitute for ideas. But technology IS capable of solving the marketing and communications challenges for non-profit organizations like the Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity. How? By abolishing the communications silos. Integrate and reinforce the message through all forms of online initiatives and social media. Test. Study. Revise. Repeat. Is usability an issue? Is the site speaking clearly? Do we know empirically what’s working and what’s not? Can our constituents find us? This Capstone seeks to implement all of the available assets presented by Web 2.0 and related MSIT curriculum to build communities that are fair and inclusive. Integration of brand Revised site navigation and improved navigation Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity [HOME] Horizontal Navigation Left navigation Voices for Programs & Latest About Us Resources Contact Us Donation VPFD Services News "Report Report denial Civic Educators Business harassment or Verify of these Engagement Education Leadership Health- Native Minority discrimination of compliance w/ Teachers State Gov. Local Gov. Faith Com. African Arab Asian Diversity HIV/AIDs Mulitiracial/ Physical Latest services Admin Trainers Services General American Business these services anti-harassment Create an What we do American American Ethnic Links Address/ Press American laws inclusive, Coaching & (Capability Links Links Links Phone/ Releases Work to facilitation Charles Sara Grace Email equitable Statement) Barbara Community Asian National "Donate for Education eliminate Johnson Edwards Winslow National Native harassment & organization Sontag Residents Pacific Minority United States Good" (link) Commercial American Aramedia Association Islander AIDS Small Business Upcoming establishment or discrimination Everything Asian for Resources Association of public Create a safe, Armando Jeannette Jan Mitchell- Black American Council Multiethnic Administration Events Social marketing Business American Multicultural accommodation Employment Vilaseca White Love Health Americans supportive services Mission Organization Rising Education school The Forum Voter's Rights - Statement s "Resolve to Get Faynese Mark Sara The Black Council of Links to Native Government Housing Miller Larson Martinez HIV/AIDS Books Involved" Promote multi- Diversity/cultural World American Office of Minority agency de Osaba Today Asian Southern Information cultural competency/bias Staff & Islamic Minority Business education Jeff Relations American Poverty & Development reduction Core Bill Lippert Community Law Health Policy Francis Phelippa Resources Agency Landlord volunteers The Links Center Resource Advocacy Marinner Universal Center Learn to be a fair, Thomas Black Candidate search Law inclusive leader Trembley Pages enforcement Board of Asian American Links to HIV/AIDS Business Directors Pacific Indian information and Owner's Leadership skills for Islander Health resources in Tookit School-based SearchBlack underserved/ American Service Spanish bullying Search Engine Health underrepresented groups. Forum Newsletter Service Corps Workplace Africana.com Latino of Retired Health Executives Minority scholarship Institute (SCORE) search Immediate Black Openings Voices Parent advocate Latino program Health Links Download Brochure Selected Patient information Resources in Aisn Languages Wireframe Development Keyword Search and SEO Google Analytics Making enhancements to the website • Analyze baseline traffic to improve ranking in search engines • Establish goals for future utilization
  3. 3. Extending the Community— Growing the Brand Opportunity: • Use email initiatives for outbound training information to specific constituencies • White paper and related research documents to communities who stand to benefit • Potential for research purposes Opportunity: • Posting of links to important organization initiatives & information: 1/17/10 Curtiss Reed profile; 6/24/10 Gubernatorial Survey results; engage diaglogue • Generate “Fans” for future e-newsletter dialogue Opportunity: Create a Vermont Partnership YouTube presence Opportunity: • Improve LinkedIn contacts for Executive Director (Currently only five connections) • Expand network