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Ici project 2.docx.

  1. 1.   YEAR  2013   COMPANY   PROFILE  
  2. 2.   2   TABLE OF CONTENTS 1-17................................COMPANY PROFILE 1.0 ..............................................The Organisation 1.1 .........................................................Strategy 1.2 ...........................................Organisation Chart 1.3 ........................................Financial Information 1.4 .........................................................Contacts 1.5 ..........................................................Projects 1.6 .............................History: Company Relocation 1.7 ................................Equipments & Applications 1.8 .................S & H Consultant company in pictures 1.9 18.................................................ENVELOPE 2.0 19..............................................LETTERHEAD 3.0 20................................NAME LETTER / CARD 4.0 21-22..........................BUILDING & PROCESS 5.0 .................................Role of Quantity Surveyor 5.1 .....................Before construction / Preliminaries 5.2 .........................................During Construction 5.3 .........................Post Constrction / Final Account 5.4 23-32...........................SAMPLE DOCUMENTS 6.0 ..............................................Bill of Quantities 6.1  
  3. 3.   3   1.1THE ORGANISATION COMPANY DETAILS: Office Location: Level 3, Jalan Bengkurong, No. 777, 47500, Muara, Bengkurong, Brunei Darrussalam. Telephone: +673 2696146 E-mail: s&h@gmail.com Website: www.s&h.com.bru S & H CONSULTANT was founded by HJ MUHD SYAFIQ BIN HJ ABD ZARIFUL, 2009. This company has experienced in many projects types including comm storey residential, and industrial. EXPERIENCE Types of Facilities Undertaken: • Banks • Laboratories • Residential Buildings • Commercial Buildings • Educational & Institutional Buildings • Religious Buildings • Healthcare Buildings • Offices • Civic Amenities • Defence Installations • Sport Facilities • Service Apertments • Hotel
  4. 4.   4   PRINCIPAL QUANTITY SURVEYOR PERSONAL DETAILS: NAME: ADDRESS: TELEPHONE: MOBILE: E-MAIL: DATE OF BIRTH: NATIONALITY: Bruneian I/C No.: 01-096614 Academic Qualifications: 2002 Bachelor of Science (Hons) (in Quantity Surveying) (Taylor’s University, Malaysia) 2006 Master of Quantity Surveyor (Harvard University, England) Hj Muhd Syafiq Bin Hj Abd Zariful No.5 Spg 10-34 Kg Bengkurong Jln Bengkurong, Brunei Muara Brunei Darrusslam +673 2656996 +673 9769606 syafiq_146@hotmail.com 14 June1981
  5. 5.   5   Professional Association Professional Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), UK since 2009 Corporate Member of Pertubuhan Ukur, Jurutera & Arkitek, (PUJA) Brunei since 2010 Registered Member of the Board of Quantity Surveyors (BQSM), Malaysia since 2012  
  6. 6.   6   1.2 STRATEGY MISSION STATEMENT We are committed to excellence in the full range of counsulting services provided and will execute it with the emphasis on professional integrity. In this process it is expected from all the members of this practice to be dedicated to a high quality of service executed in a friendly and fair manner. We do believe in equal opportunities for all our employees and a fair distribution of wealth. We do not only accept our social responsibilities but fully endorse the affirmative development programme in the country. this will be achieved by the provision of recruitment, promotion and growth opportunities to anyone able to satisfy the professional, technical, administrative and managerial positions within the practice, irrespective of race, colour, language, sex, class, political, religion or other opinion. AIM Ensuring Client’s satisfaction and peace of mind by providing the highest standards and quality of service through total professionalism, commitment and cooperation PHILOSOPHY S & H CONSULTANT’s underlying commitment is to provide outstanding professional services through Integrity, Quality and Competence VALUES Integrity, Sincerity, Recognition of community values and professionalism
