Weasel, by Justin
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  • 1. Weasel who tries to get intothe Guinness Book of WorldRecords By Justin
  • 2. On an island called Popuwili therelived a weasel. His name wasAlfalfa. Everyone one of his weaselfriends thought he was strangebecause he was trying to get intothe Guinness Book of Worldrecords.
  • 3. He was attempting the longest pole sit.The pole sit is where the person sits on a pole. The record Alfalfa would attempt would require him to sit on a pole for at least 37 years and one day. The manwho started it was named St. Simeon theStylite. He had sat on a pole for 37 years! First Alfalfa would have to prepare. Firsthe picked somebody to give him his food.
  • 4. Then the day came. It wasAugust 1, 2000. When heclimbed to the top of the pole hecould see a village and amountain and he also sawhumans but the humans sawhim too. Weasels and humanscame from everywhere just tosee Alfalfa sitting on a pole.
  • 5. On the day of his 37th year It was very hot out.The pole was so dry that the pole caught on fire.Alfalfa died from severe burns. Since he didn’tmake it he didn’t get into the Guinness Book ofworld records.
  • 6. Pole sitting record Its held by St. Simeon the Stylite, who spent 37 years on top of a pillar at Syrias Hill of Wonders. Crowds came to listen to the person preach until he died in 459. in the last 1,550 years this record remains unchallenged.
  • 7. The End