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  •  Welcome, we are the micro-blogging group and we will be sharing a few key topics with you regarding the use of micro-blogging to find solutions to performance problems. We will be performing a short skit to introduce the concept of Crowd Sourcing. We will need your participation in order to make this happen. Ken is passing out index cards to everyone in the class. In a few moments, during the skit, you will be shown a question on the screen. We are asking that all of you write an answer to this question on the index card provided to you. However, we need you to write down your answers in the following manner. Write down your answer in one to two sentences. Write as quickly as possible but legibly. As soon as you are finished, hold up your index card for collection Don’t worry, these instructions will be on the screen along with the question
  • There were 111 microblogging sites counted in May 2007. Twitter is the most popular and well-known. Others may add geolocation, pictures, anonymity or other features Microblogging is part of social media websites where it is known as “status updates” Organizations can create their own b-t-f version --- private channels, permission management tools
  • 12/01/09
  • 12/01/09
  • Unless you’re in charge of a business that controls access to oxygen, you are always faced with the problem of how to attract more customers and, or how to keep the loyalty of the customers you have amongst the competition. We’re going to look at three companies… Naked Pizza, Teusner Wines, and JetBlue and their unique methods of marketing and promotions with the use of one of the most popular platforms of microblogging, Twitter.
  • Naked Pizza, based out of Now Orleans, Louisiana, performed a Twitter experiment with Twitter exclusive promotions. Twitter exclusive promotions are coupons or specials that are only advertised to those who follow Naked Pizza’s Twitter. They wanted to know how much business could Twitter exclusive promotions generate? They performed a single day test run on April 23rd, 2009 and were amazed to see that their Twitter exclusive promotion counted for 15% of that day’s business. On May 29th, 2009, they ran a second test. The Twitter promotion accounted for 68.6% of their total dollar sales that day and an in-store sales record was set as well.
  • Dave Brookes, is the sole employee of the sales and marketing department of Teusner Wines, in Australia. He started using Twitter to network with other wineries. Eventually, he came across Teusner Wines in conversations so he decided to chime in. Soon, he noticed a sense of loyalty to Teusner within his newly found Twitter friends, or actually, customers. He also began to look for conversations about Teusner to learn about the preferences of his customers. As a result, Teusner began receiving increases in inquiries regarding distribution and the availability of their wine in restaurants which led to half a dozen new retail accounts. On top of that, they also saw an increase in bookings for their winery tours.
  • This is a screenshot of recent activity on Teusner’s Twitter account. Notice that out of seven postings, two are correspondence with another winery, three are correspondence with people, one is an update posting about the weather, and only one is an actual promotion.
  • Jet Blue’s manager of corporate communications was saddened to find a lot of complaints and even untrue statements about Jet Blue between Jet Blue customers on Twitter. After receiving permission, he began to respond to customers as soon as a complaint was posted to help solve their issues with Jet Blue or clarify misconceptions. Customers were pleased with this immediate customer service. He discovered press releases were ignored but casual, chatty postings and customer service resolutions generated more followers. In turn, he decided to ask what people wanted from the Jet Blue Twitter account. They wanted him to ask for their opinions. Some even said they wanted the company to view them as a resource to help Jet Blue deliver a better product. Personalizing Jet Blue and providing immediate customer service resolutions helped them qualitatively build their customer base in a way they had never imagined.
  • This is a screenshot of recent activity on Jet Blue’s Twitter account. Three postings are about a promotion and a contest. Three are replies to customer inquiries.
  • These examples demonstrate some of the best practices when using a business account on Twitter for marketing and promotions such as building relationships. You can create good relationships with customers by regularly searching for your company’s name and addressing any concerns they may have. Ask for your customer’s opinions. This is a great resource to learn about their preferences. Keep the tweets relaxed and conversational. This will help your business to be seen as actual people that make up a business instead of an entity of some sort. Also, use the exclusivity of Twitter to your advantage. Offer Twitter exclusive coupons or deals they won’t find anywhere else. Tweet sneak peeks of projects or products before release and help your customers feel special for following your business.
  • Now for the bad practices that put you at risk. Don’t put yourself at risk of losing followers. You can avoid this by not sending direct messages unless asked to, especially if there is a promotion linked to the message. Twitter exclusive deals should only be sent as direct messages after the customer has read how your account works in your biography. Make sure to check that they have. Next, don’t risk losing the account by spamming. Post an update to an account once a day at most. Posting the same update to a Twitter account more than once a day is considered spamming. Furthermore, using multiple accounts to post the same update in one day is also considered spamming.

EdTec 685 - Microblogging EdTec 685 - Microblogging Presentation Transcript

  • Microblogging
    • Kalani Bright Ken Leek Lyford Rome Jess Sanders Jeffrey Scott
    • EdTec 685 San Diego State University December 2, 2009
    • Write your answer on the index card in one to two sentences
    • Write as quickly as possible but legibly
    • When finished, hold up card for collection
    What is blended learning?
    • What is microblogging?
    • Multimedia blogging
    • Brief text updates or micromedia
    • To be viewed by anyone, or a restricted group
    • Text messaging, IM, email, digital audio, or web
    Microblogging Overview
    • How do you microblog?