  7. 7.   7   BACKGROUND • Sole Proprietorship • Independent firm • Brunei-based • Chartered Quantity Surveying practice • Set up in 2009 by local Bruneian Muhd Syafiq Bin Hj Abd Zariful SERVICES • Cost Management • Tender Documentation • Dispute Resolution • Building Valuation • Contractual Assistance • Expert Witness in Construction Cost Issues • Quantity Surveying Consultancy • Construction Cost Consultancy • Project Management • Facilities Management
  9. 9.   9   1.4 FINANCIAL INFORMATION Registered Company number: 061496-S Authorized Capital: B$400,000 Paid up Capital B$146,000 Registered Bank HSBC Signing Principal Haji Muhammad Syafiq bin Hj Abdul Zariful 1.5 CONTACTS The Company Telephone: +673 2696146 E-mail: s&h@gmail.com Website: www.s&h.com.bru The Director Telephone: +673 2656996 Mobile: +673 9769606 E-mail: syafiq_146@hotmail.com
  10. 10.   10   1.6 PROJECTS SELECTED COMPLETED PROJECTS Project Name: Building Type: Project Cost: Project Name: Building Type: Project Cost: Project Name: Building Type: Project Cost: Project Name: Building Type: Project Cost: Project Name: Building Type: Project Cost:     UBD Sports House Commercial B$ 1,000,000 Happy District Commercial B$ 300,000 Bengkurong Residential Residential B$ 30,000,000 Mulaut Mosque Religious B$ 1,000,000 BX-treme Park Commercial B$ 3,000,000 Bengkurong Residential B$ 30M Mulaut Mosque B$ 1M
  11. 11.   11   CURRENT PROJECTS Project Name: Building Type: Project Cost: Project Name: Building Type: Project Cost: Project Name: Building Type: Project Cost: Project Name: Building Type: Project Cost: Project Name: Building Type: Project Cost: Rimba Religious School Educational B$ 3,500,000 BM District Office Building Commercial B$ 8,000,000 Sixth Form Centre at Sengkurong Educational B$ 32,000,000 National Housing at Tanah Jambu Residential B$ 53,000,000 UBD Sports Complex Commercial B$ 6,400,000 Sixth Form Centre at Sengkurong B$ 32M BM District Office Building B$ 8M
  12. 12.   12   1.7 HISTORY: COMPANY RELOCATION The picture shows the company’s old building in Tutong The shows the new building in Muara The new building is currently located in Muara, at Kg BengkurongPreviously at the old building there were only a few staff but now the business is getting bigger and the staff has increased.The reason S & H CONSULTANT relocate to a new building is that there is not much space or rooms for members in the old building, the solution to that is to extend the building but another problem is that there is not much space for further extension because of the other buildings around it so the only way is to relocate the company to a new building. S & H CONSULTANT relocate its company in Kg Bengkurong which gives them some profit because all of the members current houses are closer to the new building which saves transportation costs and they can arrive puntually for work every working days.
  13. 13.   13   1.8HARDWARES AND SOFTWARES USAGE CURRENT HARDWARES   -LCD Monitor Technical Specifications: Type-Wide-Aspect Active Matrix TFT (Thin Film Transistor) Size-19” to 23” Resolution-Full HD Reason: The Company needs a Widescreen Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) LCD monitor because LCD monitor uses less power and less heat which saves electricity so that means the company don’t have to worry about the payment of using electricity. -CPU Technical Specifications: Operating system- Windows 7 Processor- Mobile Memory- 4GB RAM Storage capacity- 500GB Reason: This company must have CPU (Central Processing Unit) for the workers to do the forms and documents. It is to carry out a computer program.
  14. 14.   14   -Laser Printer Technical Specifications: Type: HP CP3525x printer Size-small Print Resolution-High Quality, up to 4800 x 1200 dpi Memory-500 MB Reason:- Because of the way that laser printers use their toner, they are able to print far more copies than inkjet printers do. This means that over time you save more money on printing when you use a laser printer. -Network Adapter Network Card: It is one of the most important pieces of hardware as it allows a computer to communicate with other computers over a network. It serves as a networking medium and provides the computers with a MAC address system. A network card is also known as a network adapter, a LAN card and better known as a NIC. Reason: - allows a computer to communicate with other computers over a network. The company needs it to communicate with other computers over a network.  
