Bentley Administrator Job Description


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Job description I developed as part of of a proposal to create a new position for Mapsco, Inc. for a Bentley Admin/GIS Analyst

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Bentley Administrator Job Description

  1. 1. Proposal for New Position: Bentley Systems Analyst/Administrator The following is a proposal for a new position of Bentley Systems Analyst/Administrator in order to facilitate continuing production efficiency and technological currency for the Cartography Department. Being such that Bentley MicroStation and its extensions are an integral part of the Cartographic Department’s ability to do productive work, it is my intention to introduce the necessity and purpose of the position of Bentley Systems Analyst/Administrator. The organization of Bentley software administration and responsibility for integrating and administering Bentley MicroStation’s current technology as well as planning for the future has largely been a rather haphazard effort. The current system involves the use of IT resources and personnel to handle day to day issues with regard to the administration and maintenance of MicroStation both within the department and across the network. This has and can lead to a decline in efficiency for the Cartographic Department as well as the IT department. In essence, it is ineffectual to have an IT professional that is 30% Systems Administrator, 30% Network Administrator, 20% MicroStation Administrator, 80% MicroStation Network Administrator and 100% “I’ll get to it when I can if I can”, 25% “fix it guy” and 200% “overburdened and no sleep”. Those in addition to the 100 % IT administration and you then have a situation where no-one is operating at peak efficiency, from the MicroStation end users to Production and Executive Management in the Cartographic Department as well as IT. What I am proposing is a new position of Bentley Systems Analyst/Administrator that can devote 100% of his/her time to the efficiency and administration of Bentley Systems that includes the following criteria: - Not a production person (now) but is knowledgeable about Bentley Systems and the Cartographic Process - It is a person that has come from “the trenches” and is aware of potential problems and situations, and is familiar with the day to day operations and use of Bentley Systems - Has an interest in developing current/future technology to improve efficiency and reduce down time A Bentley Systems Analyst/Administrator exists to ensure that the production staff performs their duties in the most cost effective and efficient way possible through: - Investment in new technologies and production staff - Responsible for Training in the use of current/new technologies - Development of standards and their administration
  2. 2. - Ensuring that Executive/Management is up to date and informed regarding support for new technologies for the Cartography Department - Coordinating with the IT department with regards to software/hardware and server requirements for current or new technologies - And most importantly, have a Vision for creating and managing an environment for the most efficient and profitable use of all technologies Investment in new technologies entails the following: - Investment in “efficient” technologies o Freeware/Cheapware  This could be something as simple as a macro/MDL application from a website like or a local user group - Applications and extensions that may improve all aspects of production o MicroStation GeoGraphics o IRAS/B o Axiom Products o CADscript o MapText Label-EZ - Working with IT on network issues relating to: o Server based configuration and maintenance o Print Server issues o Working with IT on Intranet delivered material and information - Knowledge Management o Configuring and Maintaining User access and use of new technologies and tools to improve their efficiency Investment in production staff and training - Hiring processes o Bentley Systems Analyst/Administrator should be involved in the production staff hiring process o Not the Yea or Nay, but possibly assist in candidate evaluation o You have input on CAD software ability and knowledge that HR may not have o This could help in preventing problems later - Training o Think of training as pre-emptive support o If they know, they don’t need to ask. If they know, they’ll also share or should be encouraged to share
  3. 3. o Develop training models and figures to determine the gains, through training effectively, and losses, from not training at all or using ineffective training o Using alternative methods of training beyond the Instructor/Student model  Use of online training opportunities  Web Seminars for group level training  Use intranet for tips and tricks and websites that have tutorials and how-to’s o Determining whether to hire consultants with regards to training and cartographic processes to maximize the department’s time and efforts - Assists in determining what can be outsourced and which firms to use for different outsourcing tasks in terms of training Investment in Cartographic Processes: Standards for Mapsco, Inc. - Development of Bentley CAD data standards o Know enough about your software to understand what is going on - Development of Bentley Application Standards o Make your system flexible enough to administer/enforce the standards, but allow for individual productivity enhancements - General Department Standards o Ownership from the user level  If the user base is involved in creating the standards, they will be more likely to follow them  Creating an environment where they “own” the standards goes a long way - Administer standards but don’t “possess” them o Users are the “owners” of the standards, think of them as clients o The Bentley Systems Analyst/Administrator provides the environment to help them follow those standards - Involved in Project standards and processes in concert with Project Leads and Management - Research and Development o In essence, to acquire an efficient environment, you need to research it o A budget (time and money) to do so o Test and incubate o Tweak and Deploy new technologies Investment in the Bentley Systems Analyst/Administrator - Read and be up to date on current trends through o Trade Magazine subscriptions o Industry magazines
  4. 4. o Anything related and interesting to explore new possibilities - Know your Bentley MicroStation Software o Train in Administration and Management of Bentley Software o Attend seminars relating to specific administration training in the area o Be sure to attend update training to be up to date on current versions - Network with other Bentley Users and Administrators o BE Conference o Local User Groups (MicroStation Interest of North Texas – MINT) for example o Local Industry Groups, if any - Budgeting and Project Management Training o Need to be articulate to your management staff o Come to the table with good budget numbers and format, in short this will improve relations to departments that speak a different language Builds Executive/Management Support for New Technologies and Procedures - Develops relationships that encourage support for new technologies, staff, procedures, etc - Inform Executive/Management about the process of integrating new technologies and issues, such as training requirements, are part of the equation - Inform Executive/Management about the benefits in time savings, efficiency, and costs of investing in new technologies - Make Executive/Management understand that they may have to back up the department with financial resources - Budget new technologies, but be realistic and quantify when possible the overall cost and benefits of making the investment vs. not making the investment - Try to be the CFO’s best friend Coordinating with IT department regarding technology needs - The Bentley Systems Analyst/Administrator should not be the IT Administrator - The Bentley Systems Analyst/Administrator should coordinate efforts in both departments by: o Keeping the IT Management abreast of new software purchases/upgrades
  5. 5. o Keeping the IT Management informed on what the new technology will require Long Term Vision and Scope - It is incumbent upon the Bentley Systems Analyst/Administrator to maintain current knowledge of not only current technologies but opportunities of the future o Allows flexibility for incorporating emerging technologies o Creates an environment where the Department is not playing catch up with new technologies that increase efficiency and profitability - This document is by no means static or unyielding, but can be used as a guideline for future job descriptions and definitions of responsibilities