    • Social media sites
      • Twitter
      • Tumblr
      • Plunk
      • emote.in
      • Squeelr
      • Beeing
      • Jaiku
      • identi.ca
    • Status updates
      • Facebook
      • MySpace
      • LinkedIn
      • XING
    • Behind-the-firewall
      • Yammer
      • Qaiku
    Microblogging Overview
    • Twitter
    • Third most-used social network
      • 6 million unique monthly visitors
      • 55 million monthly visits
    • Limited to 140 characters of text
      • URL shortening services
      • Content hosting services
    • Tweets sent via Twitter website, SMS, or external applications
    • Free
    Microblogging Overview
    • How can microblogging be used in an organization?
    • Public relations
    • Collaborative work
    • Provide “connectedness” for isolated workers
    • Opportunistic valuable information sharing
    Microblogging Overview
  • Qualcomm: Yammer
    • What do employees Yammer about?
      • “Management Tip…”
      • “Does anybody know…?”
      • “Anyone an expert with…?”
      • “QC News Bite….”
      • “QC IQ Question…Answer correctly and win…”
      • “Free books in the library....!”
      • “I just found…”
      • “Don’t forget…”
  • Qualcomm: Yammer
    • Unexpected benefits
      • Emergent expertise
      • Bridging “silos”
      • New venue for information-sharing
      • Email is more relevant
      • Enterprise 2.0 discussions
  • Qualcomm: Yammer
    • Challenges/Risks
      • Intellectual property issues
      • Updating corporate policies
      • Monitoring user feedback
      • Rules, too many or too few
      • Some people just won’t get it
  • Observations and Quotes “ It’s like trying to catch a fish in a tsunami.”
  • Observations and Quotes “ Crowd sourcing? More like a mental mosh pit!”
  • Observations and Quotes “ No gurus, no hierarchy but it has a drinking game.”
  • Learning with Chatting #lrnchat
  • #lrnchat
    • # “hashtag”
    • The online chat happens every Thursday night 8:30-10pm EST / 5:30-7pm PST.
    • www.tweetchat.com
  • #lrnchat http://www.daveswhiteboard.com/archives/2772
    • 69 participants
    • 671 tweets in 90 minutes
    • One every 8 seconds
    • The top 14 contributors (20% of the group) accounted for 55% of content
  • #lrnchat in Action # lrnchat transcript
  • Matrix
  • TweetChat
  • Learning in #lrnchat “ So what fish did I catch from that tsunami?”
  • #lrnchat Find out on our Pinot Microblogging Site
  • The Literature What does the literature say?
  • The Literature
  • The Literature
  • The Literature
  • The Literature
  • The Literature Find out on our Pinot Microblogging Site
  • Google Microblogging Google Wave
  • Google Wave Overview
    • What is it? What does it do?
    • Synchronous or asynchronous communication
    • Simple text or rich media (your choice)
    • Interactive gadgets such as learning interactions
    • Viewed by anyone or a restricted group
    • Combination of text messaging, IM, email, digital audio, web, etc.
  • Marketing and Promotions with Twitter
    • Case studies and success stories
    • Naked Pizza: “Twitter Exclusive” Promotions
    • Teusner Wines: Building Trust with Relaxed Exchanges
    • Jet Blue: Personalizing Your Brand
  • Marketing and Promotions: Naked Pizza
    • Twitter Exclusive Promotions
    • April 23, 2009
      • Single day test run
      • Twitter promotion counted for 15% of day’s business
    • May 29, 2009
      • Twitter promotion counted for 68.6% of total dollar sales
      • In-store sales record was set
  • Marketing and Promotions: Teusner Wines
    • Building Trust with Relaxed Exchanges
    • Building trust and relationships
      • Relaxed exchanges build interest and loyalty in Teusner
      • Customer-to-customer conversations expose customer preferences
    • Results of non sales-oriented exchanges
      • Increased inquiries about distributors and restaurants carrying Teusner
      • More people for Teusner winery tours
  • Marketing and Promotions: Teusner Wines Correspondence with other winery Update posting Correspondence with people Promotion
  • Marketing and Promotions: Jet Blue
    • Personalizing your brand
    • Help customers and stop the rumors
      • JetBlue’s manager of corporate communications finds customers complaining to each other
      • Address complaints quickly and clarify misinformation
    • Promote the company with solutions and customer-inclusion
      • Chatty posts and customer service generated new followers
      • Ask what customers want and take their suggestions
  • Marketing and Promotions: Jet Blue Promotions and contests Replies to customers
  • Marketing and Promotions with Twitter
    • Best Practices
    • Build relationships
      • Search regularly for your company’s name and address concerns
      • Ask for customer opinions
      • Keep the tweets relaxed and conversational
    • Exclusivity
      • Offer Twitter exclusive coupons or deals
      • Tweet sneak peeks of projects or products before release
  • Marketing and Promotions with Twitter
    • Bad Practices
    • Don’t risk losing followers
      • Don’t send direct messages unless asked to
      • Twitter exclusive deals should only be sent to informed followers
    • Don’t risk losing the account
      • Post an update to an account once a day at most
      • Multiple accounts should never post the same updates
  • Tweetdeck
    • Interface linking computer (or iPhone) to Twitter
    • Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn all at the same time
    • Send/receive tweets and view profiles; update status
    • Most popular Twitter application
    • www.tweetdeck.com
  • TweetDeck
  • Q & A Session Do you have questions? We have answers.
  • Thank you