  15. 15.   15   CURRENT SOFTWARES Operating System -Windows 7 Microsoft 7 is use in the Company because the system compatibility is in the desired and acceptable range to the new program because the windows 7 has better and upgraded parts already installed in the computers. This is also because the new program works well with window 7 and it is more friendly and easy to learn. Reason: The windows 7 has more advanced option for the new system to work on and more tools that useful in the work. Applications -Word Processor It is needed for the company to make documents Product name: Word 2010 Operating system: Windows 7 -Spreadsheet The office clerk uses this to create tables such as creating a Gantt chart. It is also used for calculation which is easier than calculating manually. Product name: Excel 2010 Operating system: Windows 7
  16. 16.   16   -Database Product name: Microsoft Access 2010 Operating system: Windows 7 It contains all the database characteristics needed. This software is used to create database such as creating forms and reports. Benefits of using a database It gives you true command of your data, enabling you to retrieve it, sort it, analyze it, summarize it, and report results in moments. It can combine data from various files, so that you never have to enter information twice. It can even make data entry more efficient and accurate. -Anti-virus software anti-virus software is used to prevent, detect, and remove malware Name: Kapersky Anti-Virus 2011 Size:146MB Type: Anti-Virus Reason:The company needs anti-virus software to prevent virus infection. If the computer infected with virus the data might be lost, computer becomes slow, and memory becomes smaller and it can affect the company’s work.    
  17. 17.   17   1.9 S & H Consultant company in pictures
  18. 18.   18   2.0 ENVELOPE Telephoneno.+673 2696146 Email:s&h@gmail.com No.477|KgBengkurong |Spg.10-34| BruneiDarussalam
  19. 19.   19   3.0 LETTERHEAD   Telephone no. +673 2696146 Email: s&h@gmail.com No.477 | Kg Bengkurong | Spg.10 - 34 | Brunei Darussalam
  20. 20.   20   4.0 NAMELETTER   Front  card  view   Back  card  view  
  21. 21. 5.0 BUILDING & PROCESS (Procedures) 5.1 ROLE OF QUANTITY SURVEYOR The term quantity surveyor derives from the role taken in quantifying the numerous resources that it takes to build a given project, such as labour, supervision, plant and materials. A Quantity Surveyor is a construction industry professional who specialises in estimating the value of construction works and can also be referred to as a “Cost Engineer” or “Cost Planner”. Quantity Surveyors are involved at different stages of the construction process, typically prior to construction, during construction and following completion of the works. Quantity Surveyors work with accountants, architects, builders, clients, developers, engineers, financiers, government, insurance underwriters, solicitors and subcontractors. The Quantity Surveyor’s detailed knowledge of construction costs allows them to perform the following tasks independently of whether they are working for the Client or the Contractor.
  22. 22. 5.2 Before construction / Preliminaries: • Meeting with Client & Consultants • Estimating project preliminary cost • Preparation of Bill of Quantities • Preparation of Tender documents • Preparation of Contract documents • preparation of Feasibility Studies • Assigning work to sub-contractor   5.3 During construction: • Feasibility Studies • Calculating the contractor's progress claims • Preparing finantial statements • Site visits for assessment and verification • Monthly meetings to discuss payments • Make final payments to contractors • Determine the final cost of the project   5.4 Post construction / Final Account: • Accurate calculation of the final project payment • Assessment of work completed by the contractor • Architects issues final certificate for final payment to main contractor
  23. 23. 6.0 SAMPLE DOCUMENTS 6.1 BILL OF QUANTITIES Bill No. 1: General Items Item no. Description Unit Quantity Rate Amount 101 Performance Bond/Guarantee sum item - 102 Insurance of the Works sum item - 103 Insurance of Contractor's Equipment sum item - 104 Third-Party Insurance sum item - 105 Allow for maintenance of Works for 12 months after completion month 12 106 -etc.- 112 Provide and equip Engineer's offices nr 2 113 Maintain Engineer's offices for 24 months, including services month 24 114 -etc.- 121 Provide diversion road sum item - 122 Provide for traffic control and maintenance of diversion road month 24 - 123 -etc.- 132 Provide for cleaning up the Site on completion -etc.- sum item -
