Sussex Youth Mental Health Pilot


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Sussex Youth Mental Health Pilot

  1. 1. Sussex Youth Service Update Youth Summit Nov 6th 2012 Rick Fraser & Alex Jones Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Kate Moore Youth Parliament
  2. 2. Youth ServicesWhat might this look like?CollaborationsCollocationAcceptable, accessible, age appropriateSpecialist staffImprove transitions and reduce drop-out/lossBetter working with minority groups, offenders, NEETs, immigrants, LAC
  3. 3. Current Health Service System for Young People
  4. 4. New Horizons
  5. 5. A Youth Mental Health Service REFERRAL YOUTH SERVICE (15-25) DISCHARGE Accessible Acceptable/Appropriate GP, CAMHS, self, family, Awareness education, 3rd sector, (community) AMHS CJS, SSD, D&A Ability (staff) Primary Care 3rd sector Brief EIP, M&A, PD, ED, DD, interventions/IAPT D&A Acute services
  6. 6. Youth Mental Health Evidence BaseEI for Psychosis EI for Depression Early intervention services, cognitive Prevention of depression in at-risk behavioural therapy and family adolescents. A randomized controlled intervention in early psychosis: trial. Garber J. et al. JAMA. systematic review. Bird V., Kuipers E. 2009;301(21):2215-2224EI for BPAD et al. The British Journal of Psychiatry. 2010 197: 350-356 EI for BPDEI for Bipolar Disorder EI for Adolescents with Borderline First-episode mania: a neglected Personality Disorder using Cognitive priority for early intervention. Conus Analytic Therapy: randomized P., McGorry P. Aust N Z J Psychiatry. controlled trial. Chanen A., McGorry 2002 Apr;36(2):158-72. P. et al. The British Journal of Psychiatry, 2008;193: 477-484.
  7. 7. Sussex Update2010 – youth strategy group2011 – project grant from South Coast SHA2012 – Project manager appointed • Scoping exercise • Partnerships developed • Model developed • Evaluation – grant application (RF/KG) • ‘Go Live’ – November
  8. 8. Project Manager’s update
  9. 9. ModelAccess and transition service‘One stop shop’Screening toolYouth assessment toolCAMHS, AMHS & EIS for health componentConnexions (Targeted Youth Support Service)Other collaborators – YMCA, West Sussex CC, YP SMS, Crawley College
  10. 10. TrainingTraining package developedEvaluationGoals – hybrid clinicians working confidently across age rangeUp-skilling by proximity
  11. 11. PromotionWebsite – ‘yourspace’Raising awarenessPrimary Care & beyondYouth platform
  12. 12. NextCrawley Town FCMHFAOther sitesLarger study
  13. 13. Who is involved?D/MYPsYouth CouncilsYouth CabinetsOther projectsMPsOther organisationsMental health organisationsThe list goes on...
  14. 14. AimsTwo main aims:To help break down the taboos surrounding mental health.We want to create a place for young people to ‘Free Their Minds’
  15. 15. Its now all about promoting andgetting work done now!We are really easy to contact if you want to get involved/contac t us for any other reason;Email: @FreeYourMindUKFacebook:
  16. 16. IYMHA 2nd Conference 2013
  17. 17. Brighton 23-26 Sept 2013
  18. 18. ChallengesFears • Service ‘overwhelmed’ • Diverting already scarce resources • Risk managementRaising awarenessGovernance issuesDeveloping other ‘portals’Maintaining momentum – Alex Jones back to UHS Dec 2012Developing new service at time of financial austerity
  19. 19. In SummaryClear need for better services for young peopleCollaborative approachLocal approachInvolve young peopleGet started somewhereEvaluateMaintain the momentum
  20. 20. Thank You