  24. 24. Total for Bill No. 1 (carried forward to Summary, p. ) Bill of Quantities Bill No. 2: Earthworks Item no. Description Unit Quantity Rate Amount 201 Excavate topsoil to maximum depth 25 cm and stockpile for reuse, maximum haul distance 1 km m3 95,000 202 Excavate topsoil to maximum depth 25-50 cm, and dispose m3 15,000 203 -etc.- 206 Excavate fill material from cuttings or approved borrow pits, haul up to 1 km, deposit, shape, and compact to fill m3 258,000 207 Excavate rock in cuttings and dispose, any depth m3 25,000
  25. 25. 208 -etc.- Total for Bill No. 2 (carried forward to Summary, p. )
  26. 26. Bill of Quantities Bill No. 3: Culverts and Bridges Item no. Description Unit Quantity Rate Amount 301 Excavate in all materials other than rock from ground level to underside of foundations, maximum depth 5 m, and dispose m3 18,500 302 Excavate in all materials other than rock, depth 5 m to 7.5 m m3 2,500 303 Provisional Item As Item 302, depth 7.5 m to 10 m m3 500 304 -etc.- 311 Concrete class B in abutments m3 18,500 312 -etc.- 318 Mild steel reinforcement in abutments and piers up to 20 mm diameter t 370 319 -etc.- Total for Bill No. 3 (carried forward to Summary, p. )
  27. 27. Bill of Quantities Schedule of Daywork Rates: 1. Labor Item no. Description Unit Nominal quantity Rate Extended amount D100 Ganger hour 500 D101 Laborer hour 5,000 D102 Bricklayer hour 500 D103 Mason hour 500 D104 Carpenter hour 500 D105 Steelwork Erector hour 500 D106 -etc.- hour D113 Driver for vehicle up to 10 tons hour 1,000 D114 Operator for excavator, dragline, shovel, or crane hour 500 D115 Operator for tractor with dozer blade or ripper hour 500 D116 -etc.- hour
  28. 28. Subtotal D122 Allow percent% of Subtotal for Contractor's overhead, profit, etc., in accordance with paragraph 3 (b) above. Total for Daywork: Labor (carried forward to Daywork Summary, p. ) a. To be entered by the bidder. Bill of Quantities Schedule of Daywork Rates: 2. Materials Item no. Description Unit Nominal quantity Rate Extended amount D201 Cement, ordinary Portland, or equivalent in bags t 200 D202 Mild steel reinforcing bar up to 16 mm diameter to BS 4449 or equivalent t 100 D203 Fine aggregate for concrete as specified in Clause m3 1,000 D204 -etc.- D222 Gelignite (Nobel Special Gelatine 60%, or equivalent) including caps, fuse, wire, and requisite accessories t 10
  29. 29. Subtotal D122 Allow percenta of Subtotal for Contractors overhead, profit, etc., in accordance with paragraph 3 (b) above. Total for Daywork: Materials (carried forward to Daywork Summary, p. ) a. To be entered by the bidder. Bill of Quantities Schedule of Daywork Rates: 3. Contractor¬タル s Equipment Item no. Description Nominal quantity (hours) Basic hourly rental rate Extended amount D301 Excavator, face shovel, or dragline: .1 Up to and including 1 m3 500 .2 Over 1 m3 to 2 m3 400 .3 Over 2 m3 100 D302 Tractor, including bull or angle dozer:
  30. 30. .1 Up to and including 150 kW 500 .2 Over 150 kW to 200 kW 400 .3 Over 200 kW to 250 kW 200 D303 Tractor with ripper: .1 Up to and including 200 kW 400 .2 Over 200 kW to 250 kW 200 D304 -etc-. Total for Daywork: Contractor¬タル s Equipment (carried forward to Daywork Summary, p. )
  31. 31. Bill of Quantities Daywork Summary Amounta ( ) % Foreign 1. Total for Daywork: Labor 2. Total for Daywork: Materials 3. Total for Daywork: Contractor's Equipment Total for Daywork (Provisional Sum) (carried forward to Bid Summary, p. ) a. The Employer should insert local currency unit. Bill of Quantities Summary of Specified Provisional Sums Bill no. Item no. Description Amount 1 2 2.8 Supply and install equipment in pumping station 1,250,000 3 4 4.32 Provide for ventilation system in subway tunnel 3,500,000
  32. 32. Total for Specified Provisional Sums (carried forward to Grand Summary (B), p. ) 4,750,000 Bill of Quantities Grand Summary Contract Name: Contract No.: General Summary Page Amount Bill No. 1: Preliminary Items Bill No. 2: Earthworks Bill No. 3: Drainage Structures Total for Daywork (Provisional Sum) Subtotal of Bills (A) Specified Provisional Sums included in subtotal of bills (B) 4,750,000b Total of Bills Less Specified Provisional Sums (A - B) (C) Add Provisional Suma for Contingency Allowance (D) [sum]b Bid Price (A + D) (Carried forward to Form of Bid) (E) a. All Provisional Sums are to be expended in whole or in part at the direction and discretion of the Engineer in accordance with Sub-Clause 52.4 and Clause 58 of Part I of the Conditions of Contract. b. To be entered by the Employer.